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Real life stuff~ today was fun :D mom and dad came over around 4:30 and Chris and I went to Holy Smokes with them, Tony, and Jared :D It was super tasty! Regrettably they were out of pulled pork :( but the pulled beef was still super delicious.

I played WoW and The Sims a lot today. I bought the Open for Business pack :D I do like it but I haven't had much time to experiment. I thought my second generation Legacy family sims were going to die together in the photo booth because it bugged and they were both stuck inside slowly starving to death :( but I used the move_objects cheat to delete the photo booth, and the two of them magically appeared in the middle of the house :D so yay!

I've also been reading the Lemony Snicket boots since I bought the last pack of 3 books the other day :) I just started The Grim Grotto. I love these books SO much but I wish they weren't all so short! The books are very expensive and if they were not as good as they are there is no way I'd pay as much for so little content :P the pages are thick, the text size is large, books just aren't very long :(

I don't know what else to write about D: things have been pretty boring. Chris is programming a lot and every time I try to tell him something I get those blank replies where I know he has no idea what I'm saying :P

At the very least I have nothing halfway interesting to say about how things have been, so I am going to end the post with some WoW crap.

WoW stuff~ Shaeldre still doesn't have her 45-minute baron done, but we haven't been able to do it in a while anyway. Hixxy is often leveling her warlock on Akama or working, so I don't know when I will finish it ^^; for now I am going to continue the chain a bit on my mage! She is 7/8 Magister's right now (missing robes still!) and just needs 6 more ogre beads to keep going :D I'm very excited to upgrade her boots/legs/shoulders, although I'm not sure I'll wear the shoulders (depends if the set bonus overrules wearing Thuzadin Mantle or not).

I went to my first MC on my druid and got pissed off because every time one of my heals landed, someone ELSE'S heal landed about .1 seconds earlier so I couldn't cancel and I overhealed for 1000! AU doesn't have a very organized method of healing though like Astrum does, which I think is part of the problem. We just heal whoever whenever whereever, whereas Astrum has you heal group members, then focus on the two groups around your own, so you don't need to stare at 40 names all the time.

I'm very excited for the new 25-man raid cap for instances. It'll make things much more manageable (maybe DotA can do it by then :D) and I very much enjoy the feel of the smaller instances (I do not like ZG but AQ-20 is REALLY fun up until post-Moam trash mobs).

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Games quick overview :p

Suikoden V is out <3 I must go buy it. I think I am going to be getting it tonight :D

Oblivion is really fun. I found out while playing around that indeed, horses can die :( I stole a horse (didn't save... I don't want to be known as a thief :D) and was running around. I was attacked by two wolves. Well, one of them completely ignored me and went after my horse, which just ran away T_T I killed the wolf I was fighting and tried chase after my horse. I shot a fireball at the wolf, but I missed, and hit my horse instead >< Something else attacked me so I had to stop and kill it. Then I went to look for my horse. I walked in the direction it had been running. I come to a hill... and look up. My horse is tumbling down the hill, dead T_T Good thing that wasn't a real save :P

The game IS really fun though. Aside from some weirdness (not always knowing when I am accidentally going to do something I will regret... I am slowly learning though (red cursor usually means you are stealing something). My first experience stealing a horse was "oh hey, a horse :D *clicks on it*" I didn't mean to steal it T_T but a guard ran up to me and I was arrested. I also accidentally pickpocketed someone because I tried to talk to them while I was sneaking... sigh. :P I got arrested for that, too.

Slowly I become more and more bummed out because my character is a little boring. I feel bad saying that XD but she looks like a very plain person, like someone you'd expect to just see on the street on your way to work, or someone you would just walk by at the store. (She is a red-haired Breton, and a Spellsword (sigh... how creative is that name? :p)) I was recommended the Bard class but I was all "I'm not going to be a sissy bard!" and chose Spellsword instead. I guess the exact same thing happened to Shane :P

The controls feel a little clunky, but it gets better as I get used to them. EVERYTHING is under one menu so it's a little annoying at times...

