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Yesterday I saw The Bourne Ultimatum (which I loved), and also watched most (maybe?) of The Lake House (HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MOVIE). After that I did Botanica on my druid, where once again my stupid trinket did not drop :) I probably will be exalted by the time it does. It is one of the very, very few upgrades I can get in 5-mans now though, so....

Theeen after Botanica and almost finishing Terokkar on my draenei priest (only have 2 more quests left I think), I watched Million Dollar Baby which I loved and was really sad :(

I guess yesterday was kind of a movie day for me!

Saturday was also really fun because Chris and I went to the Berkshires, saw my mom and hung out with my parents for a bit, and visited Kendra! (Happy birthday Kendra!)

Anyway I need to get to work x_x
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Ratatouille was AWESOME! Seeing the movie made me laugh so much and a lot of stress just flew out the window :D Wonderful wonderful movie, and the short before it was also hilarious. The reviews I read of it saying it wasn't as good as some others were total crap. They likened it to Cars, which admittedly I originally didn't really care about seeing, but I liked. Cars still is probably my least favorite (still loved it though), but Ratatouille might be my favorite Pixar movie ever.

I also got to see it with Kate which was awesome :D haven't seen her in a million years. I felt bad because I had to split really fast (our train was coming as we were saying bye and didn't want to wait 15 minutes for the next one) but still :) very fun

Work is going really well, and it is my birthday today and so far my birthday has been awesome :)

I also wrote this a long time ago and forgot to post it! About to go out to dinner with Chris, I think we are going to try this really nice (but expensive looking) Japanese place. I hope it isn't crowded :X
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Tonight Last night I saw Borat. It was funny... and weird :P I don't know what else to say about it.

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing more footage of Lily and cleaning up a little bit. Annnnd of course, laundry. I went to the lab (which is now open from 3-9 on sundays! yay!) at 4 and worked until 8 on my project. I took about an hour and a half to get my film on the computer (meh - and it took a while for me to get started too, because the first computer I logged on was mysteriously missing Final Cut Pro.... and a bunch of other film editing related programs o.O)

I don't have too much left to do... I think! I hope :(

Now to eat and then talk to my camera so I can get my voice recorded so I can narrate my story! I really wish I had someone with the same voice as the Arrested Development narrator XD What a great narrator voice :)

(Speaking of Arrested Development, I saw an episode a few days ago that looked like it was shortly before they were cancelled (during the 3rd season - at least I thought it was the 3rd season, though I'm confused since it seems like the website hasn't been updated since the 3rd season started), where they advertised the saveourbluths.com website and mentioned how the "company" was going to be going out of business, etc. And the narrator kept saying "Please tell your friends." I felt SO BAD watching it :X It's a shame I didn't even know about the show really until it was cancelled...

Anyway, time to make sure I have everything together blah blah blah :X


Sep. 24th, 2006 10:18 pm
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This weekend was pretty good :D Last night I went to AQ-20 on my druid (noooothing dropped haha... though I did pick up a nice ring from ayamiss), it went all right aside from very super noobish wipes (come on, hitting the FIRST CRYSTAL too early, and Ossirian goes nuts and beats the crap out of us? :P I got Thunder Clapped (or something that looked like it) for 8000. The next attempt was flawless though and we got him down with no deaths.

Today was really productive! We went to the mall quickly then to Barnes and Noble. I got the new two books of that series I have been reading (Kushiel's Chosen and Kushiel's Avatar) and saw that The Queen's Oracle was out! That's the third book of Tamir Trilogy (The Bone Doll's Twin, then Hidden Warrior, now this) which was ridiculously good. I have no idea when I read Hidden Warrior, but it was a loooong time ago. I'm really glad I found the third book. Now I just need to remember who everyone is... I know a few people (Ki, Tamir, Brother...) but a lot of them... no clue! I'm going to finish up the other two books before I get into it though, I think :) I want to read the second Diablo book, but I can't find it anywhere :/

Anyway after shopping we stopped at Northampton quickly then got groceries and stopped by Blockbuster to pick up Ong-bak. We went home, watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica (yay! one episode away from the last of Season 1... gotta catch up before Season 3 starts!) and then I went to Onyxia. Stormrage Cover dropped, but Gwennie has more DKP than me so... :P Next time though it might be mine :D Afterward we went to Corey and Natasha's and watched Ong-bak and had wings :D I asked to come home early so I could do some work (taking a tiny break right now but I'm gonna get back in to it in a second).

