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Today's XKCD might be the best EVER.

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I has my new computer :) Got it last night, had some trouble getting it to start because one of my sticks of RAM was DOA... but everything else works great. I was getting over 100 FPS in WoW XDD

But I installed Windows Service Pack 3 before I installed IE7 and there appears to be a bug where Windows is like "Oh heeeelllll no!" So now I'm uninstalled SP3 and hoping I can install IE7 and stuff after :/ Sigh.

(Yep, Windows SP3 was the source of my problems! Once I uninstalled it, everything else installed just fine)
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I found this out a while ago but amusing nonetheless:

"Linux" is an "inappropriate word" according to XBOX live. To be fair, so is Macintosh - not sure about "Mac" XD
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My new laptop is GORGEOUS. It isn't that heavy (its very thin, just very large because of the 17" widescreen display :D), at least not as heavy as I expected. I installed XP Pro on it and World of Warcraft. WoW is beautiful on it. The widescreen in the game is awesome, and everything is just so crisp!

As it is 3:30, you can also tell that I have spent way too much time getting it all ready and everything for using on a regular basis. A lot of stuff still needs to be done (I need to get some music on here, itunes to play it because I <3 itunes, need to configure my email accounts, etc) but it's sooo pretty. 1920x1200 resolution.... O_O

I managed to edit a Warcraft III wallpaper to look good. It was the night elf box art, and since it was black on one side it was nice and easy :D

I should go to bed now, because it's very late :(


Jul. 21st, 2005 11:33 am
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My new laptop arrives today!

I am so excited :D


Jul. 15th, 2005 05:26 pm
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I just bought a laptop :D

Dell Inspiron 9300, the video card is better than the one IN MY DESKTOP (nvidia 256 vram, 6800 I think).

I am lacking in the ram for the actual computer (only 256) but I can upgrade that for cheaper than I could have bought the thing to begin with.

I am soooo excited :D dad said he expected it would arrive in about 10 days. Uncle Richie is paying for $200 of it, Chris $100 (since he broke my old laptop), and financial aid the rest :D

Also the replacement for my broken video card will be mailed out within the next 10 days :D so I will definitely have it back at least by the start of the week after next :D

Not to mention it'll only cost about $1100 :) $750 coupon.
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Hey everyone, you can read this post if you want, I promise it isn't about World of Warcraft! Hehe :)

Meh, so I got all freaked out yesterday because I tried to use my credit card and it said declined -____- Naturally this seemed weird and scary to me 'cause I started to think that I forgot to pay last month, even though I remembered paying the bill early. Anyway, it turns out that it was just a mistake of sorts and it should be all fixed now. (I still can't log in, though, but maybe it'll take a bit to go through. I'll call tomorrow if it's still not letting me.) I didn't do anything wrong, so yay.

Now that I am late to class after figuring this out... heh. But at least it's solved. I was worried that my credit was forever ruined or something. Horrible irrational things went through my head :O

Also, my computer has been ass lately. It either freezes or resets by itself, only when I'm playing World of Warcraft. Last night it was doing it a LOT and seemed to be doing it more and more often. I pulled the computer out, and wow, it was really hot by where the power supply was. I don't know if that could be causing the problem... the fan SEEMS to be working but maybe there's a problem with it >_< Anyhow, I opened up the case and my computer hasn't crashed since, so I hope that's the problem and the case being open is an okay temporary fix.

Just copied all my old writing onto my hard drive. I don't know if I wrote about this before, but if anyone remembers my post I did way back when about my computer stopping in the middle of the bios? Well, my other hard drive was bad. This hard drive contained EVERYTHING from before I got my new computer. Luckily I had moved my artwork onto this hard drive, but I hadn't moved any of my writing.

As soon as I realized this, I seriously almost cried. I was so ridiculously upset. Luckily, it wasn't TOO bad since all of my writing from before college started was saved on a CD (from when I reformatted my computer early freshman year) but I still lost a significant amount. Man, it still sucks just thinking about it >_<

I'm going to use my story "The End" for workshop. I'll rewrite it today and then e-mail it. I'm scared :( I got an "A" in it during Best Sellers in 11th grade, so hopefully I can make it better now and it'll be decent!

