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Astrum got Nefarion last night :) I posted a bunch of pictures in my gallery: http://pics.livejournal.com/ayashi in Voice's gallery.

We didn't get any loot which was pretty disappointing :( but the fact that we finally killed Nef kind of overshadowed that ;)

It felt really good to finally be there for a Nef kill... I can't say how irritated I was that I helped Aegis Uprising get to that point, I raided with them almost every Nef night for NO dkp. But then everyone is like "omg we almost have nef? I can raid again" and so, once again, began the hour of Ceres not raiding. Again. :p Astrum's system of awarding you DOUBLE dkp for the time spent attempting Nef was much better imo :/ at least even if I hadn't been able to go last night, I would have still gotten something for the hours I spent trying to kill him :p

Anyway, minirant over :x I love my priest, I just wish she was on a server with all my WoW friends... Manno :( But as of late especially I have gotten to be good friends with most of the priest class, we have lots of fun in our priest channel and we also have a priest trademark now (yay for White Kittens!!). I am friends with about half the hunters as well, I guess I'm just a hunter person? hehe :D

As for real life stuff, for some reason my stomach hurts really bad :( It might be from all my coughing? Because it doesn't hurt when I'm not coughing, unless I stretch or do something. Blah!
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Games quick overview :p

Suikoden V is out <3 I must go buy it. I think I am going to be getting it tonight :D

Oblivion is really fun. I found out while playing around that indeed, horses can die :( I stole a horse (didn't save... I don't want to be known as a thief :D) and was running around. I was attacked by two wolves. Well, one of them completely ignored me and went after my horse, which just ran away T_T I killed the wolf I was fighting and tried chase after my horse. I shot a fireball at the wolf, but I missed, and hit my horse instead >< Something else attacked me so I had to stop and kill it. Then I went to look for my horse. I walked in the direction it had been running. I come to a hill... and look up. My horse is tumbling down the hill, dead T_T Good thing that wasn't a real save :P

The game IS really fun though. Aside from some weirdness (not always knowing when I am accidentally going to do something I will regret... I am slowly learning though (red cursor usually means you are stealing something). My first experience stealing a horse was "oh hey, a horse :D *clicks on it*" I didn't mean to steal it T_T but a guard ran up to me and I was arrested. I also accidentally pickpocketed someone because I tried to talk to them while I was sneaking... sigh. :P I got arrested for that, too.

Slowly I become more and more bummed out because my character is a little boring. I feel bad saying that XD but she looks like a very plain person, like someone you'd expect to just see on the street on your way to work, or someone you would just walk by at the store. (She is a red-haired Breton, and a Spellsword (sigh... how creative is that name? :p)) I was recommended the Bard class but I was all "I'm not going to be a sissy bard!" and chose Spellsword instead. I guess the exact same thing happened to Shane :P

The controls feel a little clunky, but it gets better as I get used to them. EVERYTHING is under one menu so it's a little annoying at times...

Anyway gotta get working :D

Oh, and since this is all about games anyway: Voice received her Prophecy belt last night :D First priest BoE to drop in over 2 months. It's about damn time. Too bad the bracers will _NEVER_ drop. Ever. :|

Yes, this post was completely not about real life, but that's ok :x
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I think I am staying at UMass one extra semester. If I have to pay $600 anyway to take my junior writing class over the summer (grumble...) I may as well stay one full extra semester and hopefully get financial aid so I don't have to pay that much just to take one class, and I can get my other classes I want out of the way! but hopefully I can get it done all right for next semester. I am going to put myself on the waiting list THIS semester. I also need to see what has to be done in order to postpone graduation by one semester... we will see.

I love my Digital Media: Still Image class. It's really fun and I'm learning a lot about photography as well as some image-editing tools in Photoshop that I didn't know anything about before... namely different ways to sharpen an image and of course how to properly use levels :)

I got Drakengard 2 on Thursday and I am having a lot of fun with it. It is just as good of a game as the original Drakengard (read: it's a horrible game) but I still enjoy it because it does have an interesting world and story. The main character is cute but completely boring and very stereotypical. I kind of liked how Caim was a bit of an anti hero... very selfish, very angry, etc. The main character of this game is a total opposite. If he were a real person I would think he was great, but as a character in a game he is just boring :P

On my priest in WoW, we downed Chromaggus and are working toward Nefarion. I love being able to be there for the "firsts" for Astrum since that isn't so much possible on my hunter, even though I prefer my hunter to my priest. Oh well D:

I love this apartment!

