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A WoW update :)

I will make a real update later :)

I heart Tendermuffin. That is all.

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Alanis, my mage, hit level 60 yesterday.

My priest is about halfway through 52 after one really awesome WSG run and one not-so-awesome one. (Reputation climbs so much faster when you win... I'm still only halfway through neutral though with the sentinels because alliance loses all the time.

I am now working in Animation figuring out what to do for my final projects. I'm really excited about the 3D animation one but I don't know what I'm going to do. I might do a line animation or claymation one for my other class. I don't know! But I love animating. It's sooo fun!!

I'm going to work on a project for The Class of Doom soon and then go home with Chris at 2:15.

I have been doing pretty well focusing on my classes lately :) This makes me happy. I was really slacking for a while.

I better get working anyways so I can get my project done by 2:00 or so.

Video Game Club tonight :) I'm excited for some more Soul Calibur III fun.
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I won't really be able to be on much for a few days, because Gianni is moving out today :( I REALLY appreciate him letting me use his laptop for all this time though ^_^ Hopefully my video card will be back soon. Sunday my dad is bringing my old video card, so at least I can try to play RO with Kotton and Warcraft 2 when I'm bored.

Skin infection popped up, right above my upper lip, in the little indent thingy that I forget what it's called. I keep getting headaches and feeling really crappy, I think because I have to put antibiotics on it and I'm inhaling them all day >_> but breathing through my mouth isn't a great solution because I'll just dry out and then crack my lips and get an infection there :) which would be lovely.

I'm sure everyone who read that wanted to hear about it! Ha.

Been playing Wario Ware Twisted a lot lately, that has taken over my bus trips for a little while. I am still in the middle of War of the Ancients, and it's really good so far. WWT is a really crazy game. Half of the minigames you're like "Uhh... what?" and then it's already over! So fun though :)

My mage is 1/3 of the way to level 56. Mooncloth Robe / Arcane Brilliance / Elemental Mage Staff, here I come :D Please Blizzard, offer PvP -> PvE soon, I'd appreciate it :(

Oops, time to go to work now, already 12:13 :O I left this window open for a while.
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So I still haven't sent out my video card, but at least my address label is printed out. I'm going to visit the post office after work I think (if Chris will drive me) to see if I can get it sent out that way securely (ie absolutely NOTHING will happen to it). Otherwise I'll be sending it out tomorrow with FedEx.

My financial aid came in, and wow. It's even more than last semester, which still covered my rent (minus one month). This time it'll more than cover my rent, so I am dropping the bad loan (unsubsidized), then perhaps with the extra I will put it toward the new laptop I am trying to get a hold of for classes. It'll maybe let me get one a little bit higher end than what I could afford before (and thus a LOT better for my computer graphics programs :D). It'll also allow me to have a backup in case another disaster happens like this time, and a computer I can transport much more easily and safely. The rest of it will go toward rent, and what doesn't go toward rent will be put away so I can actually pay my loans back with it (or I will just not accept all of it, I'm not 100% sure yet... it depends if I know exactly how much I will need.) Anyway for good reason I'm really happy/excited about that :)

Someone on Mannoroth needs to report my mage's name for being close to a real life celebrity's name (Alanis... I chose it because it is the name of a young mage girl in Suikoden III. I was not thinking, obviously). I REALLY want to change my name, haha... and I don't know if I can just petition and say "Hey can I have a name change, thanks :D"

I don't have a lot else to write about. My mage hit level 55 (I decided she was 3 bars away, it was the least I could do... I did some feralas quests at 10-11 this morning, since it isn't very overrun by horde at that time). I used to level so fast... but ever since hitting 48 I've been moving a lot slower. Not because it's harder to level now, but because now I'm green to 60s and I'm sick of being ganked. Soon I will find all I can who are on my blacklist (especially mr. orc shaman Orion or whatever his name was) and pyroblast them into oblivion. Then when I start hitting Molten Core I'm going to respec to 20something arcane/20something frost and kiss pvp goodbye until I'm done. (I want to be as good as I can for an instance-mage, and I'm not getting anything that benefits pvp with the build, unless it also benefits pve.)

