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Some of these are oriented wrong but I am too lazy to fix.

More crappy iPhone pics of my furball babies )
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I present to you: Blurry kitten and photogenic kitten.

(Blurry kitten)

(Photogenic kitten)

They are sisters and about three months old. We aren't sure what we'll name them yet, hence filler names :) They were adopted from Stray Pets in Need, from their center at Pet World in Framingham :)

More/bigger pics under the cut.

Kittens! )


Mar. 24th, 2008 05:16 pm
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My kitty is like, famous now! :D


Scroll down to the bottom to see a thumbnail of the cover, then you can click and see it a bit bigger on Amazon. So awesome! XD (Edit: I see it on the side now :))


Nov. 9th, 2007 09:45 am
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Interesting, but depressing interactive graphic on US deaths in Iraq.

I... am tired. I slept through shower time this morning (oops). As it gets colder, I also become less and less willing to get up in the morning. It is so warm under the blankets! And so not warm at all outside of them. We need to turn on the heat soon but we have been going without it so far. It hasn't really been necessary luckily, but I think Sadie gets cold sometimes so we probably should turn it on soon. Whenever we are in the living room with her or she is lying in bed with us, she always gets into the warmest possible position she can - whether it is under the blankets (though I usually bring her out of there before I actually fall asleep, I worry she will get too hot or something) or huddled in the crook of our legs or right between us XD

Her efforts to get between us when there is no room to do so are really funny though. We'll be right next to each other on the couch and she'll come over, stick her foot between us, then just wiggle back and forth until one of us gives and lets her lie down there XD

Anyway I should start getting some work stuff done.
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So the interview I wrote about going to with Chris? He got the job!! :D I'm sooo excited for him :D :D

Mom came over today and she was here to hear the great news :) She brought along Erin and Sadie. Sadie was THRILLED to be here and she was really happy, sniffing out all these new smells. She fell off my bed though :( We had her on a leash since we didn't want her to get into the litter box or anything, and my litter box is NOT Sadie-safe (it's gross but the litter box at home, when she can rarely get into it, is like her own treat box or something... or so she thinks :/). Well, she tried to jump off my bed, but she didn't have much slack, and she just fell to the ground D: She was fine though - poor little thing.

She also has this weird toe thing :( it might need to be removed, but we don't know. Her toe (really, her nail... her toe overall seems fine) looks really bad now :/ I don't think it has been biopsied (spelling?) but it could be a tumor or something? :( It looks like her nail kind of just stopped growing right... it is soft (not hard like a nail should be) and very big and it looks like all the sensitive flesh that would be protected by the nail is exposed (very lovely picture I am painting for you all). It DOES hurt when you touch it but not during her everyday life, as far as we can tell. The vet tried some meds with it (antibiotics maybe?) but nothing seems to have changed. My mom doesn't really want to get it removed though because it would cost a lot of money and she is convinced for some reason that my dog doesn't have that much time left in her. Sadie has problems but I don't think any of them really fall under life threatening or lifespan shortening? Anyway if I get the money sometime after I graduate, I will try to get her toe checked out and get it removed if I have to. She will be living with us too, so I think she'll be happy. I really hope she is good (ie quiet) because I don't think we'll be able to keep her if she is noisy and annoying. She was quiet here though (I went out with mom and came back and she didn't bark at all) but that might just be because my apartment isn't "home" so she doesn't need to protect it.

Lily didn't show her face even ONCE this whole time. For some reason Lily is kind of scared of my mom and I'm sure the dog didn't help, hahaha.

I transferred my druid over to Bronzebeard last night and got her up to 64 :) I am excited to try Lifebloom in an instance although I suspect it would be a little better for pvp. The amount of healing it does overall is a bit underwhelming, but the mana cost is pretty low so... I don't know. Anyway an instant cast is an instant cast so I can't complain too much! I guess my main problem is it basically is the opposite of Unstable Affliction except for way crappier. Then again, UA is a 41 point talent and every druid gets Lifebloom at 64, so oh well.

Need to call Jim to talk about Spring Break! Soon! Will do it tonight! I SWEAR.
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A couple of days ago I was sitting here minding my own business and then I look to my left. I see one of Erin's kitties sitting on the small lamp table thing staring at the Christmas tree. I thought nothing of it for a moment.

Then all of a sudden

he LEAPS to the tree and just grabs on to it and hangs there for a second XD it was so cute.

And then when I was in ZG with DotA and we just downed the bat boss, it was like they wanted to celebrate too. I was sitting at the couch with my laptop in my lap (what? I know, no one ever does that anymore, or something :P) and then suddenly one of the kittens leaps SO HIGH I can see him over the top of my screen XDD One of them just did it again now, it was so cute.


