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I love when IE6 throws me complete wtf moments - z-index (as far as I know) does not apply to static elements. You have to position it somehow, whether relative or absolute or what (I actually have never tried it on fixed elements, don't use that much). But here I was getting a bug where an absolutely positioned element with a z-index of 10000 was working properly in Firefox and IE7 and in IE6 was magically behind the layout container div.

I tried putting position: relative; on the containing div with a z-index: 1; but that did not work. IE7 started exhibiting the same behavior as IE6 and was dropping the menu behind the whole container. Cue almost freak out mode.

Then on a whim (because it takes all of 3 seconds to do) I just put position: static, and it does the proper thing in every browser :D Yay!! (Now I'm just confused, because the containing div had no styles on it at all and I don't see how it would have been inheriting anything weird... but I'm just going to send away a "Whatever!" to the IE6 gods.)
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Oh my god.

Started this morning with a weird little bug with a couple of things dropping below the column in IE6.

so I started to remove things to find out why - then suddenly, fairly inexplicably, things weren't dropping below anymore. So I started to add modules back in.

It was working great. I had almost every module added back in, and nothing was dropping! Wasn't making a lot of sense.

Suddenly, they dropped again.

I removed the thing I had just added...

and they were still all dropping!

Kept removing modules...

And now nothing except the stupid text javascript ad is properly in the right column.

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So I built a spotlight module with html/css for our website. It seemed to work fine, I sent it off, then today there is a problem in IE.

I'm not sure if this problem has always been there and we just didn't notice...?

But bottom line is, our website runs in quirks mode. Yes, quirks mode. Apparently one of the developers at the Tech Services Group tried to add a DOCTYPE and it ended up being more work than it was worth, so he backpedaled on it.

Quirks mode + Internet Explorer = everything is possible and nothing can be accomplished.

So anyway we had a headline in the last spotlight. And strangely, like 10 pixels underneath the spotlight block, there was an extra letter. This letter is the last letter of the headline (and it is even linked to the headline so it is definitely somehow related to this block of text). But the headline is complete! So basically the last letter is being repeated in this completely random freaking place.

I have a set width on the block in which this headline sits and this is way outside it. I don't understand :(

I tried a bunch of things and then while I was trying things I commented out the end part of the headline, trying to see if the problem appeared when the headline was only 1 line long. It went away and I slowly started adding more words. I made it to the last word except for the last letter - still no random repeating letter. Huh.

I remove the comment around the last letter, and the bug is back. On a whim, I added a comment at the end of the headline - just:

<-- d -->

And... everything is perfect. What the hell kind of hack is that? I am so confused :( Anyway, problem solved with a ridiculous hack, but I just can't figure out what would have caused it to happen in the first place!

On the other hand, given how quirky quirks mode is, I don't know if I want to know.


Apr. 29th, 2008 02:43 pm
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The Universal IE Hack

Another hot tip? Go on then.

Last year saw the launch of IE7. IE6 is still a widely used browser and IE8 beta is out of the starting blocks. A lot of IE hacks? Nope. Simply use the Universal IE Hack. Place the following code in the Head of your document:

<!--[if IE]>
html, body, * {
  display: none;

This supersedes all documented IE hacks to date. Enjoy.

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