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Chris just ordered my engagement ring. It's technically a Sept birthstone ring (it's a sapphire), but the claddagh looks really nice. We're getting it in white gold :D

It's coming from Ireland though so... it will probably be nearly Christmas by the time I get it. Still, I can't wait!! :D

I'm still so excited, it's hard for me to be in a bad mood for long. I just have to think "Chris proposed to me!" and I'm back in super happy land. It's kind of sad XD

Also a site that Liz linked me to and Jen said she used (theknot.com) is turning out to have a lot of useful features, so I thank them both! I was browsing around this morning.

(Randomly also, I played Left 4 Dead last night with my brother and Chris... is it possible to play that with 2 players locally and 1 or 2 online and allow both local players to talk on voice chat? Or is there maybe a way to turn up the volume on the voice chat to an audible level? Chris could not hear Jim at ALL through the speakers and it was really frustrating for him, I think, since I was the one with the headphones on. I didn't always remember to communicate everything Jim said over the voice chat so Chris almost walked off a building once. OOPS.)
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone :) I went over to Chris' aunt's house (his parents, and my parents, sister, and uncle all came too). It was really good! It also wasn't the total stomach disaster I was worried it might be. I was all right, in a sense.

Hung out with family, ate food around 2:00, didn't feel so great, promptly fell asleep on their couch. Woke up about 3 hours later, ate dessert (cheesecake, yum) and then fell asleep... again XD until 6:45 or so. Then I spent some time with family again until a little after 7:00 where everyone decided they should be getting a move on.
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I have a baby niece :D
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My flight to visit my brother and sister-in-law is now booked :D I'm super excited!

I guess I don't have much else to write :x went to Mana Tombs on my druid tonight and main healed after about 5 minutes of doing moonkin, and that was fun :D Probably also a good idea since I was having a hard time not pulling aggro in moonkin xD

I got some new moonkin pants out of the deal! We failed the escort afterward (so no new healing gloves for Alaphrei) but it was still fun. We probably wouldn't have failed if everything didn't insta-aggro to me, but it was over before it really even started :(

ANYWAY I had fun and now I'm really really tired and I have work to do in the morning, so. Good night!
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So the interview I wrote about going to with Chris? He got the job!! :D I'm sooo excited for him :D :D

Mom came over today and she was here to hear the great news :) She brought along Erin and Sadie. Sadie was THRILLED to be here and she was really happy, sniffing out all these new smells. She fell off my bed though :( We had her on a leash since we didn't want her to get into the litter box or anything, and my litter box is NOT Sadie-safe (it's gross but the litter box at home, when she can rarely get into it, is like her own treat box or something... or so she thinks :/). Well, she tried to jump off my bed, but she didn't have much slack, and she just fell to the ground D: She was fine though - poor little thing.

She also has this weird toe thing :( it might need to be removed, but we don't know. Her toe (really, her nail... her toe overall seems fine) looks really bad now :/ I don't think it has been biopsied (spelling?) but it could be a tumor or something? :( It looks like her nail kind of just stopped growing right... it is soft (not hard like a nail should be) and very big and it looks like all the sensitive flesh that would be protected by the nail is exposed (very lovely picture I am painting for you all). It DOES hurt when you touch it but not during her everyday life, as far as we can tell. The vet tried some meds with it (antibiotics maybe?) but nothing seems to have changed. My mom doesn't really want to get it removed though because it would cost a lot of money and she is convinced for some reason that my dog doesn't have that much time left in her. Sadie has problems but I don't think any of them really fall under life threatening or lifespan shortening? Anyway if I get the money sometime after I graduate, I will try to get her toe checked out and get it removed if I have to. She will be living with us too, so I think she'll be happy. I really hope she is good (ie quiet) because I don't think we'll be able to keep her if she is noisy and annoying. She was quiet here though (I went out with mom and came back and she didn't bark at all) but that might just be because my apartment isn't "home" so she doesn't need to protect it.

Lily didn't show her face even ONCE this whole time. For some reason Lily is kind of scared of my mom and I'm sure the dog didn't help, hahaha.

I transferred my druid over to Bronzebeard last night and got her up to 64 :) I am excited to try Lifebloom in an instance although I suspect it would be a little better for pvp. The amount of healing it does overall is a bit underwhelming, but the mana cost is pretty low so... I don't know. Anyway an instant cast is an instant cast so I can't complain too much! I guess my main problem is it basically is the opposite of Unstable Affliction except for way crappier. Then again, UA is a 41 point talent and every druid gets Lifebloom at 64, so oh well.

Need to call Jim to talk about Spring Break! Soon! Will do it tonight! I SWEAR.