On friday I went to Holy Smokes (old church turned into BBQ place... great name) with Chris and his parents, and his aunt and her son :) It was really good food but there was sooo much of it! I think I ate about half of it and felt a little bad, but I brought it all home so I (or Chris) can eat it soon :)

I don't really have that much else to say in here, I can never think of anything...

Oh, Port Wine cheese is *the* best cheese ever and is especially tasty on triscuits, I eat too much of it to possibly be good but... it tastes so great!!
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Not only did I receive my epic staff tonight, Benediction / Anathema (oh man that quest... it's crazy), Astrum as a whole zoomed through Razorgore and then through Vael! We got him only on our second night of attempts and first night of really serious attempts! It's a great milestone for the guild as a whole! :D

Voice is all grown up! :) )
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Welll Lily is having a blast here and I'm really happy :) Whenever she's hungry she just nags me by meowing and being generally annoying... she's so cute :)

I'm taking care of Kyorei's bunny for a week, he's really cute! He's so soft to the touch :)

Today I went to work for a few hours and got some stuff done, I'm going in again on Thursday to finish up.

I'm halfway through The Carnivorous Carnival in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It's really good... I love these books :) I need to get the next 3-book set, and then I think there's only one book left! Oh no :( (I think I can manage ^^)

WoW stuff
I went to MC last night on Ceres. I got my Giantstalker's Belt :) Yay! 5/8 set pieces now, and I got my 5 piece bonus.

I'm really looking forward to the servers coming up. I hope I hit Knight-Lieutenant :D That means I'd get two pieces of my PvP set (gloves and boots). I want the robes the most, but I get those next rank at Knight-Captain. The journey to my 90g epic mount is going slowly but surely. Yay!
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Lily is being much better :) I'm not sure if she's had anything to drink yet (which is really weird...) but she has been eating her food and also using the litter box :D She is exploring all over now. Yesterday she spent all day hiding under the futon but then she came out in the evening and came into our room, where she meowed at us for the rest of the night and hopped in our laps and played with a twist-tie and did other silly Lily things :)

Also Chris and I found out that we might be able to move into the 2-foor apartment after all! Someone is moving out this week and Chris and I are supposed to go see it tomorrow :D I can't wait. I feel really bad for little Lily :( but hopefully she will adjust quickly like she did with here, and she should recognize some of the smells I hope, since it'll all be the same furniture.

WoW Stuff:

Yesterday Voice got her Devout Mantle :D

...then in Molten Core later in the night she was defaulted Mantle of Prophecy!

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Lily came home with Chris and I yesterday!! She hid in the bathroom for most of the evening, then Chris brought her in here and she hid under the bed for the rest of the evening. I woke up at 5am to find her sleeping at the end of the bed :) But then she went under it again. She is sooo sweet but so scared! I really hope she calms down soon ^^ She's getting better. We can definitely tell that she isn't scared of us or anything we do, but she's very scared of the new place. She is slinking around everywhere, staying very close to the ground and also constantly looking for the nearest place to hide. She doesn't like the living room much because there isn't a good place for her to hide (lots of stuff under the futon so she can't really get in there). She wouldn't eat yesterday but Chris today got some food on her paw, and she ate it and then ate most of the rest of the food in her bowl. I don't think she's had anything to drink yet but hopefully that'll come next!

She is really a sweet little kitty, I hope she feels better soon so she can be out and about :)

I feel almost completely better. Most of the "ugh I feel horrible"ness is gone. I'm REALLY stuffy now but at least no upset stomach or sore throat! I was really scared I'd have to get a throat culture. They are the 2nd worst thing in the world, second only to throwing up! Only because they make me feel like I'm going to >< Also, I can't help it. Every time I get a feeling like that, I have to make it stop. When I had my last throat culture, it got so unbearable I grabbed the doctor's hand and ripped it out of my mouth :x When I had impressions of my teeth when I was a bit younger, some of the stuff went back into my throat a bit and I ripped it right out of my mouth. The dentist's assistant said she had NEVER had anyone do that to her before, I was too fast!

