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Watching comm 287 lectures! I have to catch up ^^; which means watching 2 lectures today and 1 lecture per day for the rest of the week. 8 minutes into lecture #2 for today! Then I'll be all caught up :D Now I'm 17 minutes into it... and going on campus so I won't be finishing it yet!

Last night I went with my SUPER AWESOME GUILDIES to Old Hillsbrad and then afterward to Sethekk Halls :D We completely owned both instances. I don't think anyone even died in Old Hillsbrad (Thrall is freaking awesome by the way!!!) and Sethekk Halls was fun! We never wiped, although Kurai was the last one standing after the boss who does the arcane explosions xD (Sami was healing and totally got 1-shotted by his immune Arcane Explosion which we thought we could dispel or something, but no, and he AE'd all 5 of us)

I got a sexy warrior chest piece in Hillsbrad and got some sweet bracers in Sethekk Halls :D Veela got her set piece legs, and also got a warlock set piece giving her a set bonus that gives 45 mana/5 to her pet... grats... :P

Anyway it was really fun :) My priest is level 43 too and I think I'll be trying to go to ZF tonight, maybe with Tender!Chris if he wants to go too.

I've been playing the Sims again a little bit so mayhap there will be an update incoming ;) I forget what generation the new baby is - I think the first (and probably only, I feel lazy) of generation 7. I'll try to post a sims update soon ;)

Anyway I need to get dressed so I can catch the bus soon :D

Chris got an interview in boston on friday yay yay yay yayyayyay!

Date: 2007-02-13 10:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ms-lucifer.livejournal.com
I had a ton of fun last night :)
Like I said- happy shadowfiend! Although I need to check to see if he even has a mana bar next time I pull him out :P

And I just started back up with my legacy today :D

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