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Time for a real post I guess. It'll be pretty short since pretty much nothing has been going on.

I've been working from home as usual. The website is almost finished, and it is mostly out of my hands now (aside from bugs in non-firefox browsers... argh... website stuff SUCKS). I've started modeling a person in Milkshape 3D for our project, right now she is only a drawing and a single breast :P Milkshape was really pissing me off this morning because it decided to go into animate mode for no reason, but when I figured that out, it helped me out a lot. Now I am being driven crazy because I have no idea what any of the hotkeys are and I can't find a list of them anywhere D: Having to hit the "Select" button, then hit a vertex, then hit "Move" button, then move it where I want, then repeat for EVERY SINGLE FREAKING VERTEX is driving me a bit bonkers :D

Also I have no idea how to select only one vertex when one is on top of another in 3D space, I always end up selecting both, and thus far my attempts at deselecting only 1 have been... unsuccessful. :(

Anyway... I better go down to eat, and get dressed and whatnot. Going to see Clerks 2 and then get back to work!

This icon definitely describes how I feel! :P

Oh, quickly in other news, Chris and I finally finished Saikano. The end was so depressing it was bordering on absolutely ridiculous. COME ON! Can you please be any more dramatic? :P As Alex said, we probably would have been better off stopping at the end of episode 10!
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I had a really great Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Wednesday night->Friday morning at my house with Chris. Thursday, Uncle Richie and Grandma came for dinner :) I was kind of surprised how small the group was this year... usually we eat with a lot more people. But for some reason we didn't eat with Mike and Tammy, and Jim and Shannon spent theirs at home I think. It was weird! But the dinner was really good at any rate. Didn't really do much other than eat dinner, it was a nice quiet evening. There was a big snow storm at night so dad went out to snowblow the driveway after mom left to bring grandma home.

Friday we were supposed to do some stuff with my mom before we left, but she had to go to work :( so we finished up the laundry we started, then talked to my dad for a bit while we ate lunch, then went to Chris' parents' house :) Had a really good stir fry dinner! We also showed them Guitar Hero :) My "skill" really has gone down since I haven't been playing... I was horrible. Plus none of the things I completed a few weeks ago are there anymore because Chris' data got corrupted :( We also played Settlers of Catan with Chris' parents! It was really fun, I'm excited to play it again sometime :) Saturday I worked on my flash animation a little while Chris did some work on his room, and I helped Chris take his cds down off the wall so he could bring them back here to the apartment. We left around 5pm, and when we got back here, ate dinner and watched Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket is really good, the characters are all so cute :) We're on episode 12 or 13 at the moment, I think!

Today I played WoW in the morning. Oh yeah last night I got invited into Exiles of Lordaeron :) So now Voice has a guild! I don't know many people there yet so it feels a little weird, but once I get to group with them it'll probably get better. I also got Voice attuned for MC and she's at Jail Break! on the Onyxia chain, and she's attuned for Blackwing Lair too :) Chris and I ate breakfast together, watched some fruits basket, and then started working. I've been working on my animation for a while and even though it is far from done, I think it's time for a break.
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I am back from Otakon.

I thought I saw [livejournal.com profile] riven thursday night while I was going up to Uno's, but I wasn't sure if it was her and by the time I was going to ask, she was already passed me and I felt silly about saying anything, especially if it wasn't her. Thursday night I got my badge about 30 minutes before the con closed, met up with Boston-Chris and Ian, saw Matt pull a right out of a one-way street (which he had been going the wrong way down, whoops), and ate at Uno's which was very disappointing because my pepperoni pizza that I was expecting to have was not what I expected at all.

Friday we got a bit later start than initially we'd hoped, went to the dealer's room... walked around... saw Steam Boy (which was... pretty... weird plot though and stupid name), then more dealer's room, then saw Peach Girl 1-5 (which I loved regardless of the really horrible drama that it portrays... its annoying to watch like Meet the Parents is annoying to watch, in some ways). Umm... checked out the video game room, I don't really remember what else :(

Saturday we got there when we wanted to get there... saw Scrapped Princess 1-4 (which I very much enjoyed), checked out the Art Room with Boston-Chris and Chris, went to the video game room again, and spent the rest of my money in the dealer's room. We went back to the hotel a bit earlier than normal (around 7 or 8pm) and rested and then played Munchkin.

