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I liked this for last year so I am doing it again.

2009 )
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Werewolf bar mitzvah
Spooky scary
Boys becoming men
Men becoming wolves

(I love 30 Rock)
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"If you like salmon so much why don't you go read the blog of one! Not possible. Salmon don't keep blogs. They're too stupid.

Point made."
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So amongst the emo and stuff I forgot to mention - my guild now has Zul'aman fully cleared :) pretty cool. We got Zul'jin for the first time on Sunday.

This weekend I'm going to Otakon and next weekend I'm getting my wisdom teeth out :|

I've run out of energy for writing this and I want to finish up freelance work so I can play Mass Effect. Firefly is making me want to play again :P

In other news we only have 2 or 3 episodes left to Firefly... :/
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Lol this article is amazing :P

But don't read it if you don't want spoilers for Battlestar Galactica up to the very end of the third season.

Cylons for McCain
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Oookay, I can't remember exactly when I made my last update about Michigan but I am a bit too lazy to check. We left Wednesday night after steak dinner at Brahnn's (or something like that) which Steph posted some pictures of at her own journal :D It was fun! We got to eat with a bunch of Erin's friends :) We stopped around 11:30ish I think to get some sleep. The next day we drove through Canada, and to Rochester. I think the worst part of the drive was once we got back into New York that highway SUCKS... also the lady at the Canadian border was kind of rude. >:( She acted like she could just be a bitch just because we are young people... whatever. Getting back into the US was simple though.

In Rochester we stopped to see Tendermuffin (also known as Chris, but not Tyris-Chris, this is Tender-Chris)! We got to see Helian and Ibiki again, and got to meet one of their roommates... I forget his name because I only heard his real name maybe twice, I guess they have called him "Rogue" or something like that for the past many, many years. Not sure why :P Eldra (Dan) and Thrin unfortunately had class so they couldn't come :(

Stopped by my parents' house and took a break for about 40 minutes or so. Mom made some egg salad which was tasty :D and yeah. Then we got home and and pretty much went RIGHT to bed... damn long day. Friday I slacked and played games all day. At night I watched some TV with Chris that we had DVR'd over the past week... oh man, that South Park episode about Chef? Hoooly crap :P I did read an article which said it was because he quit South Park because they were making fun of scientology a lot (even though they make fun of every religion) but I've also heard that he had a stroke, and it's possible that that's just what the people taking care of him released in his name... or something. Anyway this episode was basically a big "fuck you" to him. You could tell in the show that everything that was being said at the end was to his actor, not to the character in the show.


Heehee :D

Anyway! Saturday, Chris and I went shopping for groceries and whatnot. I picked up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and found out I needed to make 3 more gigs of hard drive space (augh!) to install it. Chris and I played some games together after we got home, and we watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life because we got it for free on OnDemand. Sunday, we played some games together and cleaned up the apartment a bit before Shane got home, then we went to Tony's house and played games with him (really, just one game of Citadels, because then we ate some chicken salad and had to go to the movies).

We saw V for Vendetta which was awesome.

Came home, I played some Oblivion (deleted Unreal 2004 off my computer to make room), and then Chris and I watched an episode of South Park we had recorded (about Cartmenland) and went to bed!

I don't want to go to school today... ugh. I liked vacation :(
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apparently the new stepford wives movie is a comedy? ...what???

i still feel really bad... i feel hot and like i have a fever, but i'm running low (97.7) so i'm not quite sure why i'm feeling that way. around 5:30 i fell asleep for half an hour. woke up when mom came home, changed into pjs at her request (i was sleeping in this horribly awkward position in the middle of my bed, sleeping along the width rather than the length of the bed, in the clothes i wore to work this morning). i also got a birthday card with a $25 check from aunt patti and uncle mike so yay! going to write them a thank you note with the cute new cards i bought at crane and co. (i went there while i was waiting for the bus to come)

i feel very crappy about taking the bus to work because i only worked for an hour and a half and yet spent $3 to do it! what a waste of money.

i just watched law and order: svu for the first time. it was nifty but the actors are kind of funny sometimes... but yeah. not one i'll ever watch a lot but it isn't so bad. wait, what the hell? this must be a marathon or something. this is the 3rd episode in a row.

ok, time to do something else
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Happy birthday Pierce :D

Chris left around 1ish... we finished watching his Freaks and Geeks dvds, I really liked them! I didn't really like the ending, it was kind of annoying... but anyway yeah it was good! Mom gave me Resident Evil Outbreak to play last night, so today after Chris left I played that for a little while... crazy weird game. I can't play online because I don't have the network adapter but it seems so hard single player, I'm not used to the game NOT pausing when I'm going through my inventory and I can't seem to find a safe place to go because zombies are EVERYWHERE. It's crazy. I died after 20 minutes, woop.