I think I had something else to say but I can't remember it now for the life of me :) so back to working!
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I had fun tonight :D went over to Corey + Natasha's apartment where we watched Grandma's Boy. I had no idea that was a very video game-centered movie... always thought of it as a very drug-centered movie :P bad advertisements! Seeing them always makes me want to pvp more because they like it so much. Chris and I just ended a game actually. Unfortunately it was against a premade group so we got rolled but I had fun at least. Feign trap cheapness ftw :O

Might be going tomorrow to Northampton to see Little Miss Sunshine with Chris, Tony, Jared, and maybe Shane? I've been looking forward to seeing that from the previews ;) so I hope it's good!

I started reading the Diablo-based series (books). Not very far through the first one but I'm hoping it'll be good :) Interesting start to it, at least! I do already own a few other non-game related books of his, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends up being.

I really can't think of anything good to write about, it's way too late and I'm really tired, soooo good night.
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Time for a real post I guess. It'll be pretty short since pretty much nothing has been going on.

I've been working from home as usual. The website is almost finished, and it is mostly out of my hands now (aside from bugs in non-firefox browsers... argh... website stuff SUCKS). I've started modeling a person in Milkshape 3D for our project, right now she is only a drawing and a single breast :P Milkshape was really pissing me off this morning because it decided to go into animate mode for no reason, but when I figured that out, it helped me out a lot. Now I am being driven crazy because I have no idea what any of the hotkeys are and I can't find a list of them anywhere D: Having to hit the "Select" button, then hit a vertex, then hit "Move" button, then move it where I want, then repeat for EVERY SINGLE FREAKING VERTEX is driving me a bit bonkers :D

Also I have no idea how to select only one vertex when one is on top of another in 3D space, I always end up selecting both, and thus far my attempts at deselecting only 1 have been... unsuccessful. :(

Anyway... I better go down to eat, and get dressed and whatnot. Going to see Clerks 2 and then get back to work!

This icon definitely describes how I feel! :P

Oh, quickly in other news, Chris and I finally finished Saikano. The end was so depressing it was bordering on absolutely ridiculous. COME ON! Can you please be any more dramatic? :P As Alex said, we probably would have been better off stopping at the end of episode 10!
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Saw "Art School Confidential" today in Northampton. I liked the first part of it certainly. Then the main character was stupid for the rest of the movie and I didn't really care about him anymore because he was being dumb. I have a hard time caring about characters that I think are being truly stupid. So that was that. It turned for the better slightly at the end but still had a way cliche ending :p

My guild on Bronzebeard did their first UBRS run last night :) We owned the place, I was so proud. We did way better than most PUGs, and most of them had never been in the instance before.

Tomorrow I am going to try to do work and clean up. There are some things I have been wanting to get done for a while and tomorrow is the perfect time to get it done. Tomorrow is also Chris' 22nd birthday :D

I am convinced there is something about water chestnuts that doesn't agree with me. I never feel well after eating them :( We went to Tony's tonight (for regular game night) and had some really, really good beef stir fry. Mixing in oranges (mandarin oranges is what we used) was an awesome idea. Added a bit of sweetness to the rice :) I ate a LOT, probably too much, but it was really good.

I have been eating much better lately than I was while in school. I am enjoying it. Still haven't been exercising though, that will have to be my next goal. I know I am not fat and probably not technically overweight by any means, but it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight.
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Game club was really fun thursday night :) it was busy and having 3 tvs was really awesome, it's been a while since we could do that... damn campus center and their new rules :( sigh.

I am taking a break from raiding on both Ceres and Voice. I have really been enjoying all the free time I have. When friends came over the other night I got to hang out for the entire time! :P Chris hasn't really been raiding either which means we've been able to spend a lot more time together. In the meantime during my free time when Chris and I aren't really doing anything, I've been playing my warrior. I did West Stratholme 5-man last night. The first part was really tough on us... AoE with 3 elites? D: It was also my first time tanking but I think I did pretty well, at least once we got out of the AoE stuff! I still made noob mistakes like forgetting to switch stances sometimes, but I don't think it ever really wiped us. Today I respecced to 14 arms/23 fury/14 protection so hopefully tanking will be a little easier on Zorya (or Veela) next time!

Been playing more DotA... the huntress hero is awesome. Luna Moonsong or something... Lucent Beam = ownage and Eclipse = more ownage. :X I was 2-shotting Andria and Tony's heroes left and right. I felt really bad about it during the game though. Chris was the ogre magi hero too so we had huge nuking power. I think Andria's character was definitely more of a support character which didn't help. And Chris and I used items to be able to see Tony's character even though he had stealth :X I only died once and it was when I was level 4, to the scourge because I was being dumb :(

Um. Yeah, so real life stuff. Not much to talk about... went to see Silent Hill friday night. I really liked it but... it was creepy. And fucked up. Just like the games, I guess!

