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I have to get ready to heal again so I'm on a big surge with Alaphrei. I've gained a couple of levels pretty quickly and I want to get my gear list out of the way.

Luckily I already have a few of these items, so that is nice at least. I don't think I'll be replacing a whole lot on my way to 80 since I'm going to go to Howling Fjord after we finish Borean Tundra but luckily a bunch of this can be crafted.

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Oct. 16th, 2006 12:02 pm
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Got to enjoy my first night in Naxx yesterday :D We downed Anub'Rekhan pretty quickly (he dropped Desecrated Bindings and Band of Unanswered Prayers) and then went on to try Instructor Razuvious. We got him down to maybe 60%? Our priests were still getting the whole MC thing down. Both encounters were a LOT of fun though. I have a particular love for Instructor, since the premise of the fight is awesome (priest's MC tanks? that's so cool) and in addition, it's very rare that I'll take a durability hit because you can run out of the area to reset him :D

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I'll post some screenshots later :D

Also, at Onyxia earlier in the evening, my druid got her Stormrage Cover :D

I need to go take a shower and get ready for class, but I'll write about real life stuff and the rest of yesterday later!
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Last night started off with me being really disappointed that the ZG raid was full and I wouldn't be able to go. I messed around on BB for a few minutes, then hopped over to my pally on Mannoroth. I started a game of 20-29 warsong gulch which was REALLY fun. My paladin is an incredibly fun character in pvp. I can't wait to get my magic cleansing skill though!

Anyway midway through that... Cryptic asks if I am still on Vent. Which I am :D I sent him a tell from my pally. Gwennie was leaving and they had room, whooooo! So after they killed whoever they were on (maybe Bloodlord... I have no idea) I hopped over! We killed Wushoolay (and I got the coolest healing dagger in the game)

The sad part is, ONCE AGAIN I missed the venom sac from Venoxis. Usually I just forget (because I am silly) but this time I had to miss it! I am doomed to never have a Doomulus Prime :*(

Last week when I went to AQ-20... I found something quite amusing (which I post below the cut).

And this week while running to Ouro, Tyris and I had a "race"!

Oh, and most importantly XD I forgot to mention (since I was busy going through screenshots) that I am now an officer in Daughters of the Alliance! :) I didn't get to spend much time online after that (Erin asked me to log on specifically for that, while I was in ZG) but it is very exciting :D and then after ZG I went on a DM North tribute run where I got an arcane resist belt, oh boy! I was sooo tired after it :X

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Sep. 24th, 2006 10:18 pm
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This weekend was pretty good :D Last night I went to AQ-20 on my druid (noooothing dropped haha... though I did pick up a nice ring from ayamiss), it went all right aside from very super noobish wipes (come on, hitting the FIRST CRYSTAL too early, and Ossirian goes nuts and beats the crap out of us? :P I got Thunder Clapped (or something that looked like it) for 8000. The next attempt was flawless though and we got him down with no deaths.

Today was really productive! We went to the mall quickly then to Barnes and Noble. I got the new two books of that series I have been reading (Kushiel's Chosen and Kushiel's Avatar) and saw that The Queen's Oracle was out! That's the third book of Tamir Trilogy (The Bone Doll's Twin, then Hidden Warrior, now this) which was ridiculously good. I have no idea when I read Hidden Warrior, but it was a loooong time ago. I'm really glad I found the third book. Now I just need to remember who everyone is... I know a few people (Ki, Tamir, Brother...) but a lot of them... no clue! I'm going to finish up the other two books before I get into it though, I think :) I want to read the second Diablo book, but I can't find it anywhere :/

Anyway after shopping we stopped at Northampton quickly then got groceries and stopped by Blockbuster to pick up Ong-bak. We went home, watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica (yay! one episode away from the last of Season 1... gotta catch up before Season 3 starts!) and then I went to Onyxia. Stormrage Cover dropped, but Gwennie has more DKP than me so... :P Next time though it might be mine :D Afterward we went to Corey and Natasha's and watched Ong-bak and had wings :D I asked to come home early so I could do some work (taking a tiny break right now but I'm gonna get back in to it in a second).

I think I had something else to say but I can't remember it now for the life of me :) so back to working!
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Returning a flag is one of the most satisfying things ever :) I loooove flag running. I wish I had more of the druid pvp set... having near-mount speed in cheetah form would be ridiculous and would greatly improve my flag running "skills".