Kendra's done with the laptop so I'm going to see if I can go pick it up today :D maybe when mom gets home she'll have a reason to go back to Pittsfield (ie bring Jim home, return videos, etc). Umm... not really a lot else to say. I'm trying to find things that I don't need now so I can put them in boxes and forget about them (the items, not the boxes) until august/september when Chris and I move into the apartment... I have the applications, going to put them in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning if I can.

Have a lot of plans for this summer, only a couple of them are really set in stone though. Going to see about meeting Chris in Springfield on the friday before his birthday after his work so I can go to his house for that weekend, and see maybe if I can go back the following weekend for Virginia's graduation party... not sure about that, but pretty sure my mom will do it for the weekend of his birthday. There's Otakon at the end of July, and I also hope to go through all the steps to getting my license! Dad thinks I can get it and not be on a car, so I won't have to pay insurance... we'll see what happens though. I just want it over with, but I don't want to needlessly pay insurance if I'm not even going to be driving, since I don't have a car.

Also want to teach myself some 3D modeling stuff since Chris let me borrow animation master, and it should hopefully run faster with my new video card :D Hoping to beat a bunch of games too... I reapplied at Bombay on wednesday and I'm going in later today if I can get a ride to give Jim the survey thing I needed to do and see the schedule I guess. Not really looking forward to working but it'll keep me busy. That's my goal for this summer, because last summer really sucked, I always felt bored and therefore felt depressed and didn't want to do anything, which of course kept me bored, and it was stupid. So, going to try to avoid that this time :D

Chris helped me set up my room nicely, so now I can sit in the same chair and both be on the computer and play games. I know that sounds stupid and needless, but it's nice to be able to sit here to talk to people online and play a video game at the same time, since mostly talking to people doesn't exactly take up a lot of time.

So yeah, going to keep cleaning up I guess. Doing laundry now, I should check to see if it's done.
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yesterday chris, erin and i went over jared's house. we played some crystal chronicles and got some diamond armor for ourselves and I got my diamond BELT, yay! so i am very defensed-up. also watched friday the 13th part 2 while we were there and 2 more episodes of freaks and geeks. then we came back here, played a TINY bit of crystal chronicles and then the storms hit... so after they passed chris played some quake 3, jared played some mario, and i played some sims 2: bustin' out since jared lent it to me.

thennnn after jared left erin chris and i watched freddy's nightmare, part of that tv series... the one that tells about his past. the voice acting in it was SO BAD. augh. anyway going to go have breakfast and a shower
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been having a good week. haven't been posting a lot because internet access in my room doesn't seem to be guaranteed as of late, with this wireless usb hookup. chris has been over since thursday, he's sleeping now. anyway... we've been watching freaks and geeks lately which is good! we've seen 4 episodes of it I think... also watched the first Halloween movie, we rented part 2 of friday the 13th, and Chris and I watched For Keeps the other night which is a really cute movie!! yesterday Chris and I went to the mall with Jared and I bought the Morrowind: Game of the Year edition. Basically, both expansions are 14.99. I already own the normal morrowind... but, the game of the year edition was 29.99, and the people at gamestop told me that tribunal isn't very easy to find nowadays... so I just bought this and I'm giving Chris my other one. Also got quake III arena so I played that with Chris and Jared some yesterday, very fun :D

We tried beating Crystal Chronicles, I think it's a lost cause :( the last boss is being difficult, so we've been playing and trying to get better armor and weapons. Chris and I also rearranged my room which was fun, now I think it's much better... still a mess, but I'll try to get it cleaned up soon. Anyway I guess I'll go play some more Morrowind until Chris gets up!
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It's spring break now... fun fun :D went to chris' house friday, went to abby's party, it was nice but the next day was better... i can't handle big groups of people, so the next day when we went over andy's and steve's house and abby came over was better. plus it got better friday night when a few of us went upstairs and chris and andy played guitar and sang. much less people there, and i KNEW most of the people in that room for most of the night (alex k, virginia, andy, steve, chris of course, abby came back and forth, etc) so that was nice :). Not that it's that bad to be in a big group of people! But I get quiet when I'm in large groups. Anyway so that was friday, then saturday we went over Andy's/Steve's house like I said, and we played games! Then we ate some leftover chinese and Abby arrived, so we watched School of Rock which was actually good, amusing movie. Then sunday night Chris and I went over Alex's house and we played games and watched Dancer in the Dark.

