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Jun. 3rd, 2009 02:24 pm
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OMG she finished our cake topper and it is perfect!!

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Wedding rings are at home!! They just arrived :D :D :D I can't wait to see them!! I didn't expect they would arrive in less than 24 hours. omg omg omg ♥
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We ordered our rings today!! I am so excited for them to come in, but they won't be in for 3-4 weeks and then we won't be able to wear them until August anyway. :P Chris is getting his in a 10.25 and mine will be a 4.5.

We went up to the store in Maine (Linda Clifford) so we could see them in real life before we ordered. The saleswoman was super nice and helpful and it was overall a really fun experience :D It was funny trying to recognize the rings vs. the stock photos I'd already seen though (most of the rings were quite small XD)

Here are pics from the website though:

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So when my mom heard I wanted a companion cube cake she wanted us to have a more traditional cake too and offered to make it.

But is it bad that I want to ask her to make this?

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Looking for services online for my wedding is particularly difficult when I am immediately turned off by horrid websites. Scrolling marquees, flashing text, just overall bad design... these sites have them all.

But if I were to ignore the god awful websites, I wouldn't have many places to look (and I wouldn't have found the awesome ceremony/reception spot). But dude. Get better websites :(

Justices of the Peace are some of the worst offenders!
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Chris just ordered my engagement ring. It's technically a Sept birthstone ring (it's a sapphire), but the claddagh looks really nice. We're getting it in white gold :D

It's coming from Ireland though so... it will probably be nearly Christmas by the time I get it. Still, I can't wait!! :D

I'm still so excited, it's hard for me to be in a bad mood for long. I just have to think "Chris proposed to me!" and I'm back in super happy land. It's kind of sad XD

Also a site that Liz linked me to and Jen said she used ( is turning out to have a lot of useful features, so I thank them both! I was browsing around this morning.

(Randomly also, I played Left 4 Dead last night with my brother and Chris... is it possible to play that with 2 players locally and 1 or 2 online and allow both local players to talk on voice chat? Or is there maybe a way to turn up the volume on the voice chat to an audible level? Chris could not hear Jim at ALL through the speakers and it was really frustrating for him, I think, since I was the one with the headphones on. I didn't always remember to communicate everything Jim said over the voice chat so Chris almost walked off a building once. OOPS.)
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Thursday afternoon I waited at the blue wall cafe for Chris to come after his class. I played some WoW (did 5-man East Stratholme with Retcha, Darkpenger, Eldra/Kaun (Eldra until the abominations, then Kaun after), and Relm's warrior, Mistal. I went on my mage. :) Dreadmist belt dropped (mine!) and then from the Baron dropped Dreadmist Leggings! Whoo hoo! :P It was very fun, and shortly after it finished, Chris arrived. We went to the wedding rehearsal (I was very scared, didn't know what church it was but we found it and were only 2 minutes late), then out to dinner at the Cork & Hearth (very tasty :D). Then we went to my house, watched 50 First Dates (again, we saw it at some point earlier this year or last year or something) which is a REALLY good movie that everyone should see. After that we both went to sleep.

Friday I woke up a bit before Chris, played a little bit of WoW, then got ready to get picked up by Shannon. We went to the hairdresser in Great Barrington. Spent a really long time there... ugh lol. It was kinda boring because I had nothing to do! But I got my hair done, they loosened up my curls a little bit and it looked really nice, or so other people tell me because I couldn't really see it, since it was all on the back of my head. We went back to Shannon's house and got some McDonald's on the way. Said hi to Shannon's brother William, and his fiancee Ashley, and of course to the doggies and kitties. Shannon did our makeup (eyeliner is scary, I never put it on myself but I think it would be a lot easier, its a little freaky getting something like that so close to my eyes. Of course, that wasn't NEARLY as freaky as the eyelash curler thing. Anyway I survived and I looked pretty nice. Then we got on our dresses which were awesome. Got some pictures with Shannon, Erin, Tammy, and Brenna, then we all piled into the limo and went down the street to where the church was.

