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I just did a whole ton of unpacking of books!

Now my throat hurts from allergies or the last dregs of this illness or both :(

Damnit want a nice tasty cold beverage.


Feb. 7th, 2009 07:13 am
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If Kate or Kendra read this, I am not coming today.

I am trying to figure out what to do about Equus tickets. My hope is that my mom and sister will want to go (and can still go pick you up etc) or that dad and sister will want to go. Gonna do whatever I can to ensure that you get your ticket and that it won't be wasted :(

My temp actually went UP half a degree from last night, so it just isn't happening for me :(

I'm really frustrated. I'm going to see if I can reschedule the dress appointment for two weeks from now. We have a Sara Bareilles concert to go to on Saturday night but we might be able to make a dress appointment for Sunday. Will keep you updated.
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I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning :D Hurray!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone :) I went over to Chris' aunt's house (his parents, and my parents, sister, and uncle all came too). It was really good! It also wasn't the total stomach disaster I was worried it might be. I was all right, in a sense.

Hung out with family, ate food around 2:00, didn't feel so great, promptly fell asleep on their couch. Woke up about 3 hours later, ate dessert (cheesecake, yum) and then fell asleep... again XD until 6:45 or so. Then I spent some time with family again until a little after 7:00 where everyone decided they should be getting a move on.
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I'm already feeling better, I think. Not great but this is the best I have felt in like, 2 weeks :D I even went up and down the stairs like 3 times bringing up groceries (we get them delivered and I stupidly didn't ask him to help me carry them upstairs) and I didn't feel like puking XD

Still dreading taking the pills later but I will do it if I continue to feel this good :x Well, I have to anyway unless I want a resistant strain of bacteria running around in my stomach, so... haha.

Chris brought Rock Band home!! We have been playing it for hours and it is so fun. Guitar Hero 3 really kind of butchered the characters (Judy Nails went from cool to kind of slutty, it was like she got breast implants between Guitar Hero 2 and 3). In Rock Band you can make your own characters and it is awesome XD Mine is named Ayashi and she is badass.

Also this video is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qit3ALTelOo

Giving my arm a rest from Rock Band at the moment... it is so much fun though xD I also played more of Assassin's Creed this morning. I love running around on the horse, rofl D:
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So I went to see the doctor at 10:10 today :D I told her how I had been feeling and she decided to look and see what the nurse practitioner had done, and saw my blood tests. She started looking at one and then started talking to herself, but of course it was doctor-talk and I didn't know what she was saying. Then she was like "... I think you ARE H. pylori positive."

And I'm like... wtf D: You mean I had my blood tested like 2 months ago and I'm positive for that thing??

So anyway now I'm on the 2 week fun times of pills to try to get rid of this bacteria that I hopefully have. Problem: The pills are ENORMOUS. I asked if there was anything smaller and she said that pretty much, either it was take these pills or drink a HUGE amount of the pediatric liquid dose, so :( And it isn't like I have to take 1, nope, I have to take 4 enormous pills in the morning and 4 at night.

She also majorly got on my ass for drinking soda, and I agree with everything she said, so I guess it is just another reason to stop. (I stopped once a long time ago and it got to the point where soda started to taste bad to me, I'm not really sure why I started again.)

I'm going to try try to choke down my morning pills now so I can get started right away T_T

I also was prescribed some anti-nausea medication so hopefully that will help me too!

Damn you life. I really hope that I am indeed H. pylori positive. Unfortunately I'm not sure if the antibiotics will kick in enough by Thursday for me to enjoy Thanksgiving. Here's to hoping!

Edit: 2/4 pills down D: I am waiting on the next two for a minute because my throat feels weird.

Edit 2: All of them down. God that was really hard to do actually D: The first two went down easy, 3 was okay, 4 was almost coughing it up twice. But I did it! Now I only need to do it 27 more times :D Yay...
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Still sick. Yesterday I could barely talk - my voice was coming out as a whisper and if I REALLY tried to make it louder, I could, but it hurt a lot :( I logged onto WoW just to hit 59 with my warrior and to tell Astrum I felt like crap and wouldn't be raiding that night, then went and watched TV with Chris for the rest of the night. I enjoyed some raspberries (yum!) and we watched an episode of CSI and House together.

