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Dec. 24th, 2006 09:41 am
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My paladin (Asuka on Mannoroth) is now level 31 :D I bought her the Warsong Gulch healing cape (yay) yesterday, then played her until she hit level 30 doing Forest Song quests :) Logged out there (since my hearth is in darkshire ftl) and then finished up this morning and I'm about 31.5 :D I didn't have enough money to buy my next rank of Lay on Hands, but I managed to get everything else bought. Now she is poor XD I couldn't even put up all my auctions. Hopefully some will sell and I can sell the rest of the stuff I got too.

My baby healadin is coming around quite nicely :) No points in Retribution, so things may be a bit slow... but I really like her so far. Just gotta make sure she keeps an updated weapon (right now the only thing that isn't Healadin-y about her is her weapon - using Cobalt Crusher) and she'll hopefully cruise along just fine. I can't wait to try her in an instance again. I'm really loving healing with her, in pve and pvp - it's amazing to have a healer character that doesn't die in 3 hits :D and it's also sweet having 100% uninterruptable (except by kick/shield bash/etc) heals.

Sascha is 42 now :) Leveling her slowly (as is understandable, I think XD) but she's moving along. It's really nice having Shadowform since level 40 (on Voice I didn't get it until 48, and then I didn't like it much... rarely used it since I'd been soloing so long without it).

PvP'd a bit on Voice this morning. It's AV weekend, so the queue for AV was quick. Got into a vs.-premade WSG, left before anything happened, then into a terrible AB, left that too, annnd then into an AV that we won flawlessly :) I am thinking of transferring Voice over to Ysera where I have friends. Not sure... but thinking of it.
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Animation is done for Character Animation.

Now working on my Information Design project (to do facts about the Iraq war in a way that shows what you want to show but does not evoke emotion). I am doing a map representing war approval, education level, and which way the state voted in the 2004 election. Using exit polls for some of the information and maps for others. I don't know if I have enough time to do a really good job... I guess it shows where my priorites are (ie with a class that actually has given me grades, all during the semester, rather than a class which completely decided to skip giving grades... ever! :)).

Oh, Tony said the grading breakdown was released - I forget what the 3 things were exactly. Whether you did a project, attendance, and one other thing... but let's just say how WELL you did on the project was not included. Just whether or not it was handed in... so, so, so weird. I don't get it. Either way we still never received grades. And if how well we do isn't a factor, well, then that's even more of a reason to not really care how I do on this final project.

I looked at a few different websites for my "former" topic for my final. I wrote her an email asking if I could change it, on wednesday. I never got a response. So I can't change it. Anyway that isn't horrible, because I am pissed off at my data anyway. 90% of the websites I looked at all said similar things. Then one site... one stupid site. Said something completely different. It was the ONLY conservative site I could find, and I was trying to find a more broad spectrum of opinions. But ALL the sites I looked at said they were based on data from whatever government site. The only difference is this site had completely different data from all the liberal sites. Ugh. Hard for me to include that in my bibliography if I can't use any of it because it ALL contradicts what I've already read.

Next wednesday, my flash animation is due. Then I'm going to see Freezepop with Tony and Chris! Then on Thursday my claymation is due. But after today I have a few days to relax at least :D

DotA vs. DotH WSG night )
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x-posted this to my own journal after posting in wow_ladies :)

I originally intended, as a joke, to go to Winterspring and ding there. But when I got closer, I also got impatient, and it was much faster to collect 3 books and return them for the ding than go all the way to winterspring to return the yeti quest... so I did :P

Obligatory ding picture below )