Anyway going to go lie down now, Chris is taking a nap :D

WoW Stuff:

I joined Astrum on Stormrage and it's pretty cool so far. Exiles of Lordaeron was just very big and it was hard for me to get to know people. I feel a lot more comfortable in Astrum I think. It's still hard because I don't really know anyone (I got in through my friend Redfuel who is a really, really nice Hunter) but I got to know some people last night while I was in MC :) We cleared the whole thing in one night, from Lucifron to Ragnaros. It was pretty fun! I could have had two prophecy pieces defaulted to me if they dropped, but of course they didn't :( Soon hopefully I'll be able to get the Eye of Divinity to get my pretty loud "HI IMA PRIEST" staff which will be my main cause of death in PvP from now on <3 Hehe I think that's a joke. I'm not sure. I do want to use it in pvp for a while at first and see if I notice a difference in my survivability :P The staff is real nice since, if I use the Anathema form of it (although Benediction gives +healing which would be better for healing), I'll have +20 shadow resist and also a lot more stamina. We'll see :X

I guess I also need to think about how the hell I'm going to get an Eye of Shadow :( I certainly can't farm those elite demons in Winterspring by myself, I don't know if I have enough friends in the guild to do it, and Chris is only level 42 :x

As for Ragnaros last night, it was a funny and very intense fight. I think we had 3-4 people left alive at the end :x but it was okay, hehe.


Today is a no-WoW day for me, and not just because of the patch :) I wanna spend the whole day with Chris! UMass is closed so he doesn't have work. If the roads are good later today we're going to go grocery shopping.


Dec. 19th, 2005 02:42 pm
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Voice went to Zul'Gurub! )
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(x-posted to the wow_ladies community)

I just had the most epicly awesome ending to a North DM tribute run on my priest... ever.

The battle with the observer and the king... It didn't start off so great. First off we had one warrior tanking each boss, which was a little scary for my mana pool. I wanted the hunter to use his pet to offtank the observer but they would hear none of it because a "cat isn't a tank"! I've tanked the damn thing with my cat T_T which I tried to tell them T_T but oh well. Anyway as you can guess my mana pool created of mostly blue but some green items was looking a little grim for such a task.

Almost immediately, probably around 70-80%... our mage gets punted into a group of 3 champions across the room and dies. Great... well we still have a hunter for DPS! Meanwhile I'm trying to heal both warriors each on a different boss, and the observer keeps running at me while the off-tank warrior is feared and mind blasting me :( This took me down to 300 hp quite fast. Anyway... I'm low on mana already and the boss is only 40% health... I used Inner Focus (21 disc free heal talent) and did prayer of healing to try to stave it off a bit longer. Did my best to keep up the offtank with renew while spamming my best heals on the main tank, which of course weren't very effective because he was being mortal striked the whole time...

Then, everyone is low health. I have no mana and I'm still at 300 hp. I already used my only mana potion earlier in the fight... The king is at 5%. Our main tank dies. The hunter does what he can, then dies. The off tank leaves the observer, does what he can, and dies. The King is at 1%. Both the observer and the king run for me.

I'm pretty much out of mana.

My mana regen ticks... it gives me enough mana for a single smite spell. I send a little prayer to Elune and hit it... the observer whacks me with his staff, slightly interrupting my spell and making me into even more of a nervous wreck besides.

I have 100 hp left.

The king is just about to hit me...

Smite hits the king for about 300 hp.


