Nov. 27th, 2008 04:43 pm
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Chris proposed to me today... I think the answer is obvious :)

More later!!!
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I went to a Do-It-Yourself Frame Shop just across the street today :D It was fun! Chris' cousins were over last week and they brought us some prints - one of a sketch of the Boston harbor that one of his friends did, and two photos. We framed one of the photos and a Portal poster that one of our friends got for us :D

It looks pretty kick ass and it was a really fun experience!

Now we are going to bake cookies and watch a movie. Tonight has been awesome :P
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So the interview I wrote about going to with Chris? He got the job!! :D I'm sooo excited for him :D :D

Mom came over today and she was here to hear the great news :) She brought along Erin and Sadie. Sadie was THRILLED to be here and she was really happy, sniffing out all these new smells. She fell off my bed though :( We had her on a leash since we didn't want her to get into the litter box or anything, and my litter box is NOT Sadie-safe (it's gross but the litter box at home, when she can rarely get into it, is like her own treat box or something... or so she thinks :/). Well, she tried to jump off my bed, but she didn't have much slack, and she just fell to the ground D: She was fine though - poor little thing.

She also has this weird toe thing :( it might need to be removed, but we don't know. Her toe (really, her nail... her toe overall seems fine) looks really bad now :/ I don't think it has been biopsied (spelling?) but it could be a tumor or something? :( It looks like her nail kind of just stopped growing right... it is soft (not hard like a nail should be) and very big and it looks like all the sensitive flesh that would be protected by the nail is exposed (very lovely picture I am painting for you all). It DOES hurt when you touch it but not during her everyday life, as far as we can tell. The vet tried some meds with it (antibiotics maybe?) but nothing seems to have changed. My mom doesn't really want to get it removed though because it would cost a lot of money and she is convinced for some reason that my dog doesn't have that much time left in her. Sadie has problems but I don't think any of them really fall under life threatening or lifespan shortening? Anyway if I get the money sometime after I graduate, I will try to get her toe checked out and get it removed if I have to. She will be living with us too, so I think she'll be happy. I really hope she is good (ie quiet) because I don't think we'll be able to keep her if she is noisy and annoying. She was quiet here though (I went out with mom and came back and she didn't bark at all) but that might just be because my apartment isn't "home" so she doesn't need to protect it.

Lily didn't show her face even ONCE this whole time. For some reason Lily is kind of scared of my mom and I'm sure the dog didn't help, hahaha.

I transferred my druid over to Bronzebeard last night and got her up to 64 :) I am excited to try Lifebloom in an instance although I suspect it would be a little better for pvp. The amount of healing it does overall is a bit underwhelming, but the mana cost is pretty low so... I don't know. Anyway an instant cast is an instant cast so I can't complain too much! I guess my main problem is it basically is the opposite of Unstable Affliction except for way crappier. Then again, UA is a 41 point talent and every druid gets Lifebloom at 64, so oh well.

Need to call Jim to talk about Spring Break! Soon! Will do it tonight! I SWEAR.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 10:07 am
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Going to Boston today. Chris has another interview (his 3rd overall interview, second in-person interview) at Berklee :D Hopefully the roads aren't too bad and the trip is fun :) Later on in the day we're going out to eat with Tendermuffin-Chris which will should be fun, and then back home I guess.

I don't really know what else to type here! I took a test in two of my classes, one last week and one this week. Now I know exactly what to expect from each class :D I got a C+ in the marketing one which isn't bad because I didn't study pretty much at all (but I obviously don't plan on letting that happen again - I didn't care about this test because I know the bottom 2 test grades are dropped... lol @ marketing classes) and a B in my Advertising as Social Communication test, I just held off a bit too long finishing the lectures (watching 5 lectures 2 days before the test was bad) and I didn't get quite enough time to study everything. But if I had maybe 2 hours more to study, or even only one hour, I'm sure I'd have aced it. It was a very clean cut test - I knew the answers or I didn't!

Anyway I went to the tuesday discussion class for my comic book course so I wouldn't have to go today (which meant I could go to Boston with Chris) and I better get dressed so I don't keep him from leaving when he wants to go, sooo off I go.

(Also, a tiny bit of *squee* because the tier 0.5 group is now all 70! Grats Hixxynator!)
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I've decided to pick out some books to read for the summer :)

One of them will have to be The Da Vinci Code. Chris read it all in one night so it must be a little bit entertaining. Unfortunately, I have read all the Warcraft novels to date, so I'll need to find something else in that respect ;) maybe Pillars of the World/etc. Taking the bus to and from work will definitely increase the amount of time I have for reading! I think I also want to try to pick up the Wheel of Time series again. I invested many hours of my life into it reading 8 books - there is no way I am going to drop it now. However I have pretty much forgotten most of the story by now (except for the very main parts of it). I wonder if there is a website anywhere out there with summaries :x I'm not really into the idea of reading them all again, although now that I am older I might enjoy reading it again from a more mature perspective. But... that's a lot of reading to do!

Chris doesn't feel good today :( I hope he feels better tomorrow when he wakes up. I'm a little stuffy (he is too, but combined with a headache), but I think I am just dealing with the aftermath of being home for so long. The allergies take a while to "wear off" if you will :x However my nose is feeling annoying and sensitive now, so I have some lip/face balm on it to hopefully keep any infection out.