I was a cleric, level 7. I had almost won a few turns earlier (then Alex pointed out I would win if I sold all the items I had, because I was going to kill a monster, gain 1 level, then sell all my items... yeah...), and had spent the next few turns using everything I had to prevent Matt (also a cleric) and Chris (I forget his class... not a cleric) from winning. I drew a card-- Divine Intervention. All clerics gain a level. Unfortunately for Matt, Erin had played a "target player loses 1 level" on him earlier, so he was bumped up to only level 9 with the card. I was bumped to 8 but I sold all my items for 2000g, hit level 10, and no one could combat it :D so though I didn't DIRECTLY win because of Divine Intervention, it was the reason I won overall. I think Matt would have gotten the win his next turn otherwise. Jared was funny because with all his items (which SOMEHOW didn't hurt each other) he was getting +15 or something crazy to his level and he could kill almost anything, but he was too nice for the 2nd half of the game and didn't really advance much in level.

Stuff we (Chris & I) got:
Suikoden II soundtrack (cds I and II, so I own the whole thing <3)
Battle Royale box set (movies 1&2)
Suikoden figure Set (all 7 figures)
Azumi (samurai movie)
Fruits Basket box set
Yami no Matsuei box set
Haibane Renmei 3 & 4 (so we can finish it finally :))
Niea_7 (only $20 for the whole box set? o_O)
2x Resident Evil III wallscrolls (cheap!)
2x Final Fantasy X wallscrolls (very pretty, Tidus & Yuna)
Also a bunch of artbooks in a $10 box:
Devil May Cry
Peach Girl
Fushigi Yuugi (anime artbook)
Lain Fan Guide
Yoshitaka Amano artbook
Evangelion "Adam" book
FFX-2 strategy guide in Japanese (pretty pictures... and cheap)
a bunch of manga
bag that my laptop will fit in (with kyo from fruits basket on it, kitty face :))
other stuff probably. (note: this was what Chris and I got combined)

Overall didn't get to spend as much time with Boston-Chris/Ian/Lauren as I would have liked, but unfortunately we left early sunday (didn't even go to the con, mom wanted to get home early as possible to visit grandma in the hospital) and our schedules just didn't coincide very much :( we did eat together a couple of times (sorta) which was nice though :) hopefully at a future convention we'll be able to spend more time together.

Also I finished Dreams Made Flesh the other night, it was REALLY good and I forgot how much I love her books and the whole Black Jewels Trilogy world. Sooo good :D Marian was awesome, Jaenelle rocks as usual, Lucivar, etc, I love it. I'm not sure what to read next.

In WoW news, Aridae (my human warrior in the guild Daughters of the Alliance, all-female guild on Bronzebeard) is my new "main alt" until Chris catches up with my priest. She's fun, I got her two levels tonight because she was fully rested :) I love my new 2H axe I bought, I crit things for half their life. It's really, really fantastic :D

Last but not least, people who try to say something to you only to try to get a rise out of you are annoying, and it only shows their unfortunately low mental age :/
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I had sooo much fun this past weekend! We arrived at Chris' (Other Chris, Tyris, will call him Tyris from now on to avoid confusion) apartment a little bit late but luckily there was hardly any traffic and it was a very pleasant drive :D We walked to the convention center and got our badges, and then while Tyris was going to go to his meeting and work for a bit, Ian (aka Deathcheese on WoW) brought us back to Tyris' apartment. We went to a local pizza place on the way, which I forget the name of, and after eating played some games. We got in some F-Zero, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Mario Kart Double Dash. Then we played an Ice House game... I think? I'm not sure if it was that night or not. Anyway, then eventually Tyris came back and we played a game which I forget the name of and started with a C :x and other stuff... can't remember... anyways we went to bed eventually. Just played games and talked a lot :D

Friday we got up around 11ish and went to the con. Chris, Erin, and I wandered around, said hi to Tyris at the video room, and then went to the dealers room. Bought way too much stuff:

CTRL ALT DEL t-shirt (Chris bought it for me!)
Kamui keychain
Doraemon keychain
Pokemon bobblehead (Bulbasaur)
Peanuts random scene from a box (Snoopy and Charlie Brown on the chair together)
Suikoden III poster
FF: Advent Children poster of Tifa
5 small laminated posters (X, Evangelionx2 (one for my sister), Alexiel, Setsuna)
2 FF Advent Children wallscrolls (co-bought with Chris)
Angel Sanctuary cd cases
tons of free posters of random stuff
WILD ARMS soundtrack