My group was estactic XD I ressed the group after gushing happily about my Smite killing the king, nothing really worthwhile dropped (Except the Brightly Glowing Stone, which I got, although I would have much preferred a Mindsurge Robe, Crown of the Ogre King, or staff)
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x-posted this to my own journal after posting in wow_ladies :)

I originally intended, as a joke, to go to Winterspring and ding there. But when I got closer, I also got impatient, and it was much faster to collect 3 books and return them for the ding than go all the way to winterspring to return the yeti quest... so I did :P

Obligatory ding picture below )

Now off to a future of healing faces instead of melting them (okay fine, I healed them before too, but now I'm no longer a healing shadow priest :p) and hopefully a Molten Core and Benediction are in my future! I just applied to a guild that one of my friends is in, and I hope it works out :) After being essentially guildless for 20 levels, it's going to be really refreshing! Also now I can start to PvP with Navi and Viral! ^_^
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Soooo this past weekend was fun :) Friday Chris and I went to my house, we did our own thing on our computers and I spent some time with mom. She showed me the Halloween pictures from Guild Wars that she took and it really made me want to play (hence we ended up playing later on). The next day we went to the Soul Calibur III tournament that Rich was holding at Gamestop. Both of us did okay, we would have done much better if we had practiced at all. I got beaten by some cheap Taki crap :P and then Chris got beaten by it right after. Rich was beaten with some real Sophitia garbage but after he learned it (after the tournament unfortunately) he was schooling all of them, as he usually does.

After that Chris and I went to Chris' aunt's house where we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with his aunt's family and his parents. It was REALLY good and Summer (the puppy) was cute as usual :D Around 5:45 we left to go to the mall to see Harry Potter with Jay, his brother, and his brother's fiancee. It was also good, not as good as some of the other movies but I still enjoyed it a lot. However there is no way those kids look 14! Haha

After the movie, Chris and I played a little bit of Guild Wars then went to bed. Sunday, Chris installed GW on his computer and we played it together while he was at his lab monitor job. After he came home we had hamburger helper for dinner and watched some Fruits Basket (which is oh so so so good). Then I had to go to Onyxia since I signed up, and Chris came too even though he didn't sign up, and that was fun... while Chris did Arathi Basin afterward, I played my priest and eventually got her to level 59. I am really annoyed at myself for last night because we were WINNING a horribly long Alterac Valley. I went afk for a few minutes to grab some cookies... and I auto-afk'd out during that time :( Noooooooo....! So that was a load of wasted time, arg. At least I got good honor for it, but I didn't get the reputation for winning which is REALLY irritating.

Picture from the Shadowfang Keep run with Jay :) )

Our Guild Wars characters + some rambling about it )
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Soooooo I had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday Chris and I went to Tyris-Chris' birthday party. It was fun! We played Age of Renaissance (I probably spelled that wrong), something that I forget the name of that involved building a city, tested out one of Tyris' in-progress games that he's making, Jungle Speed (frightening game! :P), and... something else I think. I played a game that I ALSO forget the name of (haha) that involved there being two teams with a sniper and a mole and the snipers on each team had to shoot each other or the mole from the other team that seemed to be on their team. I was the sniper a lot and it was obvious, my first 3 games ever I was the sniper, which felt very uncomfortable :( so my team lost a lot in the beginning. I'm not sure how many actual games of it we played but I did win one bout eventually :D Chris also played Ingenious which he seemed to enjoy :) At that point I was really tired so I ended up just watching.

We went home that night, since Chris has work sundays. It wasn't too bad of a drive, though. Shane and Mike were still awake (and Tom of course), and they had come over for the day. So we talked to them for a while and they seemed to REALLY be enjoying Guitar Hero :D I talked to Shane a bit about WoW stuff too, we all stayed up way too late, then went to bed.

Sunday I think... I didn't really do that much. I played a lot of World of Warcraft I guess. Also I went out grocery shopping with Tom while Chris was at work, so that way he didn't have to drive there after :) It worked out pretty well! My priest hit 57 sunday night, and then Chris and I ate dinner and watched the first few episodes of Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is REALLY good. I don't know why we held off on watching it for so long. I'm sooo happy that we got this at Otakon over the summer :D The characters are all really good and it has a super cute story so far. We're only on the 3rd or 4th episode though.

