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I liked this for last year so I am doing it again.

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Haha, I feel so bad for my mom! She has a level 34 hunter on Bronzebeard and she's been getting really frustrated lately. Erin hopped on her character for a moment and figured it out for her. She hasn't trained any spells since level 20 :( Poor, poor mom!

In other news, I got my job at comp sci! I'm going to be doing website/flash/3d work for the robotics lab :) I'm super excited and really looking forward to doing more work. I have to make up some sketches/thumbnails for the website, and the grad student working with me is going to get me some more images to use for the layout. It'll be $10 an hour for now and will go up to $12, and it's 25 hours a week. They are going to try to get me some more but we'll work with what we have for now :)

Chris and I are going to see Art School Confidential (or whatever, I forget if that is the name or not) in northampton today with Tony. Hopefully it'll be good! I wasn't that interested by one of the trailers I saw a while ago but... we'll see.

I was going to write more but now I need to finish up my grocery list since we're going grocery shopping later!

Annnd happy birthday to my dad! I have to remember to call him in a little bit when he will hopefully be home.

Oh, last but not least, Chris was at his Facebook page today. For some reason his birthday was marked down as June 6th. And, he was listed as being interested in men. Haha :P


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:16 pm
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I'm sick.... been sick for a few days now at least. Feel slightly better today but... we'll see. Yesterday I didn't go to the LAN party because I felt so awful :( I just played WoW and read my book instead... Shaeldre is now level 58, 3 bars from 59. I've been pvping a lot to try to get Sergeant rank for next week, so I can buy my epic mount. This will be my second epic mount ever and my first self-earned one.

I don't really know what else to say here. The kitchen is a mess (sigh) but not much can be done about it... no dishwashing detergent. Will probably buy some on the way home later. Going to see "Thank you for smoking" in northhampton, and going to eat at coldstone after (because that ice cream is A++++).
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Sooooo update!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the movies :D We saw Memoirs of a Geisha... I really liked it. The thing I liked about it least was actually that it was in English. I think that took away from part of the movie, because hearing the heavy accents on the English words seemed strange... it was not a movie about Japanese girls who had come to America, it was a movie about Japanese girls in Japan, so hearing them speak English as they were was strange. I don't know why I noticed it so much in that movie than others. I guess part of it was because they still interjected some Japanese words in their sentences... I would have much preferred a movie in Japanese with subtitles :P But, aside from that (which really isn't a big deal at all, just a minor annoyance) I loved it.

I forget if I mentioned, but we are moving in to the new apartment on Friday. I can't wait. Our new room looks SO SMALL even though technically we gained 2 square feet. Then again I think the room we are in now looked very small until we somehow shoved all this crap in here :) It will be a fun time trying to do that again, haha! And it'll also be great to get that dining room table out of Chris' car since it has been in there for over a week now.

Rich came today, Lily wasn't sure what to think of him. She ran away from him but did NOT hide under the bed as usual. Instead she sat on the bed and watched him. She was ready to bolt at any second but was much better than she has been with any other company. I think it helped that he is much quieter than Tom or Shane. I hope Lily warms up to Tom and Shane quickly too (but hopefully not too much to Shane, I think he may be slightly allergic to cats). Not that she "warmed up" to Rich but she was much less scared of him than any other company thus far.

Anyway I don't have much to write about.

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I had a REALLY good weekend. And now Chris has just left :( Not really sure what I'm going to do now, but I have a few ideas!

Anyway, Chris got here and tried to help me with my internet in Linux. However that's pretty difficult because my internet is USB, and there are problems with that anyway, and then what I have is completely unsupported... so needless to say he couldn't get it to work in Linux :( that's okay though, I have so much stuff I need to do in Windows anyway it doesn't make a HUGE difference, just slightly sad.

Then we were going to play Phantasy Star Online I for the first time!! Yay! So I went to put it in and found his memory card was completely full. So I went to go look for mine... yeah. I didn't find it. I was so annoyed and I didn't know where it was and I looked FOREVER, so when that was done I was so tired and we just went to bed.

