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World of Warcraft screenshot dump. Now I need to go watch some lectures!

Shaeldre is level 70 now as I posted last night (yay!), Voice is level 49 still since I was so excited about getting Shaeldre to 70 (but now at least they won't be competing for time constantly), and Shaeda is my new shaman that is only level 6 :) I played her only for maybe an hour.

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Oct. 12th, 2006 11:16 pm
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Annnnd in the same run, I also got my Dragonstalker's Chest XD 7/8 Dragonstalker's!!! Yay :D

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Last night started off with me being really disappointed that the ZG raid was full and I wouldn't be able to go. I messed around on BB for a few minutes, then hopped over to my pally on Mannoroth. I started a game of 20-29 warsong gulch which was REALLY fun. My paladin is an incredibly fun character in pvp. I can't wait to get my magic cleansing skill though!

Anyway midway through that... Cryptic asks if I am still on Vent. Which I am :D I sent him a tell from my pally. Gwennie was leaving and they had room, whooooo! So after they killed whoever they were on (maybe Bloodlord... I have no idea) I hopped over! We killed Wushoolay (and I got the coolest healing dagger in the game)

The sad part is, ONCE AGAIN I missed the venom sac from Venoxis. Usually I just forget (because I am silly) but this time I had to miss it! I am doomed to never have a Doomulus Prime :*(

Last week when I went to AQ-20... I found something quite amusing (which I post below the cut).

And this week while running to Ouro, Tyris and I had a "race"!

Oh, and most importantly XD I forgot to mention (since I was busy going through screenshots) that I am now an officer in Daughters of the Alliance! :) I didn't get to spend much time online after that (Erin asked me to log on specifically for that, while I was in ZG) but it is very exciting :D and then after ZG I went on a DM North tribute run where I got an arcane resist belt, oh boy! I was sooo tired after it :X

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Today we're moving to the new apartment! I have a lot of packing and cleaning to do. Chris and I did a little bit yesterday, but it's hard without boxes. Mom is bringing some I think (I hope!). She'll be here at 10 so... yeah.

I've been playing Trauma Center for the Nintendo Dual Screen. It's INCREDIBLY fun. The story is really cheezy but that's ok, it's a surgery game :P It isn't gross or anything like that, I was a bit worried, but everything is very animated and not realistic at all.

School starts next week. Booooo... :( Don't want to go. I have mixed feelings about this semester as it is my last one. Also I have no idea if the Maya class is going to be good or not... we'll see. Hopefully my psychology class (for my last gen-ed) is good and not a huge amount of work or anything. If I remember right it is in one of those HUGE lecture halls so most likely the work I'll have to do will be at a minimum :P Now as long as the book isn't expensive I'm all set!!

And while I'm on the topic of money.... I am very, very, very broke. I owe Chris a lot of money :( I am hoping that when I get my paycheck I'll be able to pay him back. This semester could be tough. For some reason none of my loans applied... but on one hand that IS a good thing. All my expenses are covered without my loans, just with grants. I'm not really sure how that happened. But at the same time, that means I don't have much money leftover and I as using some of my excess check money for my rent. With Shane around it'll help make costs lower, plus my job is going to be paying me a lot more! I need to work out a good budget for myself though.

I hope that this summer will be OK rent-wise. Chris and I need to figure out who is going to stay with us and keep it low! Last year though we didn't know until pretty late so maybe it'll be the same this year. Either way it doesn't hurt to start planning.

Anyway I'm gonna go start cleaning up.

(Also, a couple of days ago, my Voice was finally promoted to a full member of Astrum, and received a lovely helm from Lady Onyxia :))
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Not only did I receive my epic staff tonight, Benediction / Anathema (oh man that quest... it's crazy), Astrum as a whole zoomed through Razorgore and then through Vael! We got him only on our second night of attempts and first night of really serious attempts! It's a great milestone for the guild as a whole! :D

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Soooo this past weekend was fun :) Friday Chris and I went to my house, we did our own thing on our computers and I spent some time with mom. She showed me the Halloween pictures from Guild Wars that she took and it really made me want to play (hence we ended up playing later on). The next day we went to the Soul Calibur III tournament that Rich was holding at Gamestop. Both of us did okay, we would have done much better if we had practiced at all. I got beaten by some cheap Taki crap :P and then Chris got beaten by it right after. Rich was beaten with some real Sophitia garbage but after he learned it (after the tournament unfortunately) he was schooling all of them, as he usually does.

After that Chris and I went to Chris' aunt's house where we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with his aunt's family and his parents. It was REALLY good and Summer (the puppy) was cute as usual :D Around 5:45 we left to go to the mall to see Harry Potter with Jay, his brother, and his brother's fiancee. It was also good, not as good as some of the other movies but I still enjoyed it a lot. However there is no way those kids look 14! Haha

After the movie, Chris and I played a little bit of Guild Wars then went to bed. Sunday, Chris installed GW on his computer and we played it together while he was at his lab monitor job. After he came home we had hamburger helper for dinner and watched some Fruits Basket (which is oh so so so good). Then I had to go to Onyxia since I signed up, and Chris came too even though he didn't sign up, and that was fun... while Chris did Arathi Basin afterward, I played my priest and eventually got her to level 59. I am really annoyed at myself for last night because we were WINNING a horribly long Alterac Valley. I went afk for a few minutes to grab some cookies... and I auto-afk'd out during that time :( Noooooooo....! So that was a load of wasted time, arg. At least I got good honor for it, but I didn't get the reputation for winning which is REALLY irritating.