Game club tonight was fun. Played some Smash Bros and Guitar Hero, read my book some too. I also went to the BDIC pizza night thing and had some tasty pizza :D

Kushiel's Dart is definitely one of the best books I have read in a long time. I need to get the next book soon, before I finish this one, or I MIGHT go crazy!

I think Shane and I are going to do a WoW movie "Bears on a Tram" at some point (take off of Snakes on a Plane obviously...) We'll probably film it on the test servers and see if we can get a bunch of our friends to copy over those level 60 premade druids or something :)

Anyway! I don't know what else to say really sooooo I guess this is done!
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Real life stuff~ today was fun :D mom and dad came over around 4:30 and Chris and I went to Holy Smokes with them, Tony, and Jared :D It was super tasty! Regrettably they were out of pulled pork :( but the pulled beef was still super delicious.

I played WoW and The Sims a lot today. I bought the Open for Business pack :D I do like it but I haven't had much time to experiment. I thought my second generation Legacy family sims were going to die together in the photo booth because it bugged and they were both stuck inside slowly starving to death :( but I used the move_objects cheat to delete the photo booth, and the two of them magically appeared in the middle of the house :D so yay!

I've also been reading the Lemony Snicket boots since I bought the last pack of 3 books the other day :) I just started The Grim Grotto. I love these books SO much but I wish they weren't all so short! The books are very expensive and if they were not as good as they are there is no way I'd pay as much for so little content :P the pages are thick, the text size is large, books just aren't very long :(

I don't know what else to write about D: things have been pretty boring. Chris is programming a lot and every time I try to tell him something I get those blank replies where I know he has no idea what I'm saying :P

At the very least I have nothing halfway interesting to say about how things have been, so I am going to end the post with some WoW crap.

WoW stuff~ Shaeldre still doesn't have her 45-minute baron done, but we haven't been able to do it in a while anyway. Hixxy is often leveling her warlock on Akama or working, so I don't know when I will finish it ^^; for now I am going to continue the chain a bit on my mage! She is 7/8 Magister's right now (missing robes still!) and just needs 6 more ogre beads to keep going :D I'm very excited to upgrade her boots/legs/shoulders, although I'm not sure I'll wear the shoulders (depends if the set bonus overrules wearing Thuzadin Mantle or not).

I went to my first MC on my druid and got pissed off because every time one of my heals landed, someone ELSE'S heal landed about .1 seconds earlier so I couldn't cancel and I overhealed for 1000! AU doesn't have a very organized method of healing though like Astrum does, which I think is part of the problem. We just heal whoever whenever whereever, whereas Astrum has you heal group members, then focus on the two groups around your own, so you don't need to stare at 40 names all the time.

I'm very excited for the new 25-man raid cap for instances. It'll make things much more manageable (maybe DotA can do it by then :D) and I very much enjoy the feel of the smaller instances (I do not like ZG but AQ-20 is REALLY fun up until post-Moam trash mobs).

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A WoW update :)

I will make a real update later :)

I heart Tendermuffin. That is all.

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Sooo my 5th main alt is a druid. My druid was level 49 so I decided to take advantage of that for a little while and do some Warsong Gulch!

My moment of glory (and "I told you so!") came toward the end. It was 2-2 and both flags were out. Our flag carrier was hiding near the exit to WSG - a level 44 hunter had it. I waited nearby while praying he would remove Aspect of the Cheetah. (For some reason, they NEVER DO!) Then he whispers me "go get flag". So I told him.... no. If I stay there I can heal him and grab the flag if he drops it. Then he says "If you don't go I'll just give it to you." But then he doesn't give it to me and just stands there... whatever. Couple of minutes later, like 7 horde swarm us and of course the hunter dies. I grab the flag, pop into cheetah, and start running. The rest of my group met up with me, and while 2-3 people went to the horde base to get our flag back, I stood at the front of my base with everyone else in bear form. Every horde wave, we completely stomped :) and then I returned the flag!

In your face, hunter :( We would have lost if I'd listened to you!

