Nov. 13th, 2006

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Tonight Last night I saw Borat. It was funny... and weird :P I don't know what else to say about it.

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing more footage of Lily and cleaning up a little bit. Annnnd of course, laundry. I went to the lab (which is now open from 3-9 on sundays! yay!) at 4 and worked until 8 on my project. I took about an hour and a half to get my film on the computer (meh - and it took a while for me to get started too, because the first computer I logged on was mysteriously missing Final Cut Pro.... and a bunch of other film editing related programs o.O)

I don't have too much left to do... I think! I hope :(

Now to eat and then talk to my camera so I can get my voice recorded so I can narrate my story! I really wish I had someone with the same voice as the Arrested Development narrator XD What a great narrator voice :)

(Speaking of Arrested Development, I saw an episode a few days ago that looked like it was shortly before they were cancelled (during the 3rd season - at least I thought it was the 3rd season, though I'm confused since it seems like the website hasn't been updated since the 3rd season started), where they advertised the website and mentioned how the "company" was going to be going out of business, etc. And the narrator kept saying "Please tell your friends." I felt SO BAD watching it :X It's a shame I didn't even know about the show really until it was cancelled...

Anyway, time to make sure I have everything together blah blah blah :X
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Well. Here I am, trapped (well, not really) in the Media Lab! I rendered my video once and realized that all that stuff I thought was offscreen? Well, it isn't. :X So I made up my own letterbox dealie and I'm rendering again and praying it will look good! (Zooming in isn't an option since I want to keep things in the frame... I was mistakenly treating anything outside of "title safe" as "offscreen", which it clearly isn't and I should have known :P

I have to author the dvd next. It should be pretty easy though - I'll get a scene of Lily being adorable, drop in some titles, and voila!

(On another note - expecting 20 stills in a 2-4 minute piece seems... excessive. I think I used half that number.)

73% complete.

I should be in Ethics in 5 minutes :( not gonna happen. At least today, they are going to go over the test, so I strongly doubt I will actually miss anything.


After this is all done, I think I'll go to the OIT lab (I really want to get off the macintosh for a while) and write up my BDIC proposal so I can get it signed by Bev Woolf and turn it in to the BDIC office tomorrow! (It is technically due wednesday.)

omg it didn't render correctly. Time to do it AGAIN and make sure it will work this time. I love video editing! I really do! -_-

8%! It's going much faster this time... which leaves me skeptical :P

(annnnd yay it worked!) Now I'm rendering it AGAIN without one portion of sound because I'm worried it might be looked upon as not using my own sound (the hamster Lily was playing with dances and sings a song...)

Anyway time to stop writing useless crap and try to focus on the matters at hand! ;)

(On one final note, the right side of my jaw HURTS. It has been since thursday (or maybe wednesday) :( I was really hoping it would go away, but it hasn't yet. The pain is definitely from my wisdom tooth coming in over there. I can't tell yet if it is just pain from breaking some skin or if it is pain from "lol I need to be removed". It remains to be seen, but if it hurts for much longer I'm going to have to make an appointment to see a dentist. Great! I'm really, really not looking forward to probably having to get all 4 of them removed :(

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