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Soooooo I had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday Chris and I went to Tyris-Chris' birthday party. It was fun! We played Age of Renaissance (I probably spelled that wrong), something that I forget the name of that involved building a city, tested out one of Tyris' in-progress games that he's making, Jungle Speed (frightening game! :P), and... something else I think. I played a game that I ALSO forget the name of (haha) that involved there being two teams with a sniper and a mole and the snipers on each team had to shoot each other or the mole from the other team that seemed to be on their team. I was the sniper a lot and it was obvious, my first 3 games ever I was the sniper, which felt very uncomfortable :( so my team lost a lot in the beginning. I'm not sure how many actual games of it we played but I did win one bout eventually :D Chris also played Ingenious which he seemed to enjoy :) At that point I was really tired so I ended up just watching.

We went home that night, since Chris has work sundays. It wasn't too bad of a drive, though. Shane and Mike were still awake (and Tom of course), and they had come over for the day. So we talked to them for a while and they seemed to REALLY be enjoying Guitar Hero :D I talked to Shane a bit about WoW stuff too, we all stayed up way too late, then went to bed.

Sunday I think... I didn't really do that much. I played a lot of World of Warcraft I guess. Also I went out grocery shopping with Tom while Chris was at work, so that way he didn't have to drive there after :) It worked out pretty well! My priest hit 57 sunday night, and then Chris and I ate dinner and watched the first few episodes of Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is REALLY good. I don't know why we held off on watching it for so long. I'm sooo happy that we got this at Otakon over the summer :D The characters are all really good and it has a super cute story so far. We're only on the 3rd or 4th episode though.

Monday I played more WoW, I did a couple of instances. Did UBRS in the morning (got nothing! Rolled on spiritshroud leggings, dreadmist robe (no warlocks), and tooth of gnarr but lost them all), then did Scholomance afterward. Scholomance ended up much better, because I got Necropile Robes. They have 25 stamina and 12 int/12 spirit. Perfect pvp robes for me I think :) So now I have a lot of awesome blue gear :D I have my Devout Belt/Sandals (I want to collect the whole set because I think it is super pretty), Royal Tribunal Cloak (6 stamina and 16 intellect or something equally cool), Soulstealer Mantle, Burial Shawl (haven't decided if I want them or not, they are 16 intellect (so 6 less int than soulstealer) but have +20 damage/healing so I might use them for my +healing set), Dreadmist Sandals (our warlock already had Felheart in E. Strat so I took them for PvP gear), and of course Necropile Robes.

Oh, last night also I ended up beating Shadows of the Colossus.

The game froze on me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENDING. So I had to beat it AGAIN! >:(

Although it was a source of great frustration that night, it truly was an awesome game.

While waiting for the laundry to finish I played two games of Arathi Basin on my priest. It was pretty fun. We did pretty well, there was a lot of good teamwork. Not enough to win but both games were really close. It is really nice being a part of a group with healers other than just me AND healers who actually heal :D I was grouped up with two druids and for the most part we were the Blacksmith Defense Team. It rocked because we just healed back and forth, whichever one was being nailed at the time. For some reason druids in bear form seem to draw as much attention as a priest. I don't know why. But druids in bear form are much easier to heal than myself :)

This is the highest crit I've had. Ever. On my then-level 56 Priest, versus an even-level mob. WOW, I love engineering.

Raiding situation for Ceres looks grim. It is pointless to log in as her, since MC now is only Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I don't get home until 8:30. Thursday is video game club. Tuesdays are Blackwing Lair... invite only so only the best geared people get to go. Yay... :/
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Some silly / pretty / random screenies for you all ^_^


My tiny elf Pokemon, some silly NPC dialogue, my own silly dialogue, and a GM floating above our heads in Molten Core!

I also figured out for the first time yesterday that when Gnomish Flying Machines die and say "They came from behind!" it was probably from Star Wars Episode 4 XD Shhh don't laugh at me, I didn't know that before.

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these are just pictures of my character (Ceres) with Chris' character (Kelsin) from noob-hood to 60. I was bored and found these pictures so I wanted to do this. But it is a tuesday and there is server maintenance, so I can't get Kelsin and Ceres together for a "today" shot right now :(

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Apr. 17th, 2005 11:48 pm
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I'd just like to post to say that we kicked Onyxia's ass on friday :) Got her on our 5th attempt, our first night! 38 of us were "Onyxia newbies, so this is pretty good!

(Quick explanation for Non-WoW players: Onyxia is a boss in the game which requires 40 skilled people to kill. She's a giant black dragon :))

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I would just like to announce that I am now the proud owner of Beaststalker pants. (In WoW.)

picture )

Hello +26 agility in addition to other very pretty stats :D

I don't really have much to say. I hate these long days :/

Oh nos!

Jan. 24th, 2005 04:03 am
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Our Tyris joined the ranks of the undead today, apparently!

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