Now off to a future of healing faces instead of melting them (okay fine, I healed them before too, but now I'm no longer a healing shadow priest :p) and hopefully a Molten Core and Benediction are in my future! I just applied to a guild that one of my friends is in, and I hope it works out :) After being essentially guildless for 20 levels, it's going to be really refreshing! Also now I can start to PvP with Navi and Viral! ^_^
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Soooooo I had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday Chris and I went to Tyris-Chris' birthday party. It was fun! We played Age of Renaissance (I probably spelled that wrong), something that I forget the name of that involved building a city, tested out one of Tyris' in-progress games that he's making, Jungle Speed (frightening game! :P), and... something else I think. I played a game that I ALSO forget the name of (haha) that involved there being two teams with a sniper and a mole and the snipers on each team had to shoot each other or the mole from the other team that seemed to be on their team. I was the sniper a lot and it was obvious, my first 3 games ever I was the sniper, which felt very uncomfortable :( so my team lost a lot in the beginning. I'm not sure how many actual games of it we played but I did win one bout eventually :D Chris also played Ingenious which he seemed to enjoy :) At that point I was really tired so I ended up just watching.

We went home that night, since Chris has work sundays. It wasn't too bad of a drive, though. Shane and Mike were still awake (and Tom of course), and they had come over for the day. So we talked to them for a while and they seemed to REALLY be enjoying Guitar Hero :D I talked to Shane a bit about WoW stuff too, we all stayed up way too late, then went to bed.

Sunday I think... I didn't really do that much. I played a lot of World of Warcraft I guess. Also I went out grocery shopping with Tom while Chris was at work, so that way he didn't have to drive there after :) It worked out pretty well! My priest hit 57 sunday night, and then Chris and I ate dinner and watched the first few episodes of Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is REALLY good. I don't know why we held off on watching it for so long. I'm sooo happy that we got this at Otakon over the summer :D The characters are all really good and it has a super cute story so far. We're only on the 3rd or 4th episode though.

Monday I played more WoW, I did a couple of instances. Did UBRS in the morning (got nothing! Rolled on spiritshroud leggings, dreadmist robe (no warlocks), and tooth of gnarr but lost them all), then did Scholomance afterward. Scholomance ended up much better, because I got Necropile Robes. They have 25 stamina and 12 int/12 spirit. Perfect pvp robes for me I think :) So now I have a lot of awesome blue gear :D I have my Devout Belt/Sandals (I want to collect the whole set because I think it is super pretty), Royal Tribunal Cloak (6 stamina and 16 intellect or something equally cool), Soulstealer Mantle, Burial Shawl (haven't decided if I want them or not, they are 16 intellect (so 6 less int than soulstealer) but have +20 damage/healing so I might use them for my +healing set), Dreadmist Sandals (our warlock already had Felheart in E. Strat so I took them for PvP gear), and of course Necropile Robes.

Oh, last night also I ended up beating Shadows of the Colossus.

The game froze on me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENDING. So I had to beat it AGAIN! >:(

Although it was a source of great frustration that night, it truly was an awesome game.

While waiting for the laundry to finish I played two games of Arathi Basin on my priest. It was pretty fun. We did pretty well, there was a lot of good teamwork. Not enough to win but both games were really close. It is really nice being a part of a group with healers other than just me AND healers who actually heal :D I was grouped up with two druids and for the most part we were the Blacksmith Defense Team. It rocked because we just healed back and forth, whichever one was being nailed at the time. For some reason druids in bear form seem to draw as much attention as a priest. I don't know why. But druids in bear form are much easier to heal than myself :)

This is the highest crit I've had. Ever. On my then-level 56 Priest, versus an even-level mob. WOW, I love engineering.