I want to play RO with Kotton, but I don't have my own computer up and running. I asked dad to bring down my old crappy video card that barely could run Warcraft III. I won't be able to play any WoW :( but at least it'll hold me over until I get my video card back. I've also been playing Warioware Twisted which Gianni gave to me for my birthday. It's REALLY awesomely fun. I can't get over it :D
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last night was the most god-awful Dire Maul run ever.

First of all, Elemental Mage Staff dropped. That was the one and ONLY good thing that happened. It is now sitting in my mage alt's inventory waiting for level 56. <3 I thought of offering it to Syrus but I have seen him trying to sell one in IF, so he's had his chance at it :p

Mimus thought he had the key for the inner courtyard, because he got it last run. We got there, it was gone from his inventory. Okay. We go back and get it, and decide we'll only have partial tribute. Then we need to summon our paladin because he left the instance to go repair. We start back - and lo and behold, the key is gone. It's because now if you leave the instance, the key disappears from your inventory.

Okay. We reset it, I go in, I get the key myself. I die in the instance and I release. The key was deleted from my inventory for being outside the instance in WISP FORM on the way back to the instance. WTF.

So... whatever. Fine. We reset the instance again, decide it's pointless to try a tribute run now since we don't have a rogue or any way to unlock the door. We start killing the bosses, and we get to the 3rd one. Server crashes. We log back in, whole instance is reset, then instance servers crash for the remainer of the night.

Thanks a lot, Blizzard, for that awesome waste of time. To say the least I submitted an annoyed, but controlled, ticket about this :/

If not for the epic drop (which trust me, was VERY easy to forget by the end of the night)... ugh.

Anyway, gotta brush my teeth and get to work soon.

Oh and last but not least..

Happy 21st birthday to Chris :D

quick post

Jun. 8th, 2005 12:46 pm
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I haven't posted in a long time.

I have a job now, 15 hours a week, 3 hours a day on weekdays. It's nice, easy, and short days are awesome. People there are nice, I have to do PROCARDS though and I hate calling up vendors and asking for copies of receipts because they don't know why I would want that kind of thing most of the time D:

I have to go to work in about 30 minutes so I need to keep this short and get dressed soon. Gianni is here now, it's fun having him around :) I can't find my wallet, which sucks. I know it has to be around somewhere, but "where" is the question. Kind of bad since I just got a bunch of money from uncle Richie for my grades :(

My mage in WoW is now level 47. I plan on farming East Dire Maul once I hit level 52. Battlegrounds are super fun times. I still don't have a damn epic from all my days of MC and Onyxia (but some people have 3 ;_; this makes me yearn for DKP, but of course the people who have won 3 epics don't want DKP, they prefer the random system... oh I wonder why?)

Anyway, I gotta get dressed and have a snack before work T_T
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Work soon... played some WoW this morning and got my mage to level 36. Nothing really that spectacular. Also got my first honor kill because a level 42 tried to gank me, but I sheeped him and then 2 47ish alliance came riding by... :)

Because our RPG for Flash class has to be completely nonviolent, Chris and I came up with an idea (we still have to pass it by Jared though). Our RPG is going to have animals (not monsters) that are sad, and your goal is to make them happy! (HP = happy points!) The fighter characters are going to have rope-bones and stuff, and the long range will have balls or frisbees or something :) and we'll have a "cheerleader" (I refuse to call it a cheerleader in the real game) who will use magic powers to increase the happiness of the animals and also of the party members! And the "boss" will be the elf who is very depressed and the source of making all the animals sad!

Going home on saturday which I'm excited about :) (after the game tournament) going to see Chris' old drummer Tyler's band play (for free 'cause we know him, yay!) and then probably spending the night at my house. I miss my little doggy :(

Guess there isn't much more for me to write about. Chris and I are finally up to / past where I stopped watching in Kenshin :D

It is sooo hot out today, I thought I was going to die on the way to work! I changed into a skirt when I got home and it's much better!

Oh, and I'm back from work now because I forgot to post this! Bye :P

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