Feb. 10th, 2007 04:11 pm
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So, mom is finally... dismantling my room at home :X she asked my permission first though. I went home yesterday to help her while she was packing up. I am SUCH a packrat, and really, that has barely changed. I forced myself to get rid of (a VERY) few things but for the most part I still have tons of crap that I hate to get rid of :p

Actually probably the most awesome thing about this is that most of my stuff from home will already be packed up, so I won't have to worry about it when the time comes to go to Boston!

We had chinese last night and it was delicious!

That was random. Just in case you didn't notice. I grabbed a pile of drawings/sketch pads/etc and stuffed them in my bag and I just went through them. Some of the drawings were really... good! Things I barely believe I drew because it has been so long. I keep thinking I should try again, but when I do it usually just looks bland to me. I need to shake that off, though!

Not much going on on the WoW front - haven't had that much time to play since wednesday night. My draenei priest hit level 41, I made a draenei shaman on bronzebeard (level 6 now - she is using the cute ponytail thing that I couldn't decide if I wanted for my priest or not), Shaeldre is STILL level 66 (but a bit closer to 67), I just feel like I'm in a rut with her.

Oh, friday during my discussion I found that [livejournal.com profile] doxamully was there! It was neat to see someone I knew in my discussion (besides Shane of course). I sat next to her and didn't even know it until halfway through the class. I am smart.

I really like this song but I'm always reminded of that really lame part of this awesome pvp video. When he says "coming out of my cage" in the song, this tauren druid in cat form actually exited a cage. Cheesiest, stupidest thing, EVER! And it sticks in my head every time! Haha...
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Real life stuff~ today was fun :D mom and dad came over around 4:30 and Chris and I went to Holy Smokes with them, Tony, and Jared :D It was super tasty! Regrettably they were out of pulled pork :( but the pulled beef was still super delicious.

I played WoW and The Sims a lot today. I bought the Open for Business pack :D I do like it but I haven't had much time to experiment. I thought my second generation Legacy family sims were going to die together in the photo booth because it bugged and they were both stuck inside slowly starving to death :( but I used the move_objects cheat to delete the photo booth, and the two of them magically appeared in the middle of the house :D so yay!

I've also been reading the Lemony Snicket boots since I bought the last pack of 3 books the other day :) I just started The Grim Grotto. I love these books SO much but I wish they weren't all so short! The books are very expensive and if they were not as good as they are there is no way I'd pay as much for so little content :P the pages are thick, the text size is large, books just aren't very long :(

I don't know what else to write about D: things have been pretty boring. Chris is programming a lot and every time I try to tell him something I get those blank replies where I know he has no idea what I'm saying :P

At the very least I have nothing halfway interesting to say about how things have been, so I am going to end the post with some WoW crap.

WoW stuff~ Shaeldre still doesn't have her 45-minute baron done, but we haven't been able to do it in a while anyway. Hixxy is often leveling her warlock on Akama or working, so I don't know when I will finish it ^^; for now I am going to continue the chain a bit on my mage! She is 7/8 Magister's right now (missing robes still!) and just needs 6 more ogre beads to keep going :D I'm very excited to upgrade her boots/legs/shoulders, although I'm not sure I'll wear the shoulders (depends if the set bonus overrules wearing Thuzadin Mantle or not).

I went to my first MC on my druid and got pissed off because every time one of my heals landed, someone ELSE'S heal landed about .1 seconds earlier so I couldn't cancel and I overhealed for 1000! AU doesn't have a very organized method of healing though like Astrum does, which I think is part of the problem. We just heal whoever whenever whereever, whereas Astrum has you heal group members, then focus on the two groups around your own, so you don't need to stare at 40 names all the time.

I'm very excited for the new 25-man raid cap for instances. It'll make things much more manageable (maybe DotA can do it by then :D) and I very much enjoy the feel of the smaller instances (I do not like ZG but AQ-20 is REALLY fun up until post-Moam trash mobs).

Ceres )

Alaphrei )

Shaeldre )
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Real life stuff before I go into WoW: Met one of Chris' uncles last night :) We went out to eat at Holy Smokes with Dahna and Ben (and them of course), I got the pulled meat platter and it was aaaawesome. I was a little worried, because last time they made a mistake and mixed in the 666 sauce which I didn't ask for, but everyone else at the table did :( This time though, it was perfect!

A couple of days ago, Chris and I made shepherd's pie :) It was really good except I burned my hand on the pot handle. I wasn't thinking, and it was stainless steel, and had just come out of the oven :D It hurt like a bitch for about 4-5 hours before it finally calmed down. I had ice on it, which felt great until I removed it, then it would start to hurt again. Now it's just a shiny little red spot. Tonight, I think we are making Chicken Fingers, if they don't take too long to make :) And yesterday we had tacos for lunch! We have been eating pretty well lately. I am determined to lose some of the weight I have gained (I haven't gained much... I always have fluctuated about 10 pounds between 110-120, I am about 130 now, would like to go back to 110 but 120 would be okay). Want to try to set some nights aside for DDR so I can get some exercise too :)

The apartment has slowly been getting cleaner. I try to do a little bit each day (especially yesterday because of Chris' family coming over).