Okay, I have to go for class now.
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When I play games on my computer, certain graphics seem to be very compressed and look awful. Some examples of this are the Warcraft III logo on the main menu in War3 and Frozen Throne, and the pointer (in game, the hand - but if I remember correctly, IN GAME, the menu at the bottom looks perfectly fine and not ugly at all). Another (from another game) is the text in UT2004 looking awful (hard to read, not clear at all). These problems are remedied by increasing the resolution in the game to the highest it can go, but for some reason I never observe these problems on anyone else's computers. (another problem is UT2004 running slow when I am at the highest, so I can't run it at the highest, and reading text when it looks super compressed and jpeg-y is horrible - I understand this problem of course because my processor is at the lower end of what UT2004 needs blahblahblah, but not why the text has to look horrible). In all of these programs I can change the detail levels for all the graphics to high but it still doesn't fix the problem, ONLY changing the resolution does. It doesn't seem to be this way on anyone else's computer.

Anyone have an idea of what is doing this and how it can be fixed? I don't know what it could be, I haven't messed with any settings related to my video, the video card is really good and new, the other thing that's different from this computer and a lot of others is, well, the processor. :( could that possibly be a problem? I don't see how, but then again I don't know where this problem is coming from.
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I had a REALLY good weekend. And now Chris has just left :( Not really sure what I'm going to do now, but I have a few ideas!

Anyway, Chris got here and tried to help me with my internet in Linux. However that's pretty difficult because my internet is USB, and there are problems with that anyway, and then what I have is completely unsupported... so needless to say he couldn't get it to work in Linux :( that's okay though, I have so much stuff I need to do in Windows anyway it doesn't make a HUGE difference, just slightly sad.

Then we were going to play Phantasy Star Online I for the first time!! Yay! So I went to put it in and found his memory card was completely full. So I went to go look for mine... yeah. I didn't find it. I was so annoyed and I didn't know where it was and I looked FOREVER, so when that was done I was so tired and we just went to bed.

Saturday we went out to GameStop and I bought a new memory card (one of the huge ones) and told Chris when I found my old one he could probably have it since I doubt I'll ever have another reason for another GC memory card again, seeing as how it's 4 times the size of only one and I can barely fill one. Umm... I also bought a used PSX memory card for just $5, because I could. Then we went to the mall and he bought me Unreal Tournament 2004 for my birthday :D!

I also found a nice Samsung flat screen CRT monitor there (at Best Buy) for $150 with a $20 rebate so I bought that and it's sooo nice! And now I'm a dork with a setup with two monitors too, just like Chris :P My stupid flat panel can only handle 1024x768 but oh well, that doesn't matter because I can have the two at different resolutions. This also has a 0.20mm dot pitch which is supposed to be pretty good, my dad commented on it too :P So it was a nice monitor especially for the price that I paid. I would have liked to have a 19" for higher resolutions (this can go to 1280x1024, which is what it's at now) for a bigger screen for 3D modeling and other graphics work, but this will be better for 2 monitors anyway. Also this monitor is really cool because it's a really small 17"! There's only a small border around it all, and all of the controls for it are on the right side (not below the screen like they usually are) and all in all it's a very nifty monitor and I'm pleased with it. Plus it makes me feel like I've never seen white before! Haha looking at the difference between this and the other monitor, right next to each other... it's ridiculous. (it's not the brightness on the other monitor, because that's all the way up)

Anyway, enough with my monitor rambling. We then went to go see the third Harry Potter movie which I very much enjoyed, and then went home and played some Phantasy Star. I feel like we did other stuff... but I can't remember if it was on saturday or sunday, anyway DirectX was being stupid and WarIII wasn't running, so we got that running which was nice, yay.

Then Sunday Jared came over, we invited Rich but he got called into work. We played some Phantasy Star all together, and some Smash Bros. Melee and watched Hocus Pocus because it was on TV (digital cable that my dad is trying out for a month...) and then Jared went home, and Chris and I played UT2004 until we were tired, I helped Chris get all his stuff together, and we went to sleep.

This morning we woke up at 7 :( because I'm stupid and I forgot to actually turn the alarm clock ON when I set it for 6:30 last night. So he went to go take a shower, I was going to try to get some more sleep but mom came in and asked me to brush her hair for her since her shoulder is hurting, so I did that, mom went to work, Chris got out of the shower and I helped him pack stuff up and make sure he had everything... and then he left... and I realized he hadn't packed any lunch!!!! :( I tried to call his cell phone but it was off so I left a message. We had talked about him taking some leftovers from our dinner from friday night and as he was leaving he was thinking he was forgetting something and yeah.

Hopefully today we'll get the hotel for Otakon taken care of. Now I'm going to try to clean up my room and try to see that the rebate receipt is done perfectly so I can send that out today~ so that'll be $20, plus the $20 which should be coming within the next month from the graphics card. Okay so, room cleaning time now! Hopefully these next couple of weeks will go by fast, since this week is going to be full of stuff, and then this weekend is 4th of July!

