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Yes. Today I sat in a chair and for the first time in my life... it broke! It wasn't a sissy break either. It split right down the middle in the seat (from front to back) and the middle bar between the legs broke.

I wasn't hurt at all and in fact afterward began to laugh hysterically. I was so shocked! And the glass of milk I was holding when I sat down was barely disturbed (I spilled maybe 3 drops, but most of the milk was somehow still inside the glass - no idea how I didn't drop it).

Yes, little 130 pound me broke a chair :( rofl... I didn't even get to really put all my weight on the chair - I think my butt had contact with the chair for a tenth of a second before the whole thing just crashed down. It was really funny though... we were at Jared's for dinner and... it just happened!

Anyway I'm going to go do some important work now. I'm glad I wasn't hurt... and it was funny. At first Jared thought it was the chair that he asked his dad to fix that had broken, but in fact it was that chair's twin which was not broken at all before I sat in it. Apparently those chairs suck! The break was SO smooth and clean too... it didn't look like a random break at all. Maybe I was set up! (gasp)

I started a Sims challenge today that Veela mentioned (well I didn't really start it but I made my "family"). Looks much shorter than the Legacy challenge but still difficult. Mini Challenge: Asylum

Every character I made for it was a woman (all-female asylum!) and I already gave them all weird issues and stuff. It was really fun making them all :D My main girl is a pleasure aspiration which is probably my least favorite one (I have a really hard time keeping them happy with dates and stuff, and she isn't allowed to go Downtown in this challenge), but hopefully she'll have a fun lifetime want.
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Watching comm 287 lectures! I have to catch up ^^; which means watching 2 lectures today and 1 lecture per day for the rest of the week. 8 minutes into lecture #2 for today! Then I'll be all caught up :D Now I'm 17 minutes into it... and going on campus so I won't be finishing it yet!

Last night I went with my SUPER AWESOME GUILDIES to Old Hillsbrad and then afterward to Sethekk Halls :D We completely owned both instances. I don't think anyone even died in Old Hillsbrad (Thrall is freaking awesome by the way!!!) and Sethekk Halls was fun! We never wiped, although Kurai was the last one standing after the boss who does the arcane explosions xD (Sami was healing and totally got 1-shotted by his immune Arcane Explosion which we thought we could dispel or something, but no, and he AE'd all 5 of us)

I got a sexy warrior chest piece in Hillsbrad and got some sweet bracers in Sethekk Halls :D Veela got her set piece legs, and also got a warlock set piece giving her a set bonus that gives 45 mana/5 to her pet... grats... :P

Anyway it was really fun :) My priest is level 43 too and I think I'll be trying to go to ZF tonight, maybe with Tender!Chris if he wants to go too.

I've been playing the Sims again a little bit so mayhap there will be an update incoming ;) I forget what generation the new baby is - I think the first (and probably only, I feel lazy) of generation 7. I'll try to post a sims update soon ;)

Anyway I need to get dressed so I can catch the bus soon :D

Chris got an interview in boston on friday yay yay yay yayyayyay!


Dec. 19th, 2006 02:18 pm
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It's cold for a bike ride today (and I still have a bit of soreness from riding the bike yesterday andt he day before) so Chris and I did 30 minutes of DDR in Workout mode :) It estimated that I burned about 130 calories and Chris about 180 or something like that. Probably isn't TOO accurate but who knows, it was fun and it feels good to get exercise done :) Hopefully I'm not sore all over tomorrow morning!

Finishing up my paper. About 16-17 pages now! Trying to put things together so that they make sense. It's due at 5pm... then I get to study for Ethics, oh boy! How exciting.. :|

LJ's new update page is funky. I got used to most of it right away but I keep putting tags into the Music field XD

I started a new family in the Sims to get a break from my Legacy family. Really it's only one person so far :) She has a little business, and I just sell random crap and I have one employee. Things seem to go SO fast. I wish I didn't get hungry or tired at work, that would really help haha XD and taking care of the employees is annoying too T_T It would be easier if I had 2 player controlled people, methinks :P

Anyway I guess I should stop rambling. 1 more hour should get my paper finished, then I need to go on campus and print it :)
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I don't think I wrote anything about Otakon.