The day before yesterday, mom came over with Erin. She brought a new litter box for us, my grandma's TV and TV stand, and some other things from grandma's apartment she thought that we could use. It's nice to have a big TV downstairs again... dad put it in the car badly though (it is VERY front-heavy) and it fell over and some of the plastic casing on the front broke off :( but it's no biggie, still works the same and just looks a little less pretty. Mom also brought over a picture of grandma (she was with Erin and I at our 8th grade graduation - I look like an idiot and wasn't smiling at all but that's okay), so I need to get a nice frame for it.

I already wrote down all the stuff under this (wrote it first, then thought that I probably didn't want to do an all-WoW post) so now I'm going to go do work!

I've done kind of a lot in WoW lately.

Ceres went to AQ-40 twice, we didn't manage to down Huhuran though :( However I did get some DKP so for the next 3 weeks I won't lose any for inactivity. Also got Onyxia, it's been a loooong time since I've been in her lair :) I want to try going to MC to get my DS legs and my Cloak of the Shrouded Mists, still. But I can't appear to "blow all my dkp" if I make my druid my main soon, because then they'll both lose a hefty amount D:

Alanis, I have been playing a lot lately. Kind of surprising, since it took her at least 3 months to go from 56->60 because of general inactivity and I only have about 1 day of /played time on her since she hit 60 :) I did the Tier 0.5 upgrades so now she has her gloves, and she's ready for the 45-minute Baron. AU likes to do the 45 Baron runs, so hopefully she'll have that done in a matter of days. She isn't epicced out like everyone else, but it'll be okay! I also am going to be making some Scholomance runs on her with Kelsin. He needs his Wildheart Cowl (for upgrade quests) and I need to get my Magister's Mantle and Crown :) I am thinking of getting Alanis attuned to MC so I can run MC with her, maybe get a Staff of Dominance or something. I don't want to do too much though, since I plan on transferring her to Bronzebeard when paid server transfers come out.

Alaphrei is about halfway to 54 now, with her Wildheart Gloves and DM book waiting for her when she gets there. I can't wait for her to hit 60 so I can try raiding with her! She is proof however of how much I hate leveling on a pvp server. If she were on a PvE server, I'd have been 60 by now. But I usually don't bother playing late in the day at all because it is so frustrating to die all the time :( Against even levels I can very much hold my ground, and often beat them. But higher levels, it is too difficult and often not worth the effort, anyway :x

Shaeldre got her second epic a couple of days ago. I finally coughed up the cash to buy Stockade Pauldrons, so now I have the highest +defense shoulders in the game (at least, they used to be - I am not sure if that is still the case). I still need to get some DPS shoulders, though. At least I replaced my crappy green level 51 shoulders, though! She looks really good though :) Except for her boots, she overall matches. Lots of silver/gold to her, except fooooor the big ugly red boots :D I'll need to get Valor, although they suck. Heroism boots are really good though :) Must... do... 45... minute... Baron...!

Annoyed WoW rant turned happy )
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Haha, I feel so bad for my mom! She has a level 34 hunter on Bronzebeard and she's been getting really frustrated lately. Erin hopped on her character for a moment and figured it out for her. She hasn't trained any spells since level 20 :( Poor, poor mom!

In other news, I got my job at comp sci! I'm going to be doing website/flash/3d work for the robotics lab :) I'm super excited and really looking forward to doing more work. I have to make up some sketches/thumbnails for the website, and the grad student working with me is going to get me some more images to use for the layout. It'll be $10 an hour for now and will go up to $12, and it's 25 hours a week. They are going to try to get me some more but we'll work with what we have for now :)

Chris and I are going to see Art School Confidential (or whatever, I forget if that is the name or not) in northampton today with Tony. Hopefully it'll be good! I wasn't that interested by one of the trailers I saw a while ago but... we'll see.

I was going to write more but now I need to finish up my grocery list since we're going grocery shopping later!

Annnd happy birthday to my dad! I have to remember to call him in a little bit when he will hopefully be home.

Oh, last but not least, Chris was at his Facebook page today. For some reason his birthday was marked down as June 6th. And, he was listed as being interested in men. Haha :P
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Mom called me today. I guess the MRI looked... really bad. Grandma has really, really bad brain damage from the accident... even if she were able to make it through, she would never be the same person again. I'm not even sure if she would be able to manage on her own like she used to... mom did not give me any explicit details about it, nor did I ask. But based on how mom was acting, I'm sure it was not something grandma ever would have wanted... Mom has made the decision to remove grandma's breathing tube, because grandma would not want to live that way at all... we all know that.

