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This is Tcl ("tickle").

She is a Pomeranian, possibly some sort of Pom mix but we just call her a Pom because she looks close enough.

When we moved to our new apartment, Tcl was absolutely fascinated and confused by the sliding glass doors that exit onto our patio.

At first, Tcl was a bit nervous. She didn't understand these strange clear doors and would often sit on the patio outside, while the door was open and I was calling her, not knowing what to do. She would stand up on her hind legs and extend her forelegs to where she thought the glass was, and then would fall forward adorably, and her front legs would hit the carpet. At that point, she knew it was safe, and would run into the room.

Eventually Tcl grew bold. She realized that she didn't have to go through this nonsense of standing up to try to touch the glass to make sure it wasn't there. So naturally, the next time we went to let her out, she barreled right into the glass door, and then staggered back, confused. After I opened the door, she watched her dear friend Grubby dash through and followed.

These doors are really strange. Sometimes they are there, and sometimes they aren't, and poor little Tcl can't tell which is which.

Since that incident, the little dog has still not quite figured out the doors, though I think she's getting closer. Being a person who tries to not have her silly pup run into glass doors (even if it is hilarious), I started to change up how I was letting them out. I decided not to open the blinds to see if that would help.

First time I did this, Tcl nosed the blinds aside, and ran right into the door.

Another time, I let Grubby out of his crate in the morning first AND left the blinds closed, in order to have him stop and wait by the door so Tcl could see and learn by example. Tcl shouldered him aside and ran through the blinds, right into the door.

She has done this no less than 10 times by now, though I think she might finally be getting it. At first I was starting to wonder if I'd need to get those things you put on big glass windows to prevent birds from flying into them, only putting them a foot above the ground at Tcl eye level. Thankfully it doesn't seem like this is necessary :)

So yeah. That is the saga of Tcl and the glass door.
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The lack of light in this apartment drives me crazy!

I have a desklamp on a small corner bookcase behind me that I sometimes use to shine some more light on my desk (which is my work area for pretty much... everything). Major problem is that it is incredibly hot and having it on for too long will make me break into a sweat x_x But the bookcase is also very small and unstable (the supporting leg fell off... it is a corner bookcase so *relatively* stable, but it is also a folding bookcase and fairly tall but not very wide, so it doesn't have a lot of support without the leg). So I can't put anything else there, really...

It does make me even more excited for this apartment in Brookline though. It has ceiling lights in every room not to mention huge windows that will let in tons of light during the day. Even with the shades up and the curtains aside in the middle of the day, our bedroom now is still pretty dark. This apartment has only 6 lights - 2 in the kitchen, one in the downstairs walk-in closet, one in the party, one in the bathroom, and one in the hallway. Nothing in the living room or the bedrooms :(

I don't *really* need light to be working on the computer I guess - I mean, my screen is lit after all! But it still is a lot more comfortable to work with some light shining on me :/

I'm working on the new design for my portfolio website. I think it looks good so far! I also looked on craigslist and found a TON of job listings, part time and full time and freelance, that seem interesting. And it is the site with the most entry level or entry level friendly jobs I have come across... which seems silly :( Unlike Monster.com where my searches usually yielded like 3 real jobs and then a whole bunch of "work from home and earn $3000 a week!"... yeah that doesn't sound like a scam at all.

I also just remembered that I need to declare my Japanese minor before I graduate O_O I better find out how to do that...
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Moving in... complete!

There's still a lot that needs to be unpacked, but Chris and I moved the rest of the stuff out of the old apartment already. Lily is adjusting pretty well :) She even has let Shane and Tom pet her a little bit, and sometimes sneaks into their room to check it out :)

I started this a while ago and got bored writing it... I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of unpacking and putting away there is still left to do. Where did all this stuff come from??
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Today we're moving to the new apartment! I have a lot of packing and cleaning to do. Chris and I did a little bit yesterday, but it's hard without boxes. Mom is bringing some I think (I hope!). She'll be here at 10 so... yeah.

I've been playing Trauma Center for the Nintendo Dual Screen. It's INCREDIBLY fun. The story is really cheezy but that's ok, it's a surgery game :P It isn't gross or anything like that, I was a bit worried, but everything is very animated and not realistic at all.

School starts next week. Booooo... :( Don't want to go. I have mixed feelings about this semester as it is my last one. Also I have no idea if the Maya class is going to be good or not... we'll see. Hopefully my psychology class (for my last gen-ed) is good and not a huge amount of work or anything. If I remember right it is in one of those HUGE lecture halls so most likely the work I'll have to do will be at a minimum :P Now as long as the book isn't expensive I'm all set!!