Saturday we went out to GameStop and I bought a new memory card (one of the huge ones) and told Chris when I found my old one he could probably have it since I doubt I'll ever have another reason for another GC memory card again, seeing as how it's 4 times the size of only one and I can barely fill one. Umm... I also bought a used PSX memory card for just $5, because I could. Then we went to the mall and he bought me Unreal Tournament 2004 for my birthday :D!

I also found a nice Samsung flat screen CRT monitor there (at Best Buy) for $150 with a $20 rebate so I bought that and it's sooo nice! And now I'm a dork with a setup with two monitors too, just like Chris :P My stupid flat panel can only handle 1024x768 but oh well, that doesn't matter because I can have the two at different resolutions. This also has a 0.20mm dot pitch which is supposed to be pretty good, my dad commented on it too :P So it was a nice monitor especially for the price that I paid. I would have liked to have a 19" for higher resolutions (this can go to 1280x1024, which is what it's at now) for a bigger screen for 3D modeling and other graphics work, but this will be better for 2 monitors anyway. Also this monitor is really cool because it's a really small 17"! There's only a small border around it all, and all of the controls for it are on the right side (not below the screen like they usually are) and all in all it's a very nifty monitor and I'm pleased with it. Plus it makes me feel like I've never seen white before! Haha looking at the difference between this and the other monitor, right next to each other... it's ridiculous. (it's not the brightness on the other monitor, because that's all the way up)

Anyway, enough with my monitor rambling. We then went to go see the third Harry Potter movie which I very much enjoyed, and then went home and played some Phantasy Star. I feel like we did other stuff... but I can't remember if it was on saturday or sunday, anyway DirectX was being stupid and WarIII wasn't running, so we got that running which was nice, yay.

Then Sunday Jared came over, we invited Rich but he got called into work. We played some Phantasy Star all together, and some Smash Bros. Melee and watched Hocus Pocus because it was on TV (digital cable that my dad is trying out for a month...) and then Jared went home, and Chris and I played UT2004 until we were tired, I helped Chris get all his stuff together, and we went to sleep.

This morning we woke up at 7 :( because I'm stupid and I forgot to actually turn the alarm clock ON when I set it for 6:30 last night. So he went to go take a shower, I was going to try to get some more sleep but mom came in and asked me to brush her hair for her since her shoulder is hurting, so I did that, mom went to work, Chris got out of the shower and I helped him pack stuff up and make sure he had everything... and then he left... and I realized he hadn't packed any lunch!!!! :( I tried to call his cell phone but it was off so I left a message. We had talked about him taking some leftovers from our dinner from friday night and as he was leaving he was thinking he was forgetting something and yeah.

Hopefully today we'll get the hotel for Otakon taken care of. Now I'm going to try to clean up my room and try to see that the rebate receipt is done perfectly so I can send that out today~ so that'll be $20, plus the $20 which should be coming within the next month from the graphics card. Okay so, room cleaning time now! Hopefully these next couple of weeks will go by fast, since this week is going to be full of stuff, and then this weekend is 4th of July!

98% of the teenage population does/has tried pot. If you're part of the 2% who hasn't, copy this in your journal.
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apparently the new stepford wives movie is a comedy? ...what???

i still feel really bad... i feel hot and like i have a fever, but i'm running low (97.7) so i'm not quite sure why i'm feeling that way. around 5:30 i fell asleep for half an hour. woke up when mom came home, changed into pjs at her request (i was sleeping in this horribly awkward position in the middle of my bed, sleeping along the width rather than the length of the bed, in the clothes i wore to work this morning). i also got a birthday card with a $25 check from aunt patti and uncle mike so yay! going to write them a thank you note with the cute new cards i bought at crane and co. (i went there while i was waiting for the bus to come)

i feel very crappy about taking the bus to work because i only worked for an hour and a half and yet spent $3 to do it! what a waste of money.

i just watched law and order: svu for the first time. it was nifty but the actors are kind of funny sometimes... but yeah. not one i'll ever watch a lot but it isn't so bad. wait, what the hell? this must be a marathon or something. this is the 3rd episode in a row.