At the same time, it's really hard... knowing we are going to lose her soon. The doctors do not know how long it will be, really... from a few hours to a few days. She will continue to breath on her own as she has been all this time, when they take the tube out... we'll have just to play it by ear I guess.

The good news of today is I went to UMass earlier for an interview for a possibly summer job. 12 dollars an hour up to 40 hours a week. It looks like it will be great... doing a lot of stuff relevant to my major too. I'm just not in the mood to give any details. Maybe next time.
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Still no big changes in my grandma's condition. I did go to see her today though (yesterday I did not). She LOOKED a lot better. She was a lot less swollen and they had cleaned her up a bit, got the blood out of her hair and whatnot... I held her hand for a while. I was scared to when I visited her a couple of days ago because I knew she had a lot of broken bones and I didn't want to hurt her at all, but her left arm isn't broken.

Mom has already been approached about taking her off some things (that are helping to keep her alive right now) and I'm really offended by that. She was only hit two days ago... give her TIME. They also approached her about operating on her broken bones to fix them (they are broken too badly to be fixed normally...), but mom doesn't want to put grandma through that just yet... just in case. We are going to wait after the weekend to see what to do about her broken bones.

I am trying my best to be optimistic, but it is difficult. She does seem a bit more aware... but she has not opened her eyes yet or anything. She responds to voices sometimes though... specific voices. I guess there's this one woman she really doesn't like (she thinks that this lady is just waiting for her brother in-law to die so she can have his money, she always talks about moving into "the house" after he dies... she doesn't know my grandma doesn't like her though), and that woman went to visit her yesterday. Every time she spoke to my grandma and every timme she touched her, grandma kind of squirmed and tried to pull away with her arms and legs. Mom thought at the time it was just that the morphine was wearing off. But today the exact same thing happened when that lady came to visit her again today.

The awareness like that goes off and on... probably between when she is actually sleeping or not. But, like I said, she still hasn't opened her eyes. And they haven't been able to do an MRI to see what kind of damage might have been done to her brain (catscans I guess aren't as good as MRIs as finding the bleeding and everything), because she had that thing in her head monitoring the pressure, and it's metal. They are removing that tomorrow... so maybe we will learn some more then.

I cried a little bit when I went to go see her today... it's really hard to see her like that :( But I feel a lot better getting to see her than if I never did...

I guess the man who hit them is the grandfather of someone who is an EMT with my mom :( Their whole family has really been in a wreck... and the man that hit them is taking it really hard. I feel bad for him... it never should have happened but we don't really know what caused it. He said he didn't even see them, and he doesn't really remember the impact now... I hope that my grandma and her friend make it through, for obvious reasons of course!, but also for this man. He really doesn't deserve to be going through this when he's 88 years old. It won't change that they hit him, but it could lessen the weight on his shoulders a bit... The other woman is conscious, but she is no better than my grandma... her hip damage is really bad... people can die from just that, but she has bad head injuries too, so they can't operate yet.

My journal entries have been bundles of joy lately :( I apologize... I just do not have much else on my mind these days.

Some happier stuff... I am going home (to sunderland) tomorrow, Shane is gonna give me a ride home when he's coming back from work. Going to see The Da Vinci Code (which I hear sucks) and come back saturday morning. I played WoW and got my druid on Mannoroth to 49, and did a bunch of frustrating WSG and AB. No one ever supports the flag carriers :| The AB was good actually but only because it was 15 alliance vs. 12 horde and we rolled them. I did a really good uldaman run with Turin's priest, Erin's rogue, Olaine, Ridaya's warrior, and of course my druid. I won an Archaedic Stone of Nature Resistance :P Yay AQ if I ever go.

I feel sick. I hope I'm not coming down with strep throat :( (brenna has it and I babysat her last night.) However, it's probably a bit pessimistic that I have it, since I pretty much kept my distance from Brenna. If I'm getting sick, it's probably mostly stress that's doing it for me.
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So apparently Todd F. (from high school) is getting married (for anyone who was there, I believe he is getting married to the same girl he was going out with in high school - I think I recognized her picture from the prom)! I saw the announcement in the newspaper when I went out to breakfast with mom/dad/Chris yesterday morning. How weird. I didn't even really know it was him at first... the photo was really weird (very very dark so his hair disappeared), but aside from the fact that his last name is so unique I'm sure it would have to be him, it did mention he graduated from Lenox Memorial High School in 2002.