As far as WoW goes, I have 611g on my warrior on Bronzebeard now (yay) and nothing to spend it on (Well, I do want stockade pauldrons but don't want to spend much over 200g for them, and eventually if Chris ever gets Moonlyte to 60 I want to buy him his epic mount). I finally sold my libram of focus :x The AH took an enormous cut though :( AH selling FTL... I also got my druid on Mannoroth to 53, so now she has devilsaur gauntlets :) I did a "5"-man Maraudon run with Erin and a few pugs, and the priest disappeared when we had been in the instance for about 10 minutes. But we took care of Landslide, the Princess, and Rotgrip easily :) It was me (feral druid, whooo), a 55 warrior, 53 hunter (Erin), and 49 hunter. It was really easy to heal since only the warrior and pets were taking damage, and I mostly ignored the pets since I wanted to make sure I had mana for the warrior. Who needs priests, seriously? Though, it was fun going feral... for 10 minutes. :( More proof though that feral druids still own! We were a bit high for the instance, but still, being able to 4-man 3 bosses was pretty impressive. The warrior was, shall we say, "twinked" though. Plenty of very good gear for his level. He had a Brain Hacker too (which I hope he didn't spend too much on), but he didn't use it in the hard fights and went with sword/board instead.

I did remember to call my dad but I don't remember where I left his birthday card at home :( I hope he was able to find it, if not next time I'm home I'll have to get it to him. We didn't end up going to see the movie today - it was too late by the time Chris and Tony got out of frisbee. We got some food (I went to subway and they had this crazy electronic ordering thing which I was scared of, they went to bueno y sano), and then watched 3 or 4 episodes of Scrubs in Tony's room :) He has the 2nd floor of his house all to himself right now - both other housemates on that floor have moved out for the summer :P He also has the coolest cowboy bebop wallscroll I have ever seen (of Ed and Ein walking toward the Bebop, I think. I didn't look at it close up.)

I don't know what else to write about so I guess I am done. Tomorrow I get to meet up with my Maya teacher. I hope that goes well, there is no concrete time to meet up with her though :/ I wrote her back but she hasn't responded. I am beginning to think she is bad at that sort of thing!
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Game club was really fun thursday night :) it was busy and having 3 tvs was really awesome, it's been a while since we could do that... damn campus center and their new rules :( sigh.

I am taking a break from raiding on both Ceres and Voice. I have really been enjoying all the free time I have. When friends came over the other night I got to hang out for the entire time! :P Chris hasn't really been raiding either which means we've been able to spend a lot more time together. In the meantime during my free time when Chris and I aren't really doing anything, I've been playing my warrior. I did West Stratholme 5-man last night. The first part was really tough on us... AoE with 3 elites? D: It was also my first time tanking but I think I did pretty well, at least once we got out of the AoE stuff! I still made noob mistakes like forgetting to switch stances sometimes, but I don't think it ever really wiped us. Today I respecced to 14 arms/23 fury/14 protection so hopefully tanking will be a little easier on Zorya (or Veela) next time!

Been playing more DotA... the huntress hero is awesome. Luna Moonsong or something... Lucent Beam = ownage and Eclipse = more ownage. :X I was 2-shotting Andria and Tony's heroes left and right. I felt really bad about it during the game though. Chris was the ogre magi hero too so we had huge nuking power. I think Andria's character was definitely more of a support character which didn't help. And Chris and I used items to be able to see Tony's character even though he had stealth :X I only died once and it was when I was level 4, to the scourge because I was being dumb :(

Um. Yeah, so real life stuff. Not much to talk about... went to see Silent Hill friday night. I really liked it but... it was creepy. And fucked up. Just like the games, I guess!

Chris and I have been playing some DDR each day too. I think it'll really help with our exercise :D Today I couldn't do much (got wiped out pretty fast) but yesterday we played for about an hour. It's easier to play it now, since we don't have anyone living below us to freak out :P

I started drawing a supersecret! drawing for chris :D It's been a while since I've drawn anything and I hope it comes out well... lately every time I try to draw I barely get through it before I just quit. I don't feel very creative and I think it comes out in my drawings :( This drawing itself isn't that "creative" but I think it'll be a little bit special at least. I'll try to remember to post it when it's done someday.

I need to buy vitamins, hopefully that'll help me to stay awake during my class that I keep getting all tired about... we'll see.
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I had a fun weekend :) Saturday Chris and I went out to eat at Amherst Brewing Company, I had a steak :x and Chris had a yummy burger. We watched 2 movies, Rent and 40 Year Old Virgin. I thought 40 Year Old Virgin would be really terrible and I would hate it, but then I heard it was by the same as Anchorman, and I didn't mind it. My mom and dad also called that night and invited Chris and I over for easter "dinner" at 12 on sunday :) So we ended up going to that, too. I got to see Jim and Shannon (maybe the last time I see them before they move out... which sucks...) and Uncle Richie :)

Sunday night after we came home, we went over to Tony's for chicken pot pie, which was tasty! We also played NORMAL Carcassonne (with only the river expansion) and it was fun! I only lost by one point :( We played Blockus too, and I tied Chris for first with that game (at the end we had the exact two last pieces left... who would have thought? haha)

