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Chris and I made steak the other night :) For the first time instead of being just fairly average, it was really good! Our first attempt, it was way overcooked. We cooked it until it looked kind of medium/medium-well but then by the time we were done, it was all brown inside and kind of tough to eat.

Second time, well, we found out our broiler doesn't exactly work. We cooked it almost twice as long as the recipe said to and it was still rare. More rare than I like (I usually like medium-rare, and this was... very rare) but it wasn't bad. We let it cool off a bit too long though and it was kind of cold. Which kind of reminds me, we need to talk to our landlord about the stove.

This time... we cut up strips of steak into little cubes and stuck them in a frying pan with crushed cloves of garlic and some butter, and at the end poured in some soy sauce too. OMG it was so good. We cooked them pretty perfectly (medium rare) and the garlic and butter just made it taste amazing :) It was SLIGHTLY too salty (too much soy sauce) but it was still super delicious. We'll lay off a bit on the soy sauce next time.

Tonight we have chicken stir fry on the menu. We haven't had stir fry in a while so I'm looking forward to it :) We also have some leftover steak from the other day, so maybe we'll have chicken + steak stir fry. Sounds super yummy to me! I think we kind of forgot to get broccoli, but we have red peppers (which are so yummy) and rice and whatnot so :) Maybe I can get Chris to boil the rice when he gets home after he meets me for lunch, so we can stick it in the fridge for a few hours before we cook it. (Cold rice works waaay better in stir fry than hot rice fresh out of the pot)

When I say "we" cook, I usually mean that Chris does most of the actual cooking. I am really not a big fan of the open flame that our gas stove has - I've had electric all my life! But I help him do a lot of preparation - chopping up veggies, getting stuff for him that he needs while cooking (ie soy sauce) and whatnot.


Nov. 28th, 2006 11:25 am
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I am going to talk about random stuff because I am bored, and I have over an hour until I'm supposed to meet Chris for lunch.

Dinner last night was really good :) we made stir fry with beef! It's the first time we've made beef together (usually it's chicken). We made it with rice (of course), red peppers, carrots, broccoli, and garlic :D

Yes... that was very interesting. I don't know what else to write about. I was pvping on my mage on the test realm (something like 48 points in fire, 3 in ice (for elemental precision)). Dragon's Breath is crazy good for pvp :) I had a lot of fun. We even had a game where - gasp - it felt like we were horde! We completely owned midfield and we rocked every hordie that dared to jump down from the graveyard. 3-0 cap :) I was having fun just running around and frost nova / dragon's breath / fireball / fireblast, whatever XD and BLAST WAVE! And then dying in 2 hits to a rogue and doing it all over again :)

I also found Retcha on the test realms :D it was fun to talk to him. He was DEMANDING to know why I was on my mage instead of my hunter, haha. (I got in to WSG and saw "Retch" join the battle. So I was like... huh? I clicked on his name and noticed the portrait looked exactly like Retcha ;) so I talked to him for a bit. That WSG was annoying though, I was in it for about 20 minutes, NO caps on either side, and then I afk'd out so I could go help Chris with the stir fry.

I really miss the old Aegis Order crew :( I barely know half the people in the guild anymore and it annoys me. Not that I ever play there anymore! But I probably would if it wasn't for what has happened with the environment over there.

I think I'm going to go to the Blue Wall now and starve for an hour while I wait for Chris and read my book :) I wish my laptop was smaller and easier to transport, because if it was, I'd have it with me and I'd be working on my research paper right now!
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Real life stuff before I go into WoW: Met one of Chris' uncles last night :) We went out to eat at Holy Smokes with Dahna and Ben (and them of course), I got the pulled meat platter and it was aaaawesome. I was a little worried, because last time they made a mistake and mixed in the 666 sauce which I didn't ask for, but everyone else at the table did :( This time though, it was perfect!

A couple of days ago, Chris and I made shepherd's pie :) It was really good except I burned my hand on the pot handle. I wasn't thinking, and it was stainless steel, and had just come out of the oven :D It hurt like a bitch for about 4-5 hours before it finally calmed down. I had ice on it, which felt great until I removed it, then it would start to hurt again. Now it's just a shiny little red spot. Tonight, I think we are making Chicken Fingers, if they don't take too long to make :) And yesterday we had tacos for lunch! We have been eating pretty well lately. I am determined to lose some of the weight I have gained (I haven't gained much... I always have fluctuated about 10 pounds between 110-120, I am about 130 now, would like to go back to 110 but 120 would be okay). Want to try to set some nights aside for DDR so I can get some exercise too :)

The apartment has slowly been getting cleaner. I try to do a little bit each day (especially yesterday because of Chris' family coming over).