Monday I played more WoW, I did a couple of instances. Did UBRS in the morning (got nothing! Rolled on spiritshroud leggings, dreadmist robe (no warlocks), and tooth of gnarr but lost them all), then did Scholomance afterward. Scholomance ended up much better, because I got Necropile Robes. They have 25 stamina and 12 int/12 spirit. Perfect pvp robes for me I think :) So now I have a lot of awesome blue gear :D I have my Devout Belt/Sandals (I want to collect the whole set because I think it is super pretty), Royal Tribunal Cloak (6 stamina and 16 intellect or something equally cool), Soulstealer Mantle, Burial Shawl (haven't decided if I want them or not, they are 16 intellect (so 6 less int than soulstealer) but have +20 damage/healing so I might use them for my +healing set), Dreadmist Sandals (our warlock already had Felheart in E. Strat so I took them for PvP gear), and of course Necropile Robes.

Oh, last night also I ended up beating Shadows of the Colossus.

The game froze on me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENDING. So I had to beat it AGAIN! >:(

Although it was a source of great frustration that night, it truly was an awesome game.

While waiting for the laundry to finish I played two games of Arathi Basin on my priest. It was pretty fun. We did pretty well, there was a lot of good teamwork. Not enough to win but both games were really close. It is really nice being a part of a group with healers other than just me AND healers who actually heal :D I was grouped up with two druids and for the most part we were the Blacksmith Defense Team. It rocked because we just healed back and forth, whichever one was being nailed at the time. For some reason druids in bear form seem to draw as much attention as a priest. I don't know why. But druids in bear form are much easier to heal than myself :)

This is the highest crit I've had. Ever. On my then-level 56 Priest, versus an even-level mob. WOW, I love engineering.

Raiding situation for Ceres looks grim. It is pointless to log in as her, since MC now is only Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I don't get home until 8:30. Thursday is video game club. Tuesdays are Blackwing Lair... invite only so only the best geared people get to go. Yay... :/


Nov. 8th, 2005 11:54 pm
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Got 3 final projects coming up, one in each animation class. It's a bit scary.

My Priest is level 55 now and is Rank 4 for PvP. I only PvP once a week or so, so I think this is pretty good.

My dad is in the hospital tonight, and probably will be for a few days, because of an infection in his leg. My mom didn't have any details to give to me about it at the time, she said she didn't know how it happened either. I'm sure he'll be okay, it's still a little scary though... I am going to try to call him tomorrow if I ever get the chance during the day.

This weekend will be fun since it is Tyris-Chris' birthday :) I'm really looking forward to it, game parties at his house are always really fun. :D

I need to go to bed soon as tonight will be yet another night where I don't get enough sleep but still have to wake up early. I always do this to myself. I suck.

I almost accidentally lost this post, not that I wrote much anyway, so I am going to post it now. This was really boring and brought to you by Caitlin. Good night!

Edit: Also, Aegis Uprising killed Ragnaros without the use of fire protection potions today. Wow! :) I wasn't able to be a part of it, but Kelsin was, so I wanted to post about it ^_^


Oct. 17th, 2005 07:43 am
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I am doing homework right now. I am very tired. I went to bed around midnight and made myself get up around 6.

I was stupid and didn't do my homework over the weekend. I definitely should have. In a way it was worth it because I had a LOT of fun. I leveled my priestess on Stormrage from 44-47.

I saw Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 this weekend. 2 was just a really horrible movie although it had some funny moments. I don't really think I was expecting anything different though, haha! Also over the weekend Jared and Brian came over for a little while. We played some puzzle games on our Nintendo DS's together and then Shadows of Camelot. Shadows of Camelot said "Haha Caitlin, I know you have never lost one of these, well EAT THIS!" and we proceeded to have the most pessmistically horrible Shadows of Camelot game ever. While we were trying to do the grail quest almost every single progression of evil card we got was, of course, bad for the grail. We got a few normal ones and of course Desolation. Left that area because it seemed hopeless, blah blah, then eventually went back. (Note that after I left the grail quest, we had almost NO cards that messed up the grail quest.) Had some really good progress, and then I got a clairvoyance card. OK let's check it out :)

It spelled doom for us. Two morgan cards, one which read "1 knight loses 3 life, or every knight loses 1 each". At the time Jared only had 2 hp and every else only had 1. D: One morgan card had one person throw out 3 white cards. One card was (of course!) desolation, AGAIN. There was another horrible one that I forget, and a black knight one. We survived the worst Morgan card because Jared ended up healing himself at some point. Then soon after Jared got a card that forbade Merlin cards. Eventually we got to a point where we had 2 catapults to die, and then we got a picts/saxons card, and of course both of them on the board had 3/4. We lost :( However we should have lost already by then, because we had already gotten a card that would have ended the game and kind of shoved them to the bottom of the pile :P (another one that would have caused every knight to die except one).

