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2007-05-17 01:45 pm
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1 down, 2 to go!

I think my comic book class final exam went pretty well.

I made a few new icons while avoiding work. I really like my Shield Hearth one but I don't think the Divine Shield is showing up as well as I wish it did. I'll need to take another screenshot so the shield color really contrasts with the background and is easy to see :)

My dream has been to divine shield and hearth for a long time - too bad I need to wait until level 48 or so to be able to have a divine shield long enough to ACTUALLY hearth away XD Sadly, Shiawase is only level 14, so this will not be happening for quite some time.

Anyway going to eat some lunch (yay pizza) and then it is time for marketing studying :/
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2007-03-02 10:07 am
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Going to Boston today. Chris has another interview (his 3rd overall interview, second in-person interview) at Berklee :D Hopefully the roads aren't too bad and the trip is fun :) Later on in the day we're going out to eat with Tendermuffin-Chris which will should be fun, and then back home I guess.

I don't really know what else to type here! I took a test in two of my classes, one last week and one this week. Now I know exactly what to expect from each class :D I got a C+ in the marketing one which isn't bad because I didn't study pretty much at all (but I obviously don't plan on letting that happen again - I didn't care about this test because I know the bottom 2 test grades are dropped... lol @ marketing classes) and a B in my Advertising as Social Communication test, I just held off a bit too long finishing the lectures (watching 5 lectures 2 days before the test was bad) and I didn't get quite enough time to study everything. But if I had maybe 2 hours more to study, or even only one hour, I'm sure I'd have aced it. It was a very clean cut test - I knew the answers or I didn't!

Anyway I went to the tuesday discussion class for my comic book course so I wouldn't have to go today (which meant I could go to Boston with Chris) and I better get dressed so I don't keep him from leaving when he wants to go, sooo off I go.

(Also, a tiny bit of *squee* because the tier 0.5 group is now all 70! Grats Hixxynator!)
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2007-02-13 11:57 am
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old hillsbrad rocks :O

Watching comm 287 lectures! I have to catch up ^^; which means watching 2 lectures today and 1 lecture per day for the rest of the week. 8 minutes into lecture #2 for today! Then I'll be all caught up :D Now I'm 17 minutes into it... and going on campus so I won't be finishing it yet!

Last night I went with my SUPER AWESOME GUILDIES to Old Hillsbrad and then afterward to Sethekk Halls :D We completely owned both instances. I don't think anyone even died in Old Hillsbrad (Thrall is freaking awesome by the way!!!) and Sethekk Halls was fun! We never wiped, although Kurai was the last one standing after the boss who does the arcane explosions xD (Sami was healing and totally got 1-shotted by his immune Arcane Explosion which we thought we could dispel or something, but no, and he AE'd all 5 of us)

I got a sexy warrior chest piece in Hillsbrad and got some sweet bracers in Sethekk Halls :D Veela got her set piece legs, and also got a warlock set piece giving her a set bonus that gives 45 mana/5 to her pet... grats... :P

Anyway it was really fun :) My priest is level 43 too and I think I'll be trying to go to ZF tonight, maybe with Tender!Chris if he wants to go too.

I've been playing the Sims again a little bit so mayhap there will be an update incoming ;) I forget what generation the new baby is - I think the first (and probably only, I feel lazy) of generation 7. I'll try to post a sims update soon ;)

Anyway I need to get dressed so I can catch the bus soon :D

Chris got an interview in boston on friday yay yay yay yayyayyay!
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2006-12-22 01:30 pm
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it's ooooover

Chris and I survived the night! Barely :)

Finally around 6 or just a bit before 7, we were able to get one of the videos I exported from Premiere (lol I think the one I exported at 1:25am, which I know becuase I included the time in the export filename) to work. Chris did some crazy thing where he put in a TON of parameters to convert it to AVI and finally it converted!! Then he tried to have his program interpret it as an MPEG2 file so it could be read by the dvd program thingy...

then, hahahahahaha, after waiting probably 20 minutes, it ends from lack of hard drive space SECONDS before the end!!! SECONDS!!! But then Chris just renamed the AVI as MPEG2 and it worked? XD I'm not complaining.

THEN!! We had dvd issues. When we tried to burn the ISO there was clearly something wrong because nero wouldn't let me use a dvd, it said I had to use a cd. We tried various things, finally got it to burn, then it "worked"... except the menu had no buttons and we couldn't play anything.

Used 3 of my dvds up trying stuff out. Finally got something that semi-works XD;

The final product was odd. The main menu sound worked fine. (I exported the main menu in FCP.) The animation video worked fine (I exported that one last night and that's what took 8 million hours). The sound on the 3 projects that I exported in FCP... was weird D: at first we thought there was no sound. Then we changed the language track (from other to other2...??) and it had sound D: I have NO IDEA WHY. But I was out of DVDs so that's what I turned in along with a note.