We used to be best friends (granted, it was a very long time ago) and used to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles together and play on my swings! It's very, very weird to hear about people I went to high school with going off and getting married. Especially people I used to be close to once (I don't remember why we stopped being friends, we didn't have a fight or anything :P)

Sooo aside from that now :) This weekend I went home with Chris and we took care of the animals, while my mom and dad were out picking up Erin in Michigan. Friday night we didn't do much, Chris did some work on the computer and I went on a guild run with DotA to a north Dire Maul tribute run :) It went really well, Veela picked up a Mindsurge Robe, I got a Redoubt Cloak and Elemental Plate Girdle of Shadow Resistance, Kumiho got a Barbarous Blade :D Only 1 blue was disenchanted (shaman gloves, sigh), and it was a really fun run overall.

Saturday we hung out at my house instead of going to Chris' game party, my parents + Erin just got home really late the night before (1:30?) and Erin wasn't even up by 12 or so. Mom made eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast :D and then dropped on me that she might have some crazy disease which isn't that serious overall, but can cause you to stop intaking some nutrients from food, and it's caused from eating wheat products. She doesn't have the blood tests back to confirm that, though. Erin has been exihibiting some symptoms of it (constantly tired, depression, soreness of joints, etc) so if mom has it, she has to be tested, and if she has it, I have to be tested. I guess sometimes it doesn't show up until pregnancy / other times later in life, so it's possible I may have it I guess. I really hope I don't though because, well :( no wheat products? No bread, no cookies, no cereal, no pizza? And tons of other stuff? That would really, really, really suck :/ I guess it's a disease that commonly affects Italian and Irish people (something like 1/120 Irish and 1/300 Italian), and I have the blood of both in me :P

Anyway, trying not to worry about it in the meantime at least.

Sunday was Shealyn's 2nd birthday :D She is soooo cute. Brenna is a brat sometimes but totally adorable as well :) I also got to see Jim and Shannon over the weekend, it's probably the last time I will see them for a while :( They're leaving in the middle of May (during my finals I believe) and going to Colorado :( I do hope Jim ends up liking it there, though.
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I had a fun weekend :) Saturday Chris and I went out to eat at Amherst Brewing Company, I had a steak :x and Chris had a yummy burger. We watched 2 movies, Rent and 40 Year Old Virgin. I thought 40 Year Old Virgin would be really terrible and I would hate it, but then I heard it was by the same as Anchorman, and I didn't mind it. My mom and dad also called that night and invited Chris and I over for easter "dinner" at 12 on sunday :) So we ended up going to that, too. I got to see Jim and Shannon (maybe the last time I see them before they move out... which sucks...) and Uncle Richie :)

Sunday night after we came home, we went over to Tony's for chicken pot pie, which was tasty! We also played NORMAL Carcassonne (with only the river expansion) and it was fun! I only lost by one point :( We played Blockus too, and I tied Chris for first with that game (at the end we had the exact two last pieces left... who would have thought? haha)

Yesterday, Brian and Tony came over (and Shane came home sunday night) and we had some fun :D Played some Chu-Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast (Tony won :P) and I think they played some Guitar Hero before I went downstairs. We watched 3 or 4 episodes of Scrubs (loooove Scrubs), and played 3 games of DotA in warcraft III :D First game was me, Chris, and Brian all on a team against Shane and Tony and... we lost... :( lol. My hero was a support hero I think, maybe if I had bought different weapons/stuff for her it would have gone differently, but I sucked while Tony was invisible and critting people for 900 (which btw was 90% of my health). Chris' character finally started to do well toward the end but it was already too late. My character was good until we hit level 6 or so, then after that I felt my character slip away in terms of being balanced and Shane's and Tony's began to dominate :P Shane became invulnerable for 5 seconds after he went below a certain HP... and he did crazy damage. Haha :(

The second game was just Chris and I versus Tony and Brian (Shane was playing WoW and raiding at that point). I picked the Dragon Knight guy. Having a hard time remembering which hero Chris picked that game... oh yeah, it was a hunter-type character. We both had awesome AoE which we used to just clear out enemy units in two hits (one from each of us) and we leveled really fast. We killed Tony a LOT and I felt bad :( Haha. Chris and I ended up winning because our AoE + the awesome-ness of our characters was great.

The third game was the same teams, I chose a Stealth Assassin (weird tiny little satyr guy) and Chris was the mountain king guy with a whole bunch of hero-nuking attacks. We can't tell what the range was on one of them but apparently he got a double kill on them when they were nowhere near each other... haha :( They kept complaining that they couldn't hit me because I was so small, and every time they tried to run away I would just blink, then my passive backstab would be laying on damage, and if they tried to attack me I just used smoke screen so they missed 70% of their attacks. That was a really fun combo. It was a close game though overall, Tony's character was a really good counter to Chris' character because he could silence Chris, and Chris was all about mana (at the end his mana regen and mana pool were huge). Tony almost made it to our tree, so we had to fend him off for a while, and afterward I attacked their base while Chris stayed back and defended and beat the lich king's ice thing :) So yay! That was a much more balanced game, in terms of fairness of characters (and our knowledge of playing them), than any of the others.