So I conclude that Shadows of Camelot is impossible without a lot of people! :P And with bad shuffling.

WoW rambling that no one cares about. )
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This post is completely about World of Warcraft so I'm going to save you 3 minutes of your life and just say you can skip this entry over... :P

Well Voice dinged 40 late last night (around 1-2am) after which I eagerly rushed to Darnassus.

I am slightly annoyed, I mentioned something about leveling quickly (one of my friends on the server I think feels like less of a man because a girl is leveling faster than him, even though I try over and over to explain that I have multiple high level characters and I know the quests a lot better than people who only have 1 higher level char like he does). Anyway I mentioned that and someone in my guild goes "Yeah that's because girls have an easier time getting help with quests." Yes... because that's what I do, I say "hay guys ima gurl, can u help me w/ quest plz". I've soloed almost the entire game outside of instances, I am not leveling faster because I have an easier time getting help :P Most people either never found out I was a girl or didn't find out until long after we had grouped together (for mutual help too, not getting level 60s to quest for me).

Anyway that was annoying :( but I'm very happy that my priest is quickly zooming up in level. I might take a break with her for a bit to let Chris catch up :) might either play my druid on proudmoore or my warrior on Stormrage (my first character there was a warrior actually, then I made a priest and kind of ran away with her... hehe)

Tried to do MC last night but I got really annoyed because we had a near wipe once (the 2nd firelord pull...), we only had 30 people... people ran out of the instance to avoid dying, I feigned, then people tried to zone back in and were getting a new instance. Okay, so we start again. We did the first pull... we were moving soo slowly... I was getting really annoyed... got to the 2nd firelord pull... server crashed. I apologized and said I really wasn't in the mood to start over again and went to help Tyris farm for his Eye of Shadow for a while. People started asking Chris and I to go back and help with MC some more an hour or so later but I apologized again, I felt really bad but Cata (whose opinion matters the most as he is practically the guild leader, and is another officer) completely understood and said there was no problem with us leaving, especially since it wasn't even a scheduled night (they were just trying to attempt it). I feel bad if they didn't get very far because we weren't there, but there weren't any signups and we didn't want to deal with it, so... >_<

Picture of Voice on her mount! )
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I suppose it is time for an update.

Yesterday, Tom (Rich's brother) came over to visit Shane with Mike. Who is Mike you ask? He's one of my old co-workers from Bombay! I didn't really think I would ever see him again, similar to many of my other co-workers of the past, especially when I didn't go back to Bombay last winter. I guess he quit after Melissa left... I'm pretty sad about Melissa actually :( He told me why she ended up leaving. It is kind of private though so I will leave that away from public eyes (even though I doubt anyone who knows her will end up reading this).

Anyway, it was fun. Both Tom and Mike have played WoW (and Shane of course) so we all discussed some fun WoW things. Hearing Tom was hilarious because he foolishly rolled a Paladin, but I guess they're getting a sweet ranged nuke which he's *very* excited about. I think Mike's primary character is a rogue. It was fun to talk to them and of course I've always liked both of them. Mike was funny when he saw me. I had found out a couple of weeks ago that Mike and Shane were friends, but I guess everyone neglected to tell him that one of Shane's roommates was an old co-worker :)

We went out to Antonio's with all of them which was fun, and stopped at Mystery Train Records, where I bought the Kill Bill soundtrack used for $6 and in great condition.

My priest on Stormrage is level 39 and will be 40 tonight I think. She has 74g at the moment and hopefully I can borrow the remaining 16g from a friend to purchase riding training.