ok, time to do something else
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been having a good week. haven't been posting a lot because internet access in my room doesn't seem to be guaranteed as of late, with this wireless usb hookup. chris has been over since thursday, he's sleeping now. anyway... we've been watching freaks and geeks lately which is good! we've seen 4 episodes of it I think... also watched the first Halloween movie, we rented part 2 of friday the 13th, and Chris and I watched For Keeps the other night which is a really cute movie!! yesterday Chris and I went to the mall with Jared and I bought the Morrowind: Game of the Year edition. Basically, both expansions are 14.99. I already own the normal morrowind... but, the game of the year edition was 29.99, and the people at gamestop told me that tribunal isn't very easy to find nowadays... so I just bought this and I'm giving Chris my other one. Also got quake III arena so I played that with Chris and Jared some yesterday, very fun :D

We tried beating Crystal Chronicles, I think it's a lost cause :( the last boss is being difficult, so we've been playing and trying to get better armor and weapons. Chris and I also rearranged my room which was fun, now I think it's much better... still a mess, but I'll try to get it cleaned up soon. Anyway I guess I'll go play some more Morrowind until Chris gets up!
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so today since the movie channel is still being crappy, i didn't get to watch big fish with chris... instead we watched the first 2 episodes of those who hunt elves (which is much funnier than i remember!) and then helter skelter. we also got some diablo 2 playing in, and starcraft! it was a lot of fun... not a whole lot of either game because chris had to study but it was nice anyway :)

over the weekend we went to chris' house and saw chorus line, SO GOOD, just like last year had a really hard time remembering they are just high school students. haha and the director in it reminded me of robert a little :D;; from work. i think mostly his hair style and skin color, but his clothes too. anyway he just did.

i played some super metroid this weekend too (not a lot, enough to get super missles) during the times when i was waiting for stuff, wish i'd brought a book because i could have finished the dragon book! oh well though

soo... not much else to say, pjs and bed time i guess!

oh and happy birthday jared, but i already told you on the phone earlier with chris anyway :P
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so things have been good. i don't remember if i mentioned, chris and i watched the 3 poltergeist movies last week. this week we're watching the friday the 13th movies, we have the 3rd and 4th one today, so going to watch those soon... classes were ok, i guess i don't have much to say. i found out why i wasn't having random encounters in x-2, i had the charm bangle on. what an idiot.

oh well... going to watch a movie soon (or last night's csi that we recorded) so i'm going to head back to chris' room...
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So I saw Elephant last night with Chris... all I have to say is it could have been so much more. Completely misadvertised on the back of the box - it doesn't mention a THING about kids with guns or violence. I'm not going to say much more about it because I don't want to "spoil" anything about it, but I was thoroughly disappointed in what could have been a good movie (if it actually followed what it said on the back of the box).

Elephant )

Also saw all 3 Poltergeist movies last week... not scary at all lol :) but they were enjoyable I guess. We rented them all for freee. Yay free rentals.

Mom is on her way to pick me up! Chris left a few hours ago. We're each going to our respective homes for Mother's Day, and this is a good opportunity to bring a lot of stuff home. Hopefully this weekend I can see Shealyn! (My newborn niece. I'm not sure if I wrote about it, but Shealyn was born a couple of weeks ago, and the day before my cousin Abby Rose was born :) I won't be able to see Abby Rose for a while because she lives in California...)

Anyway... not a lot of plans for the weekend, not sure what we're doing for mother's day. Guess I'll find out soon! I'll go pack some more now...

busy day

May. 4th, 2004 04:12 pm
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So.......... last night, Chris and I watched Butterfly Effect! It was pretty neat, I liked it more than I thought I would based upon what I had heard and overall it wasn't bad, really a crazy movie though. (I love the movie channel, yay!) I recorded CSI so maybe we'll watch that tonight?

Then I was in a really really horrible mood and went to bed, YAY for horrible moods, oh wait, no :( But anyway I felt a little better when I woke up, then Chris and I went to breakfast this morning EARLY, wow. So that was nice... umm... yeah?