And while I'm on the topic of money.... I am very, very, very broke. I owe Chris a lot of money :( I am hoping that when I get my paycheck I'll be able to pay him back. This semester could be tough. For some reason none of my loans applied... but on one hand that IS a good thing. All my expenses are covered without my loans, just with grants. I'm not really sure how that happened. But at the same time, that means I don't have much money leftover and I as using some of my excess check money for my rent. With Shane around it'll help make costs lower, plus my job is going to be paying me a lot more! I need to work out a good budget for myself though.

I hope that this summer will be OK rent-wise. Chris and I need to figure out who is going to stay with us and keep it low! Last year though we didn't know until pretty late so maybe it'll be the same this year. Either way it doesn't hurt to start planning.

Anyway I'm gonna go start cleaning up.

(Also, a couple of days ago, my Voice was finally promoted to a full member of Astrum, and received a lovely helm from Lady Onyxia :))
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Sooooo update!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the movies :D We saw Memoirs of a Geisha... I really liked it. The thing I liked about it least was actually that it was in English. I think that took away from part of the movie, because hearing the heavy accents on the English words seemed strange... it was not a movie about Japanese girls who had come to America, it was a movie about Japanese girls in Japan, so hearing them speak English as they were was strange. I don't know why I noticed it so much in that movie than others. I guess part of it was because they still interjected some Japanese words in their sentences... I would have much preferred a movie in Japanese with subtitles :P But, aside from that (which really isn't a big deal at all, just a minor annoyance) I loved it.

I forget if I mentioned, but we are moving in to the new apartment on Friday. I can't wait. Our new room looks SO SMALL even though technically we gained 2 square feet. Then again I think the room we are in now looked very small until we somehow shoved all this crap in here :) It will be a fun time trying to do that again, haha! And it'll also be great to get that dining room table out of Chris' car since it has been in there for over a week now.

Rich came today, Lily wasn't sure what to think of him. She ran away from him but did NOT hide under the bed as usual. Instead she sat on the bed and watched him. She was ready to bolt at any second but was much better than she has been with any other company. I think it helped that he is much quieter than Tom or Shane. I hope Lily warms up to Tom and Shane quickly too (but hopefully not too much to Shane, I think he may be slightly allergic to cats). Not that she "warmed up" to Rich but she was much less scared of him than any other company thus far.

Anyway I don't have much to write about.

A little bit of WoW stuff )
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I love Lily :) She's such a sweetie. Sitting in my lap right now!

The bunny (that I'm babysitting for [livejournal.com profile] kyorei) is doing pretty well with Lily too. They both saw each other for the first time... bunny got scared which then scared LILY and sent her running which scared the bunny even more. But then (after quite a while of keeping them separated) I let Lily approach again. She stayed further away and just watched. Now she sits there and watches the bunny (not really in a predatory way, just interest) and the bunny isn't phased at all :) Sooo I'm happy. I didn't feel completely comfortable going to sleep with both of them in the same room with the bunny exposed, so I covered up his cage with a big towel like we used to do at mom's house with some of the critters. The night was uneventful :)

Also! Chris and I got to look at the apartment on thursday. I think it's going to be great. I can tell why we weren't able to see it last week though. I could definitely still smell something that wasn't that great when I was in the kitchen, especially. It must have been pretty gross... but I think we're getting all new tiles and hopefully they'll replace the carpet in Chris and I's room because the carpet was pretty scuffed up/bad in one area. It wasn't fully done but in 2 weeks we'll be able to move in. Move-in date is friday the 27th! The room SEEMED smaller to me but actually there was a gain in square feet. It's more square than this one which is what I think caused it to look smaller. But then again THIS room felt really small before we fit everything in there, so maybe it'll be the same way with that room!

Lily is being completely sweet right now and sitting in the window :) She's such a great cat, really friendly and talkative and everything. She even sometimes sleeps in the bed with us at night! She's almost like a dog, really. Except she uses a litter box :P

Mom and dad are coming over soon so I wanna take a shower and get some cleaning done, so I'll be ending this soon! But anyways, yay :D
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Going on campus to finish up my last project for Art (took an incomplete because I couldn't come last week at all). I really hope everything is still set up so it goes smoothly. I'm a little nervous! If not I'll have to find an alternative solution. I imagine everything is still set up the same though.

