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Sooo I had a lot of fun this weekend :D Friday we went to Tony's and had some delicious pork (among other things too of course) :) and then some Guitar Hero 2 was had, and afterward... Battlestar! The episode was great although I sort of felt like they just... I don't know. Came up with an awesome plot device then didn't know what to do with it XD No more on that though, for anyone who hasn't seen it :) I started to feel crappy, I thought then from allergies, but now I still feel crappy :( so who knows. My throat is the only thing that is really bad (it hurts) and aside from that I'm just a little stuffy. I wasn't expecting it to go into today from friday, so maybe it wasn't allergies after all. Who knows!

Yesterday, Chris and I hopped in his car and went to pick up Erin and Kate at B&N in Springfield (Holyoke? I forget where it is exactly!) :) then we brought Kate to her hotel for United Fan Con and brought Erin back to our apartment :) I did some cleaning (I also did a lot of cleaning friday night when I told Kate she could spend the night here saturday) and then it was off to lunch at the Blue Wall with Chris, Mike, Erin (of course), and a man (who actually is from Dalton) and his son who were looking into coming to UMass for undergraduate computer science. We had lunch with them and then went off to the Tyris-Chris party! I played... something that I forget the name of :( arg. Chris will remember (either of them hehe) and a bunch of Guitar Hero 2 as well :) We left around 9:45 or so which ended up perfect. We arrived in Springfield at the hotel 2 hours later, picked up Kate, and came home :D We stopped and got McDonald's on the way :P

Kate and Erin and I all talked for a little while (Chris went up to bed after finishing his food) and then I went to bed too. Apparently Kate and Erin were up until about 3 or maybe later :P Which very much explains Erin's difficulty getting up when I went to wake her up at 8 XD;

Now I am having difficulty getting Chris up too! Sigh! (omg and now Shane is up before Chris - this is ridiculous :P)
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Chris found Kushiel's Avatar yesterday :D It was....... on the kitchen table? I have no idea how that is possible since I was SURE I had searched it well :( but whatever haha. I'm reading it now and I'm about 100 pages through :D

Yesterday was Jim's birthday :) (which Erin reminded me of - yay Erin!) I called him and it was really nice to talk to him!

My wisdom teeth are irritating my gums again :( Right now it's the back/bottom/right one that is hurting the most!

Video game club was awesome yesterday. There was tons of Guitar Hero 2 to go around. I attempted the X-mission in Trauma center that I'm stuck on, still can't get it :( Damn you X1, damn you D: I'm going to be using this strategy to get it done: http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/trauma_center_d.txt It was a lot of help yesterday to use the gel to momentarily stop bleeding (I had no idea you could do that - I thought it only helped cure the tiny wounds) but I still couldn't quite yet it. My hand started shaking eventually so I stopped :X

Anyway I need to go eat breakfast or something so I can go on campus for a while :( sigh
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Soooooo I had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday Chris and I went to Tyris-Chris' birthday party. It was fun! We played Age of Renaissance (I probably spelled that wrong), something that I forget the name of that involved building a city, tested out one of Tyris' in-progress games that he's making, Jungle Speed (frightening game! :P), and... something else I think. I played a game that I ALSO forget the name of (haha) that involved there being two teams with a sniper and a mole and the snipers on each team had to shoot each other or the mole from the other team that seemed to be on their team. I was the sniper a lot and it was obvious, my first 3 games ever I was the sniper, which felt very uncomfortable :( so my team lost a lot in the beginning. I'm not sure how many actual games of it we played but I did win one bout eventually :D Chris also played Ingenious which he seemed to enjoy :) At that point I was really tired so I ended up just watching.

We went home that night, since Chris has work sundays. It wasn't too bad of a drive, though. Shane and Mike were still awake (and Tom of course), and they had come over for the day. So we talked to them for a while and they seemed to REALLY be enjoying Guitar Hero :D I talked to Shane a bit about WoW stuff too, we all stayed up way too late, then went to bed.

Sunday I think... I didn't really do that much. I played a lot of World of Warcraft I guess. Also I went out grocery shopping with Tom while Chris was at work, so that way he didn't have to drive there after :) It worked out pretty well! My priest hit 57 sunday night, and then Chris and I ate dinner and watched the first few episodes of Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is REALLY good. I don't know why we held off on watching it for so long. I'm sooo happy that we got this at Otakon over the summer :D The characters are all really good and it has a super cute story so far. We're only on the 3rd or 4th episode though.

Monday I played more WoW, I did a couple of instances. Did UBRS in the morning (got nothing! Rolled on spiritshroud leggings, dreadmist robe (no warlocks), and tooth of gnarr but lost them all), then did Scholomance afterward. Scholomance ended up much better, because I got Necropile Robes. They have 25 stamina and 12 int/12 spirit. Perfect pvp robes for me I think :) So now I have a lot of awesome blue gear :D I have my Devout Belt/Sandals (I want to collect the whole set because I think it is super pretty), Royal Tribunal Cloak (6 stamina and 16 intellect or something equally cool), Soulstealer Mantle, Burial Shawl (haven't decided if I want them or not, they are 16 intellect (so 6 less int than soulstealer) but have +20 damage/healing so I might use them for my +healing set), Dreadmist Sandals (our warlock already had Felheart in E. Strat so I took them for PvP gear), and of course Necropile Robes.

