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The Killers was great I thought :) Chris didn't think they had enough energy, but I had a lot of fun. The singer's voice is just as awesome in real life as it is recorded!! That was almost the best part of the show XD They played all of my favorite songs (started with Spaceman, then went on to their first single that I don't remember the name of from the first CD, then on to others).

So yeah. I thought they kicked ass and I was so happy to be seeing them :) Definitely one of my favorite bands. Mr. Brightside was so freaking awesome. And then they played The World We Live In, one other song I don't remember the name of, then Jenny and When You Were Young for the encore.

AHHH I love them. And his voice was so freaking good :) (Chris had fun too, I think he was just a little bit disappointed by their energy, and I guess the guitar was kind of quiet, which I SUPPOSE I did notice but I still had so much fun :x)

Edit: AND THEY PLAYED SHADOWPLAY! Yay Joy Division cover XD
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I've been waking up every morning with a really sore throat and feeling all stuffy :( It clears up once I'm awake for an hour or so though, and a cough drop has been helping each morning to make my throat feel better quickly. Apartment still isn't really any cleaner, though I did finally get a rug under the "computer desk" (aka folding card table) so I don't feel bad about rolling the chair around thinking they might be hearing it downstairs :X

Going out to eat with James around 12ish and then going to Tyris-Chris' place for Mario Party, and I think Tendermuffin-Chris is supposed to be showing up sometime around 4ish or so, so it will be awesome.

I keep telling Chris that he needs to become super best friends with more Chris people and then when he gets married his whole half of the wedding party can be made up of people named Chris, the two Chris people from home and more XD Okay honestly he probably would put Alex in there and ruin my 100% Chris dream but it would still be funny.

Chris and I are going to see Nightwish in October! He actually didn't like Tarja (wasn't a fan of the opera sound) and I think he'll like the new singer a lot more. I'm not sure what I think yet (only really heard a demo with one song), but we'll see :D They are playing in Worcester at the Palladium. It's on Oct 20th which is a Saturday night so if any of my friends who like Nightwish want to come, you can stay at my apartment that night if you want!

I'll have to thank Sam/[livejournal.com profile] aoshi for reminding me with a post of hers today that Nightwish exists and has a new singer XD It caused Chris and I to check the website for some songs with her voice and we found out that they are going to be in MA :D


May. 8th, 2006 12:12 pm
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I'm very hungry so I'm going to make this pretty quick.

Last night, I went to the spring concert with Chris, Shane, and Tom :) It was fun! We missed a lot of the battle of the bands winner, then next was Swati (which was weird), then Dashboard Confessional :D which of course I enjoyed a lot. The Roots were afterward, I was really uncomfortable for part of it, but it wasn't too bad. There was some pot smoke which made me cough a bit, but it wasn't as bad as the first spring concert I went to D:

The LAN party was saturday, that was fun too :) Chris D. kicked our butts in DotA in the first game (he definitely plays at a level or ten above us :p). Andrew was cheap as he usually is... it was fun. Don't really have much else to say... it was DotA playing pretty much the entire time. And wings. The cajun teriyaki ones were really good (I seriously don't really like spicy stuff but this was a good-spicy and wasn't that hot), and that other one that I can't remember the name of :x parmesan something.

Anyway... yeah. I need to go eat :x
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This weekend has been okay... It was Bowl Weekend. Friday night was the dance, I looked out the window around 11:30 or so, it was ridiculous how many people were out there! I was really surprised, I don't remember seeing that many people there last year.

Anyway, then yesterday was the much bigger day... friday night I smashed my knee against my stupid god forsaken metal bed and made it swell up nickel-sized and bruised and bleeding, so that really hurt :( I'm not sure if I would have done any of the things there anyway, but that definitely kept me from even thinking about it. I saw Kendra there and some of her friends and spent some time with them (ate breakfast that morning with Kaitlynn and Kendra).

At night we saw Scattered! Yay they were really good as usual :) Now I'm here... yep.

Also Chris helped me install gentoo this weekend, I just got x working TODAY, yesterday all day was spent getting x and then gnome WHICH I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO USE! Which was really sad :( But anyway... yeah... getting other things now, just got gaim and xmms :D yay time to sort out some other stuff. I really like fluxbox so far, might use it...

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