People in the hunter forums are REALLY evil to Caydiem and I hate it. Don't shoot the messenger... I am annoyed that Mortal Shots was nerfed (50% additional crit damage down to 30%, same number of talent points, ouch. I consider now not getting that talent) but it isn't like it's a good idea to troll the forums and flip out at Caydiem. Yes, she went to the devs and said "HAY GUYS, LETZ NERF MORTAL SHOTS K". I hate the forums but I like Cay very much :(

I am unhappy that spirit bond was nerfed into crap, but intimidation is a stun now so I will still probably be doing Beast Mastery (and a bunch of survival). Improved Revive Pet is much lower on the tree (sweet!) and hawk eye is going to be made into a lower tier Marks talent, which will be awesome for me since I don't want to spec Marks anymore in order to do MC, I want to do what I want. This will help that!

Now probably I will only get the improved concussive (or perhaps even ignore that and just go for efficiency... I'm not sure. But the chance to stun on concussive really isn't reliable and only works about 2% of the time when you REALLY need it to. Then I will get my crit chance improved by 5% and then hawk eye. Probably I will not be getting any more in the marksmenship tree :/ Then I hope to probably go 30 or 31 survival and then the rest in beast mastery and omg a spider :|

Also... FISHING TOURNAMENTS! Wow, they're making fishing useful! My 300 skill in Fishing will mean something! I could get awesome fishing loot and the LUCKY FISHING HAT! WHOOOO! I can't wait for that to be added in next patch ;) I will find a special place along the coast of STV to happily fish my time away and win sweet prizes.

I was having a bad day earlier, but it is a little better now :( I just needed to relax.
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Sooo Ceres got a Quick Strike Ring last night. Yes, that's right! With a beautiful mix of Quick Strike Ring + Don Julio's Band from AV, I will be the unstoppable Ceres! Those are probably the two best crit/atk power/stam rings in the game. At the least they are the best that *I* know of. And both are unique so I can't have two :)

I sold my Magni's Will ring last night. What! I didn't expect that would happen for a while XD so now I have two epics. And, if only 3 hunters come tonight like only 3 came last night, and the leaf drops... AHH! I really really hope I get it. You guys have no idea how much I want that bow. I would pass on 3 weeks of full giantstalkers if I knew I could have that bow soon. T_T I still don't have the sinew... but Kieph already has blastershot, I think Pinpoint wants Blastershot, and I'm positive that if the quest DID drop and I won it they would have the sinew default to me. Geez I want that bow so badly XD

Now I'm all excited for tonight :O Playing my priest at the moment, halfway to 35, having a lot of fun! :)
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Some silly / pretty / random screenies for you all ^_^


My tiny elf Pokemon, some silly NPC dialogue, my own silly dialogue, and a GM floating above our heads in Molten Core!

I also figured out for the first time yesterday that when Gnomish Flying Machines die and say "They came from behind!" it was probably from Star Wars Episode 4 XD Shhh don't laugh at me, I didn't know that before.

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Aug. 1st, 2005 09:38 am
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Bought The Sundering (last book of the War of the Ancients trilogy!) yesterday on the way home from Chris' house ^_^ We went there this weekend starting on saturday for his mom's and sister's birthdays. Had really good chicken/beef/peppers/sausage saturday night for dinner, and then that night I watched the Lemony Snicket movie again with Chris, his mom, and his sister. Played a little bit of Warcraft III on my laptop (story mode), and went to sleep pretty early. The next day my allergies were going crazy so I felt like crap :( Woke up a little earlier than I expected to, ate scrambled eggs that Chris' dad made for me (yay!), and then I played a game while Chris helped his dad with some things. Packed up, finished reading Talking to Dragons (which really wasn't as good as ANY of the other three dragon series books, as far as I'm concerned), and then got in the car and Chris and I visited with Andy and Abby for a while before heading back here.