Worked... umm... Grab 'N Go for once was good, it's been crappy the past few days but didn't disappoint today :D then I went to comp sci which was fun, we did a group project today. I got to work with Chris (a different Chris) and Leanne, two people who are really neat :D they're both Asian, I think one is Korean and one is Chinese. But anyway, they're nice people and our project I thought turned out pretty well. At the end of class Shawn asked Leanne, Mike and I to stay after for a bit and he asked if we could put together some poster material together for the CKC showcase thing next thursday, so I'll try to do that :D Well, I won't try, I will. Then thursday (next thursday, not coming up) we'll go to the comp sci building and see all the work other kids have done which should be really fun, I enjoyed it last year when we went to see Chris' modeling stuff.

Anyway, I think the reason I've been feeling sort of crappy is the end of the school year is coming :( However I've been doing my best to come up with things to counteract boredom, which was my largest problem last summer (since I'm so used to doing things with Chris, when he's not around I sometimes just feel perpetually bored, especially like last summer when my hours were knocked down to just 13 or 14 a week). So hopefully things will be fine... well, of course they'll be fine, but hopefully they'll be better than fine!

In an hour I'm going to Worcester to meet Chris for dinner~ I just spent about 1.5 hours finishing my 2nd to last art project that I didn't get to finish on time, I get to REALLY finish it tomorrow though in the computer lab (we're required to use Flash and my trial died a few days ago, grr).

Then my plans are maybe csi, and doing my comp sci project that was due last night :( I feel like a slacker, I completely forgot about it until it was about midnight and then I was in way too rotten of a mood to care about it so I just went to bed. Luckily for me, they're backed up with projects (They still haven't graded project like 9 and this is 12) so I should be fine anyway. Haha Leanne told me today that she always checks if I've submitted yet, since I'm half the time the only person who has a project submitted on time, to see if I've done it yet, and if I haven't then she doesn't feel like a slacker :p haha.

Anyway time to get working on that project, and yay linux.
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Since I haven't posted since friday maybe I'm due... I had a really good weekend, one of the first ones I've stayed here this semester. Maybe the first even! I'm not 100% sure. Anyway... friday night Chris and I saw Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, so incredibly good! Erin came over the next day and my parents brought us all out to lunch, then to the mall, where I got some new shoes finally. Erin ended up staying here because she wanted to see Kill Bill 2, so yay. We watched Kill Bill vol. 1 that night (second time for Chris and I, first for Erin), and then watched Fargo :D Then sunday we went to the movies and saw the second volume of Kill Bill which was... very good.

Yay. Also I started playing Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution more seriously. I've chosen a character (Aoi) and I'm beginning to learn her moves so yay. Doing quest mode so I am getting items to customize her with. Also over the weekend I've been doing bits and pieces of my Usability project for Comp Sci, the software I chose was Warcraft III, specifically with the heroes, and studying the user interface they give you to interact with the heroes.

It's been a beautiful weekend, been playing games and watching movies and whanot. Erin goes home later on tonight... I think I'm going to draw stuff now since I'm in the mood to draw, which means it's time to go back to Chris' room :D yay

Video game club tournament is saturday! :D But it's on the 24th, and since that's only in a few days, that means summer break is almost here :(
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Watched Waking Life last night :) Interesting movie, I really liked it. Also thought it was interesting how the animation style changed every scene. Some of them were really realistic looking, some were very animated. It looked like they filmed it all first, then animated over it... it's kind of hard to believe that some of the scenes in there could have been animated without a guide like that, since the perspective (etc etc) seemed so perfect.