Raiding situation for Ceres looks grim. It is pointless to log in as her, since MC now is only Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I don't get home until 8:30. Thursday is video game club. Tuesdays are Blackwing Lair... invite only so only the best geared people get to go. Yay... :/
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I did Alterac Valley Battlegrounds for the first time yesterday. Oh wow it was SO FUN! I got a TON of HK and I was number 5 of the top killing blows :) I was first for a while, then I went back to turn in items (stupid full inventory... I did not enter AV prepared) and I got bumped down. Chris was number 2 XD (MOONFIRE FTW) and a mage in one of our alliance guilds (Dracosta of Forbidden Donut) was number 1. Anyway I loved it <3 But I was a noob and didn't get quests beforehand, so I didn't quite manage to get friendly reputation >_< I want a tabard, damnit! But now I have all the quests and I can't wait <3 I also missed killing Korrak the Bloodrager because I was late running back there to kill him, and I was killed twice by some rogues. The first time I just died, the second time I killed one while they were trying to kill Chris, then I got the other one to 30% health, and someone else came up and killed me. I was also very happy because I LOVE saving the lives of priests getting stunlocked :) I threw a scatter shot at a rogue who was trying to kill one of the dwarven priests we had around, and he was able to run away and thanked me.

I ended up just stabling my beloved Tasslehoff, because he was just unhappy and kept dying T_T pets really aren't very useful in AV. Maybe with pet customization we'll be able to beef them up enough :) and with the new 31 point talent in Beast Mastery.

Anyway I also just finished watching Star Wars Episode V which was very good and fun.

I read some more of Skipping Christmas. It's... odd. I have enjoyed reading it so far, though not like I've enjoyed reading the warcraft series. I feel like such a geek reading Warcraft books though XD Well I guess that's because I *am* a geek. Hee :D Next book I read will probably be determined by where I start reading it. On the bus, I would bring Lemony Snicket because it's hardcover and less likely to get damaged. The problem with Dreams Made Flesh is that it is a large paperback, so very likely that it will be bent and twisted, which makes me unhappy thinking of bringing it in my bag :(

I also rolled another NE Hunter... >_> on Stormrage. I love hunters, I just can't get enough of it. Don't worry though, she's only level 1 and I hope to keep her low level until I get Voice to 60. Playing a Priest is SO fun. She's level 33 now (about halfway to 34). Shadow is fun as ever, I wonder if at 40 I should respec full shadow... but I would dearly miss improved pw: shield. I may just have to stick it out and wait to level 48 to get shadowform. Anyway, healbots rock. I can't wait to start collecting my devout and all my +healing and +mana regen gear.

I got 13128 CP from yesterday's Alterac Valley XD Ohhh man I love AV. 9000 bonus honor = *_* Screw Warsong Gulch... :P Too bad AV has such awful wait times. I wish I could play another character until it was time for AV to start >_< Maybe I'll see if I can con Chris into helping me collect black dragonscales for my leggings.

Anyway I gotta get ready for work and meet Chris for lunch time :D
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I am going to try to bring in a story for creative writing on thursday. This scares me greatly. But I think I'll actually be able to make myself do it.

Thursdays really suck... long days... but at least my weekends always feel just the right length. For some reason, two day weekends just really have a "crap" factor that 3 day weekends don't.

Anyway, I just made updates to the class website for 391 and I'm going to return there shortly. Lately Jewish class has been kind of boring, which sucks. I've had a lot to do at work though.

I never have anything to write about here which is why I never post any more. I don't ever have problems with the people I associate with every day and classes are, well, average.

WoW section of my post:
Last night in WoW I was being chased by 3 mobs and a shaman decided to Frost Shock. (He randomly appeared behind me, I was kinda pissed.) However, he ultimately did not win the fight! Ha! I managed to feign death once the cooldown was up (I had already done it once but got mobs on me again) and then fired off some shots at him. I put a couple of stings on him and finally his mana was drained from him purging it or whatever. I didn't freak out when he frost shocked me again (as they always do, it's the Shaman "Win Button") and wing clipped him. I managed to get away because he didn't have the mana to recast FS. He ghost wolf-ed away and healed, I got him down again, repeat. Finally he got away, I had mobs on me with low HP and low MP. Ha, my one fight with a shaman that didn't end up with me dead. (I do love their arguments about how their frost shock doesn't crit for that much, sorry even if it only hits for 800, and it OFTEN crits more, a hunter or any other non-pally/non-warrior class usually will have about 3000-3500 HP, it doesn't take very much for a shaman spamming frost shock to kill them.)
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Sooo today hasn't been so bad. I didn't want to get out of bed and it took a lot of annoyed-chris to make me finally get up. Then I wanted to take a shower but there wasn't enough time so then I was annoyed. We ate breakfast and somehow made it to the bus on time even though we were 2 minutes late.