Today I can talk but I cough a LOT. My throat feels disgusting. I have to be very careful about what I do with my nose... I don't want to get an infection because infections suck.

Was late to class today because I am dumb. I set my alarm to go off at 7:31 (7:30, was too lazy to change the number back to 7:30... hehe) but I never turned the alarm ON so Chris and I both ended up sleeping in :( not a big deal for him, big deal for me! Then I forgot to actually turn in my project to him so I had to leave it in his box in the mail room.

Another smart moment for me, apparently I have a Psych test tomorrow which I knew nothing about until this morning. Yay! I'm so awesome. So now I have to study my butt off tonight. :(

I feel very stressed out lately, probably because at least partially... I am so sick of school. Chris caught me grinding my teeth loudly a few nights ago :( Sigh.

Currently waiting for the Maya teacher to get here, I am going to ask if I can leave early because I feel pretty bad still :(


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:16 pm
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I'm sick.... been sick for a few days now at least. Feel slightly better today but... we'll see. Yesterday I didn't go to the LAN party because I felt so awful :( I just played WoW and read my book instead... Shaeldre is now level 58, 3 bars from 59. I've been pvping a lot to try to get Sergeant rank for next week, so I can buy my epic mount. This will be my second epic mount ever and my first self-earned one.

I don't really know what else to say here. The kitchen is a mess (sigh) but not much can be done about it... no dishwashing detergent. Will probably buy some on the way home later. Going to see "Thank you for smoking" in northhampton, and going to eat at coldstone after (because that ice cream is A++++).
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My head hurts a lot. My sinuses are losing some great epic battle with the allergies. My brain keeps saying "Caitlin you left your house SUNDAY NIGHT! It's wednesday morning now! The allergies should be GONE!" but the allergies simply insist that they stay. I am not enjoying this very much as they make my head feel like it weighs about 20 times more than it should. My throat hurts a lot and I've been eating cough drops like candy (well, okay, 2 every 2 hours, no cough drop overdoses!!). I'm coughing a lot, I feel way overheated, and I feel CONVINCED that I'm really sick but the thermometer claims I am hovering at a lovely 97.8 degrees Farehnheit (which I just spelled wrong)

My nose is being a pain in the butt, I am super stuffy.

WoW patch came out, it was a healthy dose of Hunter Love and I am very pleased. I now am going to concentrate my efforts on leveling my pretty white wolf to 60. The fastest cute wolf (IE not a worg) in the game with a 1.3 attack speed. I will be giving him some nice pvp resists I think, and then Tasslehoff will be my Molten Core kitty with fire resist and stamina. We will see though... Also my search for the Night Elf Sentinel gear may begin anew with the addition of the almighty Dressing Room feature.

I GOT IN to Art 374 and I'm REALLY excited. I am now taking 3 art classes, 1 comp sci class, and 1 TBA gen-ed.

My head feels like it is going to explode so I think I shall go to bed. I have work in the morning I am sooo excited (not at all!) I am going to try to see if I can come in late since I'm technically supposed to go to class from 3:30-5:30 because tomorrow (today really) is lab day for art, and my head hurts and meh :(

I wrote this whole thing last night and forgot to post it!
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okay now... I try to get my throat to feel better and instead it feels progressively WORSE. Things are not going my way... I better freaking feel better by this weekend >:O I also have plans to perhaps go to Jared's house for some game playing tomorrow after work, and also perhaps hanging-out-with-Kendra time on thursday (day off, yay), which plans will be solidified later in the week. Hopefully that will happen though, I miss my Kenders :(

Then friday I work 10-4:30 and Chris will be here that night! and I'll have an awesome Chris-filled weekend. And i damn well better not feel like crap during it. But then again, if I'll still feeling crappy by then I'll probably need a doctor's visit...