Our priest was good at what she did but only when she actually chose to do it. The game was funny - the first time we had the horde flag, she stayed with the flag carrier and what do you know, we were able to drop the horde carrier and return our flag and wipe the floor with every hordie who attacked us. Then the second time we had the flag, she was nowhere to be found. We lost it and the horde got a capture. Next time around, she was there, we got a capture. Next time she was not, horde got a capture. See a trend???? She was also there in the group with me for the final capture, and what do you know, we were able to get it! Just seems silly... I had asked her during the two times she wasn't with us if she could come with us and help heal. She isn't even full shadow-specced (she's holy at least to Spirit of Redemption) and maybe had no points in shadow at all. She got completely rolled every time she wasn't with the carrier because she was always off by herself! It was very frustrating. And she never listened when we asked her to come help and she wasn't already (we were asking politely too).

Buuuuut whatever :D We did end up pulling through with a win. This is only my second win in the 40-49 bracket (and I have done many games) so I decided it was time to move on... I'm now level 50 :D Thanks to my buddy Tendermuffin helping me through the elite quests in Searing Gorge <3 Obsidion was still really tough, even with a rogue with epics up the butt :P I just stayed and healed him, almost died twice from healing aggro (he has a wing buffet-esque ability which lowered tender's aggro so he hopped on me a couple of times) but it was fun!

Okay yeah.. I'm a geek.
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Alaphrei, Night Elf druid on Mannoroth, dinged 40 the weekend before last.

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I did a lot at work today.

This morning I played WoW and me (as my 33 druid) and 2 other 30 somethings got ganked 3-4 times by a level 60 shaman. funtimes. one of them had a guild member (60 pally) come to help out, but we had been hanging out in town waiting for him, so the shaman got bored since he hadn't killed us in 5 minutes and hearthed out :( I should have moonfired him to screw up his hearthing. Haha >:( I would have liked to see him die at least once... but luckily I blacklisted him so when I do see him on Ceres, he will be dying, no matter how unfair of a fight it is.

However, we still got some sort of revenge. The 60 shaman was trying to help power level a 26 mage in his guild, so the other druid and I killed him :)

Anyway, now I need to get working on Flash or start studying for my Jewish midterm tomorrow.
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Sooo today hasn't been so bad. I didn't want to get out of bed and it took a lot of annoyed-chris to make me finally get up. Then I wanted to take a shower but there wasn't enough time so then I was annoyed. We ate breakfast and somehow made it to the bus on time even though we were 2 minutes late.

I went to creative writing, it was pretty good... once again, I am terrified of any of my work being workshopped! Yay! I picked a journal to do a 1 page paper on. All I have to say is "Intertext" sounded like an online magazine, and guess what? It is >:D http://www.intertext.com So I don't need to go anywhere to do my work :D I'm a lazy person :(

Anyway, I stopped by the arcade and I was just about to leave when I noticed that one of the people by the Tekken 5 machine was Terry (aka Arach in World of Warcraft) so I talked to him for a bit and then one of his friends came over (I want to say his name was Brad, he introduced himself to me quickly after Terry went to class and before we separated ways for him to go somewhere and me to go to Lederle). We got to talk a bit about Tekken 5 and then about World of Warcraft some :) His friend is a FFXI player, it was interesting to hear about the differences between paladins in WoW and FFXI.

Then I went to the OIT lab which is closed, so now I'm in the library. I am very hungry :( So I think I'm going to go look at the Blue Wall and see if there's anything I can eat, because I am very hungry. I should have packed something but I didn't have much time :( I HAVE to start waking up earlier so this isn't a problem.

Okay, WoW ramblings time. Yesterday morning I was playing as Alaphrei, my level 33 druid, and I was able to do the Yeti cave quest without being ganked even ONCE. :O The only horde there helped me out and I in turn helped her, and it was enjoyable :D Then I left the cave, a level 24 orc hunter was outside attacking bears. I waved at him and noticed some herbs I wanted to get so I went over to them. He hunter's marked me. I turned around to face him, confused as to what the hell he thought he was doing. Then he started shooting at me and sent out his pet :X

Sooo, I have no mercy on morons :/ I put his pet to sleep, healed myself fully, and then enjoyed starfire and moonfiring him to death. I only had to heal myself even once because my sleep took a long time to cast with his arrows + his pet, and for a moment I had done nothing but stare at him dumbfounded as he did stupid things. Good job, member of the Invidious guild, or whatever. You sucked, a lot :P I love people who are so set into the "war" mindset of the game that they will attack even when they are certain to die. I don't know about any of you, but I don't like to volunteer myself to a walk back from the graveyard.

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