Anyway gotta get working :D

Oh, and since this is all about games anyway: Voice received her Prophecy belt last night :D First priest BoE to drop in over 2 months. It's about damn time. Too bad the bracers will _NEVER_ drop. Ever. :|

Yes, this post was completely not about real life, but that's ok :x
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Welll Lily is having a blast here and I'm really happy :) Whenever she's hungry she just nags me by meowing and being generally annoying... she's so cute :)

I'm taking care of Kyorei's bunny for a week, he's really cute! He's so soft to the touch :)

Today I went to work for a few hours and got some stuff done, I'm going in again on Thursday to finish up.

I'm halfway through The Carnivorous Carnival in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It's really good... I love these books :) I need to get the next 3-book set, and then I think there's only one book left! Oh no :( (I think I can manage ^^)

WoW stuff
I went to MC last night on Ceres. I got my Giantstalker's Belt :) Yay! 5/8 set pieces now, and I got my 5 piece bonus.

I'm really looking forward to the servers coming up. I hope I hit Knight-Lieutenant :D That means I'd get two pieces of my PvP set (gloves and boots). I want the robes the most, but I get those next rank at Knight-Captain. The journey to my 90g epic mount is going slowly but surely. Yay!
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Lily is being much better :) I'm not sure if she's had anything to drink yet (which is really weird...) but she has been eating her food and also using the litter box :D She is exploring all over now. Yesterday she spent all day hiding under the futon but then she came out in the evening and came into our room, where she meowed at us for the rest of the night and hopped in our laps and played with a twist-tie and did other silly Lily things :)

Also Chris and I found out that we might be able to move into the 2-foor apartment after all! Someone is moving out this week and Chris and I are supposed to go see it tomorrow :D I can't wait. I feel really bad for little Lily :( but hopefully she will adjust quickly like she did with here, and she should recognize some of the smells I hope, since it'll all be the same furniture.

WoW Stuff:

Yesterday Voice got her Devout Mantle :D

...then in Molten Core later in the night she was defaulted Mantle of Prophecy!


Nov. 8th, 2005 11:54 pm
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Got 3 final projects coming up, one in each animation class. It's a bit scary.

My Priest is level 55 now and is Rank 4 for PvP. I only PvP once a week or so, so I think this is pretty good.

My dad is in the hospital tonight, and probably will be for a few days, because of an infection in his leg. My mom didn't have any details to give to me about it at the time, she said she didn't know how it happened either. I'm sure he'll be okay, it's still a little scary though... I am going to try to call him tomorrow if I ever get the chance during the day.

This weekend will be fun since it is Tyris-Chris' birthday :) I'm really looking forward to it, game parties at his house are always really fun. :D

I need to go to bed soon as tonight will be yet another night where I don't get enough sleep but still have to wake up early. I always do this to myself. I suck.

I almost accidentally lost this post, not that I wrote much anyway, so I am going to post it now. This was really boring and brought to you by Caitlin. Good night!

Edit: Also, Aegis Uprising killed Ragnaros without the use of fire protection potions today. Wow! :) I wasn't able to be a part of it, but Kelsin was, so I wanted to post about it ^_^
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Got the Mature Black Dragon Sinew from Onyxia last week (wednesday night) :D
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Tonight the Aegis Order on the Mannoroth server killed Ragnaros for the first time ever. 29% before he submerged for the first Sons.

Choker of the Firelord
Dragonstalker Legguards (x2)
Onslaught Girdle

Thursday night, I received my Ancient Petrified Leaf! Screenies of some of the demons below the cut (I was way too excited and missed some :/) Also screenshots of Ragnaros!

How cool is this mount? This is the first time I've seen it. Yes, that's an Orc.

Summary: I received the Hunter Epic quest thursday night. None of the demons were up. Friday morning they were, and I worked between 9am and 12pm with my boyfriend (a druid) as my only buffer. I killed all 4 of them. However I do not yet have the Black Dragon Sinew required to make the bow, and Onyxia was stingy (as she ALWAYS IS when I'm present) and didn't drop it. After two days of farming, my guild downed Ragnaros for the first time. I <3 my guild.

