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Today's XKCD might be the best EVER.


xkcd <3

Jan. 7th, 2009 03:46 pm
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Why is it that xkcd is so awesome?

I haven't read it in a while (haven't looked at anything in my RSS since Christmas pretty much) and I read them and... they are all incredible! XD
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If someone wants to get me a big birthday present... and doesn't mind it being a little late... or wants to combine with other people on my present... well, the Real Life complete year one collection just happens to come out on July 5th... ;) ;) ;) ;)


So yeah... anyway... I don't know. I woke up around 8 something as usual, because I can't sleep later than that... feeling kind of tired still. I think I should go take a shower. Mom is going to get a new car today. I don't know what we're going to do.

I'm confused because I'm getting emails with viruses that look like they are from legit places. For instance, the CS391 instructors Yahoo group, or a returned email from a UMass student (supposedly). So freaking annoying.

Maybe I'll feel better, but I'm not in a great mood right now :( I don't know why. I spent the morning reading IanComix which was fun, and...... yeah I guess that's all. I haven't done a lot. Well, shower time I guess. I'm not sure what we're doing today. I think dinner either here or Mike and Tammy's later. I wish I had asked mom earlier for a cheesecake birthday cake. I really want one but I never mentioned it before today, which well kind of limits that possibility. Umm... yeah I turn 20 today. *waves a little flag*

I can't wait for college to start again :( I feel so lonely here sometimes. I wish insurance wasn't an issue, because I would so be racing to get my license. I hate being so confined to one place all the time - I'm sorry, a full hour or more on the bus just to get to the mall (which sucks anyway) isn't worth the trip, because I'd still have to get BACK. And, blah :( I just need to focus on other things that I like to do when I'm by myself, like art :|

Oh yeah I didn't post this yet. I wrote this almost an hour ago. Well NOW I'll go take a shower.
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Yay!!!!!!! I got my grades!!!

Intro to Computing in Fine Arts - A
Intro to Graphics Communication - A
Dean's Book - A
BDIC Proposal Writing - P (a Pass/Fail course)
Intermediate Intensive Japanese - BC

YAY!!! so happy! My GPA is a 3.308 for the semester (because unfortunately Japanese is double weighted :() and now can only go up since Japanese is over with, and I get to declare my Japanese minor next semester! Sooo happy :D I wasn't sure what Japanese was going to be, I must have done well on the last test!! (it seemed "too easy" so I thought I didn't do very well... since that's always the way with things) Now I NEVER have to worry about getting lower than an AB on anything :D And hopefully not even that! So soon my GPA will be really nice again ^_^ Freaking Calc II dragged it down fall semester because they wouldn't let me retake the final (which I still say is bull) but now I'm REALLY happy because yay :DD my grades were perfect except Japanese and Japanese was just what I was hoping for!!

Yay :D

and this is so true: http://www.reallifecomics.com/daily.php?strip_id=1203
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So I've been in a really good mood all day! Okay, except for right before Dean's Book, that was really weird. I got horribly depressed for a period of like 10 minutes and then felt better after I was in class for a little while. But anyway :D

I'm just really happy. Things are moving so smoothly. There were things that had been bothering me before, but I think I'm letting them go now... they don't matter as much as they used to because I pretty much stopped caring. I'm just focusing on important things now.

My classes are just looking better and better. I got REALLY happy checking out the Mac Hall comic, the flash project he did. It was so cool!!! I can't wait to be able to do things like that. I would go play with it right now, except I don't feel like figuring out the installation of the plugin in Linux. But the Creepy/Cute creature is SO CUTE!!!

Anyway I can't wait, I have two or three classes coming up that will be using Maya, one class (after the Flash intro classes I'll be taking) that will involve Flash assignments due every two weeks and wow!! I'm so excited to start taking them. I love this kind of stuff SO MUCH. I'm really determined to do well. And now Val (the TA in Art 271) has told me he'll teach me some more involved Photoshop stuff since he doesn't want me to be bored in the class, so that's making me even more happy, and now I want to start reading the Flash book I had to buy because it looks so cool, wow, I just can't wait. I'm going to start soon because I want to maybe experiment with the program while I'm bored in art class.

Going to start doing my BDIC homework (descriptions of courses and stuff) soon because that makes me even MORE excited for all my classes. If I can get a job in this kind of stuff (which I better be able to, haha, since it's my major) I'll be the happiest person ever. Being able to do something I love and get paid for would be the best.

The work load will probably be heavy but WHO CARES, being able to do homework in 3D modeling and animation and Flash and HTML is going to be completely awesome. Just think, I'll HAVE to do the things I love to do and would experiment with on my own time.

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