Erin today wore her hair down after she got out of the shower, and it looked really nice!! I'm going to try that tomorrow morning, it'll mean taking a really quick shower in the morning though so that I make sure to make myself look nice before work if it turns out badly. Which it probably will, because my hair has this tendency to suck and not do what I want it to. Blah blah blah, curly hair is so pretty, blah blah, but it's damn annoying sometimes. I like it, but god. I wish I knew what it was like to not be so limited in what I can do with it. Not that I'd do much, but sometimes the lack of having to do something is what would be nice (instead I have to put it up in some way or form every day or it usually gets frizzy and poofs and that = crap)

oh well. I'm slightly worried about going to bed tonight. Last time I got sick at college, I was having a HORRIBLE time breathing, and I kind of feel like that now, a little better though... I'll take some benedryl or something before bed so if my problem is being helped by my allergies it won't be so bad... I'm tempted to say that now allergies are my main problem because when I was at work yesterday, I felt relatively okay. I was coughing and sneezing a little, but my throat problems went away after a little while being there... I don't know :/

anyway going to get ready for bed i guess, then wait for chris to call, since i assume he'll be home soon since he has work tomorrow... anyway i can play some final fantasy tactics advance so it's all good.
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apparently the new stepford wives movie is a comedy? ...what???

i still feel really bad... i feel hot and like i have a fever, but i'm running low (97.7) so i'm not quite sure why i'm feeling that way. around 5:30 i fell asleep for half an hour. woke up when mom came home, changed into pjs at her request (i was sleeping in this horribly awkward position in the middle of my bed, sleeping along the width rather than the length of the bed, in the clothes i wore to work this morning). i also got a birthday card with a $25 check from aunt patti and uncle mike so yay! going to write them a thank you note with the cute new cards i bought at crane and co. (i went there while i was waiting for the bus to come)

i feel very crappy about taking the bus to work because i only worked for an hour and a half and yet spent $3 to do it! what a waste of money.

i just watched law and order: svu for the first time. it was nifty but the actors are kind of funny sometimes... but yeah. not one i'll ever watch a lot but it isn't so bad. wait, what the hell? this must be a marathon or something. this is the 3rd episode in a row.

ok, time to do something else
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for the first time ever, i was too sick at work to be able to stay my entire shift. i left around 11:30 (only started at 10 too ;_;).... so it sucks about the lack of pay for the rest of the day... but i have a fever and coughing + sneezing + sore throat... plus having a stupid drippy nose while i'm ringing up customers... yeah not worth it. so now i'm home, need to get something nice to drink... lol well....... at least i don't have to buy lunch today??

i guess i'll try to use this newfound time productively. going to maybe draw or something... or eat. eating sounds like a wonderful plan.
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I don't want to go to work :D really badly :D I have to work tomorrow too :D But at least I have sunday off... next wednesday is going to be annoyingly horrible because it's a wednesday (my mom's day off) and I have to work 11-7:30 :( lonnnggg freaking day. I have 25 hours next week, not so bad at all. So I have sunday, thursday, and saturday off. (yay three days off!!!) On friday I only work in the morning too, so when Chris comes I'll be home!! And saturday off :D (that was the weekend I asked to have off as much as possible but if they really wanted me to I would work... but obviously really don't want to because it's a weekend that Chris is visiting!)

Anyway yeah. The only good thing about going into work today is that I get paid. Hopefully. If all the paperwork went in last week correctly, then I'll have a paycheck~ and hopefully my direct deposit will go through soon. It worked with Sarah's in two weeks, so hopefully it works quickly with me as well. Instead of like last time where it never went through!

Okay shower time! Hopefully a nice hot shower will help my sinuses clear up. I feel like genuine crap.
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so this morning, I woke up and went to tell my mom happy mother's day! but i walked out into the kitchen and mom looked at me and started telling me that dad had called aunt patti and my cousin tina last night (tina lives in CA and my aunt has been there visiting her for a long time). then mom tells me that tina and joe are getting separated! I had no idea what to say. I was a flower girl at their wedding and I was very little... maybe 3 years old? (the priest had said that erin and i were too young to be flower girls since we couldn't just do one thing, distractable.) i'm completely shocked! I had no idea they were having trouble and they JUST had a baby (Abby Rose) a few days before Shealyn (my second niece) was born... so I didn't think they were having problems at all, but turns out it's been going on for over a year and now they're getting separated :( joe is going to north carolina and tina is moving to florida with aunt patti until she finds a place to live, with the kids. she has three of them... danielle (the oldest, around 11 years old) is having a hard time with it of course... she really doesn't want to move because of all her friends. matt (the second child, around 5-7 years old) doesn't even know what's going on, and Abby won't really even have a father :( it's really sad... that must be a horrible and very difficult decision to make. tina and joe met in college around 20 years ago, and they've been together since before i was born i think. i've known joe all my life, it'll be weird to never see him again (since i assume i probably will not be seeing him again). very, very shocking... so this news caused me to completely forget to say happy mother's day to my mom until later after my shower, but wow. i didn't know what to say, i almost still don't. it doesn't make any sense to me but i haven't seen them in a long, long time, ever since they moved out to california, and they didn't start having problems until after that. it's just a big surprise to my whole branch of the family anyway.