Anyway... yeah. I had fun yesterday! Chris and I watched an episode of CSI (gross one... started out with the discovery of an arm in a meat grinder) and then we went to bed.

Anyway time for me to get ready for work and class. Whee. (Speaking of, I had a weird dream last night about today, when I had to go in to Tony's class and watch the students but none of them knew what to do and for some reason they had to do an assignment that they didn't have yet... and it was weird.)

I have pretty much "quit" raiding for a while. I sent Tallgeese (priest coordinator) a private message about it, and I will probably not be showing up for much with AU. So far I have been enjoying it.
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I think I am staying at UMass one extra semester. If I have to pay $600 anyway to take my junior writing class over the summer (grumble...) I may as well stay one full extra semester and hopefully get financial aid so I don't have to pay that much just to take one class, and I can get my other classes I want out of the way! but hopefully I can get it done all right for next semester. I am going to put myself on the waiting list THIS semester. I also need to see what has to be done in order to postpone graduation by one semester... we will see.

I love my Digital Media: Still Image class. It's really fun and I'm learning a lot about photography as well as some image-editing tools in Photoshop that I didn't know anything about before... namely different ways to sharpen an image and of course how to properly use levels :)

I got Drakengard 2 on Thursday and I am having a lot of fun with it. It is just as good of a game as the original Drakengard (read: it's a horrible game) but I still enjoy it because it does have an interesting world and story. The main character is cute but completely boring and very stereotypical. I kind of liked how Caim was a bit of an anti hero... very selfish, very angry, etc. The main character of this game is a total opposite. If he were a real person I would think he was great, but as a character in a game he is just boring :P

On my priest in WoW, we downed Chromaggus and are working toward Nefarion. I love being able to be there for the "firsts" for Astrum since that isn't so much possible on my hunter, even though I prefer my hunter to my priest. Oh well D:

I love this apartment!

On friday I went to Holy Smokes (old church turned into BBQ place... great name) with Chris and his parents, and his aunt and her son :) It was really good food but there was sooo much of it! I think I ate about half of it and felt a little bad, but I brought it all home so I (or Chris) can eat it soon :)

I don't really have that much else to say in here, I can never think of anything...

Oh, Port Wine cheese is *the* best cheese ever and is especially tasty on triscuits, I eat too much of it to possibly be good but... it tastes so great!!
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I had a really great Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Wednesday night->Friday morning at my house with Chris. Thursday, Uncle Richie and Grandma came for dinner :) I was kind of surprised how small the group was this year... usually we eat with a lot more people. But for some reason we didn't eat with Mike and Tammy, and Jim and Shannon spent theirs at home I think. It was weird! But the dinner was really good at any rate. Didn't really do much other than eat dinner, it was a nice quiet evening. There was a big snow storm at night so dad went out to snowblow the driveway after mom left to bring grandma home.

Friday we were supposed to do some stuff with my mom before we left, but she had to go to work :( so we finished up the laundry we started, then talked to my dad for a bit while we ate lunch, then went to Chris' parents' house :) Had a really good stir fry dinner! We also showed them Guitar Hero :) My "skill" really has gone down since I haven't been playing... I was horrible. Plus none of the things I completed a few weeks ago are there anymore because Chris' data got corrupted :( We also played Settlers of Catan with Chris' parents! It was really fun, I'm excited to play it again sometime :) Saturday I worked on my flash animation a little while Chris did some work on his room, and I helped Chris take his cds down off the wall so he could bring them back here to the apartment. We left around 5pm, and when we got back here, ate dinner and watched Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is really good, the characters are all so cute :) We're on episode 12 or 13 at the moment, I think!

Today I played WoW in the morning. Oh yeah last night I got invited into Exiles of Lordaeron :) So now Voice has a guild! I don't know many people there yet so it feels a little weird, but once I get to group with them it'll probably get better. I also got Voice attuned for MC and she's at Jail Break! on the Onyxia chain, and she's attuned for Blackwing Lair too :) Chris and I ate breakfast together, watched some fruits basket, and then started working. I've been working on my animation for a while and even though it is far from done, I think it's time for a break.
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Soooo this past weekend was fun :) Friday Chris and I went to my house, we did our own thing on our computers and I spent some time with mom. She showed me the Halloween pictures from Guild Wars that she took and it really made me want to play (hence we ended up playing later on). The next day we went to the Soul Calibur III tournament that Rich was holding at Gamestop. Both of us did okay, we would have done much better if we had practiced at all. I got beaten by some cheap Taki crap :P and then Chris got beaten by it right after. Rich was beaten with some real Sophitia garbage but after he learned it (after the tournament unfortunately) he was schooling all of them, as he usually does.