Weather isn't that good :(

Shane should hopefully be back up by the end of the month! He was accepted to UMass now he just needs to be exempted from required on-campus housing :( I forgot he would be a Freshman and he didn't even know about the requirement. That should go through perfectly though, so here's hoping :) I can't wait for tomorrow to see the 2-floor apartment :D
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Lily is being much better :) I'm not sure if she's had anything to drink yet (which is really weird...) but she has been eating her food and also using the litter box :D She is exploring all over now. Yesterday she spent all day hiding under the futon but then she came out in the evening and came into our room, where she meowed at us for the rest of the night and hopped in our laps and played with a twist-tie and did other silly Lily things :)

Also Chris and I found out that we might be able to move into the 2-foor apartment after all! Someone is moving out this week and Chris and I are supposed to go see it tomorrow :D I can't wait. I feel really bad for little Lily :( but hopefully she will adjust quickly like she did with here, and she should recognize some of the smells I hope, since it'll all be the same furniture.

WoW Stuff:

Yesterday Voice got her Devout Mantle :D

...then in Molten Core later in the night she was defaulted Mantle of Prophecy!


Dec. 1st, 2005 12:08 pm
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Rent day today... I really hope we hear if we can move into one of the 2 floor apartments :) really really hope we can move into one of them.

Today I didn't have any fundamentals of animation, and Information design is getting out early :) Happy that it is getting out early because that means I can go to MC tonight :D Been looking forward to it for the past few days.

I've been really moody for the past few days because I get no sleep :( We got a new alarm clock, which we needed, but its SO BRIGHT. I can't sleep with a light like that in the room :( I wake up constantly and have a hard time getting to bed and falling asleep once I do wake up in the middle of the night. I need to get a thingy to cover my eyes, because it doesn't bother Chris at all and it would also help me to get to bed earlier, because the light from Chris' monitor wouldn't bother me either.

I'm hungry so I'm gonna go get lunch, then take a shower. I really wanted to take one yesterday morning but I slept through the alarm and then Chris took a shower and I missed my chance, because I didn't wake up until 8 and had to get on the bus in 30 minutes. Sooo it'll feel really nice to get that over with now.

I rerolled Aridae for Daughters of the Alliance in WoW and made Shaeldre. I like how she looks a lot better, I was beginning to get very unhappy with Aridae. So now I'm trying to get her up to where I used to be and whatnot :)
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Last night was pretty fun :D it was video game club as normal and Josh and Lauren came again which was awesome. They brought their congas for Donkey Konga so we got in some 4 player action :D I realized once and for all that I really suck at rhythm games. We also played Puyo Puyo Pop Fever which was really fun... in the end we ended up all teaming against 2 computers (6 of us - me, Chris, Tom, Andrew, Josh, and Lauren) and we only won half the time... It was really fun though :D Also played some Medios. A lot of the Springfield crew came and played Soul Calibur III and took over our only playstation 2 :P but after they left Chris showed off his Guitar Hero skills. Hearing Josh and Lauren talk about buying it was really funny XD

Josh: Only 60 dollars and it can be ours!!
Lauren: Great!!
There was some more discussion.
Josh: Yeah... $60 each!
Lauren: ...oh.... :X
Josh: Come on! It can be our christmas present to each other!
Lauren: You know I like video games but...
Josh: Oh sure, you probably want some jewelry or something.
Lauren: No...
Josh: Oh or maybe something "SENTIMENTAL"...

The way he said sentimental was hilarious, like it was the most disgusting thing ever :P I think Josh and Lauren are really cute, they remind me of Chris and I sometimes.

This morning Chris and I went to the Northampton Film Festival (I have to go to see a segment for my class, Animation I) and saw the shorts on the "Dysfunctional Family". Some of them were really... weird... others were pretty good. Overall I enjoyed them :) Then an actor/script writer/director came up to the front and answered questions and whatnot.