Okay, I can't remember things in order very well because I keep getting things mixed up :D So at any rate, we visited the dealer's room one more time the next day, but I didn't buy anything that trip. We saw Kendra and Morgan a bunch of times on friday mostly, and saw Matt once on saturday. We visited the video game room which would have been much more fun if the controllers weren't off-brand or broken. We went to see Whose Line is it Anime? which is exactly what it sounds like, similar to Whose Line is it Anyway? Two people were pretty good and the other two, not so good, the girl especially was no good at improv :P Either way, the best part was the conference part :D Then was the AMVs, which were decent. None of the comedy ones were very good, and that was a huge disappointment :(

At Chris' apartment we got to play Mao (I probably spelled it wrong), Munchkin, and more Ice House games, all of which were absolutely awesome. Also played some more Smashy which was good, and met Tyris' friend Lauren (spelling?) who goes to Smith and is taking the 3D modeling class I took last semester. Err... what else... I'm forgetting a lot now :( Saw the Masquerade which a band cosplaying as Bad Luck played during, which was kinda funny :) The singer was a boy though! I was impressed :P

Oh yeah, also went to the Yoko Ishida concert. It was fun, I only knew a couple of songs. But Chris and I pitched in together to get her newest cd and we got it signed by her at the autograph session. Also, friday we saw Sarah! :) That was really neat, I haven't seen her in a long time :D Saw her in the Dealer's Room. Friday afternoon we went out to eat at The Pour House with Ian (Deathcheese) and ate some pretty good fairly cheap food :D Saturday night after the Masquerade I saw Terry from VGC, so I stopped to talk to him and then he called up Gianni, so I got to see both of them ^_^ and Terry's girlfriend (I think?) but I don't know her name :(

Staying with Tyris was really awesome :D I had soo much fun and got introduced to a lot of new games, most of them non of the video variety :) It was also really great meeting Deathcheese/Ian and I'm sorry that I didn't get the chance to say bye to him before we left this morning. We didn't really do much today and the thought of getting home nice and early was sooo appealing, especially since Chris had some work he wanted to get done today.

Anyway, my stomach kind of hurts right now, so I'm going to go make myself some dinner. I think I forgot about a LOT of stuff, but anyways, it was fun and I was happy to meet people and hang out with Tyris :D
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so today since the movie channel is still being crappy, i didn't get to watch big fish with chris... instead we watched the first 2 episodes of those who hunt elves (which is much funnier than i remember!) and then helter skelter. we also got some diablo 2 playing in, and starcraft! it was a lot of fun... not a whole lot of either game because chris had to study but it was nice anyway :)

over the weekend we went to chris' house and saw chorus line, SO GOOD, just like last year had a really hard time remembering they are just high school students. haha and the director in it reminded me of robert a little :D;; from work. i think mostly his hair style and skin color, but his clothes too. anyway he just did.

i played some super metroid this weekend too (not a lot, enough to get super missles) during the times when i was waiting for stuff, wish i'd brought a book because i could have finished the dragon book! oh well though

soo... not much else to say, pjs and bed time i guess!

oh and happy birthday jared, but i already told you on the phone earlier with chris anyway :P
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Yesterday went pretty well... got my My Little Pony easter basket, hahahaha, it was amusing and great. Erm, anyway, played some Soul Calibur (I think I'm getting better at learning the new controller setting, so I don't completely suck when I play on the PS2 or XBOX), mom made breakfast... then a while later ate our easter lunchish thing, took showers, headed back here. We played some Dead or Alive 2, which we just got this weekend for really cheap since all Dreamcast games ar 30% off :D among some other stuff... then Chris did some stuff on his computer, I got another weapon or two in Drakengard (I think I'm very close to being done, the only problem being that some of the ones that are left are pretty difficult, ie the one where I need to beat the Imperial Capital - In the Sky free mission with 50% health within 5 minutes. Ouch :( I usually can make it to the two cyclops/golem things, but then I get hit many times and continually finish it at a pretty low HP percentage.