Anyway, just finished making my website for my art class... have to go do Japanese homework now. (Oh boy.)
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It's spring break now... fun fun :D went to chris' house friday, went to abby's party, it was nice but the next day was better... i can't handle big groups of people, so the next day when we went over andy's and steve's house and abby came over was better. plus it got better friday night when a few of us went upstairs and chris and andy played guitar and sang. much less people there, and i KNEW most of the people in that room for most of the night (alex k, virginia, andy, steve, chris of course, abby came back and forth, etc) so that was nice :). Not that it's that bad to be in a big group of people! But I get quiet when I'm in large groups. Anyway so that was friday, then saturday we went over Andy's/Steve's house like I said, and we played games! Then we ate some leftover chinese and Abby arrived, so we watched School of Rock which was actually good, amusing movie. Then sunday night Chris and I went over Alex's house and we played games and watched Dancer in the Dark.

Now, on one hand, I think Dancer in the Dark was a good movie, on the other hand, I don't... I think the whole thing with the movie, the musical part of it, how they did it, that was all really good. But I think a lot of what happens to the main character is pretty unbelieveable and though the ending is very depressing, doesn't make me feel THAT sympathetic to her, etc, I'm not going to give up the ending of the movie... but I think it could have been done much better, if her character was different.

Yesterday Chris and I didn't really hang out with anyone. We bought South Park (the first season) at gamestop used for $20 on friday, and the new (well, old) Metal Gear Solid game, so I played that while Chris played Sons of Liberty... then we went to Manchester with Chris' dad so he could get his car, and we went shopping. Bought 4 movies, the first Tomb Raider (which I liked), Forrest Gump, Donnie Darko (which I finally saw, yay! so good), and Edward Scissorhands. They had a 2/$15 special with certain dvds so we got those and I paid for 2 of them. We watched Tomb Raider last night, Donnie Darko we watched when we got back.

Umm... so yeah, good weekend, we managed to watch the first season of south park over the weekend too. We're home a day early because I was worried about the storm, which sort of sucks because I was hoping to be back wednesday instead so Chris could do more stuff, but he doesn't seem to mind too much I guess :|

So today we got here at like 10, I ate breakfast, Roxy is here so we watched One Piece 1-3 with her. I am very tired because Chris and I woke up at 7! My dad was pleasantly surprised when I called him and said we were home now. Later this week also we get to see Rich, because he's going to come over for a day which should be really fun, and we get to meet his brother, yay! Now I'm going to go play Soul Calibur with people :D

I'm really happy, Spring Break has been great so far, I love it.


Feb. 4th, 2004 08:15 am
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Saw Requiem for a Dream last night, so incredibly good. Didn't do what it does to a lot of people (make them so depressed they don't want to live life anymore) but that very well could be because I haven't done any drugs. But wow yeah, I really liked it... sad, and, wow.

BDIC class is going to be good, only meets FIVE times, hahahaha. So in 8 weeks I will have a semester that only feels like 12 credits, hahahaha. Since I'm only taking a 14 credit semester and my two 1 credit classes end before the semester is up! Yay! :D

Okay now to get dressed and head out to breakfast, then work, then Japanese and art :D Dean's Book class tonight, I mustn't forget :O
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Really happy!! Chris used a full boot cd of linux so i could play around with linux, it was REALLY fun, so I might get to play around with it some more later because we might install it in the next few days... :) I really hate KDE though, it was pretty annoying, so thinking about doing Gnome (that's what Chris uses now, I like the look etc of it better).

But yeah, obviously back at college now... enjoying it a lot already. Started playing FFX-2 (that's TEN TWO, not "EX" TWO!! AUGH) and it's SO FREAKING CHEESY, OH GOD. Chris and I were watching some scenes and I just was like... wow. I CAN'T TAKE THE GAME SERIOUSLY. But I love it for all the cheese that it is :P

Okay I'm gonna go do that now and stop here :D

We watched the 2nd tomb raider movie earlier... it really sucked :( lol the part where she punched the shark... PRICELESS. and the kid pressing ALL the elevator buttons was really funny and cute. At 10 we're going to watch umm... House of 1000 Corpses, that Rob Zombie movie... then at 11:30 Goldmember, except I don't know how much I'll really watch it since I hate Austin Powers :P But yeah, Chris hasn't seen it yet and would like to a bit so!

I forgot all my bowls, plates, cups, and silverware at home :( Sadness.

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