I went to creative writing, it was pretty good... once again, I am terrified of any of my work being workshopped! Yay! I picked a journal to do a 1 page paper on. All I have to say is "Intertext" sounded like an online magazine, and guess what? It is >:D So I don't need to go anywhere to do my work :D I'm a lazy person :(

Anyway, I stopped by the arcade and I was just about to leave when I noticed that one of the people by the Tekken 5 machine was Terry (aka Arach in World of Warcraft) so I talked to him for a bit and then one of his friends came over (I want to say his name was Brad, he introduced himself to me quickly after Terry went to class and before we separated ways for him to go somewhere and me to go to Lederle). We got to talk a bit about Tekken 5 and then about World of Warcraft some :) His friend is a FFXI player, it was interesting to hear about the differences between paladins in WoW and FFXI.

Then I went to the OIT lab which is closed, so now I'm in the library. I am very hungry :( So I think I'm going to go look at the Blue Wall and see if there's anything I can eat, because I am very hungry. I should have packed something but I didn't have much time :( I HAVE to start waking up earlier so this isn't a problem.

Okay, WoW ramblings time. Yesterday morning I was playing as Alaphrei, my level 33 druid, and I was able to do the Yeti cave quest without being ganked even ONCE. :O The only horde there helped me out and I in turn helped her, and it was enjoyable :D Then I left the cave, a level 24 orc hunter was outside attacking bears. I waved at him and noticed some herbs I wanted to get so I went over to them. He hunter's marked me. I turned around to face him, confused as to what the hell he thought he was doing. Then he started shooting at me and sent out his pet :X

Sooo, I have no mercy on morons :/ I put his pet to sleep, healed myself fully, and then enjoyed starfire and moonfiring him to death. I only had to heal myself even once because my sleep took a long time to cast with his arrows + his pet, and for a moment I had done nothing but stare at him dumbfounded as he did stupid things. Good job, member of the Invidious guild, or whatever. You sucked, a lot :P I love people who are so set into the "war" mindset of the game that they will attack even when they are certain to die. I don't know about any of you, but I don't like to volunteer myself to a walk back from the graveyard.


Feb. 8th, 2005 09:09 am
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Soo...... I am, at least temporarily, dropping honors, I think. I dropped my dean's book class, I think I'm going to leave this semester to think about how important it is, or not.

Yesterday I worked on my Flash project. We're supposed to make cards, I'm making a Valentine's day one. It's taking slightly longer than I expected, but I think it would have taken much less time if I labled my notes better :P My biggest mistake was messing up the difference between "=" and "==" in my actionscript because I'm dumb. But I got that fixed, so everything works so far. I'll post it up if I remember, when it's done. I think it's due on the 15th? But there was a progress check today so I did some of it yesterday.

I don't really have a whole lot else to say. Yesterday Chris and I tried to help Dave/Mimus with BRD, that didn't work though because all that ended up happening was our first group botched (Chris-Muffin and our paladin bailed :P) and then Horde decided to raid and screwed everything up for our second group. One of our healers died outside the instance and couldn't res, I went outside to see where he had died and I couldn't get back in (because of lag), and then someone who was trying to make a mad dash for the instance (obviously unaware that he could in fact not enter) trained like 6 dwarves into me and after he died, I died too :D Then it booted out all of us and the instance reset, YAY!!! So operation BRD ended very sadly, and we went to the Plaguelands and Chris and I helped Tyris-Chris do a quest and Dave-Mimus do a quest, and then Dave went offline so I switched to my level 10 warrior and got her to level 11. I can't solo her warrior quest and it makes me angry >_>

Anyway I have to get ready for the day.

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