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So amongst the emo and stuff I forgot to mention - my guild now has Zul'aman fully cleared :) pretty cool. We got Zul'jin for the first time on Sunday.

This weekend I'm going to Otakon and next weekend I'm getting my wisdom teeth out :|

I've run out of energy for writing this and I want to finish up freelance work so I can play Mass Effect. Firefly is making me want to play again :P

In other news we only have 2 or 3 episodes left to Firefly... :/
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I don't think I wrote anything about Otakon.

Not that much to report :) I only spent $14 (on a set of two cool Kingdom Hearts 2 posters). I saw MUCC and Nana Kitade in concert. I loooved MUCC, they were very fun to watch! Nana Kitade was a pretty standard j-pop deal, she did a couple of theme songs, and wasn't playing guitar :P but I still enjoyed the whole concert, it really made the trip for me.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe while we were in Baltimore and hilarity ensued at Shane's expense. Basically the waitress seemed to HATE him. We all ordered our drinks - Jared and Shane ordered alcoholic drinks. She didn't card Jared at all, but carded Shane. Then she brought everyone their drinks EXCEPT Shane. Shane didn't get his until he finally picked up his coaster and started bouncing the side of it on the table, looking annoyed. It came about 5 minutes before our meals did. Then partway through our meals, we all asked for some water. Everyone got their water, except - you guessed it! - Shane! She came back some time later, and Jared had no water. She said she was going to go get Shane's, and then replaced Jared's glass IMMEDIATELY while giving Shane his first water. Then we ordered dessert. Erin and I got a piece of cheesecake which she said would take a while. It took only about 5 minutes... Shane ordered his and it took 10-15. It was beyond ridiculous and the ONLY person who was ever getting this treatment was Shane! He wasn't even rude or anything... I don't get it but she would SEEM to be sorry but then screw up on Shane - AGAIN. We gave her minimum tip even though she didn't really deserve it :/

Shane is also back at the apartment which makes me happy :D

And I lost my really good chapstick which makes me sad :(

I don't know what else to write about. In WoW my warrior finally completed her 45-minute Baron run, with Candyfloss, Fianna (who also completed!), Kurai, and Hixxy :) so yay! Now on to ogre beads. In The Sims, my legacy family is settled very comfortably in the 3rd generation, with the first 4th generation baby on the way. The heir is Charity, who is a Romance aspiration with the life-long dream to Woo-hoo with 20 sims. I have about 5 down so far, and one baby out of it :) I figure at the least this will be an easy way to get her a husband, when I'm all done! Her father (second generation heir) also finally fulfilled his life-long dream to be the Mayor of Sim City, and now has platinum Aspiration forever :D I also ressurected the grandparents (didn't even know you could do that - also don't know if it is against the rules, oops! didn't look it up ;_;) so they are around to take care of Charity's baby while she woo-hoo's some more. What an irresponsible life-long dream! Oh well, it isn't MY life-long dream :P
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I am back from Otakon.

I thought I saw [livejournal.com profile] riven thursday night while I was going up to Uno's, but I wasn't sure if it was her and by the time I was going to ask, she was already passed me and I felt silly about saying anything, especially if it wasn't her. Thursday night I got my badge about 30 minutes before the con closed, met up with Boston-Chris and Ian, saw Matt pull a right out of a one-way street (which he had been going the wrong way down, whoops), and ate at Uno's which was very disappointing because my pepperoni pizza that I was expecting to have was not what I expected at all.

Friday we got a bit later start than initially we'd hoped, went to the dealer's room... walked around... saw Steam Boy (which was... pretty... weird plot though and stupid name), then more dealer's room, then saw Peach Girl 1-5 (which I loved regardless of the really horrible drama that it portrays... its annoying to watch like Meet the Parents is annoying to watch, in some ways). Umm... checked out the video game room, I don't really remember what else :(

Saturday we got there when we wanted to get there... saw Scrapped Princess 1-4 (which I very much enjoyed), checked out the Art Room with Boston-Chris and Chris, went to the video game room again, and spent the rest of my money in the dealer's room. We went back to the hotel a bit earlier than normal (around 7 or 8pm) and rested and then played Munchkin.