Oh, last night also I ended up beating Shadows of the Colossus.

The game froze on me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENDING. So I had to beat it AGAIN! >:(

Although it was a source of great frustration that night, it truly was an awesome game.

While waiting for the laundry to finish I played two games of Arathi Basin on my priest. It was pretty fun. We did pretty well, there was a lot of good teamwork. Not enough to win but both games were really close. It is really nice being a part of a group with healers other than just me AND healers who actually heal :D I was grouped up with two druids and for the most part we were the Blacksmith Defense Team. It rocked because we just healed back and forth, whichever one was being nailed at the time. For some reason druids in bear form seem to draw as much attention as a priest. I don't know why. But druids in bear form are much easier to heal than myself :)

This is the highest crit I've had. Ever. On my then-level 56 Priest, versus an even-level mob. WOW, I love engineering.

Raiding situation for Ceres looks grim. It is pointless to log in as her, since MC now is only Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I don't get home until 8:30. Thursday is video game club. Tuesdays are Blackwing Lair... invite only so only the best geared people get to go. Yay... :/


Oct. 17th, 2005 07:43 am
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I am doing homework right now. I am very tired. I went to bed around midnight and made myself get up around 6.

I was stupid and didn't do my homework over the weekend. I definitely should have. In a way it was worth it because I had a LOT of fun. I leveled my priestess on Stormrage from 44-47.

I saw Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 this weekend. 2 was just a really horrible movie although it had some funny moments. I don't really think I was expecting anything different though, haha! Also over the weekend Jared and Brian came over for a little while. We played some puzzle games on our Nintendo DS's together and then Shadows of Camelot. Shadows of Camelot said "Haha Caitlin, I know you have never lost one of these, well EAT THIS!" and we proceeded to have the most pessmistically horrible Shadows of Camelot game ever. While we were trying to do the grail quest almost every single progression of evil card we got was, of course, bad for the grail. We got a few normal ones and of course Desolation. Left that area because it seemed hopeless, blah blah, then eventually went back. (Note that after I left the grail quest, we had almost NO cards that messed up the grail quest.) Had some really good progress, and then I got a clairvoyance card. OK let's check it out :)

It spelled doom for us. Two morgan cards, one which read "1 knight loses 3 life, or every knight loses 1 each". At the time Jared only had 2 hp and every else only had 1. D: One morgan card had one person throw out 3 white cards. One card was (of course!) desolation, AGAIN. There was another horrible one that I forget, and a black knight one. We survived the worst Morgan card because Jared ended up healing himself at some point. Then soon after Jared got a card that forbade Merlin cards. Eventually we got to a point where we had 2 catapults to die, and then we got a picts/saxons card, and of course both of them on the board had 3/4. We lost :( However we should have lost already by then, because we had already gotten a card that would have ended the game and kind of shoved them to the bottom of the pile :P (another one that would have caused every knight to die except one).

So I conclude that Shadows of Camelot is impossible without a lot of people! :P And with bad shuffling.

WoW rambling that no one cares about. )
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great... i try to log in to my credit card account for the first time since I paid it like a month ago, and it says "We're sorry, the maximum number of attempts to login has been reached." Great. So either they messed up, or someone's been trying to log in as me :D I don't even know who would know my login name, much less who would try to log in as me :( So now I need to call their 800 number... sigh.

Yesterday was fun, Roxy came over and we played some of the warcraft board game. She won... two area attacks succeeding in a single round are lose :( and starfall hitting either only one unit, or no units (I forget exactly what happened there). I've decided that starfall sucks! :P Some of the hero abilities certainly do not feel balanced to me... the ability to heal or prevent one casualty is kind of ridiculous in this game (such as the death knight's level 1 ability) and the shadow hunter's level 3 ability (you can assign damage to him and then roll a 1,2,3,4 and he won't take damage from it, but it also costs 4 mana) seems dumb to me, since it's almost the same as the warden's vengeance ability which pretty much means one free hit every round, except... worse... because the vengeance avatar can also do damage.

Then we went to game club, where I played the game again with Chris against Jared and James. I played undead for the first time, and it was a lot of fun :D Also because I played with Chris rather than against him. We beat Jared early because we got him after a horrible run versus a level 1 creep, but it was 1 guy that attacked with a power of 4, and Jared missed every hit for two straight turns T_T

After game club, Chris and I came home and played some WoW with Jared on Eldre'Thalas, it was fun, would have been more fun if we spent more time doing quests and less time doing professions :X

Okay... gotta go now.

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