After we ate at Pinnochio's (pretty good pizza) we came home. Chris went in and talked to the woman in the main office (not sure who it was, I stayed in the car). We are now on the waiting list for a 2 floor, 2 bedroom apartment :D We talked to Tom about it of course and he was fine with it. It is only $20 more each (assuming Shane does not come back, it'll be even cheaper if he does) and it is a LOT more room. There's no one on the waiting list for it now, and there are two leases that are expiring in December :) Neither of them have said they want to keep it yet so we may have a shot at one of them! I'm really excited. Also we found out that with a fee we can have a kitty :D (You can also get a dog too, but it requires a doctor's note for some reason, I don't know what for exactly, we didn't ask) It's a one-time fee for them to clean the carpets and stuff after we move out. Tom also is fine with that since he lives with 4 cats at home... I'm really excited to have Lily here :D Maybe we will see if we can take her home after Thanksgiving, and if that doesn't work out definitely after Christmas :D
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Ahhh i can't wait for my day off on wednesday. I've never worked for a week without a day off before. Yesterday was so freaking boring, it was horribly horribly slow for a saturday, so i was looking at the clock constantly and i swear the last 4 hours felt like 10. My legs hurt really bad too, now they're much better though. Hopefully today they won't hurt as bad! Arg, and my jaw is very, very sore. I think I've been clenching my teeth at night lately which sucks because it isn't something that I can really control or stop.

Anyway that was a bunch of complaining and I'll try to stop now! Except that I don't have a whole lot more to say. I got home at 6:45 or so and by 10 I could barely stay up, around 10:45 I asked Chris to call and then I went to sleep. I tried working on my poster a little bit (earlier) but I couldn't find anything I liked, I think I need to tackle this project differently. (Whoo, at least I remembered to check and take a look at the font I was using, it was shareware and costs $15 to use :( but luckily for me I have one that isn't so different that is completely free, yay)

I was going to ask Melissa if I could switch with her and work wednesday instead of tuesday, but mom reminded me that wednesday is her day off! So in the morning mom has a dentist appointment, but maybe after that she can bring me to get my permit again. (Chris always gets confused at that, I guess you can't do that in CT after you're 18.) Oh and I got something for Chris for his birthday the other day :D I think he'll like it... still want to get him something else too but I'm not sure exactly what this something else will be. But when I saw this when I was out with mom the other day I KNEW I had to get it for him.

Anyway, I still haven't gotten the chance to show Chris the dishes/bowls that I bought! And I realized the Christmas Tree Shops lady forgot to charge us for one of the silverware things, even though mom asked and checked with her and everything. So that's why it seemed way too cheap :D Not that the silverware things are expensive, but I had expected it to go over $40 with the tax and it didn't, and it was mysterious. Well, not anymore, after I looked at the receipt yesterday morning. I really want to either scan the cover or take a photo of it so I can show Chris... not that its a big deal if he doesn't like them because mom will pay me for them and keep them herself, because she decided she really liked them. So we have place settings for 8 people, probably won't use that much of course but we'll see... like mom said, some of them might get dropped and break, and it isn't like Chris and I will be the ONLY people using them, friends and family will come over at least sometimes... so yay.

It's dad's birthday today, must remember to wish him happy birthday later!
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Good day overall! In the morning instead of work I went to commonwealth college advising which went well I think. Afterwards, had my Japanese test which sucked, but let's forget about that (it wasn't too... too horrible I guess). Then had quick lunch, then CompSci which was good of course... after that played some Phantasy Star while waiting for Chris, by the way that game is definitely "Nintendo-hard".

Went to work after that to make up for the time I lost in the morning and did some fun stuff there... then went with Chris to Comp Sci (that building is waaay too far away) in the rain, then we ate dinner, then went over to see Rich's apartment! I really liked it, I think Chris did too. Not very big, but not small as you might expect. The living room was pretty big (at least I thought so, even for 3 people), and we only got to see the bigger of the two bedrooms. That is the one Rich said he would let Chris and I have, and he'd move into the smaller one. We didn't get to see the smaller one because his current roommate was sleeping. Anyway though, it seemed really good! The fridge was of course plenty big, and all the cupboards above the dishwasher/sink/counters. The stove Rich said is pretty new (just got it like 3 months ago). The bathroom seemed fine, and overall I'm really happy with it.

Rich also showed us the copy of his lease, he said he'd get one for Chris' parents and mine to look at by the 24th. Rich also seems to have plenty of furniture for the living room area that we can add to with the futon, and all that would be left is bedroom stuff and maybe a slightly bigger table, since I don't think 3 people could eat at the one Rich has. So furnishing really doesn't look like it would be a problem... mom also said she would teach me how to cook some stuff over the summer if this does end up coming through, which of course is the current hope.

Anyway, we'll see what happens, I'm pretty sure I'll know one way or the other very soon after the 24th, since that's approaching the time when Rich wants to know anyway.

In other news, I'm tired and I have some work to do. Very good productive day though! I have another stupid infection on my lip which sucks, I woke up at 5:30am and couldn't go to sleep for an hour because it was hurting so bad... aie.

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