"I'm going to knock over this entire pile of papers because I can, lol"

"I'm going to open up the cabinet and pull this loaf of bread out of it and on to the counter and THEN - lol - I am going to rip the bag open and proceed to eat the bread, man Caitlin is going to think this is so great"

"We just think it is HILARIOUS when we try to sneak into every room of the house that we're not allowed in whenever Caitlin opens the door hahahaha"

And so on and so forth :P


May. 21st, 2006 10:16 pm
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Sort of throws off the sad-ness of my previous entries a bit?

Let me know if this breaks anyone's friends page and I will fix it :)

I love these little kids - they are SO CUTE. And they look just alike T_T I can't tell them apart except by personality. (One is very shy and one is very adventurous)

Mom is taking care of these little guys - they were strays (along with their mom). Someone else is taking care of the other two... there were five, but the dog officer who was getting them couldn't get the fifth :(

EDIT: Oh yeah, other good news - my grandma opened up one of her eyes today :) Her other eye is probably still pretty swollen... she still doesn't directly respond to people (she responds to the sounds of our voices and to some physical contact, but doesn't do things on command - "squeeze my hand" etc. Hopefully she is slowly getting better... she had a scary episode friday morning, but it seems to have passed. And she's also breathing a bit on her own (she is being helped by a respirator still). Mom is going to a meeting tomorrow to discuss more things... she said she'd call me and let me know what is going on later tomorrow.
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I don't really have much to say here... I played WoW a lot today.

Umm... I did beat Trauma Center :D I just have the "Extra Missions" left to do (which seem impossible, I can't get through the first one at ALL). The last "boss" (surgery really :P) was really weird. It seemed IMPOSSIBLE and I tried it over and over and finally got frustrated and put it down. Then I picked it up while I was waiting for Digital Media: Still Image to start wednesday morning, and just... bam. Did it. First try. I both like and hate stuff that happens like that, haha.

Almost finished putting stuff away. Still have some boxes in the living room. Chris and I did rotate the bed so I think there's a lot more room, and we moved the lamp to the other end of the room so it can be controlled by the light switch.

Lily was going crazy today (as usual). She found a strip of cardboard and meowed at us... a LOT. She walked into our room and meowed and played with her cardboard thingy. Then went into Tom and Shane's room and did the same thing! She is absolutely nuts :p

I got to do AQ-20 full-through today on Ceres, although I wasn't expecting to. It was really fun! The bosses are sooo cool and unique. I really want my cenarion circle rep to get my cool epic axe!! I'm not a big fan of ZG but I do think I will end up farming AQ for all that it's worth :) Retcha inspected Ceres Thursday night in Blackwing Lair and suddenly realized I was decked out. I have awesome epics in every slot except melee weapons (and I could choose to use my epic stuff, I just choose not to because dual wielding the blue axes is better for dps) and trinkets. I'm not really sure what he thought I had before though, since he knew I was almost done with Giantstalker, knew I had my epic quest done, and I think he was there the night I spent 22 dkp on the Band of Accuria :p
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Sooooo update!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the movies :D We saw Memoirs of a Geisha... I really liked it. The thing I liked about it least was actually that it was in English. I think that took away from part of the movie, because hearing the heavy accents on the English words seemed strange... it was not a movie about Japanese girls who had come to America, it was a movie about Japanese girls in Japan, so hearing them speak English as they were was strange. I don't know why I noticed it so much in that movie than others. I guess part of it was because they still interjected some Japanese words in their sentences... I would have much preferred a movie in Japanese with subtitles :P But, aside from that (which really isn't a big deal at all, just a minor annoyance) I loved it.

I forget if I mentioned, but we are moving in to the new apartment on Friday. I can't wait. Our new room looks SO SMALL even though technically we gained 2 square feet. Then again I think the room we are in now looked very small until we somehow shoved all this crap in here :) It will be a fun time trying to do that again, haha! And it'll also be great to get that dining room table out of Chris' car since it has been in there for over a week now.

Rich came today, Lily wasn't sure what to think of him. She ran away from him but did NOT hide under the bed as usual. Instead she sat on the bed and watched him. She was ready to bolt at any second but was much better than she has been with any other company. I think it helped that he is much quieter than Tom or Shane. I hope Lily warms up to Tom and Shane quickly too (but hopefully not too much to Shane, I think he may be slightly allergic to cats). Not that she "warmed up" to Rich but she was much less scared of him than any other company thus far.

Anyway I don't have much to write about.

