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I have to get ready to heal again so I'm on a big surge with Alaphrei. I've gained a couple of levels pretty quickly and I want to get my gear list out of the way.

Luckily I already have a few of these items, so that is nice at least. I don't think I'll be replacing a whole lot on my way to 80 since I'm going to go to Howling Fjord after we finish Borean Tundra but luckily a bunch of this can be crafted.

Getting a plan for Alaphrei's gear )
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Things I want to do before Wrath of the Lich King:

  • Alaphrei's epic mount + epic flight form quest (so I don't suffer from Paladin and Warlock syndrome "won't someone pleaseeee run me through heroic Sethekk?")

  • Complete everyone's non-daily quests

  • 2000 +healing for Ceres (Currently in the 1800s)

  • Champion of the Naaru for Ceres and Shiawase if possible, others if possible

  • Level 70 for Ceres on Mannoroth (Currently 62)

  • Epic flyer for Shiawase

  • Elisp to 60 (Currently 34)

  • Holy paladin to 60 (Currently 1)

  • Sascha to 60 (Currently 57)

  • Warlock to 60 (Currently not made)

Pretty ambitious XD I really want to take advantage of the refer-a-friend stuff, especially since it only lasts 3 months. And there is no way I will pay attention to those alts once the expansion comes out... so only have 2 months to get all of that done. If we ever actually just have a day to play, we would make a lot of progress... but these silly things keep coming us that make us be "social" and hang out with "real people". ;)
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Winter break is coming soon!

Over winter break I am going to attempt to...

[ ]lose 10 pounds (real 10 pounds, ignoring the random 5 I seem to fluctuate at all times)
[ ]work in flash
[ ]finish the DotA website (complete with php programming)
[ ]write up a nice resume

Losing 10 pounds means EXERCISE. Who knows if I can actually stick to it, but hopefully it will be doable. I really want to do this - I can only comfortably fit into 3 pairs of my jeans now (2 of which have holes in the knees, lawl), and this has never happened to me. And I refuse to buy new pants because I want to fit into my OLD pants. *determined*

Working in flash means working on my old animation that really wasn't too good because I was so rushed at the end of the semester (taking 4 art related classes at the same time is NOT RECOMMENDED).

I also want to finish the DotA website because that will be a beautiful addition to my portfolio (my May 31st goals I made at the beginning of the semester!) and I really would like to get all of that switched over. And learning php will (I hope!) be a valuable addition to my resume :) Speaking of a resume... I need to do one of those too. *adds it to the list*

Goal Date: January 28 (day before the first day of the spring semester)


Sep. 10th, 2006 08:31 pm
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Goal Date: May 31st

[ ] I will learn to drive (even if I do not get my license by then).

[ ] I will finish this semester with straight As and I will graduate.

[ ] I will save up money for a plane ticket (or two) to visit my brother and my sister-in-law (and maybe my new niece or nephew!) in Colorado.

[ ] I will complete at least one large artistic project toward my portfolio.

[ ] I will save up money to be able to pay any dog-related deposits and medications so that my dog may move in with us when we find an apartment near Boston and lead a happier, less itchy life. (Only applicable if we are able to find an apartment that will let us have a small dog.)

[ ] I will create an online portfolio with all current work displayed.

[ ] I will finish my Flash animation.

[ ][ ] I will do two simple (but very well done) animations in Hash (perhaps of jumping, or falling, or cheering, or something else which uses the entire body).

[ ] I will work on writing "storychan" regularly (when it is required of me to work on it - if Steph + Erin are still interested).

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] I will complete at least 5 of my unfinished pieces of art in my art folder.

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