98% of the teenage population does/has tried pot. If you're part of the 2% who hasn't, copy this in your journal.
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oh my god

if people actually kept their websites UPDATED then life would be so much easier. i've been trying ALL MORNING to find a bus route to somewhere convenient for Chris for friday. i found this one from lee MA to enfield CT but when i called peter pan they said that i couldn't do it because that's only on their foxwood route, but i don't understand why i can't go from lee to springfield then take that bus from there to enfield on the way to foxwood, unless it's some exclusive bus crap.

then i find a bus from here to springfield, and pvta has a route that goes to enfield so i thought i'd do that, but I can't because pvta didn't update their website since enfield STOPPED BEING A PART OF THEIR ROUTE! how the hell is it a "longmeadow-enfield" route if enfield is no longer done, please explain that to me?

so, going to enfield is out of the question because SOMEONE doesn't want me to go there. so instead I'm paying 25.00 (instead of 16.00) to go to Hartford, where Chris will pick me up. There's a transfer, I believe it's in Springfield, where I'll have to wait for a little while... but yes it DOES go there so yay. Stress is gone. I don't care that it's extra money, it'll be easier and I'll be MUCH happier on the bus than waiting in Springfield for 2 hours by myself.

This is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time. I don't know THAT much about computers, but I know enough to make this incredibly cool to read. I loved it. I spent like an hour reading it.

anyway my aggravation has gone down considerably. I was ready to hit someone earlier I was so pissed. But I'll just take a bus into hartford and smooth sailing from there. Or at least there better be!! I'm in a much more pleasant mood now anyway. But wow, how's this people - keep your websites updated. If you have bus schedules on your website that STILL say that you go to enfield and there's no indication anywhere, at least that I could see, that that route is no longer done... that's crap.
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Yay I now have my (read: kendra's old) laptop in my hands. Well, my lap, I guess. I got it and now I'm impatiently waiting for Chris to come home to ask him a dumb question before I reformat it! I'm REALLY excited to, so I'm thinking sitting here and just waiting is not a wise idea. Probably I will start playing a game to pass the time, or clean since mom bought me two big plastic storage boxes, so I can put winter clothes in them and get stuff out of my room...

but yeah yay! Very happy. I go into work for the first time on thursday (tuesday is mom's birthday, wednesday they will have lots of shipping crap to do, so I come in thursday) to fill out paperwork for the THIRD TIME. And then I get to get with the moneymaking. :D

I really want my grades :( I know one is an A (comp sci, because the instructors told me), Art SHOULD be an A and if it isn't I'll be pissed, and Dean's Book should also be an A. The only iffy one is Japanese, really...

Anyway going to do something to distract myself until Chris is home! [edit 11:28pm: well i got my first answer but now i have another question, augh]
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Pretty tired... slept really badly last night :( I think I must have woken up like 5 times throughout the night, or more. Oh well though I guess.

The weekend has been okay. I've been spending a lot of time drawing... today Chris and I took showers then we went to stop and shop, got food.. so that was nice. Yay food! Umm, let's see, Chris went to Steve's room to help him install Linux, so I'm kinda just here... I talked to mom for like half an hour which was nice. I tried doing my Comp Sci homework but stopped feeling like it. Not sure what to do for it... Need to choose new color schemes for my poster.

Anyway going to stop writing this now because I don't really feel like writing at the moment, and going to go maybe do homework.
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Having fun... of course. My Intro to Graphics Communication was good but I HATE Windows and I hate Dreamweaver XO!!! First freaking FTP program locked up, and my account wasn't set up fully (I didn't have a public html folder) and the TA helped me with that, and then freaking dreamweaver locked up... so I lost my whole project anyway. (Haha not that it was that long, I am going to redo it in just like, notepad later... it'll be faster than with Dreamweaver because the majority of the time spent with Dreamweaver was figuring out where all the damn buttons were.)

SO that was really annoying XO I hate Windows. So used to the nice pretty stability that Linux offers, and when a program locks up (which doesn't really happen) usually the whole REST of the system doesn't follow afterwards.

Anyway, off to my BDIC class at 4:00... I had a break just now so I did the Japanese homework that I was too tired to do last night, going to hand that in on the way to Bartlett. After that going to meet up with Chris at the Textbook Annex so I can take care of the Dean's Book and his packet, so I owe him even LESS money. And I get to finally return my POS PRS unit and get a better one :D since the one's last semester were almost all faulty.

So, class is in like 25 minutes, I better leave now so I have time to drop off my Japanese homework in Herter!
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Good morning! It's the first day of classes... Japanese is at 11:15. :) I'm up because I went to bed early last night... like 10 or so. It was crazy early but I was pretty tired... woke up in the middle of the night a few times, once at 4:30 because plows are LOUD, again at 6 something because once again... plows are loud. And of course they can't properly have the heat on so that it is comfortable in here, so we have to keep the windows open a crack, which results in being able to VERY CLEARLY hear the plows doing their thing.