If I get a bad grade on this I will be pissed! But again, not like I would know anyway since I never have gotten a grade :/ In some ways I am surprised that I busted my ass this much for a project in a class where one of the teachers clearly is prejudiced against me and seems to want me to do badly (hence telling me the day the lab closed, scant hours before it closed, that my project was due friday, 2 days later, and no appropriate media labs would be open!)

The good- I learned more about Adobe Premiere than I really wanted to know for now, and about dvd authoring and burning... in Linux (with tons of Chris' help)
The bad- omg sleep. omg sleep. omg sleep. :(

At this point I'm just trying to stay up long enough so that I don't screw up my sleep schedule for the rest of the weekend.
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2006-12-21 08:31 pm
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So I took a bunch of stills for a stop motion animation with my digital camera... I don't have it on the automatic setting.

Looking through them now... it is fluctuating the colors almost EVERY frame. Most of them are suitable but some all of a sudden will be too blue, and others suddenly too yellow! I don't understand D: almost NOTHING changes in these frames and suddenly the camera will take it differently? I didn't think they were supposed to do that :(
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2006-12-19 05:33 pm
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Take that, paper!

15 page paper: Complete!

I screwed up my works cited page and didn't realize it until it was too late to fix. Oops. I e-mailed the teacher about it, so hopefully that's okay. I accidentally didn't include a source I used, and included an old source that I didn't end up using at all.

Ran all over campus in a frantic rush to get my paper turned in - does that count as more exercise? :) haha
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2006-12-19 02:18 pm
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It's cold for a bike ride today (and I still have a bit of soreness from riding the bike yesterday andt he day before) so Chris and I did 30 minutes of DDR in Workout mode :) It estimated that I burned about 130 calories and Chris about 180 or something like that. Probably isn't TOO accurate but who knows, it was fun and it feels good to get exercise done :) Hopefully I'm not sore all over tomorrow morning!

Finishing up my paper. About 16-17 pages now! Trying to put things together so that they make sense. It's due at 5pm... then I get to study for Ethics, oh boy! How exciting.. :|

LJ's new update page is funky. I got used to most of it right away but I keep putting tags into the Music field XD

I started a new family in the Sims to get a break from my Legacy family. Really it's only one person so far :) She has a little business, and I just sell random crap and I have one employee. Things seem to go SO fast. I wish I didn't get hungry or tired at work, that would really help haha XD and taking care of the employees is annoying too T_T It would be easier if I had 2 player controlled people, methinks :P

Anyway I guess I should stop rambling. 1 more hour should get my paper finished, then I need to go on campus and print it :)
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2006-12-18 12:46 pm
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omg "class" today

My butt hurts D: lol. I want a more comfy seat on my bike! Not that it would probably change much in the long run... Luckily my legs don't hurt at all, so we'll be doing another bike ride today if it isn't too cold :D

I really like getting in some exercise, and it also is Chris-time :) I've also been better with eating - we eat at the dinner table now instead of in front of the TV (so less mindless eating) and I've been trying to eat more slowly so I don't overeat. Doing well so far :) Somehow over the past couple of years I have gotten into this mode where I paid for this food, so if I don't eat it, it's going to waste... so I've been overeating, hence some of my weight gain. I need to learn that it isn't going to be any more useful if I throw it away or overeat, so if I did accidentally make too much, oh well! I'm not sure when that started, but I wish it hadn't!

Been working on my paper for BDIC. Decent progress so far - I have a lot of writing to do today though. Tomorrow I get to turn it in and complete my final project for the video class, then focus on studying for my Ethics test. Then I have nothing more to worry about, and the semester will be over! :D

Tomorrow if I remember, I hope to also talk to the people at the Asian Languages department and find out if I have my Japanese minor or not. I can still go early next semester, but I'd rather figure out sooner!

I logged on my priest this morning and vendored some old armor I won't need anymore (nature resist stuff, some fire resist stuff, etc). I really miss my priest :/ I can't wait for The Burning Crusade to come out and for my Draenei priest to be born!

Anyway I better get going, I have my "class" at 1:30 (I can't believe they scheduled class today - classes ended WEDNESDAY). I really hope it's warmish outside when I get home so we can go on a bike ride :D
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2006-12-13 08:44 pm
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ethics exam o noes

i am so tired D: i am falling asleep studying for ethics (and my test is in 49 minutes!)

this is insaaane. i am so tired


today was the last day of classes but my art teacher is trying to schedule class for next monday because we didn't get through all of the critiques (sorry, that's their fault... can they even legally schedule class after classes are over? i don't think so)

i am going anyway because i can finish up work but i am not staying more than 1 hour

So I didn't post this earlier. I am more awake now. I am pretty sure I totally smashed my Ethics test :) I feel REALLY good about it. I think I basically aced it... we'll see!
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2006-12-11 11:35 am
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video editingggg

Hellooooo~ (I always imagine that sounding like in that Seinfeld episode, ever since I saw it!)