Yesterday, Brian and Tony came over (and Shane came home sunday night) and we had some fun :D Played some Chu-Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast (Tony won :P) and I think they played some Guitar Hero before I went downstairs. We watched 3 or 4 episodes of Scrubs (loooove Scrubs), and played 3 games of DotA in warcraft III :D First game was me, Chris, and Brian all on a team against Shane and Tony and... we lost... :( lol. My hero was a support hero I think, maybe if I had bought different weapons/stuff for her it would have gone differently, but I sucked while Tony was invisible and critting people for 900 (which btw was 90% of my health). Chris' character finally started to do well toward the end but it was already too late. My character was good until we hit level 6 or so, then after that I felt my character slip away in terms of being balanced and Shane's and Tony's began to dominate :P Shane became invulnerable for 5 seconds after he went below a certain HP... and he did crazy damage. Haha :(

The second game was just Chris and I versus Tony and Brian (Shane was playing WoW and raiding at that point). I picked the Dragon Knight guy. Having a hard time remembering which hero Chris picked that game... oh yeah, it was a hunter-type character. We both had awesome AoE which we used to just clear out enemy units in two hits (one from each of us) and we leveled really fast. We killed Tony a LOT and I felt bad :( Haha. Chris and I ended up winning because our AoE + the awesome-ness of our characters was great.

The third game was the same teams, I chose a Stealth Assassin (weird tiny little satyr guy) and Chris was the mountain king guy with a whole bunch of hero-nuking attacks. We can't tell what the range was on one of them but apparently he got a double kill on them when they were nowhere near each other... haha :( They kept complaining that they couldn't hit me because I was so small, and every time they tried to run away I would just blink, then my passive backstab would be laying on damage, and if they tried to attack me I just used smoke screen so they missed 70% of their attacks. That was a really fun combo. It was a close game though overall, Tony's character was a really good counter to Chris' character because he could silence Chris, and Chris was all about mana (at the end his mana regen and mana pool were huge). Tony almost made it to our tree, so we had to fend him off for a while, and afterward I attacked their base while Chris stayed back and defended and beat the lich king's ice thing :) So yay! That was a much more balanced game, in terms of fairness of characters (and our knowledge of playing them), than any of the others.

Anyway... yeah. I had fun yesterday! Chris and I watched an episode of CSI (gross one... started out with the discovery of an arm in a meat grinder) and then we went to bed.

Anyway time for me to get ready for work and class. Whee. (Speaking of, I had a weird dream last night about today, when I had to go in to Tony's class and watch the students but none of them knew what to do and for some reason they had to do an assignment that they didn't have yet... and it was weird.)

I have pretty much "quit" raiding for a while. I sent Tallgeese (priest coordinator) a private message about it, and I will probably not be showing up for much with AU. So far I have been enjoying it.
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I'm at Rocket Star right now :) It's a nice, small little place with wireless internet <3 I purchased a strawberry smoothie which is magically delicious :) The internet really sucks for games (every few minutes it will lag for like 30 seconds... sadface) so I stopped trying to play WoW on it and decided I may as well get an LJ entry out of the way :P

Now that this has been open for ages but I spent all this time doing other stuff.....

My trip so far!!

Friday night, Chris and I left home and visited my parents. It was fun! We went to St. Patrick's Day dinner with my mom at Friend's bar in Pittsfield. We had super delicious St. Patrick's Day dinners :D (Chris and I did not get anything to drink since... we don't drink. I'm so bad at being a stereotypical Irish person I guess :p) Dad was SUPPOSED to meet us there but was confused apparently and arrived after Chris and I already left :( it sucked because I didn't really get to see him much. We also stopped by Jim and Shannon's just before that, it was really good to see them... I am going to miss Jim SO MUCH when he moves way out to Colorado or where ever :( I will miss Shannon too, of course, but Jim has been around forever and... :( I'll miss him a lot.

We woke up bright and early (ok, not bright at all... but early) saturday morning to begin our trip. It started off well with Chris freezing himself in the hall bathroom shower because it sucks and no hot water was coming out. He had a much more successful shower in my parents' bathroom! After my shower... we were off! About 30 minutes after we left, we discovered that we were silly and definitely left Erin's monitor at home (we were bringing my old computer to her because her laptop blows). So mom and dad shipped it out to her priority... whoops!

Anyway the rest of the trip went much better! We met Eldra (Dan), Ibiki (Justin), and Helian (Scott?) for lunch at a nice diner in Rochester! Chris and I had lunch stuff (as we had been up for hours already) while they ate breakfast. For anyone who doesn't know, Eldra, Ibiki, and Helian are all guys we know from our guild on Mannoroth. They were all really nice and we may be seeing them again on Thursday, along with Thrin (don't know his real name) and Tendermuffin (Tender-Chris!!). I'm really excited to see Tender-Chris again because he's awesome and I'm excited to see Thrin too since I've never met another hunter from our guild (but by today I have met THREE druids, Alynia, Eldra, and Evaki).

