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Some of these are oriented wrong but I am too lazy to fix.

More crappy iPhone pics of my furball babies )


Mar. 24th, 2008 05:16 pm
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My kitty is like, famous now! :D


Scroll down to the bottom to see a thumbnail of the cover, then you can click and see it a bit bigger on Amazon. So awesome! XD (Edit: I see it on the side now :))
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Lily is the most amazing cat EVER XD

I have this singing kung-fu hamster toy that Roxy gave me, and I turned it in and she just stared at it completely mesmerized. I put it down on the floor for her and she was so confused by it XDD she kept reaching for it with her paw, but then at the last second would be all like "errr maybe I shouldn't" and just hit its little nunchaku instead XDDDD omg it was so cute!!
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I don't really have much to say here... I played WoW a lot today.

Umm... I did beat Trauma Center :D I just have the "Extra Missions" left to do (which seem impossible, I can't get through the first one at ALL). The last "boss" (surgery really :P) was really weird. It seemed IMPOSSIBLE and I tried it over and over and finally got frustrated and put it down. Then I picked it up while I was waiting for Digital Media: Still Image to start wednesday morning, and just... bam. Did it. First try. I both like and hate stuff that happens like that, haha.

Almost finished putting stuff away. Still have some boxes in the living room. Chris and I did rotate the bed so I think there's a lot more room, and we moved the lamp to the other end of the room so it can be controlled by the light switch.

Lily was going crazy today (as usual). She found a strip of cardboard and meowed at us... a LOT. She walked into our room and meowed and played with her cardboard thingy. Then went into Tom and Shane's room and did the same thing! She is absolutely nuts :p

I got to do AQ-20 full-through today on Ceres, although I wasn't expecting to. It was really fun! The bosses are sooo cool and unique. I really want my cenarion circle rep to get my cool epic axe!! I'm not a big fan of ZG but I do think I will end up farming AQ for all that it's worth :) Retcha inspected Ceres Thursday night in Blackwing Lair and suddenly realized I was decked out. I have awesome epics in every slot except melee weapons (and I could choose to use my epic stuff, I just choose not to because dual wielding the blue axes is better for dps) and trinkets. I'm not really sure what he thought I had before though, since he knew I was almost done with Giantstalker, knew I had my epic quest done, and I think he was there the night I spent 22 dkp on the Band of Accuria :p


Jan. 24th, 2006 08:57 am
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My final thingy for animation seems to have gone well :) I'm glad that's finally over with. It's really sad to see Janet go, especially since the teacher for the class this coming semester doesn't really know that much about Maya... at least not compared to Janet. Boo. :(

Yesterday... well, I finished the last Lemony Snicket book I have here :) "The Carnivorous Carnival" I really, really want to get the next one because it sooo ended on a cliffhanger and argh :( maybe I can pick up the next set of 3 this weekend! I also cleaned up a little bit. Not much but trying to get things organized for packing...

My laptop has a big black stain on part of the nice silver area. I have no idea how it got there :( There isn't anything on my hands... so... I packed up my laptop to go to school yesterday, opened it, and saw the stain >< I tried to rub it off but it was completely dry. Argh... oh well I guess, nothing I can do about it now.

This post has been slightly pessimistic, which was not really my intention. Lily is a kitty and she is cute, yay! Fixed it.
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Sooooo update!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the movies :D We saw Memoirs of a Geisha... I really liked it. The thing I liked about it least was actually that it was in English. I think that took away from part of the movie, because hearing the heavy accents on the English words seemed strange... it was not a movie about Japanese girls who had come to America, it was a movie about Japanese girls in Japan, so hearing them speak English as they were was strange. I don't know why I noticed it so much in that movie than others. I guess part of it was because they still interjected some Japanese words in their sentences... I would have much preferred a movie in Japanese with subtitles :P But, aside from that (which really isn't a big deal at all, just a minor annoyance) I loved it.

I forget if I mentioned, but we are moving in to the new apartment on Friday. I can't wait. Our new room looks SO SMALL even though technically we gained 2 square feet. Then again I think the room we are in now looked very small until we somehow shoved all this crap in here :) It will be a fun time trying to do that again, haha! And it'll also be great to get that dining room table out of Chris' car since it has been in there for over a week now.

Rich came today, Lily wasn't sure what to think of him. She ran away from him but did NOT hide under the bed as usual. Instead she sat on the bed and watched him. She was ready to bolt at any second but was much better than she has been with any other company. I think it helped that he is much quieter than Tom or Shane. I hope Lily warms up to Tom and Shane quickly too (but hopefully not too much to Shane, I think he may be slightly allergic to cats). Not that she "warmed up" to Rich but she was much less scared of him than any other company thus far.

Anyway I don't have much to write about.

A little bit of WoW stuff )
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I love Lily :) She's such a sweetie. Sitting in my lap right now!

The bunny (that I'm babysitting for [livejournal.com profile] kyorei) is doing pretty well with Lily too. They both saw each other for the first time... bunny got scared which then scared LILY and sent her running which scared the bunny even more. But then (after quite a while of keeping them separated) I let Lily approach again. She stayed further away and just watched. Now she sits there and watches the bunny (not really in a predatory way, just interest) and the bunny isn't phased at all :) Sooo I'm happy. I didn't feel completely comfortable going to sleep with both of them in the same room with the bunny exposed, so I covered up his cage with a big towel like we used to do at mom's house with some of the critters. The night was uneventful :)

Also! Chris and I got to look at the apartment on thursday. I think it's going to be great. I can tell why we weren't able to see it last week though. I could definitely still smell something that wasn't that great when I was in the kitchen, especially. It must have been pretty gross... but I think we're getting all new tiles and hopefully they'll replace the carpet in Chris and I's room because the carpet was pretty scuffed up/bad in one area. It wasn't fully done but in 2 weeks we'll be able to move in. Move-in date is friday the 27th! The room SEEMED smaller to me but actually there was a gain in square feet. It's more square than this one which is what I think caused it to look smaller. But then again THIS room felt really small before we fit everything in there, so maybe it'll be the same way with that room!