A little bit of WoW stuff )
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Soo this morning didn't begin well :( I had not been awake for long, picked up the phone. A male asking for my mom. I said she was sleeping, and he said it was an emergency... asked who it was, he said he was from the Pittsfield Police Department and it was about her mother. I was completely freaked out woke mom up and gave the phone to mom right away. Grandma had fallen down in her apartment and broke her hip... she's lucky that one of her neighbors heard her fall and called the ambulance :( but her hip is broken... she had surgery on it earlier this afternoon, and mom and dad gave me a call earlier to let us know that she was okay. The initial stress from hearing it was about my grandma (of course I worried it was much worse than a fall, which of course is really bad in itself because she broke her hip...) really had me on edge all day.

I also found out last night that two of our cats have gone missing. Magic and Merry. Magic was old and sickly (really bad skin problems and a grooming problem where he would groom himself sick, literally, and made himself bald in some spots), I feel so bad that he's gone... and Merry... he is so young... I hope he's okay but I can only assume the worst :( It's so hard when pets disappear like that, because its hard to mourn when you don't even know what's become of them. Magic has been missing for about a month, Merry for a week. I really hope Merry shows up again... he's disappeared for a few days before, but never for this long... :/

Its really unfortunately that events were as they were, forcing us to finally allow (some) cats to go outside. Some of them just grew to completely disregard the litter box no matter what, nothing my mom could do would make them actually listen, and we have a lot of litter boxes so that's not the problem...

Anyway, I'm glad that Pippin is safe and living at Uncle Richie's house (something I also discovered), Lily will never be let outdoors, or Kili... I just don't want any more kitties to go missing, I love them all so much :(

Aside from that... my weekend was decent. I played games with chris (he brought my old computer, I brought my laptop), I spent some time with Grandma and Shannon and Uncle Richie, I had the BEST CORN I've had in a long time, oh wow. It was grown by this Amish guy and wow <3 Sooo good, best I've ever had I think. It was nice to see them all again... I hope I will be able to see my grandma on wednesday when I go home for Otakon, and hopefully we'll see uncle Richie as well since he's coming over to pick up his computer on wednesday.

Chris and I bought new pillows today, I hope they're good, because my pillow has started to really suck and not support nearly as well as it used to. Yes, I'm sure everyone cares about my pillow! :/
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My dog is amazing. We have these dining chairs you see, they are pretty standard dining chairs. They have wood frames, a back cushion and a seat cushion. One of them fell apart not too long ago so mom has been putting it back together in her free time. At the moment, it looks all put together except for the absence of a seat cushion.

I just walked out to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal, and Sadie followed me. When we got into the kitchen, I went to my normal spot - the cereal cabinet. Sadie decided to jump into one of the chairs and wait for me! Yes, you can see where this is going. She jumped in the seat WITHOUT A CUSHION. So she was falling all over trying to not go through the hole (because without the cushion, there is NOTHING to sit on, only the bare frame of that part of the chair) and freaking out and it was really funny. Obviously she did not get hurt, and then after the chair problem, as soon as she got down, she ran over to me and didn't try to hop into a chair again :P she's so funny, I love Sadie T_T

shealyn :(

Jun. 2nd, 2004 10:57 pm
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Today is really a bunch of ups and downs :( my (newest) niece is in Springfield now for an emergency operation. I think she'll be okay, since her problem is the 2nd most common in babies, but it's scary to be putting such a young child (she's just barely a month old, maybe only 3 weeks...) in the operating room. I really hope she'll be okay...

Going into work tomorrow from 3-9, need to call them in the morning around 10 to tell them I can come in. They didn't call here until they had closed. Umm... today I talked to Chris a little bit and mostly worked on RPG graphics and uploading some more pictures to my art website. I'm not going to post the link here yet because it really isn't done. I still need to do a title image and it's missing a few pages. (Including the search page, but that's Chris' job ;))

Anyway... my tongue hurts because I think I slightly bent some of the metal and now it stabs my tongue! At least in two weeks it can get fixed (when I go in for my follow up appointment after getting this retainer).

I didn't beat Resident Evil Outbreak today because I was working on stuff for the game, and then we went out to dinner to bring Uncle Richie's cat back to him. (We always meet at Bennigan's.) It was there that we found out Shealyn is heading to Springfield for the operation :( but it was also the place of Richie telling me something very awesome and encouraging - if I get a 4.0 next semester, he'll give me $250 :D the same goes for Erin of course.