Anyway after lunch we wen

t back on our way. We arrived in Pittsburgh around 4-5pm. I got to see Chris' sister's apartment :D Her apartment is pretty nice, it's way bigger than ours (although she described it as "small" :P hehe) or at least her bedroom is. I love how tilted her entire kitchen is! We walked to a Japanese restaurant to eat dinner (which was very tasty, I had teriyaki chicken but couldn't eat all of it because there was a LOT of it. Also got to meet one of her friends :) Her friend was really nice although her name is evading my memory at the moment :(

We woke up again pretty early the next morning. Stopped in Ohio at a rest stop for food. Became pissed off when we realized the only thing there was McDonald's, so we decided that Ohio sucks. (The toll cost almost $7 too for only about 2 or 3 hours of driving)

Next rest stop was AWESOME and had a million places to eat, so we ate there instead :) We decided to hate Ohio slightly less!

Around 1 we arrived in Bellville (or Belleville... don't know) Michigan where we stopped at Applebee's and met Evaki (Jess) from AU :D She was really nice, of course. She talked a bit about her son (another member of the guild) and it was really cute (and completely understandable) how protective she was of him while she was talking (such as saying how she would cut off the head of anyone who flipped out at her son if he made a mistake during a raid, etc). I want to make a point to be more friendly toward him, not that I was unfriendly before, but he gets a bit upset because no one talks in guild chat (well, he perceives it as no one talking to HIM so he gets upset) and whatnot. He's only 11 years old. But he's been really nice online and much more mature than many of the guild members we have who are in college :p Evaki is obviously very proud of him, she lets him play WoW (and soon is going to let him start raiding) as a reward for his straight A's in school and whatnot. I dunno they seem like a sweet family although we didn't get to meet her son ;)

Theeennnnn we left and arrived in Kalamazoo! Yay! We met Erin and after dropping some stuff off in her dorm went to the International Festival and saw Steph!! The Japan booth was definitely the coolest but it didn't win, got 2nd place :( Also got to meet a lot of Steph and Erin's friends! Afterward, we went to eat at Subway, then went back to the dorm where we played some Guitar Hero! I gloriously failed at Crossroads at 98% completion :( and I cried on the inside. Kimi came over!! (I know her as Love from WoW, in DotA on Bronzebeard, but she is a real life college friend of Erin's) So we got to meet her which was neat :D Afterward, around... late... lol, we went over to Kimi's. Kimi has one of the cutest dogs ever (a papillon) named Eppi (or Eppy? or Epi? I don't know how to spell it!!) and also a guinea pig :D We talked for a while at Kimi's house and went to bed.

Woke up monday morning, we went back to the dorm to see Erin quickly, then Chris and I decided to go on a crazy adventure!! or something... because we had nowhere to go :) (except stay in the dorm, but Steph was sleeping and we didn't know what to do). We went to IHOP for breakfast, then went to the mall! The major street area here (at least that I know of) that the mall is on is crazy. There's 2 McDonald's and Burger Kings on the same road and just about every other fast food restaurant you could imagine, PLUS tons of stores and other normal restaurants. Around 2 we went back to meet Erin at the Bronco Mall (on campus) then went back to the dorm. For dinner we ate at the dining commons with Erin and Steph, where I met the infamous Randy, wearing an awesome chef hat and cutting up ham. It pretty much made my day. Erin came over to Kimi's with us since her first class wasn't that early annnd we went to bed!

This morning! We went to Erin's dorm and Chris and I pretty much hung out there all day. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch (with my mom's bunch of $5 gift cards she gave us that she won or something) then came back to the dorm where we watched approximately one million episodes of South Park. I also rocked out in Guitar Hero and beat both Crossroads and Ace of Spades on expert mode, I still can't get No One Knows yet though :( I can't get both hands to coordinate correctly and I suck. We went to Red Robin with Erin... I decided to be daring (for me) and I got a teriyaki burger with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and pineapple. I discovered to my dismay that the pineapple... well.... not so much :( I pulled it all off but the rest of it was delicious! And wow...unending fries! On a weird note, I think about 7 people had birthdays celebrated there tonight.

I probably left a lot of stuff out :( but bottom line is Kimi is awesome, it's crazy how long it has been since I've last seen Steph! and it's really fun to get to hang out with her and meet all of Erin's (and Steph's) friends :D

Tomorrow is steak dinner, and thursday we are going to Tender-Chris' house where we will hopefully maybe also see Thrin, and maybe Eldra/Helian/Ibiki again! We're probably going to NOT go all the rest of the way home thursday although that was the plan before... it's a lot of driving and better to be on the safe side. We don't know if we are going to sleep over at Tender's or get a hotel for the night... having a real bed for once would be sweet (futon mattress isn't exactly the MOSt awesome thing in the world although it's better in the floor) but then again... money! O_O Either way we'll be home friday morning with my sweeet Lily-cat who I miss so very much.

Ohhhh and we might be seeing Aurowene friday morning or something :D (from Bronzebeard on DotA, she is in the Rochester area too!) I really hope it works out but we'll see :D I wrote her an email and don't have a reply back yet.

I've been having a LOT of fun on this trip. It's really fun because of course, Erin and friends! But it's also awesome to be on my first big trip with Chris! :D

All this travelling has turned me into a total pansy though. It's only 9 and I'm ready to go boom! Sooo tired.


Mar. 14th, 2006 03:31 pm
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A quick post since I haven't done much in a while--

I am going on my first big trip with Chris (longer than Otakon anyway, and this time my mom isn't driving) starting from this friday/saturday! We're going first to visit his sister then going up to Michigan to visit Erin. It'll be a lot of fun I think! A lot of driving too... hope we have enough cds to not get totally bored to tears :)

Classes are going OK. Today is the first day in 3 classes that I didn't fall asleep during Psych :( I feel so bad, that's so rude to do, but I couldn't help it the past two times. I'm not sure why... just overall got really tired and fell asleep! It isn't even like the material is uninteresting.

