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Robin Williams was awesome, will write more tomorrow!

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Watching comm 287 lectures! I have to catch up ^^; which means watching 2 lectures today and 1 lecture per day for the rest of the week. 8 minutes into lecture #2 for today! Then I'll be all caught up :D Now I'm 17 minutes into it... and going on campus so I won't be finishing it yet!

Last night I went with my SUPER AWESOME GUILDIES to Old Hillsbrad and then afterward to Sethekk Halls :D We completely owned both instances. I don't think anyone even died in Old Hillsbrad (Thrall is freaking awesome by the way!!!) and Sethekk Halls was fun! We never wiped, although Kurai was the last one standing after the boss who does the arcane explosions xD (Sami was healing and totally got 1-shotted by his immune Arcane Explosion which we thought we could dispel or something, but no, and he AE'd all 5 of us)

I got a sexy warrior chest piece in Hillsbrad and got some sweet bracers in Sethekk Halls :D Veela got her set piece legs, and also got a warlock set piece giving her a set bonus that gives 45 mana/5 to her pet... grats... :P

Anyway it was really fun :) My priest is level 43 too and I think I'll be trying to go to ZF tonight, maybe with Tender!Chris if he wants to go too.

I've been playing the Sims again a little bit so mayhap there will be an update incoming ;) I forget what generation the new baby is - I think the first (and probably only, I feel lazy) of generation 7. I'll try to post a sims update soon ;)

Anyway I need to get dressed so I can catch the bus soon :D

Chris got an interview in boston on friday yay yay yay yayyayyay!
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Last night started off with me being really disappointed that the ZG raid was full and I wouldn't be able to go. I messed around on BB for a few minutes, then hopped over to my pally on Mannoroth. I started a game of 20-29 warsong gulch which was REALLY fun. My paladin is an incredibly fun character in pvp. I can't wait to get my magic cleansing skill though!

Anyway midway through that... Cryptic asks if I am still on Vent. Which I am :D I sent him a tell from my pally. Gwennie was leaving and they had room, whooooo! So after they killed whoever they were on (maybe Bloodlord... I have no idea) I hopped over! We killed Wushoolay (and I got the coolest healing dagger in the game)

The sad part is, ONCE AGAIN I missed the venom sac from Venoxis. Usually I just forget (because I am silly) but this time I had to miss it! I am doomed to never have a Doomulus Prime :*(

Last week when I went to AQ-20... I found something quite amusing (which I post below the cut).

And this week while running to Ouro, Tyris and I had a "race"!

Oh, and most importantly XD I forgot to mention (since I was busy going through screenshots) that I am now an officer in Daughters of the Alliance! :) I didn't get to spend much time online after that (Erin asked me to log on specifically for that, while I was in ZG) but it is very exciting :D and then after ZG I went on a DM North tribute run where I got an arcane resist belt, oh boy! I was sooo tired after it :X

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Eeeee! My mage and warrior are now both 6/8 their Tier 0.5 set! All pieces are DRASTIC upgrades from before, and I'm really excited to test out my warrior's healing power now :x she is so great <3 My mage has another set of shoulders that are actually better than the Sorcerer's ones, buuuut the set bonus from Sorcerer's makes it better overall (similar stats but way more +dmg) :x so I need to wait until she has her robe + helm to be able to switch things around so I can wear the better shoulders.

Sorry to post about WoW again as usual XD but I am excited and tired and this is all I have the energy to blab about right now :x good night! Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow (yes because I know you all care so much!)

The first go through (with the original group, with Chris playing as Veela) was really easy, we creamed them first try. The second go through with my mage was not so easy :( we replaced Hixxy with Sanveane but I don't think that was it. We had a much harder group D: mage, shaman, rogue x2, and theldren. After 3 or 4 wipes to them we reset and got warrior, rogue, mage, priest, shaman, which was easier but not by much XD Kelry and I ended up wearing down the last 60% of Theldren's life ourselves kiting :X Chris did very well considering he has never played a priest before <3 He had a lot of trouble after the first run with stuns/gouge/etc. I'm not sure if he was just lucky the first time or if having a overall more hefty group (2 warriors) helped keep heat off him.

Much love to Hixxy, Kelry, Sanveane, Erin, and Chris! Sanveane and Chris especially since neither of them actually needed to go and they were just sticking around to help :) Yaaay~ now for the fun bosses in all the different instances. I'll find out tomorrow which ones I need to do. I'm sooo tired right now XD;;
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Real life stuff~ today was fun :D mom and dad came over around 4:30 and Chris and I went to Holy Smokes with them, Tony, and Jared :D It was super tasty! Regrettably they were out of pulled pork :( but the pulled beef was still super delicious.