So, today has been a real mess. Going from thinking Pippin got hit by a car, finding him in the garage, my first day at work, a new job prospect for Erin, $250 dollars for A's next semester, and hearing that Shealyn is being taken to Springfield in an ambulance for an emergency operation, today has been anything but nice and calm :(
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So, we noticed one of our cats Pippin went missing yesterday (and he may have been missing for a day before that - we usually don't notice right away when one of our cats is missing since we have like 7 of them). We looked allll over for him, and no Pippin. Mom called the dog officer today and found out there had been a cat hit by a car yesterday in the area, but they didn't have a description of the cat, so mom tried to contact the person who had found the cat, Melissa, but she wasn't home. We were all pretty nervous that it was Pippin, since he's kind of dumb and he's NEVER been outside before, so we were worried he wandered into the road and got hit.

However! As we were leaving, for mom to bring me to work, what runs in front of the garage in into the door! So I told mom (she was backing out of the driveway and wasn't looking and she stopped the car and jumped out. We got him out of the garage and brought him back inside :D Yay, I'm really happy he's okay. He wasn't in the house for 5 minutes before he jumped on the counter and tried to knock over mom's vase of flowers she got for her birthday... we all dove to save it.

He's so annoying and always wants to be in your lap exactly when you don't want him there, and he's a walking disaster! When he was a kitten, he jumped into the top dad's halogen-lookalike lamp (it's flourescent though) and it fell down with him inside it, and he knocked the bulb out. He's SO DUMB!! But we love him to death, even though he's as graceful as a dog :D so we were all really happy to know he's okay. We don't let our cats out mostly because of coyotes, and they have killed at least two of our cats (and likely more), so that's why we don't let our cats out anymore (ever since the "outdoor" cats have either been moved inside or died (of whatever cause, most of them old age or unavoidable diseases such as Sadsack who had heart problems)). We've never had a cat hit by a car because the road is pretty far away from our house, and the woods are so close and a much more fun looking and adventurous place... and I guess it's safer than the road. But it still makes me nervous :( damn cats and their desires to be outside!

Mom told me today when she was bringing me to work that some people purposefully try to hit and kill cats because they don't like them :( I didn't realize that ever happened, but I guess it makes sense (in some horrible, twisted way - I can't believe someone would intentionally try to kill another person's pet). That makes me even more adamant in that when I have my own house, and animals, they're never never never allowed outside. A lot of people also, even if not maliciously, hit cats and assume they are dead, so they don't stop to check, and sometimes the cat is still alive but hurt and unable to get out of the road :( Mom probably heard a lot about that when she worked at the various vets all those years. It's really sad...

At any rate, I'm really glad that Pippin WASN'T the cat that was hit by a car. I would have felt horrible. I always yell at him because he's so annoying, and he really is, but he's damn loveable and I really care about him :( I was really scared that he was dead. So, yay Pippin!!!!
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Jared I just left you a comment, but in case you didn't see: Can't do anything sunday because that's when I go back to UMass, friday and saturday are open though if you want.

I've been cleaning my room today, getting clothes together that I want to bring to college. I have no money for the bus and it sucks. I don't know how I'm getting to work today. I'll find out before 1:30 though, haha. At least I hope I do. Working 2-6 today, it's my last day before college starts, yay!

I'm in a pretty good mood today, talked to Chris a little this morning, had cereal (and ice cream... guilt..) for breakfast :D The ice cream was REALLY tempting and it's not like I do that all the time :D; Anyways I'm hoping to make my room a little nicer... Going to run through here with a vacuum. I hate those stupid squirrels XO Gonna talk to mom about putting them in Erin's room since it isn't like she sleeps in there anyway... I think the times Chris and I come back for the weekend far outnumber the times Erin has slept in her room in the past year, so... plus they irritate my allergies and I haven't been able to have a full night's sleep because I wake up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose. :(

Anyways yeah, they made a huge mess of my rug and stuff. I'm taking all of my clothes out of my dresser drawers because there's nuts and things all in those too and going to vacuum the insides of those to get them all out... I probably won't put any more clothes in there until the squirrels are out, because it's just stupid to have them in there where they get dirty again without me even wearing them.

Grr allergies.

Anyway I hope I remember to bring my calendar to school. Otherwise it will feel like a waste that I bought it... but pretty Michael Whelan pictures :D yay. This month its from the cover of Sunrunner's Fire I believe, Andry and a dragon, next month it's from Assassin's Apprentice!!!!!! With Hobb and Fitz and the cute dog :D whose name I've... forgotten :( So I'll take that down maybe tonight or tomorrow to try to get myself to bring it.

Okay gonna stop typing and going to continue cleaning :O

Oh yeah. I can't find my checks which means I can't fully fill out my direct deposit form. That makes me a very sad panda :(

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