I love my photo class, I've been learning so much about photoshop that I didn't know before. My knowledge of the entire program is growing exponentially and I love it.

My Maya class is kind of boring so far. Boo to group projects about really boring things (yay popcorn commercials... whatever) and to having someone who really gets on my nerves in the class, he drives me CRAZY and drove me crazy last semester too. Most of the people there are great though :) I hope it picks up when we get our own solo project to do, or at least we can learn something. Everything has been tutorials so far and I don't feel like I've learned very much.. I am going to try to install a learning edition on my computer from some discs I have at home.

Last weekend was really fun! Went to Tyris-Chris' house for a game party, played some game I can't remember the name of (store front thingy... card game... thingy), gold thief, bitin' off heads (or something of the sort), some other game I can't remember the name of that was really fun and involved a big circular wood thing where you had to flick discs across the board and get them within certain zones, and played against another team who tried to get their own in the zones and knock yours out, something else I think, and I watched the end of a Shadows over Camelot game and Puerto Rico that Chris was playing. I also got to meet Alynia from WoW, aka Mike :)

Sunday Chris and I went over to Tony's house with Brian and Jared. We had some tasty home-made pizza and played gold thief (they all agreed it was a very good game :)), carassone with ONE MILLION EXPANSIONS AND IT TOOK FOREVER (Jared won, I was second) (can't spell it correctly though I think), and I forget the name of the other one for the moment :( It was the same game I played at Chris' house with his parents, and his mom won :) this time Tony won, I think.

And yeah... stuff. Gotta go to class now I suppose.


Feb. 15th, 2006 12:29 pm
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I haven't posted anything in a while so I figure I may as well. It's a mix of a tiny bit of WoW stuff but mostly real life stuff.

I spent sunday night in Blackwing Lair, we got Nefarion to 17%. It was really fun but kind of put a damper on the end of it when we didn't get him, because I knew they would get him the next night and Chris and I wouldn't be there. I wouldn't have gotten into the raid anyway most likely because there are a million hunters who get to go to every raid and always show up. Hunters ftl :(

It was worth it to miss Nef night anyway though because it was [livejournal.com profile] kyorei's birthday :) We went to Osaka in Northampton and met a lot of her friends and also some people we knew beforehand of course, like Joe, Nathan, etc. It was hibachi and it was really good <3 I had chicken and steak (chicken was good, steak was amazing!!) and Chris had chicken and scallops. Our chef was really funny too :) and very nice. We left in order to get home by about 10:00 which worked out perfectly pretty much. I wasted time in North DM with Chris and Alan because I thought we could 3-man the first boss of North DM. The short answer is yes we could, and we killed him twice, but it's very difficult to clear to him especially with the lag we encountered and taunt resists that Olaine came up against. Not to mention the boss does a knockback which clears aggro. Sometimes I had to go all out dmg just to draw aggro away from kelsin to keep him alive, especially when Olaine's taunt was resisted. Anyway he didn't drop either item Olaine or I wanted EITHER time, arg, so we will have to go back sometime hopefully with at least one more person. We did get a very good understanding of exactly how we needed to clear North Dire Maul at minimum in order to get the boss. Also, there are 2 patrols that go by the ramp leading to the first boss. It was very mean :( I got stuck between both of them once and died. (I was on my mage, so no shadowmeld!)

Yesterday was Valentine's day. Chris woke me up around whatever time and tried to get me to go take a shower or wash my face (because I was saying how tired I was) or anything but I wouldn't budge because I was so tired. Finally I did get up for a minute and when I came back and started to get ready for the day I noticed a huge card on my computer desk :) It was very sweet of him, hehe. I went to work, then class, it was the same old stuff. Went to dinner with Brian and Jared (and Chris of course) at the dining commons, not exactly a romantic dinner or anything :P but we just went out the night before and I had no appetite whatsoever the entire day. I ate a lot at the appropriate times of the day but never really felt hungry, it was weird. Then Chris and I watched War of the Worlds, it was okay. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. The end was a little weird and I think the title is somewhat inappropriate considering what actually happens in the movie. Then we watched an episode of cowboy bebop and went to bed!

Digital Media: Still Image just ended about 45 minutes ago. Now I'm going to go eat lunch because I am starving! Then it's Maya class time which I hope will be fun. 3 hours is kind of way too long to just sit and be talked to about Maya :( but oh well.
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Sooooo update!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the movies :D We saw Memoirs of a Geisha... I really liked it. The thing I liked about it least was actually that it was in English. I think that took away from part of the movie, because hearing the heavy accents on the English words seemed strange... it was not a movie about Japanese girls who had come to America, it was a movie about Japanese girls in Japan, so hearing them speak English as they were was strange. I don't know why I noticed it so much in that movie than others. I guess part of it was because they still interjected some Japanese words in their sentences... I would have much preferred a movie in Japanese with subtitles :P But, aside from that (which really isn't a big deal at all, just a minor annoyance) I loved it.