I very much regret not taking more screenshots while fighting the demons. However I was soo excited I didn't really think about it :(

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Just finished doing my object animation assignment for Fundamentals of animation. I think I made a really cute story. I used one of those cute little sand-filled frog thingies that used to be popular way back in the day :P and a tamagotchi toy from Burger King or McDonald's or something. The tamagotchi rescued the froggie from this cage of coins, and then the tamagotchi was taken away by a paperclip, but he wrestled himself free, and the froggie and tamagotchi are best of friends... in 10 seconds. I had a lot of fun, but the room is cold and my hands feel very stiff now :(

In the OIT lab in the Fine Arts Center right now, going to head over to Computer Science eventually though. Gotta meet Chris and then I get to leave... yay!

Tonight in WoW we are going to kill Domo and attempt Ragnaros. I'm very excited because the Leaf might drop!! I really want to get started :D And I'll receive my quiver right away since I have the blue dragon sinew...! I really hope we make some progress on Ragnaros tonight. I haven't seen an attempt on him since hunters were buffed, and I at least see a HUGE difference in DPS. We have 5-7 hunters every raid, so it'll help a lot!

Aegis Order is so very fun <3 The hunters did a couple of fun things last night in MC, we did Aimed Shot wars during Golemagg (to see who could get the highest aimed shot crit - Thrin won with 2180something I think, though I was close behind with 2040something -- I blame the fact that I was using Bloodseeker and Thrin was using Rhok'Delar... :P *cough*) and during Sulfuron we all coordinated our timers (devilsaur eye for those that have it, and rapid fire). It was awesome seeing Sulfuron's HP drop so fast when we did that... fun times :D

Last night Chris and I watched some of The Princess Diaries 2. I am very annoyed that it is not the same boyfriend. That makes the first movie pretty pointless.

I just coughed and its so quiet in here :( kind of embarassing.

Okay time for me to go to Comp Sci :D I'll read my book until Chris is done with his thingy ^_^
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Had a pretty good weekend... friday we played WoW (ugh, hardly any progression in MC... we started around 8 and finished Magmadar at 12:30. MAGMADAR!).

Saturday played a little bit of WoW then around 2:00 went to Corey's apartment at Sugarloaf Estates for a BBQ ^_^ It was really fun! While waiting for others to arrive we watched some Family Guy, including The Family Guy Movie that I never knew existed. Pretty much more of the same, it felt like 3 episodes that only barely associated with one another :P

I met Tarik's girlfriend, Christina (I think that was her name anyway, though I'm not sure if that's how she spells it). She apparently plays WoW on the Lothar server, and she's a hunter (with a priest alt) :) Tarik is a warrior and we talked about Molten Core and tons of other little things. It was cool actually meeting another girl that plays WoW (rather than just talking to them online and whatnot, which of course is always great ^_^).

Also, there is a kitten in Corey + Natasha's apartment. Oh yes, a kitten. Named Kilala. Sooo CUTE! Just made me miss having pets at the apartment even more :( I can't wait to live in a place that allows pets. I miss them so much.

Anyway, we ate eventually, then others left to go see The Brothers Grimm (which I heard sucked) and Chris and I went home. We went to MC again (and accomplished nothing, we wiped 3 times at Gehennes... sigh). Then went to bed.

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This post is completely about World of Warcraft so I'm going to save you 3 minutes of your life and just say you can skip this entry over... :P

Well Voice dinged 40 late last night (around 1-2am) after which I eagerly rushed to Darnassus.

I am slightly annoyed, I mentioned something about leveling quickly (one of my friends on the server I think feels like less of a man because a girl is leveling faster than him, even though I try over and over to explain that I have multiple high level characters and I know the quests a lot better than people who only have 1 higher level char like he does). Anyway I mentioned that and someone in my guild goes "Yeah that's because girls have an easier time getting help with quests." Yes... because that's what I do, I say "hay guys ima gurl, can u help me w/ quest plz". I've soloed almost the entire game outside of instances, I am not leveling faster because I have an easier time getting help :P Most people either never found out I was a girl or didn't find out until long after we had grouped together (for mutual help too, not getting level 60s to quest for me).

