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The Universal IE Hack

Another hot tip? Go on then.

Last year saw the launch of IE7. IE6 is still a widely used browser and IE8 beta is out of the starting blocks. A lot of IE hacks? Nope. Simply use the Universal IE Hack. Place the following code in the Head of your document:

<!--[if IE]>
html, body, * {
  display: none;

This supersedes all documented IE hacks to date. Enjoy.
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I hate browsers! Old versions and new versions. Versions that aren't compliant with the standards they should be. No browser is free from my wrath :( There is little I find more frustrating than trying to design a website that looks good in all commonly used browsers.

I want to feed them all to my cow plant. It's hungry since it hasn't gotten to eat in a while. *threats*
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Trying to do a website for work. I had everything looking awesome in both IE and Firefox - and THEN...!

I changed the menu images to gifs. And apparently changed something else too, because now it won't look good in IE! Damn you, browsers, damn you!

Ah ha :D I uploaded it only a few minutes ago and it still looks good in both browsers. *downloads* :x
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Last night was fun, went over Kendra's room and watched 2 CSI episodes and Without a Trace :D She'd recorded CSI on Thursday, and Without a Trace right after it, so yay! Afterward Chris and I went to his room where he did homework, I tried to study for my kanji quiz that was today and ended up doing a little bit, then falling asleep. When he was done with his homework he woke me up, I was so tired I just left all my stuff in his room and I think I might have left my jacket there too, I can't remember, but it was on the futon this morning (we moved the futon there yesterday during the day) and... yeah.

Good day so far... Japanese was sorta crappy because I realized last night (too late) that we were supposed to go get the assignment at the teacher's office :( That's what I get for procrastinating and deciding to do it the day before it was due. Anyway though, then Chris and I went to Grab & Go which was SAD today, no chips / chip-like food, and all the fruit was crappy... the "good" bananas were way too squishy and the others weren't ripe enough, so if I ate them my stomach would have gone postal on me and probably would have floored me during graphics communication class :( The apples were all bruised too, so blah. At least I got to eat my sandwich today. And my soda!!! :( I had it on the floor unopened and it got kicked over somehow (I forget if I did it or if someone walking me did it) and it got poked by something mysterious and was spraying soda -_- so I had to open it, and I drank it slowly during class. The hole luckily was small enough that once I opened the can, not a lot was coming out, really slowly leaking, so I didn't lose too much.

Got a 10/10 on my CmpSci quiz though :D and I have 3 books about graphic design that the teacher's recommend that I would like to check out.

At 4 I have my BDIC class (3rd class, yay, two more left) and then going to meet Chris for dinner after it's over. Then I want to work on my UMass website ( so it isn't the automatically generated OIT thing, and it can direct me to my Art and Comp Sci class sites so I don't have to type them out individually. It's kind of funny because the UMass picture doesn't even work. Anyway, to do list time.

-Website (Links to all my sites)
-Scanner Art project
-Read/Highlight packet for Art
-Japanese homework (listening and changing essay -> de aru tai)
-Maybe start on Dean's Book paper
-Next BDIC assignment

Well, it's 3:00 now, so I guess I'll get working on finishing last week's BDIC assignment (I need 3-4 pages of course descriptions for the courses I want to take which is IMPOSSIBLE when some of the descriptions I get are "Continuation of (previous class)." OH BOY THANKS A BUNCH FOR TELLING ME WHAT'S IN IT. But at any rate I can just print that out when I feel done and start working on my website, since I don't have enough time to get started on good scanner stuff (haha, excuses, I just want to do the website more at the moment, since I have absolutely no inspiration for the scanner project). Maybe I should try some stuff with the cute kitty I got from Chris' parents' last year, since it's super adorable and always sitting on my monitor, and now maybe it can take a part in my project, maybe with the Eeyore plush my mom bought for me for Valentine's Day.
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Really happy :D Chris taught me some CSS and I made my website for my CmpSci 391 assignments, basically just supposed to be a simple website they'll be using to access my assignments! It's here if you wanna look at it: (note: I am currently updating it so if it looks a little sketchy, give it some time :P) (Edit: Operation CmpSci391S website - complete)

I didn't put it on my site because of the way they grade... if the oit servers are down at umass, it's okay, but if YOUR server is down when they happen to check the assignment due, then it's considered late, and no late assignments are accepted! So... seemed like a good idea to put it on the oit site.

Also, I've been watching Nadesico with Chris :D We've seen 6 episodes, watched the first 4 last night and 2 more earlier today. It's soo amusing, so many jokes in there relating to anime in general. I'm loving it :P We haven't reached the point where it's episodes I haven't seen yet, but I saw them so long ago that it hardly makes a difference. I only can remember one episode clearly that I haven't seen with Chris yet, plus it's all hilarious to be able to see them again, so thank you SO much Jared for lending it to me :D

Called Bombay today, going to work next saturday which should be nice! It's Valentine's Day too which I didn't realize until Robert said "The 14th, right?" and I was like, uh, oh yeah. But yeah, it's only for 4 hours anyway :D But I'm happy! And I get paid this week! AND!! *cue drum roll* I can finally pay back Chris in full, YAY!!! When I do, it will leave me to like, $20 to my name, but it's all good because I'm getting paid later in the week.

I've also been playing a lot of FFX-2, sooo cheesy, god, I can't even emphasize how cheesy it is. I'm still pissed off that part of it was spoiled for me with an ICON, but whatever. I also found out I already messed up getting 100%, but it's okay... not like I would have gotten 100% anyway this time through. Chris and I have also been playing DDR on occasion so we're getting exercise! We usually play until slightly after we're both tired and then stop. But this is the first time we've actually been using my dance pads often.

I have no idea why I'm in such a good mood, but I think part of it has to do with learning css and making my comp sci site all by myself :D since the past 2 websites I've worked on, I did the design but Chris did all the html (of course, some of the stuff he did with those sites was way more complicated than I've ever done, using mysql, databases and javascript). But I did some ccs all by myself! With his guidance of course. But it makes me really excited to do it more!
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Chris and I have been working on my art site, looks great :D I cleaned up today, and I'm coloring in one of my drawings with the tablet that Kendra lent me. Really enjoying it. Have homework due tomorrow that I'm saving for tomorrow morning since I don't have class until 11. Going to go to breakfast with Chris probably and then just do my homework, then play game boy (either final fantasy legend II which i've almost finished, lufia for gb color, or pokemon yellow :D;) for a while, yay fun.

Sooo sleepy today :|

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