Dec. 21st, 2006 08:31 pm
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So I took a bunch of stills for a stop motion animation with my digital camera... I don't have it on the automatic setting.

Looking through them now... it is fluctuating the colors almost EVERY frame. Most of them are suitable but some all of a sudden will be too blue, and others suddenly too yellow! I don't understand D: almost NOTHING changes in these frames and suddenly the camera will take it differently? I didn't think they were supposed to do that :(


Jan. 24th, 2006 08:57 am
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My final thingy for animation seems to have gone well :) I'm glad that's finally over with. It's really sad to see Janet go, especially since the teacher for the class this coming semester doesn't really know that much about Maya... at least not compared to Janet. Boo. :(

Yesterday... well, I finished the last Lemony Snicket book I have here :) "The Carnivorous Carnival" I really, really want to get the next one because it sooo ended on a cliffhanger and argh :( maybe I can pick up the next set of 3 this weekend! I also cleaned up a little bit. Not much but trying to get things organized for packing...

My laptop has a big black stain on part of the nice silver area. I have no idea how it got there :( There isn't anything on my hands... so... I packed up my laptop to go to school yesterday, opened it, and saw the stain >< I tried to rub it off but it was completely dry. Argh... oh well I guess, nothing I can do about it now.

This post has been slightly pessimistic, which was not really my intention. Lily is a kitty and she is cute, yay! Fixed it.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 10:21 am
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Been working on putting my video together all morning. It has gone well except that I am missing my object animation. I burned it to a cd... and can't find it -_- luckily I have another cd that has the original file on it, I just need the right program to run it. Okay, typing that made me look for it and indeed there is a free version BUT it watermarks eeeverything, so it looks like crap :D I will bring my whole laptop to school when I go to meet her.

I guess I should leave shortly so time to pack up!

It's very snowy. :(
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Animation is done for Character Animation.

Now working on my Information Design project (to do facts about the Iraq war in a way that shows what you want to show but does not evoke emotion). I am doing a map representing war approval, education level, and which way the state voted in the 2004 election. Using exit polls for some of the information and maps for others. I don't know if I have enough time to do a really good job... I guess it shows where my priorites are (ie with a class that actually has given me grades, all during the semester, rather than a class which completely decided to skip giving grades... ever! :)).

Oh, Tony said the grading breakdown was released - I forget what the 3 things were exactly. Whether you did a project, attendance, and one other thing... but let's just say how WELL you did on the project was not included. Just whether or not it was handed in... so, so, so weird. I don't get it. Either way we still never received grades. And if how well we do isn't a factor, well, then that's even more of a reason to not really care how I do on this final project.

I looked at a few different websites for my "former" topic for my final. I wrote her an email asking if I could change it, on wednesday. I never got a response. So I can't change it. Anyway that isn't horrible, because I am pissed off at my data anyway. 90% of the websites I looked at all said similar things. Then one site... one stupid site. Said something completely different. It was the ONLY conservative site I could find, and I was trying to find a more broad spectrum of opinions. But ALL the sites I looked at said they were based on data from whatever government site. The only difference is this site had completely different data from all the liberal sites. Ugh. Hard for me to include that in my bibliography if I can't use any of it because it ALL contradicts what I've already read.

Next wednesday, my flash animation is due. Then I'm going to see Freezepop with Tony and Chris! Then on Thursday my claymation is due. But after today I have a few days to relax at least :D

DotA vs. DotH WSG night )

eep :(

Dec. 12th, 2005 11:00 am
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Uh oh...

My project with the effects on... to render just a few seconds... is going to take almost an hour :( I don't think I left enough time to render this project. Crap.

Edit: For some reason my FLOOR was taking forever to render. (I didn't have reflections or anything... just decals, I didn't think those were a big deal) I made a new floor and replaced it, and now its rendering MUCH faster. Whew @_@
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Just finished doing my object animation assignment for Fundamentals of animation. I think I made a really cute story. I used one of those cute little sand-filled frog thingies that used to be popular way back in the day :P and a tamagotchi toy from Burger King or McDonald's or something. The tamagotchi rescued the froggie from this cage of coins, and then the tamagotchi was taken away by a paperclip, but he wrestled himself free, and the froggie and tamagotchi are best of friends... in 10 seconds. I had a lot of fun, but the room is cold and my hands feel very stiff now :(

In the OIT lab in the Fine Arts Center right now, going to head over to Computer Science eventually though. Gotta meet Chris and then I get to leave... yay!

Tonight in WoW we are going to kill Domo and attempt Ragnaros. I'm very excited because the Leaf might drop!! I really want to get started :D And I'll receive my quiver right away since I have the blue dragon sinew...! I really hope we make some progress on Ragnaros tonight. I haven't seen an attempt on him since hunters were buffed, and I at least see a HUGE difference in DPS. We have 5-7 hunters every raid, so it'll help a lot!

Aegis Order is so very fun <3 The hunters did a couple of fun things last night in MC, we did Aimed Shot wars during Golemagg (to see who could get the highest aimed shot crit - Thrin won with 2180something I think, though I was close behind with 2040something -- I blame the fact that I was using Bloodseeker and Thrin was using Rhok'Delar... :P *cough*) and during Sulfuron we all coordinated our timers (devilsaur eye for those that have it, and rapid fire). It was awesome seeing Sulfuron's HP drop so fast when we did that... fun times :D

Last night Chris and I watched some of The Princess Diaries 2. I am very annoyed that it is not the same boyfriend. That makes the first movie pretty pointless.

I just coughed and its so quiet in here :( kind of embarassing.

Okay time for me to go to Comp Sci :D I'll read my book until Chris is done with his thingy ^_^
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My classes are all starting to pick up now.

In Animation Fundamentals, I have to animate some objects using a camera and a program that records the shots. Basically take for example a pen, take a shot, move the pen a bit, take a shot, etc etc etc continued for a while, and just make about a 10 second animation for it. I have some lab time set aside friday for 3 hours, I hope that'll be a good amount of time.

For Computer Animation I, I need to do character designs :D I'm super excited about this.

Character Animation (computer animation 591O) is super fun, we had the wave/jump stuff before and a walk cycle is due soon. I want mine to be really good so I've worked on it for a while.

Information design, we were given some information from a class survey and now we need to display it in whatever way we think would be best. I did one thing (birthplaces - easy) and now I need to do another thing (favorite breakfast food versus what they actually ate for breakfast that morning) which will be harder.

I played WoW with Shane, Tom, and Chris, we all started hordie characters on Shadowsong. It was much fun :D My Shealyn, level 6 tauren warrior, is rockingly awesome. Shane has a shaman, Chris has a rogue, and Tom has a priest :D

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