Lily is being completely sweet right now and sitting in the window :) She's such a great cat, really friendly and talkative and everything. She even sometimes sleeps in the bed with us at night! She's almost like a dog, really. Except she uses a litter box :P

Mom and dad are coming over soon so I wanna take a shower and get some cleaning done, so I'll be ending this soon! But anyways, yay :D
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Welll Lily is having a blast here and I'm really happy :) Whenever she's hungry she just nags me by meowing and being generally annoying... she's so cute :)

I'm taking care of Kyorei's bunny for a week, he's really cute! He's so soft to the touch :)

Today I went to work for a few hours and got some stuff done, I'm going in again on Thursday to finish up.

I'm halfway through The Carnivorous Carnival in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It's really good... I love these books :) I need to get the next 3-book set, and then I think there's only one book left! Oh no :( (I think I can manage ^^)

WoW stuff
I went to MC last night on Ceres. I got my Giantstalker's Belt :) Yay! 5/8 set pieces now, and I got my 5 piece bonus.

I'm really looking forward to the servers coming up. I hope I hit Knight-Lieutenant :D That means I'd get two pieces of my PvP set (gloves and boots). I want the robes the most, but I get those next rank at Knight-Captain. The journey to my 90g epic mount is going slowly but surely. Yay!
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Lily is being much better :) I'm not sure if she's had anything to drink yet (which is really weird...) but she has been eating her food and also using the litter box :D She is exploring all over now. Yesterday she spent all day hiding under the futon but then she came out in the evening and came into our room, where she meowed at us for the rest of the night and hopped in our laps and played with a twist-tie and did other silly Lily things :)

Also Chris and I found out that we might be able to move into the 2-foor apartment after all! Someone is moving out this week and Chris and I are supposed to go see it tomorrow :D I can't wait. I feel really bad for little Lily :( but hopefully she will adjust quickly like she did with here, and she should recognize some of the smells I hope, since it'll all be the same furniture.

WoW Stuff:

Yesterday Voice got her Devout Mantle :D

...then in Molten Core later in the night she was defaulted Mantle of Prophecy!

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Lily came home with Chris and I yesterday!! She hid in the bathroom for most of the evening, then Chris brought her in here and she hid under the bed for the rest of the evening. I woke up at 5am to find her sleeping at the end of the bed :) But then she went under it again. She is sooo sweet but so scared! I really hope she calms down soon ^^ She's getting better. We can definitely tell that she isn't scared of us or anything we do, but she's very scared of the new place. She is slinking around everywhere, staying very close to the ground and also constantly looking for the nearest place to hide. She doesn't like the living room much because there isn't a good place for her to hide (lots of stuff under the futon so she can't really get in there). She wouldn't eat yesterday but Chris today got some food on her paw, and she ate it and then ate most of the rest of the food in her bowl. I don't think she's had anything to drink yet but hopefully that'll come next!

She is really a sweet little kitty, I hope she feels better soon so she can be out and about :)

I feel almost completely better. Most of the "ugh I feel horrible"ness is gone. I'm REALLY stuffy now but at least no upset stomach or sore throat! I was really scared I'd have to get a throat culture. They are the 2nd worst thing in the world, second only to throwing up! Only because they make me feel like I'm going to >< Also, I can't help it. Every time I get a feeling like that, I have to make it stop. When I had my last throat culture, it got so unbearable I grabbed the doctor's hand and ripped it out of my mouth :x When I had impressions of my teeth when I was a bit younger, some of the stuff went back into my throat a bit and I ripped it right out of my mouth. The dentist's assistant said she had NEVER had anyone do that to her before, I was too fast!

Anyway going to go lie down now, Chris is taking a nap :D

WoW Stuff:

I joined Astrum on Stormrage and it's pretty cool so far. Exiles of Lordaeron was just very big and it was hard for me to get to know people. I feel a lot more comfortable in Astrum I think. It's still hard because I don't really know anyone (I got in through my friend Redfuel who is a really, really nice Hunter) but I got to know some people last night while I was in MC :) We cleared the whole thing in one night, from Lucifron to Ragnaros. It was pretty fun! I could have had two prophecy pieces defaulted to me if they dropped, but of course they didn't :( Soon hopefully I'll be able to get the Eye of Divinity to get my pretty loud "HI IMA PRIEST" staff which will be my main cause of death in PvP from now on <3 Hehe I think that's a joke. I'm not sure. I do want to use it in pvp for a while at first and see if I notice a difference in my survivability :P The staff is real nice since, if I use the Anathema form of it (although Benediction gives +healing which would be better for healing), I'll have +20 shadow resist and also a lot more stamina. We'll see :X

I guess I also need to think about how the hell I'm going to get an Eye of Shadow :( I certainly can't farm those elite demons in Winterspring by myself, I don't know if I have enough friends in the guild to do it, and Chris is only level 42 :x

As for Ragnaros last night, it was a funny and very intense fight. I think we had 3-4 people left alive at the end :x but it was okay, hehe.


Today is a no-WoW day for me, and not just because of the patch :) I wanna spend the whole day with Chris! UMass is closed so he doesn't have work. If the roads are good later today we're going to go grocery shopping.

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