long paragraph.. sorry. yesterday i saw shealyn though, in better news. i got to hold her too! she's so tiny and cute :D she's the same size as I was (18") but she weighs about a pound more than I did (since I was premature). Her skin and hair is sooo soft, and she's so cute! and she was smiling at me! :D I didn't get to see Brenna, she was upstairs in the bathtub. I forgot how tiny babies were!

I was on a mission to find Lilly today because she hid from everyone all day yesterday... to assure myself that she hadn't died and no one told me I found her in jim's room but i was on the way out so i could just say hi. but today i saw her and she didn't run away (yay) and she lay down in my lap for a while. but then i had to put sadie outdoors so Lilly couldn't stay put for long.

i guess i don't have much more to write about. last night jared came over and erin and he and i played some soul calibur II and smash bros. jared comes up with some pretty wacky ideas for fun things to do, ie put he, erin and i on a team versus a handicap 9 level 9 kirby. it's pretty safe to say that we got creamed. (we were all handicap 1) it was very fun though and we started lowering kirby's handicap more and more, and his level, i think we could beat a level 5 kirby with a 6 or 7 handicap all right. we tried level 1 kirby with a 9 handicap first but that was too easy because kirby just sat there and on rare occasions would punch randomly. :)

last night went with mom to get jim at work, then drive him back home to shannon's house. got to talk to jim a little bit and he told me he wants me to call him more because he misses me, so i need to get the number up there since i don't know it.

right now i'm just doing laundry and waiting for it to finish, then i'm probably leaving. not sure where chris is or what he's doing, not sure if he's left yet... i know he's not at college yet because he isn't online. maybe i'll call before i leave and see, not sure.

i brought tons of stuff home, so i don't have much at school now besides clothes, my computer, and a couple things for japanese and my other two classes. all my old papers that i want to keep are home, and my roll-y drawer (i'm going to put my alarm clock on my desk i guess, but the roll-y drawer needed to go home, wanted to get as much of the big stuff as possible out so chris and i could fit all our stuff in his car at the end of school.

i have a dentist appointment soon. i am getting these not-braces put in to fix my teeth again since i want them to be fixed (the bottom row is getting fudged up) and it's very strange. they're retainers basically but they're braces...yeah... i don't really know, but they are supposed to do what braces do, but they are removeable. it is crazy crazy but if it fixes my teeth i'm happy, and it doesn't cost THAT much. now i just remember to wear it a lot.

going to get my stuff together now so i can leave once mom is here and my laundry is done drying... most of it i'm not taking back with me, but i overlooked the fact that my jeans were not washed, and they ended up being in the last load, and i really don't have many pairs of good pants without them...
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This weekend has been okay... It was Bowl Weekend. Friday night was the dance, I looked out the window around 11:30 or so, it was ridiculous how many people were out there! I was really surprised, I don't remember seeing that many people there last year.

Anyway, then yesterday was the much bigger day... friday night I smashed my knee against my stupid god forsaken metal bed and made it swell up nickel-sized and bruised and bleeding, so that really hurt :( I'm not sure if I would have done any of the things there anyway, but that definitely kept me from even thinking about it. I saw Kendra there and some of her friends and spent some time with them (ate breakfast that morning with Kaitlynn and Kendra).

At night we saw Scattered! Yay they were really good as usual :) Now I'm here... yep.