That's pretty much my weekend... I am really tired now because I was determined to eat breakfast with Chris this morning since I never do because I'm so tired, but I had him wake me up and then I forced myself to get up! It's nice though because I feel like I have a longer and better day, this way. My allergies are still kind of crazy, they're getting better now though. Still stuffy this morning :( but no headache or anything like yesterday. I hate my allergies >_<

Oh yeah, Chris and I made COOKIES the other day! Not really any great accomplishment because all we had to do was add an egg, some butter, and stick the stuff in the oven. But they were GOOD! Almost finished them off last night, probably going to finish the rest today :)

My Priestess on Stormrage is almost level 32. I got into a pretty solid group last night and did Mor'Ladim (I already did it, but one of the members still needed it), Morbent Fel, and the Bride. Stalvan is now only level 32 (instead of 35!) and is super easy. The Bride felt very easy and weak as well. (I was 31, the other priest was 29, and the warrior was 30 or 31.) So now I am done with Duskwood! I am going to try to finish up Ashenvale today, then move on to some Stonetalon and Desolace (before going to Stranglethorn Vale). I also got the Stockade done and now I need to do Gnomeregan. If I'm around when Navi gets her priest through there, she said I could probably go too ^_^

When I hit level 40 I want to try to do some Battlegrounds. I was going to, but then I hit level 31, and that doesn't really work so well D:

Umm... don't really have much else to write. I'm excited to start reading The Sundering when I go off to work soon. Going to clean up and do some laundry when I get home. Desk is messy, floor is a little messy, kitchen is slightly messy, laundry needs to be done BADLY.
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Sooo Shane moved in yesterday which is cool :) I thought he was staying o_O but he only brought his bed and stuff, no computer and whatnot, and left after we all ate pizza. Tom came too :) which was nice. I'm excited for when they both live here :D

Can't think of a lot to say, already :/ I installed The Sims on my computer again, with the pet pack and the house party pack that I was able to buy together. But no Living Large! That expansion added so many cool things, and I don't have any of them :( I hope I can add it on after, but I've had problems doing that with Sims expansions before... so I might have to uninstall the whole thing!

Oh yeah, Erin, dad, and uncle Richie came up on sunday. It was being weird and raining off and on. But anyway, Richie wanted to see the campus. We drove around, I showed him some of the class buildings, my old dorm building, where I work now and where I work over the school year, football stadium, dining commons, and other random things. It was raining though so we didn't actually get out of the car. Then we went to Staples, and my uncle bought Chris and I new computer mice (wired (I'm not a fan of wireless) optical). He said it was a graduation present for Chris :P Anyway, they're nice, though I had some problems with the drivers before. The new ones work perfectly though. (Although, I still don't have it working perfectly on my comp, since I was too lazy to restart my computer at the time, and then I forgot after.)

After Staples we went to Amherst Brewing Company for lunch. I had shepherd's pie <3 it was very good. Chris had a burger that was cajun style or something? I forget exactly. But then he ate Erin's burger too because she randomly lost her appetite and only had a bite or two of it. It was tasty, I didn't expect it :) And we had Mozzerella sticks :D I think I just spelled that wrong :( They also have a non-fried version of it where it is just breaded :O

Dad brought up a vaccuum cleaner because I've been dying for one, and the bag was full. Tried to empty out the bag, and I couldn't.. it was all full of cat hair and stuff :/ Also the hose is broken so we had to try to duct tape it. So now its sitting in the living room... when mom brings Erin up friday maybe she can try to bring a bag for it.

I really can't *wait* for my laptop. It's kind of unbelieveable :D I'll need to go out and try to find a backpack that it'll fit in... there's no way I can carry it in the messenger bag. It might *fit*, but with the size it is, I don't want to carry it around slung over my shoulder. That kind of thing needs to be against my back and supported, otherwise it'll just wear me out.

I also need to buy a wrist-rest thing for my keyboard. I'm using Chris' now. I had one before, but it doesn't fit on this keyboard tray.

I'm just rambling on about nothing now, so I think I'll try to eat breakfast now.

WoW Stuff: Last night I mostly played my priest on Stormrage... wasn't in the mood to deal with PvP. She's a little over halfway to 16 I think... she's fun. When I hit 18 I'm going to be able to start putting points into Shadow :D I really wanted the Unbreakable Will and Improved Power Word: Shield talents before I put anything into shadow. I can't wait for Spirit Tap right now... the down time is getting to me big time. I was debating not going shadow, but leveling with her will probably be a pain in the butt otherwise. I want soloing to go fast and easy but still have a couple of good tools in instances (which is why I did that little bit of discipline, which will *also* help soloing).

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