Not that much to report :) I only spent $14 (on a set of two cool Kingdom Hearts 2 posters). I saw MUCC and Nana Kitade in concert. I loooved MUCC, they were very fun to watch! Nana Kitade was a pretty standard j-pop deal, she did a couple of theme songs, and wasn't playing guitar :P but I still enjoyed the whole concert, it really made the trip for me.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe while we were in Baltimore and hilarity ensued at Shane's expense. Basically the waitress seemed to HATE him. We all ordered our drinks - Jared and Shane ordered alcoholic drinks. She didn't card Jared at all, but carded Shane. Then she brought everyone their drinks EXCEPT Shane. Shane didn't get his until he finally picked up his coaster and started bouncing the side of it on the table, looking annoyed. It came about 5 minutes before our meals did. Then partway through our meals, we all asked for some water. Everyone got their water, except - you guessed it! - Shane! She came back some time later, and Jared had no water. She said she was going to go get Shane's, and then replaced Jared's glass IMMEDIATELY while giving Shane his first water. Then we ordered dessert. Erin and I got a piece of cheesecake which she said would take a while. It took only about 5 minutes... Shane ordered his and it took 10-15. It was beyond ridiculous and the ONLY person who was ever getting this treatment was Shane! He wasn't even rude or anything... I don't get it but she would SEEM to be sorry but then screw up on Shane - AGAIN. We gave her minimum tip even though she didn't really deserve it :/

Shane is also back at the apartment which makes me happy :D

And I lost my really good chapstick which makes me sad :(

I don't know what else to write about. In WoW my warrior finally completed her 45-minute Baron run, with Candyfloss, Fianna (who also completed!), Kurai, and Hixxy :) so yay! Now on to ogre beads. In The Sims, my legacy family is settled very comfortably in the 3rd generation, with the first 4th generation baby on the way. The heir is Charity, who is a Romance aspiration with the life-long dream to Woo-hoo with 20 sims. I have about 5 down so far, and one baby out of it :) I figure at the least this will be an easy way to get her a husband, when I'm all done! Her father (second generation heir) also finally fulfilled his life-long dream to be the Mayor of Sim City, and now has platinum Aspiration forever :D I also ressurected the grandparents (didn't even know you could do that - also don't know if it is against the rules, oops! didn't look it up ;_;) so they are around to take care of Charity's baby while she woo-hoo's some more. What an irresponsible life-long dream! Oh well, it isn't MY life-long dream :P
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Real life stuff~ today was fun :D mom and dad came over around 4:30 and Chris and I went to Holy Smokes with them, Tony, and Jared :D It was super tasty! Regrettably they were out of pulled pork :( but the pulled beef was still super delicious.

I played WoW and The Sims a lot today. I bought the Open for Business pack :D I do like it but I haven't had much time to experiment. I thought my second generation Legacy family sims were going to die together in the photo booth because it bugged and they were both stuck inside slowly starving to death :( but I used the move_objects cheat to delete the photo booth, and the two of them magically appeared in the middle of the house :D so yay!

I've also been reading the Lemony Snicket boots since I bought the last pack of 3 books the other day :) I just started The Grim Grotto. I love these books SO much but I wish they weren't all so short! The books are very expensive and if they were not as good as they are there is no way I'd pay as much for so little content :P the pages are thick, the text size is large, books just aren't very long :(

I don't know what else to write about D: things have been pretty boring. Chris is programming a lot and every time I try to tell him something I get those blank replies where I know he has no idea what I'm saying :P

At the very least I have nothing halfway interesting to say about how things have been, so I am going to end the post with some WoW crap.

WoW stuff~ Shaeldre still doesn't have her 45-minute baron done, but we haven't been able to do it in a while anyway. Hixxy is often leveling her warlock on Akama or working, so I don't know when I will finish it ^^; for now I am going to continue the chain a bit on my mage! She is 7/8 Magister's right now (missing robes still!) and just needs 6 more ogre beads to keep going :D I'm very excited to upgrade her boots/legs/shoulders, although I'm not sure I'll wear the shoulders (depends if the set bonus overrules wearing Thuzadin Mantle or not).

I went to my first MC on my druid and got pissed off because every time one of my heals landed, someone ELSE'S heal landed about .1 seconds earlier so I couldn't cancel and I overhealed for 1000! AU doesn't have a very organized method of healing though like Astrum does, which I think is part of the problem. We just heal whoever whenever whereever, whereas Astrum has you heal group members, then focus on the two groups around your own, so you don't need to stare at 40 names all the time.

I'm very excited for the new 25-man raid cap for instances. It'll make things much more manageable (maybe DotA can do it by then :D) and I very much enjoy the feel of the smaller instances (I do not like ZG but AQ-20 is REALLY fun up until post-Moam trash mobs).

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