Also Chris helped me install gentoo this weekend, I just got x working TODAY, yesterday all day was spent getting x and then gnome WHICH I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO USE! Which was really sad :( But anyway... yeah... getting other things now, just got gaim and xmms :D yay time to sort out some other stuff. I really like fluxbox so far, might use it...
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Had some trouble sleeping last night, people outside being loud... finally shut the windows after some time of it, and it was kind of too hot, but at least i could fall asleep... got up at like 8, had breakfast with Chris, now I'm at work. After this I only have Japanese, yay. It's so nice not having work after class! Anyway, have to get back to work... it's been a nice past 2 days with not much work to do, and my next project is going to be easy. (I think I'm going to do it on the user interface of Warcraft III, it's going to be awesome)

I want next week to come quickly :( Video game club last night was okay, I was really tired though after the night before last, so I didn't play much. I think I shall try to learn Virtua Fighter 4: Evo a bit so I can play that at video game club. I'm not sure what character I want to learn though.

Also yesterday was nice, Chris and I visited Martin and he got some help with his laptop with Linux... crazy Japanese laptop! It was pretty cool... I played some more Phantasy Star which is an impossible game, I'm level 4 now, whoo.

My lip really hurts, I hate staph infections, and to top it off I forgot my antibiotics in my room, so now it has to hurt for quite some time until I can get some more stuff on it :(
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Good day overall! In the morning instead of work I went to commonwealth college advising which went well I think. Afterwards, had my Japanese test which sucked, but let's forget about that (it wasn't too... too horrible I guess). Then had quick lunch, then CompSci which was good of course... after that played some Phantasy Star while waiting for Chris, by the way that game is definitely "Nintendo-hard".

Went to work after that to make up for the time I lost in the morning and did some fun stuff there... then went with Chris to Comp Sci (that building is waaay too far away) in the rain, then we ate dinner, then went over to see Rich's apartment! I really liked it, I think Chris did too. Not very big, but not small as you might expect. The living room was pretty big (at least I thought so, even for 3 people), and we only got to see the bigger of the two bedrooms. That is the one Rich said he would let Chris and I have, and he'd move into the smaller one. We didn't get to see the smaller one because his current roommate was sleeping. Anyway though, it seemed really good! The fridge was of course plenty big, and all the cupboards above the dishwasher/sink/counters. The stove Rich said is pretty new (just got it like 3 months ago). The bathroom seemed fine, and overall I'm really happy with it.

Rich also showed us the copy of his lease, he said he'd get one for Chris' parents and mine to look at by the 24th. Rich also seems to have plenty of furniture for the living room area that we can add to with the futon, and all that would be left is bedroom stuff and maybe a slightly bigger table, since I don't think 3 people could eat at the one Rich has. So furnishing really doesn't look like it would be a problem... mom also said she would teach me how to cook some stuff over the summer if this does end up coming through, which of course is the current hope.

Anyway, we'll see what happens, I'm pretty sure I'll know one way or the other very soon after the 24th, since that's approaching the time when Rich wants to know anyway.

In other news, I'm tired and I have some work to do. Very good productive day though! I have another stupid infection on my lip which sucks, I woke up at 5:30am and couldn't go to sleep for an hour because it was hurting so bad... aie.
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Fever finally crawled out from its hiding place, unfortunately for me. It hurts to just have my clothes on my back. I hate having fevers... Going to get food with Chris soon... and... augh, feel so crappy, hard to believe. Going to finish up my Comp Sci project, I've been big time procrastinating on that.

Oh, I got an A on my 3rd art project, yay! At first I had an AB because the reflection was unbelieveable... but then lol I had to point out that the reflection was in the original picture, so she took it back and regraded it! So turns out the surface just looked REALLY odd being reflective, but actually it was reflective, not me trying to fake it. So I got an A, go me. Still some problems with it, I forgot to add in shading, but that wasn't enough to keep it at the AB grade.

umm... Japanese is hard... yeah. Going to see if Megan photocopied the HW for tomorrow so I can borrow and scan it and... crap I can't print it out :( maybe it'll print out in blue... or red. If my color ink decides to work. It might be all dried up... what a horrible waste of money. I hate ink. And I also hate the fact my printer won't print unless BOTH black and color are intact and not empty. How freaking lame.
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I feel horribly horribly horribly horribly sick. Throat hurts, stomach feels awful, head is all stuffy... ugh. Hate feeling like this. I even got a decent amount of sleep last night and it's just getting worse....... started feeling sick two nights ago, then yesterday woke up with a headache and my head got really stuffy over the course of the day, and now my stomach is feeling it horribly. Oh boy. And instead of being a normal sickness with a high temp, I'm 97.3. What the hell.

Well now, tis time for me to get cracking on homework.

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