I played WoW and The Sims a lot today. I bought the Open for Business pack :D I do like it but I haven't had much time to experiment. I thought my second generation Legacy family sims were going to die together in the photo booth because it bugged and they were both stuck inside slowly starving to death :( but I used the move_objects cheat to delete the photo booth, and the two of them magically appeared in the middle of the house :D so yay!

I've also been reading the Lemony Snicket boots since I bought the last pack of 3 books the other day :) I just started The Grim Grotto. I love these books SO much but I wish they weren't all so short! The books are very expensive and if they were not as good as they are there is no way I'd pay as much for so little content :P the pages are thick, the text size is large, books just aren't very long :(

I don't know what else to write about D: things have been pretty boring. Chris is programming a lot and every time I try to tell him something I get those blank replies where I know he has no idea what I'm saying :P

At the very least I have nothing halfway interesting to say about how things have been, so I am going to end the post with some WoW crap.

WoW stuff~ Shaeldre still doesn't have her 45-minute baron done, but we haven't been able to do it in a while anyway. Hixxy is often leveling her warlock on Akama or working, so I don't know when I will finish it ^^; for now I am going to continue the chain a bit on my mage! She is 7/8 Magister's right now (missing robes still!) and just needs 6 more ogre beads to keep going :D I'm very excited to upgrade her boots/legs/shoulders, although I'm not sure I'll wear the shoulders (depends if the set bonus overrules wearing Thuzadin Mantle or not).

I went to my first MC on my druid and got pissed off because every time one of my heals landed, someone ELSE'S heal landed about .1 seconds earlier so I couldn't cancel and I overhealed for 1000! AU doesn't have a very organized method of healing though like Astrum does, which I think is part of the problem. We just heal whoever whenever whereever, whereas Astrum has you heal group members, then focus on the two groups around your own, so you don't need to stare at 40 names all the time.

I'm very excited for the new 25-man raid cap for instances. It'll make things much more manageable (maybe DotA can do it by then :D) and I very much enjoy the feel of the smaller instances (I do not like ZG but AQ-20 is REALLY fun up until post-Moam trash mobs).

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A WoW update :)

I will make a real update later :)

I heart Tendermuffin. That is all.

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So apparently Todd F. (from high school) is getting married (for anyone who was there, I believe he is getting married to the same girl he was going out with in high school - I think I recognized her picture from the prom)! I saw the announcement in the newspaper when I went out to breakfast with mom/dad/Chris yesterday morning. How weird. I didn't even really know it was him at first... the photo was really weird (very very dark so his hair disappeared), but aside from the fact that his last name is so unique I'm sure it would have to be him, it did mention he graduated from Lenox Memorial High School in 2002.

We used to be best friends (granted, it was a very long time ago) and used to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles together and play on my swings! It's very, very weird to hear about people I went to high school with going off and getting married. Especially people I used to be close to once (I don't remember why we stopped being friends, we didn't have a fight or anything :P)

Sooo aside from that now :) This weekend I went home with Chris and we took care of the animals, while my mom and dad were out picking up Erin in Michigan. Friday night we didn't do much, Chris did some work on the computer and I went on a guild run with DotA to a north Dire Maul tribute run :) It went really well, Veela picked up a Mindsurge Robe, I got a Redoubt Cloak and Elemental Plate Girdle of Shadow Resistance, Kumiho got a Barbarous Blade :D Only 1 blue was disenchanted (shaman gloves, sigh), and it was a really fun run overall.

Saturday we hung out at my house instead of going to Chris' game party, my parents + Erin just got home really late the night before (1:30?) and Erin wasn't even up by 12 or so. Mom made eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast :D and then dropped on me that she might have some crazy disease which isn't that serious overall, but can cause you to stop intaking some nutrients from food, and it's caused from eating wheat products. She doesn't have the blood tests back to confirm that, though. Erin has been exihibiting some symptoms of it (constantly tired, depression, soreness of joints, etc) so if mom has it, she has to be tested, and if she has it, I have to be tested. I guess sometimes it doesn't show up until pregnancy / other times later in life, so it's possible I may have it I guess. I really hope I don't though because, well :( no wheat products? No bread, no cookies, no cereal, no pizza? And tons of other stuff? That would really, really, really suck :/ I guess it's a disease that commonly affects Italian and Irish people (something like 1/120 Irish and 1/300 Italian), and I have the blood of both in me :P

Anyway, trying not to worry about it in the meantime at least.

Sunday was Shealyn's 2nd birthday :D She is soooo cute. Brenna is a brat sometimes but totally adorable as well :) I also got to see Jim and Shannon over the weekend, it's probably the last time I will see them for a while :( They're leaving in the middle of May (during my finals I believe) and going to Colorado :( I do hope Jim ends up liking it there, though.
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The life and times of Shaeldre, told in images ;) from babyhood to 60!