We watched 2/3 episodes of Read or Die, which Joe (Chris' roommate) bought at Anime Boston, then I was too tired so we're going to finish it today perhaps. We tried out Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Edition or whatever for a few minutes, then I went to bed! Now I am awake and kind of tired but oh well, time to get dressed and go to work, then Japanese and Art time.
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Yay :D Last night I visited Megan for the Japanese homework that was due today, and came to my room to photocopy it. Then I brought it up and she was watching Naruto ^_^ I asked if she wanted to do it together, she said yeah but she was watching Naruto. She actually invited me in but I declined, too much work. But we have a lot more in common than I initially thought. I thought she was one of those random people who somehow without reading manga or seeing anime or playing video games decided to take the language, but she actually does watch anime and reads manga. lol I don't think she's a gamer but yeah :) And also, she loves Terry Pratchett (I think I just butchered his name) to death and is trying to force some of the books she has upon me :P Not that it is necessarily that forced... I did like the one I have read by him. But yay :D Then she lent me eps 1-15 of Naruto. I might bring back my Angel Sanctuary graphic novels for her to read since she seemed interested :D Anyways yeah, she called me when Naruto was done and we did the homework together in her room, it was nice! Then I stayed up there like 30-45 minutes longer after we were done just talking. Her roommate is really nice too! And has a nifty name :D Yaicha.

But yeah, really happy to maybe FINALLY have made friends with someone in my Japanese class. I pretty much thought I never would since I don't attend anime club meetings, plus no one ever wants to go up to Orchard Hill to visit people. But Megan lives on the 4th floor, so yay :P

Anyway time to head out again, taking my Japanese quiz at 3:45 in Ono-sensei's room (since I can't do it tomorrow because of my training session for work) and then off to BDIC at 4:00! Rough draft due today, the last class meeting, YAY! Also my new Comp Sci project seems really great :D I can't wait to start on it. But that has to wait for later, anyways, bye :D;

Temp is still in the 99 range but I am feeling slightly better. This morning was horrible because my head felt full of crap, but it's a little better now. Hopefully I'll feel much better tomorrow because I'll be stuffed in the PeopleSoft training room from 9-4 (minus an hour for lunch). Augh x_o
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Really happy :D Chris taught me some CSS and I made my website for my CmpSci 391 assignments, basically just supposed to be a simple website they'll be using to access my assignments! It's here if you wanna look at it: http://people.umass.edu/cbailey/cs391/ (note: I am currently updating it so if it looks a little sketchy, give it some time :P) (Edit: Operation CmpSci391S website - complete)

I didn't put it on my valefor.com site because of the way they grade... if the oit servers are down at umass, it's okay, but if YOUR server is down when they happen to check the assignment due, then it's considered late, and no late assignments are accepted! So... seemed like a good idea to put it on the oit site.

Also, I've been watching Nadesico with Chris :D We've seen 6 episodes, watched the first 4 last night and 2 more earlier today. It's soo amusing, so many jokes in there relating to anime in general. I'm loving it :P We haven't reached the point where it's episodes I haven't seen yet, but I saw them so long ago that it hardly makes a difference. I only can remember one episode clearly that I haven't seen with Chris yet, plus it's all hilarious to be able to see them again, so thank you SO much Jared for lending it to me :D

Called Bombay today, going to work next saturday which should be nice! It's Valentine's Day too which I didn't realize until Robert said "The 14th, right?" and I was like, uh, oh yeah. But yeah, it's only for 4 hours anyway :D But I'm happy! And I get paid this week! AND!! *cue drum roll* I can finally pay back Chris in full, YAY!!! When I do, it will leave me to like, $20 to my name, but it's all good because I'm getting paid later in the week.

I've also been playing a lot of FFX-2, sooo cheesy, god, I can't even emphasize how cheesy it is. I'm still pissed off that part of it was spoiled for me with an ICON, but whatever. I also found out I already messed up getting 100%, but it's okay... not like I would have gotten 100% anyway this time through. Chris and I have also been playing DDR on occasion so we're getting exercise! We usually play until slightly after we're both tired and then stop. But this is the first time we've actually been using my dance pads often.

I have no idea why I'm in such a good mood, but I think part of it has to do with learning css and making my comp sci site all by myself :D since the past 2 websites I've worked on, I did the design but Chris did all the html (of course, some of the stuff he did with those sites was way more complicated than I've ever done, using mysql, databases and javascript). But I did some ccs all by myself! With his guidance of course. But it makes me really excited to do it more!


Jan. 27th, 2004 07:32 pm
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I had my job interview yesterday, and I had my "second" job interview today! One of the ladies there e-mailed me and asked me to come back so I could talk to both of them :) Soo I talked to them today, Chris came with me, and they really want me for the job so yay!! :D Really happy, I'll write about it later, going to watch Angel Sanctuary now with Chris!

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