Chris and I have been playing some DDR each day too. I think it'll really help with our exercise :D Today I couldn't do much (got wiped out pretty fast) but yesterday we played for about an hour. It's easier to play it now, since we don't have anyone living below us to freak out :P

I started drawing a supersecret! drawing for chris :D It's been a while since I've drawn anything and I hope it comes out well... lately every time I try to draw I barely get through it before I just quit. I don't feel very creative and I think it comes out in my drawings :( This drawing itself isn't that "creative" but I think it'll be a little bit special at least. I'll try to remember to post it when it's done someday.

I need to buy vitamins, hopefully that'll help me to stay awake during my class that I keep getting all tired about... we'll see.
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Oookay, I can't remember exactly when I made my last update about Michigan but I am a bit too lazy to check. We left Wednesday night after steak dinner at Brahnn's (or something like that) which Steph posted some pictures of at her own journal :D It was fun! We got to eat with a bunch of Erin's friends :) We stopped around 11:30ish I think to get some sleep. The next day we drove through Canada, and to Rochester. I think the worst part of the drive was once we got back into New York that highway SUCKS... also the lady at the Canadian border was kind of rude. >:( She acted like she could just be a bitch just because we are young people... whatever. Getting back into the US was simple though.

In Rochester we stopped to see Tendermuffin (also known as Chris, but not Tyris-Chris, this is Tender-Chris)! We got to see Helian and Ibiki again, and got to meet one of their roommates... I forget his name because I only heard his real name maybe twice, I guess they have called him "Rogue" or something like that for the past many, many years. Not sure why :P Eldra (Dan) and Thrin unfortunately had class so they couldn't come :(

Stopped by my parents' house and took a break for about 40 minutes or so. Mom made some egg salad which was tasty :D and yeah. Then we got home and and pretty much went RIGHT to bed... damn long day. Friday I slacked and played games all day. At night I watched some TV with Chris that we had DVR'd over the past week... oh man, that South Park episode about Chef? Hoooly crap :P I did read an article which said it was because he quit South Park because they were making fun of scientology a lot (even though they make fun of every religion) but I've also heard that he had a stroke, and it's possible that that's just what the people taking care of him released in his name... or something. Anyway this episode was basically a big "fuck you" to him. You could tell in the show that everything that was being said at the end was to his actor, not to the character in the show.


Heehee :D

Anyway! Saturday, Chris and I went shopping for groceries and whatnot. I picked up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and found out I needed to make 3 more gigs of hard drive space (augh!) to install it. Chris and I played some games together after we got home, and we watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life because we got it for free on OnDemand. Sunday, we played some games together and cleaned up the apartment a bit before Shane got home, then we went to Tony's house and played games with him (really, just one game of Citadels, because then we ate some chicken salad and had to go to the movies).

We saw V for Vendetta which was awesome.

Came home, I played some Oblivion (deleted Unreal 2004 off my computer to make room), and then Chris and I watched an episode of South Park we had recorded (about Cartmenland) and went to bed!

I don't want to go to school today... ugh. I liked vacation :(
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I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that I had finally seen Final Fantasy Advent Children. I very much enjoyed the movie :) Tifa slightly redeemed herself because she did not suck in the movie. However I still don't like her character in the game because she annoys me.

I also beat Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney last night. It was awesome. If any of you ever own a Nintendo Dual Screen, you HAVE to get this game. It seems really stupid but it is one of the most fun and addicting games I have played in a while :)


Oct. 17th, 2005 07:43 am
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I am doing homework right now. I am very tired. I went to bed around midnight and made myself get up around 6.

I was stupid and didn't do my homework over the weekend. I definitely should have. In a way it was worth it because I had a LOT of fun. I leveled my priestess on Stormrage from 44-47.

I saw Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 this weekend. 2 was just a really horrible movie although it had some funny moments. I don't really think I was expecting anything different though, haha! Also over the weekend Jared and Brian came over for a little while. We played some puzzle games on our Nintendo DS's together and then Shadows of Camelot. Shadows of Camelot said "Haha Caitlin, I know you have never lost one of these, well EAT THIS!" and we proceeded to have the most pessmistically horrible Shadows of Camelot game ever. While we were trying to do the grail quest almost every single progression of evil card we got was, of course, bad for the grail. We got a few normal ones and of course Desolation. Left that area because it seemed hopeless, blah blah, then eventually went back. (Note that after I left the grail quest, we had almost NO cards that messed up the grail quest.) Had some really good progress, and then I got a clairvoyance card. OK let's check it out :)