I forget if I mentioned, but we are moving in to the new apartment on Friday. I can't wait. Our new room looks SO SMALL even though technically we gained 2 square feet. Then again I think the room we are in now looked very small until we somehow shoved all this crap in here :) It will be a fun time trying to do that again, haha! And it'll also be great to get that dining room table out of Chris' car since it has been in there for over a week now.

Rich came today, Lily wasn't sure what to think of him. She ran away from him but did NOT hide under the bed as usual. Instead she sat on the bed and watched him. She was ready to bolt at any second but was much better than she has been with any other company. I think it helped that he is much quieter than Tom or Shane. I hope Lily warms up to Tom and Shane quickly too (but hopefully not too much to Shane, I think he may be slightly allergic to cats). Not that she "warmed up" to Rich but she was much less scared of him than any other company thus far.

Anyway I don't have much to write about.

A little bit of WoW stuff )
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Funny story that I want to write about so I don't forget :)

I don't know exactly how long ago this was. Probably a month or so. Chris went to bed around midnight and I was playing WoW. Around 3am Chris starts talking as if he was continuing some sort of conversation we had been having. He had been sleeping for THREE HOURS.

Chris: So what did you want to do about the stuff?
Me: Huh? What stuff?
Chris: The stuff, Caitlin.
Me: I have no idea what you're talking about... what STUFF?
Chris: The stuff Caitlin! How do you not know about the stuff, we were JUST talking about it!
Me: No... no we weren't!
Chris: God, *insert a lot of expletives*, I don't even fucking care anymore.

Then he went back to bed.

The next morning when he woke up I was like "So Chris... remember flipping out at me for no reason last night?" He said all he remembered was that he was REALLY mad at me but he couldn't remember why. Then I said that he had been sleeping for 3 hours when he suddenly started to talk to me... he said he had NO IDEA that he had even fallen asleep. He probably woke up from a dream he was having and then tried to continue the conversation with the real me XD The reason I think it might have been a dream is that he refused to describe to me what the stuff is, so in all likelihood he had no idea what the stuff was either! He also thought it was pretty funny :P
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I had a REALLY good weekend. And now Chris has just left :( Not really sure what I'm going to do now, but I have a few ideas!

Anyway, Chris got here and tried to help me with my internet in Linux. However that's pretty difficult because my internet is USB, and there are problems with that anyway, and then what I have is completely unsupported... so needless to say he couldn't get it to work in Linux :( that's okay though, I have so much stuff I need to do in Windows anyway it doesn't make a HUGE difference, just slightly sad.

Then we were going to play Phantasy Star Online I for the first time!! Yay! So I went to put it in and found his memory card was completely full. So I went to go look for mine... yeah. I didn't find it. I was so annoyed and I didn't know where it was and I looked FOREVER, so when that was done I was so tired and we just went to bed.

Saturday we went out to GameStop and I bought a new memory card (one of the huge ones) and told Chris when I found my old one he could probably have it since I doubt I'll ever have another reason for another GC memory card again, seeing as how it's 4 times the size of only one and I can barely fill one. Umm... I also bought a used PSX memory card for just $5, because I could. Then we went to the mall and he bought me Unreal Tournament 2004 for my birthday :D!

I also found a nice Samsung flat screen CRT monitor there (at Best Buy) for $150 with a $20 rebate so I bought that and it's sooo nice! And now I'm a dork with a setup with two monitors too, just like Chris :P My stupid flat panel can only handle 1024x768 but oh well, that doesn't matter because I can have the two at different resolutions. This also has a 0.20mm dot pitch which is supposed to be pretty good, my dad commented on it too :P So it was a nice monitor especially for the price that I paid. I would have liked to have a 19" for higher resolutions (this can go to 1280x1024, which is what it's at now) for a bigger screen for 3D modeling and other graphics work, but this will be better for 2 monitors anyway. Also this monitor is really cool because it's a really small 17"! There's only a small border around it all, and all of the controls for it are on the right side (not below the screen like they usually are) and all in all it's a very nifty monitor and I'm pleased with it. Plus it makes me feel like I've never seen white before! Haha looking at the difference between this and the other monitor, right next to each other... it's ridiculous. (it's not the brightness on the other monitor, because that's all the way up)

Anyway, enough with my monitor rambling. We then went to go see the third Harry Potter movie which I very much enjoyed, and then went home and played some Phantasy Star. I feel like we did other stuff... but I can't remember if it was on saturday or sunday, anyway DirectX was being stupid and WarIII wasn't running, so we got that running which was nice, yay.

Then Sunday Jared came over, we invited Rich but he got called into work. We played some Phantasy Star all together, and some Smash Bros. Melee and watched Hocus Pocus because it was on TV (digital cable that my dad is trying out for a month...) and then Jared went home, and Chris and I played UT2004 until we were tired, I helped Chris get all his stuff together, and we went to sleep.

This morning we woke up at 7 :( because I'm stupid and I forgot to actually turn the alarm clock ON when I set it for 6:30 last night. So he went to go take a shower, I was going to try to get some more sleep but mom came in and asked me to brush her hair for her since her shoulder is hurting, so I did that, mom went to work, Chris got out of the shower and I helped him pack stuff up and make sure he had everything... and then he left... and I realized he hadn't packed any lunch!!!! :( I tried to call his cell phone but it was off so I left a message. We had talked about him taking some leftovers from our dinner from friday night and as he was leaving he was thinking he was forgetting something and yeah.