Now, on one hand, I think Dancer in the Dark was a good movie, on the other hand, I don't... I think the whole thing with the movie, the musical part of it, how they did it, that was all really good. But I think a lot of what happens to the main character is pretty unbelieveable and though the ending is very depressing, doesn't make me feel THAT sympathetic to her, etc, I'm not going to give up the ending of the movie... but I think it could have been done much better, if her character was different.

Yesterday Chris and I didn't really hang out with anyone. We bought South Park (the first season) at gamestop used for $20 on friday, and the new (well, old) Metal Gear Solid game, so I played that while Chris played Sons of Liberty... then we went to Manchester with Chris' dad so he could get his car, and we went shopping. Bought 4 movies, the first Tomb Raider (which I liked), Forrest Gump, Donnie Darko (which I finally saw, yay! so good), and Edward Scissorhands. They had a 2/$15 special with certain dvds so we got those and I paid for 2 of them. We watched Tomb Raider last night, Donnie Darko we watched when we got back.

Umm... so yeah, good weekend, we managed to watch the first season of south park over the weekend too. We're home a day early because I was worried about the storm, which sort of sucks because I was hoping to be back wednesday instead so Chris could do more stuff, but he doesn't seem to mind too much I guess :|

So today we got here at like 10, I ate breakfast, Roxy is here so we watched One Piece 1-3 with her. I am very tired because Chris and I woke up at 7! My dad was pleasantly surprised when I called him and said we were home now. Later this week also we get to see Rich, because he's going to come over for a day which should be really fun, and we get to meet his brother, yay! Now I'm going to go play Soul Calibur with people :D

I'm really happy, Spring Break has been great so far, I love it.
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Gonna try the whole sleeping early thing again tonight. Lately I've been trying to go to bed around 11:30/12:00 because I've been sleeping late (well actually I've been setting an alarm for 10:00 now so I never sleep any later than that, because sleeping later than that makes me feel dirty and lazy... don't ask why for I do not know). But also lately I've been having trouble actually GOING TO SLEEP. I just lie there for an hour turning back and forth and adjusting my pillow like six thousand times. Going to sleep never used to actually be HARD for me but it kind of has been lately... probably stress.

I feel really horrible for Chris :( Today more than any other day I wish I could have been with him to give him a hug and just be there for him :( I really felt awful when he told me about the dog... I told my mom on the phone when I called her about the squirrels (I don't know what to feed them)... she felt horrible for him and told me to tell Chris that she loves him, which I did.

I just checked driving conditions for the week according to weather.com for here and for the town Chris lives in... looks good. Suppose to snow there thursdayish but friday and the whole weekend are clear. It's supposed to snow tuesday here maybe but then just partly cloudy for the rest of the week and beyond.

CSI Miami tonight made me feel really sad, but I've been emotional anyway so it got to me more than usual. But wow, depressing. :(

Now going to get into some nice warm pajamas and crawl into my -not so warm but will be soon i hope- bed and try to go to sleep and hopefully this time I'll make it at LEAST when it is still 12 something instead of freaking 1 in the morning which has been happening lately. I guess I should be happy though - at least this isn't happening while I'm at college. (Though with my luck this will continue from now through some part of college, but I sure hope not.)
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Oh yeah I forgot. Saw my Zelda DVD... GENIUS, I tell you, pure genius. It was amazing. They had sound effects from the game!!! I soo remember watching some of those episodes when I was little. Wow. Haha it was really funny anyway and I loved it :D I hope they release more. Also watched most of an episode (well, all if you count that I fastforwarded through the end of it) of Sonic Underground and it was really boring :x maybe it would be fun for kids but it was boring for me. Didn't even have anything to do with the games :O Would have been more fun if it was game-related I think :D

Then saw Pirates of the Caribbean this morning before Chris left with Chris, Erin, and my mom, and it was good too. Watched half of the animated Lord of the Rings but we'd been watching so much stuff (this was after Zelda and Sonic) that after the Fellowship part was done I turned it off. OMG they make Sam SO INCREDIBLY GAY IN IT. Like, Aragorn finishes this story about love and then Sam like smiles dreamily at Frodo and rubs his chest. It was incredible, Chris and I were like "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST SAW THAT" and we had to rewind so Jared could see.

Yeah that's all :x I just took a shower so I guess I should get with the hair-brushing now.

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