It spelled doom for us. Two morgan cards, one which read "1 knight loses 3 life, or every knight loses 1 each". At the time Jared only had 2 hp and every else only had 1. D: One morgan card had one person throw out 3 white cards. One card was (of course!) desolation, AGAIN. There was another horrible one that I forget, and a black knight one. We survived the worst Morgan card because Jared ended up healing himself at some point. Then soon after Jared got a card that forbade Merlin cards. Eventually we got to a point where we had 2 catapults to die, and then we got a picts/saxons card, and of course both of them on the board had 3/4. We lost :( However we should have lost already by then, because we had already gotten a card that would have ended the game and kind of shoved them to the bottom of the pile :P (another one that would have caused every knight to die except one).

So I conclude that Shadows of Camelot is impossible without a lot of people! :P And with bad shuffling.

WoW rambling that no one cares about. )
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soo today was kinda... i dunno :P this morning woke up early and did video game club tabling. got a few new names for the mailing list.

came home, played WoW a little while. actually I ended up playing chris' character :) got starlyn very close to 38. then chris came home and we kinda lounged around for a while not knowing what to do, and watched Terminal. (I enjoyed it, I had no idea what it was about before.) After that we made some french fries and watched The Shining, which was very creepy... I liked it though. At least it isn't like The Exorcist, which I never want to see again. (The little girl screaming "fuck me" and stabbing herself between the legs with the cross kind of freaked me out. A lot.)

I've been really thirsty a lot lately, my throat is always dry, I still don't feel very good. Now I've been very stuffy (my sinuses don't feel full of junk anymore though) and I've been coughing a lot. I still feel a LOT better than I was earlier in the week, but definitely still not quite there.

silly priest quest dropped from Domo the other night, so still no rhok'delar for Caitlin :(
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I did Alterac Valley Battlegrounds for the first time yesterday. Oh wow it was SO FUN! I got a TON of HK and I was number 5 of the top killing blows :) I was first for a while, then I went back to turn in items (stupid full inventory... I did not enter AV prepared) and I got bumped down. Chris was number 2 XD (MOONFIRE FTW) and a mage in one of our alliance guilds (Dracosta of Forbidden Donut) was number 1. Anyway I loved it <3 But I was a noob and didn't get quests beforehand, so I didn't quite manage to get friendly reputation >_< I want a tabard, damnit! But now I have all the quests and I can't wait <3 I also missed killing Korrak the Bloodrager because I was late running back there to kill him, and I was killed twice by some rogues. The first time I just died, the second time I killed one while they were trying to kill Chris, then I got the other one to 30% health, and someone else came up and killed me. I was also very happy because I LOVE saving the lives of priests getting stunlocked :) I threw a scatter shot at a rogue who was trying to kill one of the dwarven priests we had around, and he was able to run away and thanked me.

I ended up just stabling my beloved Tasslehoff, because he was just unhappy and kept dying T_T pets really aren't very useful in AV. Maybe with pet customization we'll be able to beef them up enough :) and with the new 31 point talent in Beast Mastery.

Anyway I also just finished watching Star Wars Episode V which was very good and fun.

I read some more of Skipping Christmas. It's... odd. I have enjoyed reading it so far, though not like I've enjoyed reading the warcraft series. I feel like such a geek reading Warcraft books though XD Well I guess that's because I *am* a geek. Hee :D Next book I read will probably be determined by where I start reading it. On the bus, I would bring Lemony Snicket because it's hardcover and less likely to get damaged. The problem with Dreams Made Flesh is that it is a large paperback, so very likely that it will be bent and twisted, which makes me unhappy thinking of bringing it in my bag :(

I also rolled another NE Hunter... >_> on Stormrage. I love hunters, I just can't get enough of it. Don't worry though, she's only level 1 and I hope to keep her low level until I get Voice to 60. Playing a Priest is SO fun. She's level 33 now (about halfway to 34). Shadow is fun as ever, I wonder if at 40 I should respec full shadow... but I would dearly miss improved pw: shield. I may just have to stick it out and wait to level 48 to get shadowform. Anyway, healbots rock. I can't wait to start collecting my devout and all my +healing and +mana regen gear.

I got 13128 CP from yesterday's Alterac Valley XD Ohhh man I love AV. 9000 bonus honor = *_* Screw Warsong Gulch... :P Too bad AV has such awful wait times. I wish I could play another character until it was time for AV to start >_< Maybe I'll see if I can con Chris into helping me collect black dragonscales for my leggings.

Anyway I gotta get ready for work and meet Chris for lunch time :D

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