So, anyway... guess I'll write about monday and tuesday now :P

Monday: Got up around 8 and Chris and I played video games with the sound all the way down... he played FFVIII and I played FFX-2. Around 10 I checked on Kendra because she was gonna be getting up to go with us to the Textbook Annex, and I wanted to head out early since my interview was at 11, to give us all time to eat breakfast. Called Kendra about 10 minutes later because she hadn't gotten up, her alarm didn't go off (silly Kendra). Soo, we all went out to breakfast, then my interview which seemed to go very well! Thennn we ran off to the Textbook Annex and bought books, returned back here. Gave Kendra her christmas present from Chris and we all went grocery shopping. I paid since I owe Chris money (considerably less, now - I know my paycheck can easily cover him, and dad too, and probably leave me some to spare). We went to Kendra's room and she lent me her tablet! Freaking Intuos 2, 6x8 XO So I was REALLY excited!! :D Chris and I came back to my room and installed College Linux... didn't have Gnome. So we installed Slackware :D And then at night I plugged in the tablet for two seconds because I was really excited to use it :D; Then bed time.

Tuesday: Went to another interview at 12 because Susanne had e-mailed me and said the both of them wanted to hire me. Of course they were concerned about Chris and I being in the same work place but I think I reassured them about that pretty well (I think also they must realize the advantage in that since I'll be doing some stuff with HIS databases and he'll be able to explain stuff to me). Plus our hours don't have too much in common, except on Wednesdays. Soo Wendy wanted to hire me right then and there but Susanne needed to wait for approval from her dean since I was going to be working with financial stuff with her, so that should hopefully come in TODAY and I'll know for sure! There's no reason why I shouldn't get approval though. Soo, yay, I probably have the job!!!!!!! At night Chris and I played with Linux, he got my sound working playing aim sounds and xmms at the same time, and got it so I could read my other hard drive. We watched Angel Sanctuary at night! And played like an hour maybe of video games. (Once again, FFVIII and FFX-2... lol and FFX-2 is STILL cheesy as hell :P)

Today I have class like I said earlier! Dean's Book starts next week, so only two classes today ^_^

Japanese 11:15-12:05 (oh god, the Japanese book looks like death... they don't have furigana with the kanji ;_;)
Lunch @ Worcester w/ Chris 12:15-1:15 or so
Art 1:25-4:10 (LONG freaking class, I imagine most of it is working on your own though, probably since I assume everyone in the class will have their own computer and we'll be able to complete our assignments here... which hopefully means not much homework!)

I imagine we'll have the option to leave early from Art sometimes, but we'll see how much I like/dislike the class. I really hope I'll like it... yay so happy. I am thinking about taking a shower, don't know what my body will think of that though. I've been in pain :( I barely was able to take one yesterday, if I waited just another couple of hours... no way. Took two advil like half an hour ago though so I feel pretty good. We'll see what happens when I actually stand up though. It always gets better when I just sit in one place and don't move.


Jan. 26th, 2004 09:07 pm
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I am updating from Linux!!! Yay!!! Chris helped me install Slackware today and I'm happy, and Mozilla rocks, never used it before. Umm... yeah and my wallpaper is pretty, yay for Parn and Deedlit!
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Really happy!! Chris used a full boot cd of linux so i could play around with linux, it was REALLY fun, so I might get to play around with it some more later because we might install it in the next few days... :) I really hate KDE though, it was pretty annoying, so thinking about doing Gnome (that's what Chris uses now, I like the look etc of it better).

But yeah, obviously back at college now... enjoying it a lot already. Started playing FFX-2 (that's TEN TWO, not "EX" TWO!! AUGH) and it's SO FREAKING CHEESY, OH GOD. Chris and I were watching some scenes and I just was like... wow. I CAN'T TAKE THE GAME SERIOUSLY. But I love it for all the cheese that it is :P

Okay I'm gonna go do that now and stop here :D

We watched the 2nd tomb raider movie earlier... it really sucked :( lol the part where she punched the shark... PRICELESS. and the kid pressing ALL the elevator buttons was really funny and cute. At 10 we're going to watch umm... House of 1000 Corpses, that Rob Zombie movie... then at 11:30 Goldmember, except I don't know how much I'll really watch it since I hate Austin Powers :P But yeah, Chris hasn't seen it yet and would like to a bit so!

I forgot all my bowls, plates, cups, and silverware at home :( Sadness.

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