Anyway that was annoying :( but I'm very happy that my priest is quickly zooming up in level. I might take a break with her for a bit to let Chris catch up :) might either play my druid on proudmoore or my warrior on Stormrage (my first character there was a warrior actually, then I made a priest and kind of ran away with her... hehe)

Tried to do MC last night but I got really annoyed because we had a near wipe once (the 2nd firelord pull...), we only had 30 people... people ran out of the instance to avoid dying, I feigned, then people tried to zone back in and were getting a new instance. Okay, so we start again. We did the first pull... we were moving soo slowly... I was getting really annoyed... got to the 2nd firelord pull... server crashed. I apologized and said I really wasn't in the mood to start over again and went to help Tyris farm for his Eye of Shadow for a while. People started asking Chris and I to go back and help with MC some more an hour or so later but I apologized again, I felt really bad but Cata (whose opinion matters the most as he is practically the guild leader, and is another officer) completely understood and said there was no problem with us leaving, especially since it wasn't even a scheduled night (they were just trying to attempt it). I feel bad if they didn't get very far because we weren't there, but there weren't any signups and we didn't want to deal with it, so... >_<

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Sooo Ceres got a Quick Strike Ring last night. Yes, that's right! With a beautiful mix of Quick Strike Ring + Don Julio's Band from AV, I will be the unstoppable Ceres! Those are probably the two best crit/atk power/stam rings in the game. At the least they are the best that *I* know of. And both are unique so I can't have two :)

I sold my Magni's Will ring last night. What! I didn't expect that would happen for a while XD so now I have two epics. And, if only 3 hunters come tonight like only 3 came last night, and the leaf drops... AHH! I really really hope I get it. You guys have no idea how much I want that bow. I would pass on 3 weeks of full giantstalkers if I knew I could have that bow soon. T_T I still don't have the sinew... but Kieph already has blastershot, I think Pinpoint wants Blastershot, and I'm positive that if the quest DID drop and I won it they would have the sinew default to me. Geez I want that bow so badly XD

Now I'm all excited for tonight :O Playing my priest at the moment, halfway to 35, having a lot of fun! :)


Jul. 11th, 2005 04:22 pm
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I would like to post that I got my first epic item in World of Warcraft friday night. Giantstalker Leggings :) I'm so ridiculously happy it's not even funny ;)

I also am very sick of leveling characters on a pvp server. If I ever get the chance, all of my alts will be leaving Mannoroth. Ceres can stay because she's 60 and I have some friends there, but I'm completely sick of pvp servers at this point. PvE servers have everything I want in pvp, they have everything except the ability to be killed. I don't want to be one of those people who indiscriminately kills horde no matter what their level is, but every day I'm getting closer. So today I started leveling one of my priests (on Navi's server) and gave up on my Mannoroth mage for the time being.

Outside of WoW, not much has been happening. I get to send out my video card tomorrow to be fixed by PNY (or replaced). I might be without my own computer for a while, since Gianni is leaving this week :( but I'll manage. I just hope my video card comes back soon! I really hate not being able to play on my own computer... :( I don't even have a temporary video card I could use!

Anyway, going to go shopping soon. Need to buy a lightbulb for the living room, and some dinner/breakfast stuff. I'm looking to buy some grapes and whatever.
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Sooo... on saturday, my video card died :)

We were in the middle of Molten Core (in WoW). About to hit Sulfuron... and suddenly my screen went black. Hmm, ok, maybe it just overheated or something and turned off :/ Turned it back on... nothing... not even a loading screen, though my computer was certainly getting power. Tried some stuff, etc etc, I went on Gianni's computer and ended up finishing up the night there (thankfully). Chris put in his video card... viola. Works :( Luckily I only bought the video card about 3 months ago so it is certainly covered <3 yay.

Now Gianni is letting me use his laptop which is really super nice of him, I really appreciate it :D Haha, I can't even go NEAR the bank or AH in Ironforge because the laptop goes 100% crazy. I was afraid to do Battlegrounds last night with Chris (I'm going to be demoted again... I just know it ;_; I used to be Sergeant!) so I helped out Gianni/Erin/Gianni's friend Ephiny in SM. She was having a lot of trouble being connected though, which sucks :(

Anyway, I guess I don't have that much to say. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes ^_^ I'm going to try to clean up the apartment now because it is a mess D:

I have jury duty tomorrow and I almost forgot about it... bleh. I'm going to bring the last warcraft book (reading about Khadgar and Medivh is soo awesome), possibly another book (though I can't bring Dreams Made Flesh because I think it's still at home ;_;) and my gameboy, so we shall see how it goes :D

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