After that Chris and I went to Chris' aunt's house where we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with his aunt's family and his parents. It was REALLY good and Summer (the puppy) was cute as usual :D Around 5:45 we left to go to the mall to see Harry Potter with Jay, his brother, and his brother's fiancee. It was also good, not as good as some of the other movies but I still enjoyed it a lot. However there is no way those kids look 14! Haha

After the movie, Chris and I played a little bit of Guild Wars then went to bed. Sunday, Chris installed GW on his computer and we played it together while he was at his lab monitor job. After he came home we had hamburger helper for dinner and watched some Fruits Basket (which is oh so so so good). Then I had to go to Onyxia since I signed up, and Chris came too even though he didn't sign up, and that was fun... while Chris did Arathi Basin afterward, I played my priest and eventually got her to level 59. I am really annoyed at myself for last night because we were WINNING a horribly long Alterac Valley. I went afk for a few minutes to grab some cookies... and I auto-afk'd out during that time :( Noooooooo....! So that was a load of wasted time, arg. At least I got good honor for it, but I didn't get the reputation for winning which is REALLY irritating.

Picture from the Shadowfang Keep run with Jay :) )

Our Guild Wars characters + some rambling about it )
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Soo this morning didn't begin well :( I had not been awake for long, picked up the phone. A male asking for my mom. I said she was sleeping, and he said it was an emergency... asked who it was, he said he was from the Pittsfield Police Department and it was about her mother. I was completely freaked out woke mom up and gave the phone to mom right away. Grandma had fallen down in her apartment and broke her hip... she's lucky that one of her neighbors heard her fall and called the ambulance :( but her hip is broken... she had surgery on it earlier this afternoon, and mom and dad gave me a call earlier to let us know that she was okay. The initial stress from hearing it was about my grandma (of course I worried it was much worse than a fall, which of course is really bad in itself because she broke her hip...) really had me on edge all day.

I also found out last night that two of our cats have gone missing. Magic and Merry. Magic was old and sickly (really bad skin problems and a grooming problem where he would groom himself sick, literally, and made himself bald in some spots), I feel so bad that he's gone... and Merry... he is so young... I hope he's okay but I can only assume the worst :( It's so hard when pets disappear like that, because its hard to mourn when you don't even know what's become of them. Magic has been missing for about a month, Merry for a week. I really hope Merry shows up again... he's disappeared for a few days before, but never for this long... :/

Its really unfortunately that events were as they were, forcing us to finally allow (some) cats to go outside. Some of them just grew to completely disregard the litter box no matter what, nothing my mom could do would make them actually listen, and we have a lot of litter boxes so that's not the problem...

Anyway, I'm glad that Pippin is safe and living at Uncle Richie's house (something I also discovered), Lily will never be let outdoors, or Kili... I just don't want any more kitties to go missing, I love them all so much :(

Aside from that... my weekend was decent. I played games with chris (he brought my old computer, I brought my laptop), I spent some time with Grandma and Shannon and Uncle Richie, I had the BEST CORN I've had in a long time, oh wow. It was grown by this Amish guy and wow <3 Sooo good, best I've ever had I think. It was nice to see them all again... I hope I will be able to see my grandma on wednesday when I go home for Otakon, and hopefully we'll see uncle Richie as well since he's coming over to pick up his computer on wednesday.

Chris and I bought new pillows today, I hope they're good, because my pillow has started to really suck and not support nearly as well as it used to. Yes, I'm sure everyone cares about my pillow! :/
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Sooo Shane moved in yesterday which is cool :) I thought he was staying o_O but he only brought his bed and stuff, no computer and whatnot, and left after we all ate pizza. Tom came too :) which was nice. I'm excited for when they both live here :D

Can't think of a lot to say, already :/ I installed The Sims on my computer again, with the pet pack and the house party pack that I was able to buy together. But no Living Large! That expansion added so many cool things, and I don't have any of them :( I hope I can add it on after, but I've had problems doing that with Sims expansions before... so I might have to uninstall the whole thing!

Oh yeah, Erin, dad, and uncle Richie came up on sunday. It was being weird and raining off and on. But anyway, Richie wanted to see the campus. We drove around, I showed him some of the class buildings, my old dorm building, where I work now and where I work over the school year, football stadium, dining commons, and other random things. It was raining though so we didn't actually get out of the car. Then we went to Staples, and my uncle bought Chris and I new computer mice (wired (I'm not a fan of wireless) optical). He said it was a graduation present for Chris :P Anyway, they're nice, though I had some problems with the drivers before. The new ones work perfectly though. (Although, I still don't have it working perfectly on my comp, since I was too lazy to restart my computer at the time, and then I forgot after.)

