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Ahhh i can't wait for my day off on wednesday. I've never worked for a week without a day off before. Yesterday was so freaking boring, it was horribly horribly slow for a saturday, so i was looking at the clock constantly and i swear the last 4 hours felt like 10. My legs hurt really bad too, now they're much better though. Hopefully today they won't hurt as bad! Arg, and my jaw is very, very sore. I think I've been clenching my teeth at night lately which sucks because it isn't something that I can really control or stop.

Anyway that was a bunch of complaining and I'll try to stop now! Except that I don't have a whole lot more to say. I got home at 6:45 or so and by 10 I could barely stay up, around 10:45 I asked Chris to call and then I went to sleep. I tried working on my poster a little bit (earlier) but I couldn't find anything I liked, I think I need to tackle this project differently. (Whoo, at least I remembered to check and take a look at the font I was using, it was shareware and costs $15 to use :( but luckily for me I have one that isn't so different that is completely free, yay)

I was going to ask Melissa if I could switch with her and work wednesday instead of tuesday, but mom reminded me that wednesday is her day off! So in the morning mom has a dentist appointment, but maybe after that she can bring me to get my permit again. (Chris always gets confused at that, I guess you can't do that in CT after you're 18.) Oh and I got something for Chris for his birthday the other day :D I think he'll like it... still want to get him something else too but I'm not sure exactly what this something else will be. But when I saw this when I was out with mom the other day I KNEW I had to get it for him.

Anyway, I still haven't gotten the chance to show Chris the dishes/bowls that I bought! And I realized the Christmas Tree Shops lady forgot to charge us for one of the silverware things, even though mom asked and checked with her and everything. So that's why it seemed way too cheap :D Not that the silverware things are expensive, but I had expected it to go over $40 with the tax and it didn't, and it was mysterious. Well, not anymore, after I looked at the receipt yesterday morning. I really want to either scan the cover or take a photo of it so I can show Chris... not that its a big deal if he doesn't like them because mom will pay me for them and keep them herself, because she decided she really liked them. So we have place settings for 8 people, probably won't use that much of course but we'll see... like mom said, some of them might get dropped and break, and it isn't like Chris and I will be the ONLY people using them, friends and family will come over at least sometimes... so yay.

It's dad's birthday today, must remember to wish him happy birthday later!
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so today was good... woke up, talked to chris a bit while he wasn't busy at work... then around 12:30-12:45 mom asked if I wanted to go to the Holyoke mall with her. She was going up to Amherst with Mike so he could get his motorcycle... so after some debate (inner, and a quick question to Chris) I decided to go. While there I got some dish sets (two of the same, I was only going to buy one since each are supposed to feed 4 people but mom made me buy two since they were only $9.99 and she said in case some broke / we had company over..... which makes sense), some silverware (2 cheap sets), 4 more white bowls, 2 cute ice cream bowls (which of course can and WILL be used as regular bowls), and I think that's it... all for about $35 :D

Then I got home and there was a message on the answering machine, it was Courtney (the newish assistant manager from work who I never met before) calling and asking me to come in since Sarah quit on her today and she was there all alone. So I went in tonight from 6-9, and tomorrow I go in from 10-6:30. Next week I also gained another day (and maybe two). So, hello hours :D

And hello sore legs from being unused to standing for so long. I'm going to see if we can stop by price chopper quickly before work so I can buy some stuff for lunch, so I don't have to buy subway :/
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went to the mall today... got a bunch of new pants, mostly khakis, one pair of jeans, and one jean skirt. also got a pacman hat, cookie monster socks, a "drugs are bad mmmkay" south park pin of mr. garrison, and a nightmare before christmas poster! the socks, poster, and hat only came to like 5 dollars :D yay for things on clearance.

anndd best buy refunded me the $20 for the video card :D so now instead of $149, it cost $129, and has a $20 rebate too, so yay. Better fill out the rebate thing and get it in the mail...

anyway now i'm going to play games, clean my room, and put up my new poster! :D
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Kind of been busy lately... have a Flash animation due for my Comp Sci class on Wednesday which is tons of work. I'm having trouble already, with drawing a slightly open door. I could just do it as a slightly skewed box, but then it wouldn't be 3 dimensional at all and it would look stupid :( but then again, after seeing the animations from last semester, it isn't like we're expected to make masterpieces... it's just going to be hard for me to get the right frame of mind that I don't need to make mine actually look good since that takes tons of practice.

Anyway... yeah. Went over Chris' house this weekend, to his old middle school play, it was so good!! I forgot how much I love it. The main female had a really good voice, and her "son" was so adorable, he so fit the part really well :D Saw Abby there too! Anyway it was really good, I loved it. I forgot how good it was! It was "The King and I".

Saturday I pretty much got weapons in Drakengard (heading for the last ending) and Chris and I also went to the mall nearby, I picked up The Story of the Year and White Stripes cds since they were used, and the White Stripes is usually like $15, and it was only I think $8. (It was Elephant, not the other one.)

That evening we went over Alex's house and played some Smash and Mario Kart and talked about stuff, came back around 11 and tried watching Lost Highway which was creepy so we didn't finish it and maybe we'll watch it some other time... it was a free rental anyways. Went to bed, woke up and forgot it was an hour ahead today so woke up half an hour later than we wanted, but oh well. Had breakfast and left. It was a nice weekend... I should call work soon too.

Off to lunchish stuff now I guess...

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