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Tried to log on to WoW for a DotH raid tonight because they needed me and I was already late in the first place (driving home).

My authenticator is not working :( Battery is dead or something. So now I'm on phone support but it's a 15-20 minute minimum wait. I hope they don't ask me any questions I can't answer! D:

Downloaded the iPhone authenticator now at least :P
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Had a freaking blast in Ulduar tonight!! We one shot Auriaya and then went to work on Thorim. Got him!!! Wow the first part is pretty hard but once you start fighting Thorim, not hard at all. We "1 shot" phase 2. It took, um, quite a few more shots for the first part. Lol.

Whooooo so fun. And Zat suggested that Thorim is the hardest one, so if we can kill him reasonably easily (well, assuming we can do it again more quickly XD) hopefully that means good things for the other bosses!

I also now have 2 pieces of Ulduar loot but they both lower my crit. Fail. :( They do both increase my armor penetration though which... well, Blizzard is shoving it at me so... well at least it isn't that bad for warriors XD

This is my 3rd day in a row raiding though and I have to do it more tomorrow :( (Miiiiistaaaaake) I am so fried from it all. Should not do this again!
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I have to get ready to heal again so I'm on a big surge with Alaphrei. I've gained a couple of levels pretty quickly and I want to get my gear list out of the way.

Luckily I already have a few of these items, so that is nice at least. I don't think I'll be replacing a whole lot on my way to 80 since I'm going to go to Howling Fjord after we finish Borean Tundra but luckily a bunch of this can be crafted.

Getting a plan for Alaphrei's gear )
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Robin Williams was awesome, will write more tomorrow!

Warrior gear )
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Things I want to do before Wrath of the Lich King:

  • Alaphrei's epic mount + epic flight form quest (so I don't suffer from Paladin and Warlock syndrome "won't someone pleaseeee run me through heroic Sethekk?")

  • Complete everyone's non-daily quests

  • 2000 +healing for Ceres (Currently in the 1800s)

  • Champion of the Naaru for Ceres and Shiawase if possible, others if possible

  • Level 70 for Ceres on Mannoroth (Currently 62)

  • Epic flyer for Shiawase

  • Elisp to 60 (Currently 34)

  • Holy paladin to 60 (Currently 1)

  • Sascha to 60 (Currently 57)

  • Warlock to 60 (Currently not made)

Pretty ambitious XD I really want to take advantage of the refer-a-friend stuff, especially since it only lasts 3 months. And there is no way I will pay attention to those alts once the expansion comes out... so only have 2 months to get all of that done. If we ever actually just have a day to play, we would make a lot of progress... but these silly things keep coming us that make us be "social" and hang out with "real people". ;)
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So amongst the emo and stuff I forgot to mention - my guild now has Zul'aman fully cleared :) pretty cool. We got Zul'jin for the first time on Sunday.

This weekend I'm going to Otakon and next weekend I'm getting my wisdom teeth out :|

I've run out of energy for writing this and I want to finish up freelance work so I can play Mass Effect. Firefly is making me want to play again :P

In other news we only have 2 or 3 episodes left to Firefly... :/
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I went to log on my level 34 Paladin no Mannoroth yesterday, in order to get her her new level 30 mount.

I had logged out in STV about a week ago, at the Rebel Camp, because I was too lazy to hearth and wanted to be able to pick up questing again quickly (I was almost fully rested anyhow).

I log in...

...to a level ?? (70) blood elf rogue stunlocking me, and I die!

Oh Stranglethorn Vale on Mannoroth, how I have not missed you :)
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My blood elf paladin hit 41 today :) from 38 this morning! (Granted, I was nearly 39 anyway but...) So I felt pretty accomplished :D Then I put in Drakengard 2 and I have been playing that a bit. I just died recently and am pissed off, hence not playing anymore :P The game is just damn frustrating at times, and playing through the WHOLE game over again just to see another ending is a little boring, especially when I hit some of the harder missions :/

So glad this is a 3-day weekend... really needed that! All I did all day today is play video games but I'm hoping to get some more productive things done tomorrow morning perhaps! I want to work on the community page for DotA and maybe a bit on the website. It's a little draining at times though since I do that for work.... :P

WoW blabbery )
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I was giving some thought to "powershifting" today. Basically the 'art' in WoW of shifting out of form when you are out of energy and shifting back into cat form after, so you can get the benefit of the energy bonus (if you have Furor). Well, there used to be a global cooldown so it wasn't always good if you didn't time it correctly. But with the lack of global cooldown now, you can shift directly back into cat which almost certainly would make it beneficial if you have no energy and can use a global cooldown.

I want to test this really bad so I think I might respec Alaphrei to feral tonight and try it XD


Nov. 8th, 2007 11:33 pm
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I had an okay day. Things were good at work, somewhat stressful in game though (which is pretty backward, isn't it?). I had fun though when 10pm came around and I did a bunch of group quests with Nuit and friends :)

[livejournal.com profile] doxamully pointed me to this editorial in the Collegian. He kind of strikes me like a guy who had his toys taken away when he was 2 years old and has forgotten how to have fun. Give me a break. Not to mention the article is insanely sexist and the guy seems to think he knows what everyone REALLY wants.

I played through a few more levels in Drakengard, and I still haven't hit the part where I get to start the chain of the events toward the 2nd ending!

This next weekend is a 3-day weekend and I am SO SO SO EXCITED for the break. Thank god. When work and wow are stressful, a good day off is just what I need!

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