I love my warrior's guild :<

Fully WoW post, sorry :p

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Still sick. Yesterday I could barely talk - my voice was coming out as a whisper and if I REALLY tried to make it louder, I could, but it hurt a lot :( I logged onto WoW just to hit 59 with my warrior and to tell Astrum I felt like crap and wouldn't be raiding that night, then went and watched TV with Chris for the rest of the night. I enjoyed some raspberries (yum!) and we watched an episode of CSI and House together.

Today I can talk but I cough a LOT. My throat feels disgusting. I have to be very careful about what I do with my nose... I don't want to get an infection because infections suck.

Was late to class today because I am dumb. I set my alarm to go off at 7:31 (7:30, was too lazy to change the number back to 7:30... hehe) but I never turned the alarm ON so Chris and I both ended up sleeping in :( not a big deal for him, big deal for me! Then I forgot to actually turn in my project to him so I had to leave it in his box in the mail room.

Another smart moment for me, apparently I have a Psych test tomorrow which I knew nothing about until this morning. Yay! I'm so awesome. So now I have to study my butt off tonight. :(

I feel very stressed out lately, probably because at least partially... I am so sick of school. Chris caught me grinding my teeth loudly a few nights ago :( Sigh.

Currently waiting for the Maya teacher to get here, I am going to ask if I can leave early because I feel pretty bad still :(


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:16 pm
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I'm sick.... been sick for a few days now at least. Feel slightly better today but... we'll see. Yesterday I didn't go to the LAN party because I felt so awful :( I just played WoW and read my book instead... Shaeldre is now level 58, 3 bars from 59. I've been pvping a lot to try to get Sergeant rank for next week, so I can buy my epic mount. This will be my second epic mount ever and my first self-earned one.

I don't really know what else to say here. The kitchen is a mess (sigh) but not much can be done about it... no dishwashing detergent. Will probably buy some on the way home later. Going to see "Thank you for smoking" in northhampton, and going to eat at coldstone after (because that ice cream is A++++).
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Animation is done for Character Animation.

Now working on my Information Design project (to do facts about the Iraq war in a way that shows what you want to show but does not evoke emotion). I am doing a map representing war approval, education level, and which way the state voted in the 2004 election. Using exit polls for some of the information and maps for others. I don't know if I have enough time to do a really good job... I guess it shows where my priorites are (ie with a class that actually has given me grades, all during the semester, rather than a class which completely decided to skip giving grades... ever! :)).

Oh, Tony said the grading breakdown was released - I forget what the 3 things were exactly. Whether you did a project, attendance, and one other thing... but let's just say how WELL you did on the project was not included. Just whether or not it was handed in... so, so, so weird. I don't get it. Either way we still never received grades. And if how well we do isn't a factor, well, then that's even more of a reason to not really care how I do on this final project.

I looked at a few different websites for my "former" topic for my final. I wrote her an email asking if I could change it, on wednesday. I never got a response. So I can't change it. Anyway that isn't horrible, because I am pissed off at my data anyway. 90% of the websites I looked at all said similar things. Then one site... one stupid site. Said something completely different. It was the ONLY conservative site I could find, and I was trying to find a more broad spectrum of opinions. But ALL the sites I looked at said they were based on data from whatever government site. The only difference is this site had completely different data from all the liberal sites. Ugh. Hard for me to include that in my bibliography if I can't use any of it because it ALL contradicts what I've already read.

Next wednesday, my flash animation is due. Then I'm going to see Freezepop with Tony and Chris! Then on Thursday my claymation is due. But after today I have a few days to relax at least :D

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Dec. 1st, 2005 12:08 pm
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Rent day today... I really hope we hear if we can move into one of the 2 floor apartments :) really really hope we can move into one of them.

Today I didn't have any fundamentals of animation, and Information design is getting out early :) Happy that it is getting out early because that means I can go to MC tonight :D Been looking forward to it for the past few days.

I've been really moody for the past few days because I get no sleep :( We got a new alarm clock, which we needed, but its SO BRIGHT. I can't sleep with a light like that in the room :( I wake up constantly and have a hard time getting to bed and falling asleep once I do wake up in the middle of the night. I need to get a thingy to cover my eyes, because it doesn't bother Chris at all and it would also help me to get to bed earlier, because the light from Chris' monitor wouldn't bother me either.

I'm hungry so I'm gonna go get lunch, then take a shower. I really wanted to take one yesterday morning but I slept through the alarm and then Chris took a shower and I missed my chance, because I didn't wake up until 8 and had to get on the bus in 30 minutes. Sooo it'll feel really nice to get that over with now.

I rerolled Aridae for Daughters of the Alliance in WoW and made Shaeldre. I like how she looks a lot better, I was beginning to get very unhappy with Aridae. So now I'm trying to get her up to where I used to be and whatnot :)

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