After Staples we went to Amherst Brewing Company for lunch. I had shepherd's pie <3 it was very good. Chris had a burger that was cajun style or something? I forget exactly. But then he ate Erin's burger too because she randomly lost her appetite and only had a bite or two of it. It was tasty, I didn't expect it :) And we had Mozzerella sticks :D I think I just spelled that wrong :( They also have a non-fried version of it where it is just breaded :O

Dad brought up a vaccuum cleaner because I've been dying for one, and the bag was full. Tried to empty out the bag, and I couldn't.. it was all full of cat hair and stuff :/ Also the hose is broken so we had to try to duct tape it. So now its sitting in the living room... when mom brings Erin up friday maybe she can try to bring a bag for it.

I really can't *wait* for my laptop. It's kind of unbelieveable :D I'll need to go out and try to find a backpack that it'll fit in... there's no way I can carry it in the messenger bag. It might *fit*, but with the size it is, I don't want to carry it around slung over my shoulder. That kind of thing needs to be against my back and supported, otherwise it'll just wear me out.

I also need to buy a wrist-rest thing for my keyboard. I'm using Chris' now. I had one before, but it doesn't fit on this keyboard tray.

I'm just rambling on about nothing now, so I think I'll try to eat breakfast now.

WoW Stuff: Last night I mostly played my priest on Stormrage... wasn't in the mood to deal with PvP. She's a little over halfway to 16 I think... she's fun. When I hit 18 I'm going to be able to start putting points into Shadow :D I really wanted the Unbreakable Will and Improved Power Word: Shield talents before I put anything into shadow. I can't wait for Spirit Tap right now... the down time is getting to me big time. I was debating not going shadow, but leveling with her will probably be a pain in the butt otherwise. I want soloing to go fast and easy but still have a couple of good tools in instances (which is why I did that little bit of discipline, which will *also* help soloing).
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Had a good weekend... video game tournament was on saturday, which I lost, really really badly. Actually both games I played in were very close, so I didn't lose that bad. First was against James, and he's always awesome to play. I started to figure him out at the end of the 3rd match (he won, I won, then he won the third) but not in time to win :P Second was against a Ganondorf player... same sort of thing happened. I should have taken my first game more seriously, but I don't know if that would have changed the outcome. Both characters are ones I never play against, and I haven't seriously played Smash Bros. in months anyways. Regardless, I think I did okay considering :) James made it pretty far, and Chris' friend Steve got 2nd place!

After that, we came home and then got ready to go to my house. Visited with my mom a bit, then got Jared and went out to friendly's with my sister since she just got home. Went back, played soul calibur a bit, I played some wow on my dad's comp, then we played the warcraft board game (!) then we went to bed! This morning was mostly laundry and talking to my parents, and around 4ish my brother and Shannon came to pick up my sister for dinner and FF:CC playing :) Chris and I didn't go because we were leaving, of course. But it was really great to see them! I'm soooo excited for their wedding :) October 7th :D

Not much else to write about I guess. Just finished putting away the clothes (we're back at the apartment now). Going to go make myself a late dinner soon and watch Kenshin... and work on the most awesome flash RPG in the world :)
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okay now... I try to get my throat to feel better and instead it feels progressively WORSE. Things are not going my way... I better freaking feel better by this weekend >:O I also have plans to perhaps go to Jared's house for some game playing tomorrow after work, and also perhaps hanging-out-with-Kendra time on thursday (day off, yay), which plans will be solidified later in the week. Hopefully that will happen though, I miss my Kenders :(

Then friday I work 10-4:30 and Chris will be here that night! and I'll have an awesome Chris-filled weekend. And i damn well better not feel like crap during it. But then again, if I'll still feeling crappy by then I'll probably need a doctor's visit...

Erin today wore her hair down after she got out of the shower, and it looked really nice!! I'm going to try that tomorrow morning, it'll mean taking a really quick shower in the morning though so that I make sure to make myself look nice before work if it turns out badly. Which it probably will, because my hair has this tendency to suck and not do what I want it to. Blah blah blah, curly hair is so pretty, blah blah, but it's damn annoying sometimes. I like it, but god. I wish I knew what it was like to not be so limited in what I can do with it. Not that I'd do much, but sometimes the lack of having to do something is what would be nice (instead I have to put it up in some way or form every day or it usually gets frizzy and poofs and that = crap)

oh well. I'm slightly worried about going to bed tonight. Last time I got sick at college, I was having a HORRIBLE time breathing, and I kind of feel like that now, a little better though... I'll take some benedryl or something before bed so if my problem is being helped by my allergies it won't be so bad... I'm tempted to say that now allergies are my main problem because when I was at work yesterday, I felt relatively okay. I was coughing and sneezing a little, but my throat problems went away after a little while being there... I don't know :/

anyway going to get ready for bed i guess, then wait for chris to call, since i assume he'll be home soon since he has work tomorrow... anyway i can play some final fantasy tactics advance so it's all good.

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