The day before yesterday, mom came over with Erin. She brought a new litter box for us, my grandma's TV and TV stand, and some other things from grandma's apartment she thought that we could use. It's nice to have a big TV downstairs again... dad put it in the car badly though (it is VERY front-heavy) and it fell over and some of the plastic casing on the front broke off :( but it's no biggie, still works the same and just looks a little less pretty. Mom also brought over a picture of grandma (she was with Erin and I at our 8th grade graduation - I look like an idiot and wasn't smiling at all but that's okay), so I need to get a nice frame for it.

I already wrote down all the stuff under this (wrote it first, then thought that I probably didn't want to do an all-WoW post) so now I'm going to go do work!

I've done kind of a lot in WoW lately.

Ceres went to AQ-40 twice, we didn't manage to down Huhuran though :( However I did get some DKP so for the next 3 weeks I won't lose any for inactivity. Also got Onyxia, it's been a loooong time since I've been in her lair :) I want to try going to MC to get my DS legs and my Cloak of the Shrouded Mists, still. But I can't appear to "blow all my dkp" if I make my druid my main soon, because then they'll both lose a hefty amount D:

Alanis, I have been playing a lot lately. Kind of surprising, since it took her at least 3 months to go from 56->60 because of general inactivity and I only have about 1 day of /played time on her since she hit 60 :) I did the Tier 0.5 upgrades so now she has her gloves, and she's ready for the 45-minute Baron. AU likes to do the 45 Baron runs, so hopefully she'll have that done in a matter of days. She isn't epicced out like everyone else, but it'll be okay! I also am going to be making some Scholomance runs on her with Kelsin. He needs his Wildheart Cowl (for upgrade quests) and I need to get my Magister's Mantle and Crown :) I am thinking of getting Alanis attuned to MC so I can run MC with her, maybe get a Staff of Dominance or something. I don't want to do too much though, since I plan on transferring her to Bronzebeard when paid server transfers come out.

Alaphrei is about halfway to 54 now, with her Wildheart Gloves and DM book waiting for her when she gets there. I can't wait for her to hit 60 so I can try raiding with her! She is proof however of how much I hate leveling on a pvp server. If she were on a PvE server, I'd have been 60 by now. But I usually don't bother playing late in the day at all because it is so frustrating to die all the time :( Against even levels I can very much hold my ground, and often beat them. But higher levels, it is too difficult and often not worth the effort, anyway :x

Shaeldre got her second epic a couple of days ago. I finally coughed up the cash to buy Stockade Pauldrons, so now I have the highest +defense shoulders in the game (at least, they used to be - I am not sure if that is still the case). I still need to get some DPS shoulders, though. At least I replaced my crappy green level 51 shoulders, though! She looks really good though :) Except for her boots, she overall matches. Lots of silver/gold to her, except fooooor the big ugly red boots :D I'll need to get Valor, although they suck. Heroism boots are really good though :) Must... do... 45... minute... Baron...!

Annoyed WoW rant turned happy )
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Soo last night Chris and I worked together to cook a meal :D

We had teriyaki chicken (which Chris cooked). He sort of messed it up at first (we didn't fully cook the chicken...oops) but then we put it back in the wok and cooked it more and it ended up REALLY good. I made something much simpler, but I made it from scratch which makes me happy. Mashed Potatos :) They were also very good and I was worried I wouldn't cook them long enough and stuff, but they were perfect :D I know it's probably hard to mess up mashed potatos, but I was scared anyway...

We're going to cook something tonight too. We are both kind of sick of not eating healthily, and we didn't even buy soda last night when we went grocery shopping :) I'm not sure what we're making tonight, but I think it's going to be stir fry, or maybe we'll cook up some peppers, mashed potatos, and a bit of chicken and sausage. I dunno, but I had fun cooking last night. We picked a bunch of recipes from his cookbook and went out and bought the stuff for them. It felt good to eat our own cooked food :D

In WoW, tonight Chris and I are going to work on getting the rest of our fire resist gear, so if STNY ever cleans up their act and finally actually *gets* to Ragnaros, we will have the required fire resist equipment. We're also going to start the Hydraxian Waterlords chain so we can start bringing the water to douse the runes to summon Domo.

Sometimes I think that we would be better off leaving STNY and joining one of the guilds we used to raid with. Aegis Order has a lot of great people, and the FO9 alliance that we used to be a part of was really awesome. Puff was a fantastic leader. The problem with STNY right now is they are slacking. I think they all got over the novelty of being able to do our own runs and now people are being lame and not listening. Last weekend a lot of people didn't even show up! Our first weekend in MC was fantastic. Now people are just being stupid.

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