The ceremony was nice, though one of the readings kind of annoyed me. It was a weird one to pick, I think. For Shannon anyway, at the least. It was going on about the perfect wife and all the things she does for the husband, and being quiet, and blah blah. Very old fashioned and subservient-wife annoyed me very much. That was the only thing that got on my nerves though, the rest was beautiful. Father Gregory (I believe that's his name though I doubt I could spell it right) then mentioned my grandfather and Shannon's dad and grandmother. My grandpa passed away in 1995 and he and the priest were very good friends. Shannon's dad and grandmother passed away recently, her grandmother just last month. It was really sad and got me a little teary eyed. I also got teary eyed when they took their mother's candles from the altar and used them together to light the middle candle (their own).

We went to the ITAM (Italian American club I believe) where the reception was held. It was really fun, I danced with Chris which was scary because I really never dance ever, but I did it to make him happy :P and dinner was really good, it was a nice buffet and the biscuits were tasty :D Umm... Shannon's cake was pretty, I loved the top decoration thingy :D had doves on it. Jim's cake was sooo awesome! It had these little dragon figurines on it, and it made this cave and river with rocks and stuff. I really hope my dad got a picture, it was the coolest cake I've ever seen.

Brenna was a totally sweet little flower girl and she was so cute once she got over her anxiety about dancing, and she danced and it was totally cute!!!

Umm... anyway, the reception lasted until around 11pm. We all went home and pretty much conked right out. Chris left in the morning and said a bunch of stuff to me that I don't really remember because I was so tired :( I kind of remember him telling me to just make sure I have everything when I leave sunday or monday, because he was leaving a lot of stuff here. I fell back asleep until 10 or so, then woke up, and went out to breakfast/lunch with Aunt Patti, Uncle Richie, mom, dad, and Erin. Went to Cafe Reva, I had some french toast which was very good :) then we went shopping.

I got some... I forget what they're called. Pot thingies, that you put pots and pans on when they're really hot so they don't burn the counter. Unfortunately that already happened, I don't know who did it :( Could have been anyone, they probably don't even know they did it. I'm usually pretty careful about it so I don't think it was me, but I have no idea :( Fairly sure it was either Tom or Shane but I have no idea, because it COULD have been me or Chris on accident I guess. Hopefully it won't be too much off the deposit... sigh. I also bought some clothes, and uncle richie gave me some money to buy some UMass merchandise and a little extra to do whatever I wanted.

After we got home, Aunt Patti and Uncle Richie both left. Erin went to go see Corpse Bride with Jay, Zi, and Trisha, but Trisha was late so they ended up seeing the Wallance and Gromit movie. I went to Dr. Orlando's house with mom and dad (he's a veterinarian) to have dinner, since mom was dogsitting. There was big time rain... Mom and I went to go pick up a pizza at Domino's, and in front of the Berkshire Eye Center it was COMPLETELY flooded. Mom was able to make it through because she has a van, and she went really slow through it, but there were 2 cars stuck in the mini-lake already. On the way back it was even worse, there were about 5 cars stuck in there and one guy with a pickup truck was trying to help a few of them out. We ended up going in where the bank was and cutting across the little strip of grass there to get through. Even though the van is semi-high up off the ground, we didn't want to take any risks of stalling. We still had to go through some really deep water, but thankfully not for long. Sooo I was stuck at that house for the night! I watched a lot of Mona Lisa Smile, though I don't know if I was able to see the end. I might have only been half-watching at that point, or I might have been at Domino's! I can't remember :( Anyway I went to bed pretty early because I didn't really have anything to do. Also, Dr. Orlando has some great dogs. Two bulldogs, and a foxhound. The foxhound was Monty (sooo shy and timid and cute), and the bulldogs were Rosie (quiet and cute) and Ludlow (loud breather, haha... and very cute and friendly). Bulldogs are SO HEAVY! Tiny little bodies packed with weight :P I nearly fell over one time when Ludlow jumped on me.

Guess I don't really have anything else to say. Gonna go clean up a bit and finish my laundry. Not sure if I'm going home tonight or tomorrow... I kind of would like to go back tonight but who knows. I'm also going to try to really crack down on learning how to drive. I'm going to see if Chris has any time if he can help me practice, and my parents on weekends. Might be hard sometimes with bad weather but I really want to get my license if I have the money... I am sick of always having to rely on Chris for rides everywhere, it isn't fair to him, and also it would help him out a lot when I'm able to be home and he isn't, so I could bring the car to him and stuff. So! We'll see. :)

And lastly, my dog is super cute, I love her very much <3

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