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Happy Thanksgiving everyone :) I went over to Chris' aunt's house (his parents, and my parents, sister, and uncle all came too). It was really good! It also wasn't the total stomach disaster I was worried it might be. I was all right, in a sense.

Hung out with family, ate food around 2:00, didn't feel so great, promptly fell asleep on their couch. Woke up about 3 hours later, ate dessert (cheesecake, yum) and then fell asleep... again XD until 6:45 or so. Then I spent some time with family again until a little after 7:00 where everyone decided they should be getting a move on.
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I had a really great Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Wednesday night->Friday morning at my house with Chris. Thursday, Uncle Richie and Grandma came for dinner :) I was kind of surprised how small the group was this year... usually we eat with a lot more people. But for some reason we didn't eat with Mike and Tammy, and Jim and Shannon spent theirs at home I think. It was weird! But the dinner was really good at any rate. Didn't really do much other than eat dinner, it was a nice quiet evening. There was a big snow storm at night so dad went out to snowblow the driveway after mom left to bring grandma home.

Friday we were supposed to do some stuff with my mom before we left, but she had to go to work :( so we finished up the laundry we started, then talked to my dad for a bit while we ate lunch, then went to Chris' parents' house :) Had a really good stir fry dinner! We also showed them Guitar Hero :) My "skill" really has gone down since I haven't been playing... I was horrible. Plus none of the things I completed a few weeks ago are there anymore because Chris' data got corrupted :( We also played Settlers of Catan with Chris' parents! It was really fun, I'm excited to play it again sometime :) Saturday I worked on my flash animation a little while Chris did some work on his room, and I helped Chris take his cds down off the wall so he could bring them back here to the apartment. We left around 5pm, and when we got back here, ate dinner and watched Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is really good, the characters are all so cute :) We're on episode 12 or 13 at the moment, I think!

Today I played WoW in the morning. Oh yeah last night I got invited into Exiles of Lordaeron :) So now Voice has a guild! I don't know many people there yet so it feels a little weird, but once I get to group with them it'll probably get better. I also got Voice attuned for MC and she's at Jail Break! on the Onyxia chain, and she's attuned for Blackwing Lair too :) Chris and I ate breakfast together, watched some fruits basket, and then started working. I've been working on my animation for a while and even though it is far from done, I think it's time for a break.
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Yesterday went pretty well... got my My Little Pony easter basket, hahahaha, it was amusing and great. Erm, anyway, played some Soul Calibur (I think I'm getting better at learning the new controller setting, so I don't completely suck when I play on the PS2 or XBOX), mom made breakfast... then a while later ate our easter lunchish thing, took showers, headed back here. We played some Dead or Alive 2, which we just got this weekend for really cheap since all Dreamcast games ar 30% off :D among some other stuff... then Chris did some stuff on his computer, I got another weapon or two in Drakengard (I think I'm very close to being done, the only problem being that some of the ones that are left are pretty difficult, ie the one where I need to beat the Imperial Capital - In the Sky free mission with 50% health within 5 minutes. Ouch :( I usually can make it to the two cyclops/golem things, but then I get hit many times and continually finish it at a pretty low HP percentage.

We watched 2/3 episodes of Read or Die, which Joe (Chris' roommate) bought at Anime Boston, then I was too tired so we're going to finish it today perhaps. We tried out Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Edition or whatever for a few minutes, then I went to bed! Now I am awake and kind of tired but oh well, time to get dressed and go to work, then Japanese and Art time.
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I've had a good day so far. At like 8 I got up and took a shower, then woke up Chris and said happy Valentine's day to him and we ate breakfast and then he drove me to work. Work was decent, met the new lady, Heidi.

Been playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles a lot with Chris and Erin and today with Jared too, it was fun. Yay :D Haven't really done anything else, very hungry, going out to eat later with my uncle and... stuff.

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