I was a cleric, level 7. I had almost won a few turns earlier (then Alex pointed out I would win if I sold all the items I had, because I was going to kill a monster, gain 1 level, then sell all my items... yeah...), and had spent the next few turns using everything I had to prevent Matt (also a cleric) and Chris (I forget his class... not a cleric) from winning. I drew a card-- Divine Intervention. All clerics gain a level. Unfortunately for Matt, Erin had played a "target player loses 1 level" on him earlier, so he was bumped up to only level 9 with the card. I was bumped to 8 but I sold all my items for 2000g, hit level 10, and no one could combat it :D so though I didn't DIRECTLY win because of Divine Intervention, it was the reason I won overall. I think Matt would have gotten the win his next turn otherwise. Jared was funny because with all his items (which SOMEHOW didn't hurt each other) he was getting +15 or something crazy to his level and he could kill almost anything, but he was too nice for the 2nd half of the game and didn't really advance much in level.

Stuff we (Chris & I) got:
Suikoden II soundtrack (cds I and II, so I own the whole thing <3)
Battle Royale box set (movies 1&2)
Suikoden figure Set (all 7 figures)
Azumi (samurai movie)
Fruits Basket box set
Yami no Matsuei box set
Haibane Renmei 3 & 4 (so we can finish it finally :))
Niea_7 (only $20 for the whole box set? o_O)
2x Resident Evil III wallscrolls (cheap!)
2x Final Fantasy X wallscrolls (very pretty, Tidus & Yuna)
Also a bunch of artbooks in a $10 box:
Devil May Cry
Peach Girl
Fushigi Yuugi (anime artbook)
Lain Fan Guide
Yoshitaka Amano artbook
Evangelion "Adam" book
FFX-2 strategy guide in Japanese (pretty pictures... and cheap)
a bunch of manga
bag that my laptop will fit in (with kyo from fruits basket on it, kitty face :))
other stuff probably. (note: this was what Chris and I got combined)

Overall didn't get to spend as much time with Boston-Chris/Ian/Lauren as I would have liked, but unfortunately we left early sunday (didn't even go to the con, mom wanted to get home early as possible to visit grandma in the hospital) and our schedules just didn't coincide very much :( we did eat together a couple of times (sorta) which was nice though :) hopefully at a future convention we'll be able to spend more time together.

Also I finished Dreams Made Flesh the other night, it was REALLY good and I forgot how much I love her books and the whole Black Jewels Trilogy world. Sooo good :D Marian was awesome, Jaenelle rocks as usual, Lucivar, etc, I love it. I'm not sure what to read next.

In WoW news, Aridae (my human warrior in the guild Daughters of the Alliance, all-female guild on Bronzebeard) is my new "main alt" until Chris catches up with my priest. She's fun, I got her two levels tonight because she was fully rested :) I love my new 2H axe I bought, I crit things for half their life. It's really, really fantastic :D

Last but not least, people who try to say something to you only to try to get a rise out of you are annoying, and it only shows their unfortunately low mental age :/


Aug. 18th, 2005 12:01 am
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Off to Otakon I go, tomorrow morning.

Back on sunday.
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I started writing up a post for Otakon. I'm tired and want to put up my posters and stuff so I'll maybe post it tomorrow or something. But yeah, I had fun! Yay :D

Anyone know the winners of the masquerade cosplay skits (am I right to congratulate Sarah ([livejournal.com profile] thelastsong) for winning something? I didn't even notice until I heard your name though) or the AMVs? I'd really really appreciate it :D

I wasn't going to go see L'arc~en~ciel, but I did, and they rocked. I loved it.

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