Hopefully today we'll get the hotel for Otakon taken care of. Now I'm going to try to clean up my room and try to see that the rebate receipt is done perfectly so I can send that out today~ so that'll be $20, plus the $20 which should be coming within the next month from the graphics card. Okay so, room cleaning time now! Hopefully these next couple of weeks will go by fast, since this week is going to be full of stuff, and then this weekend is 4th of July!

98% of the teenage population does/has tried pot. If you're part of the 2% who hasn't, copy this in your journal.


Jun. 10th, 2004 02:29 pm
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So plans for Chris' house changed AGAIN, what do you know, but dad is going to leave work at 4:30 tomorrow and he'll bring me to Springfield :D so all is well. And on top of that I don't have to pay $25 for a bus ticket!

I feel all weird and formal in my navy blue pants and my button up white shirt :O but it's just work, and this was the only shirt I saw that seemed appropriate. It's white though and white ALWAYS ALWAYS is see through so I'm wearing another shirt under it. Unfortunately this shirt is light blue, but who cares I have to wear the Bombay apron over it all anyway.

Anyway work starts soon (well, bus comes soon) so I better shove my wallet and gameboy in my purse and make sure i have $5 for food then OFF I GO.

Yay I'm so excited to go to Chris' house!!! Tomorrow yay :D!!!
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Happy birthday Pierce :D

Chris left around 1ish... we finished watching his Freaks and Geeks dvds, I really liked them! I didn't really like the ending, it was kind of annoying... but anyway yeah it was good! Mom gave me Resident Evil Outbreak to play last night, so today after Chris left I played that for a little while... crazy weird game. I can't play online because I don't have the network adapter but it seems so hard single player, I'm not used to the game NOT pausing when I'm going through my inventory and I can't seem to find a safe place to go because zombies are EVERYWHERE. It's crazy. I died after 20 minutes, woop.

Kendra's done with the laptop so I'm going to see if I can go pick it up today :D maybe when mom gets home she'll have a reason to go back to Pittsfield (ie bring Jim home, return videos, etc). Umm... not really a lot else to say. I'm trying to find things that I don't need now so I can put them in boxes and forget about them (the items, not the boxes) until august/september when Chris and I move into the apartment... I have the applications, going to put them in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning if I can.

Have a lot of plans for this summer, only a couple of them are really set in stone though. Going to see about meeting Chris in Springfield on the friday before his birthday after his work so I can go to his house for that weekend, and see maybe if I can go back the following weekend for Virginia's graduation party... not sure about that, but pretty sure my mom will do it for the weekend of his birthday. There's Otakon at the end of July, and I also hope to go through all the steps to getting my license! Dad thinks I can get it and not be on a car, so I won't have to pay insurance... we'll see what happens though. I just want it over with, but I don't want to needlessly pay insurance if I'm not even going to be driving, since I don't have a car.

Also want to teach myself some 3D modeling stuff since Chris let me borrow animation master, and it should hopefully run faster with my new video card :D Hoping to beat a bunch of games too... I reapplied at Bombay on wednesday and I'm going in later today if I can get a ride to give Jim the survey thing I needed to do and see the schedule I guess. Not really looking forward to working but it'll keep me busy. That's my goal for this summer, because last summer really sucked, I always felt bored and therefore felt depressed and didn't want to do anything, which of course kept me bored, and it was stupid. So, going to try to avoid that this time :D

Chris helped me set up my room nicely, so now I can sit in the same chair and both be on the computer and play games. I know that sounds stupid and needless, but it's nice to be able to sit here to talk to people online and play a video game at the same time, since mostly talking to people doesn't exactly take up a lot of time.

So yeah, going to keep cleaning up I guess. Doing laundry now, I should check to see if it's done.
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i feel like crap, ohhh yeah. chris' car is being dumpy and still isn't fixed, i want to punch a mechanic but i know it's not their faults for not getting his car fixed today, so i'm just looking for someone to be mad at (in reality i know there isn't anyone at all). however that does not mean i feel any better about the fact that he's in amherst and i'm back home, but tomorrow he'll be here :D i'm going to rearrange my room when he's here since with his help i'll be able to move my furniture around. (i want to move my bed so i'm not stuck in the sunlight in the morning)

didn't really do much today... played some la pucelle and found out how to upgrade weapons (i have been doing it and didn't know what i was doing! imagine that) and, well, yeah. after chris' exam, we went to antonio's with steve, brian, and krista (brian's girlfriend) and it was very nice, steve even paid for us. yay steve!

i have very little else to say so i guess i'm done here. chris will hopefully get here at a decent hour, hopefully around 11-12ish since i have an evil dentist appointment that will require me to be there from 10-2 :( at 10 is my dad's, then mine or erin's is at 11:30 / 12:00, and then at like 2 I get my retainer to fix my teeth (crazy braces things that you can pop out, when were those invented? it's awesome)
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Wow, last night was sooo great. Went to the FAC to see Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. Soooo good. I loved it so much, it was hilarious and absolutely great. I loved it, the worst part would have to be the two intermissions :( Both were 15 minutes long and I was looking forward to getting back to the dorm so I could do work! Oh well though. Then I was absolutely exhausted. I went over pictures to use for my project at a free photo place (and I could use them for non profit purposes, yay, AND the images were all nice high resolution!) to use for my 2nd project since I don't really have anything available with me here that would be appropriate.

Okay, now to print out one of my art projects and hope that the blinking red light on my printer doesn't screw me :( I really hope I don't ruin a nice piece of paper for this (I have a feeling ink is low, but I have no idea if it is color or black and no idea how to check). The damn paper was 30 dollars for 100 sheets, I was thinking of asking dad to reimburse me (since it is for school work), but I haven't done that yet, and don't know if he will anyway.

Going to Chris' house tonight, will be back... saturday... I think. I forget what Chris wanted to do but I think he said that he wanted to come back saturday at some point.
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Chris and I beat Donkey Kong on sunday. Go us! I forgot to mention that before.

Yesterday was great. I went to my BDIC class, I was a couple minutes late but that's all right. I got part of my proposal back, the biggest problem with it was that I printed it in Linux in AbiWord and it printed out all messed up, hahaha. Like sometimes it would be like "I didn 't think that you" etc etc. I didn't notice it was that bad. But I was also in a hurry so I didn't have time to switch into Windows and print it either. Now I just need to get Chris to show me how to make them print well (he explained to me but I don't know how to do it exactly).

I am late for work today :( I wrote emails to Wendy and Susanne that my project was taking WAY longer to print out than I thought (I had no idea it would take half an hour to print one single page, I'm not used to printing out high resolution images, blah) so yeah that sucks :( I said I would make the hour up tomorrow, so instead of going to do my new CmpSci project as I'm sure I'll be eager to, I'll work from 2:30-3:30 and then meet up with Chris probably when he gets out of his CmpSci class (since I'll be getting out of work very close to when he gets out of class, instead of the usual I'm out of class an hour and a half before he is) and then go up to the dorm.

I went with Chris last night to get his valentine's package from his parents (it arrived when we left on friday and he didn't know it until after we came back then kept forgetting to open it). Inside we each got a card, matching PJ pants, and chocolate animals with candy inside. Thank you!! And the card was so cute, tons of adorable little dogs with hearts with this one cat in the middle being all angry and "oh no!"ish. I have it next to my monitor now! So cute!

In other news, the candy hearts that Chris bought the last weekend he visited my house before college started finally bit the dust :( They were really really hard and impossible to chew, so we let what was left of them die. But Chris got some new candy hearts in the mail from his parents (real ones, the small ones) so all is not lost. :p

The cuteness that is baba is a part of my scanner art project, yay, so cute!!! I love that cute little blue bunny :D

Now to do Japanese homework for a bit.
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I've had a good day so far. At like 8 I got up and took a shower, then woke up Chris and said happy Valentine's day to him and we ate breakfast and then he drove me to work. Work was decent, met the new lady, Heidi.

Been playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles a lot with Chris and Erin and today with Jared too, it was fun. Yay :D Haven't really done anything else, very hungry, going out to eat later with my uncle and... stuff.
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Really happy :D Chris taught me some CSS and I made my website for my CmpSci 391 assignments, basically just supposed to be a simple website they'll be using to access my assignments! It's here if you wanna look at it: http://people.umass.edu/cbailey/cs391/ (note: I am currently updating it so if it looks a little sketchy, give it some time :P) (Edit: Operation CmpSci391S website - complete)

I didn't put it on my valefor.com site because of the way they grade... if the oit servers are down at umass, it's okay, but if YOUR server is down when they happen to check the assignment due, then it's considered late, and no late assignments are accepted! So... seemed like a good idea to put it on the oit site.

Also, I've been watching Nadesico with Chris :D We've seen 6 episodes, watched the first 4 last night and 2 more earlier today. It's soo amusing, so many jokes in there relating to anime in general. I'm loving it :P We haven't reached the point where it's episodes I haven't seen yet, but I saw them so long ago that it hardly makes a difference. I only can remember one episode clearly that I haven't seen with Chris yet, plus it's all hilarious to be able to see them again, so thank you SO much Jared for lending it to me :D

Called Bombay today, going to work next saturday which should be nice! It's Valentine's Day too which I didn't realize until Robert said "The 14th, right?" and I was like, uh, oh yeah. But yeah, it's only for 4 hours anyway :D But I'm happy! And I get paid this week! AND!! *cue drum roll* I can finally pay back Chris in full, YAY!!! When I do, it will leave me to like, $20 to my name, but it's all good because I'm getting paid later in the week.

I've also been playing a lot of FFX-2, sooo cheesy, god, I can't even emphasize how cheesy it is. I'm still pissed off that part of it was spoiled for me with an ICON, but whatever. I also found out I already messed up getting 100%, but it's okay... not like I would have gotten 100% anyway this time through. Chris and I have also been playing DDR on occasion so we're getting exercise! We usually play until slightly after we're both tired and then stop. But this is the first time we've actually been using my dance pads often.

I have no idea why I'm in such a good mood, but I think part of it has to do with learning css and making my comp sci site all by myself :D since the past 2 websites I've worked on, I did the design but Chris did all the html (of course, some of the stuff he did with those sites was way more complicated than I've ever done, using mysql, databases and javascript). But I did some ccs all by myself! With his guidance of course. But it makes me really excited to do it more!

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