Things are going pretty well lately. Almost done with my video project :) Adding in music now... thankfully. After that it is just going to be a matter of trying to make my stills all look nice and authoring the dvd. And making a dvd case >_> but luckily, that's the easy part, since I have TONS of stills considering this was a stop motion animation project :P


Hopefully I'll be done early enough to have lunch with Chris! Not going to hold my breath but still hoping for it :) I am going to be SO HUNGRY after class is over (3:30) if I don't get to eat in an hour.

Okay time to stop this, gotta work now that stuff is done rendering and whatnot!
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2006-12-05 07:55 am
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Why do I do this to myself? :(

Why why why.

I tried to work on my presentation for at least 2 hours yesterday. I got as far as opening ONE of my research articles, skimming it over quickly, and I made a grand total of 1 slide. Not really going to cut it for a 10 minute presentation :p I tried and tried and tried but it really wasn't working... I was tired and completely unmotivated and regardless of anything I did attempt to do, I just didn't get a single thing done.

My presentation is today during my 2:30 class, by the way!

So what do I do? I make myself wake up at 6am after going to sleep sometime between 12:30 and 1:30. If I had actually gotten work done yesterday, I would not have had to do this... -_-

However, strangely, I have been incredibly productive this morning regardless of lack of sleep, and my presentation is currently set up to probably be more than 10 minutes long and I'm not done yet. I blame TAing for Fundamentals for so long - I feel like I have SO much to talk about even though I really only need to focus on a couple of things. But I want to talk about everything! ...which clearly isn't possible.

I'm very excited for the WoW patch coming out today - brand new talents for the prep run to level 70 (I haven't decided yet if I want to just do a "level 60" build or if I want to prep as if I was going to level to 70 with exactly this build. For some of my characters the builds might be the same, but for others definitely not. Who knows!

Which reminds me that I got an e-mail from Amazon that I won't be getting my Burning Crusade Collector's Edition until 2 weeks after it comes out (shipping January 31st or February 2nd or something like that - the release date is around the 15th of January or so). WTF D: F you Amazon :( I really hope that isn't true... either way, I ordered 2 (one for myself from Amazon, one for Chris from... somewhere else... I forget haha, but luckily it WAS ordered from another store because Chris forgot to order it when I did and it sold out at Amazon... I looked all over to find a store that was still selling the collector's edition and did find one - comp usa or something maybe? It doesn't matter in the end as long as I get it when the damn game comes out) and Chris said that if his comes first, I can just use his, since I am much more excited about Burning Crusade than he is.

Anyway I ought to stop rambling and get back to work :) I needed a break!

I kind of feel like the poor frog in my icon. :p
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2006-11-27 09:59 pm
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omg 12 credits before the semester starts? how can this be?!

I have 12 credits!! Before the next semester starts!!!

My classes as they stand now are:

Fundamentals of Marketing (Marketing 301)
Advertising as Social Communication (Comm 287)
Comic Art in North America (Comp-Lit 393B)

and... last but not least...
Imaginative Political Writing (English 297FF)

Now... what the hell does "Imaginative Political Writing" even mean? I have no idea! I signed up for it out of pure curiosity... we'll see - if it's terrible I can always drop out after the first day :)

Major problem though - all my classes are in the afternoon/evening again! Why do I do this to myself D: (I really, really hate not having morning classes + free afternoons/evenings - it drives me crazy.) At least though it will only FEEL like 3 classes with regards to attendance - the Comm class is on-line! And the teacher is supposed to be awesome :)
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2006-11-27 01:56 pm
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down with spire

Adding classes in SPIRE is impossible!! Changing the term took forever, SPIRE takes 5 minutes to load a single page, and grr. Fury :(

I paid my "unbelieveable" $187 that I owed, apparently one of my grants had $187 subtracted from it, who knows why... but so, so dumb :(

Now I'm trying to find/add classes and it is taking forever and it's impossible! SPIRE has the worst interface ever :(
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2006-11-16 11:14 am
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gg umass

Sooo UMass managed to scare me half to death :P

I got an email today telling me that I would be withdrawn for the university by November 28th if I failed to pay my bill. Wtf? I did pay my bill and I got a giant excess check! How the hell did I not pay for my bill?

So I check spire... and I owe... $187. -_- Yes UMass, please withdraw me for somehow magically owing you a tiny amount of money after you charged me tuition/fees and then AFTER giving me my excess check, randomly tacked another $187 on there. You are geniuses.

And now I go back to writing notes for my research paper! I'll be paying the Bursar's Office a visit later today -_-
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2006-11-15 11:21 am
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On campus~

I'm on campus right now!

My project on monday was well-received, thankfully :) I'm glad for it. I need to come up with a good idea for the final project now - I am definitely going to do an animation using a sequence of stills... I just don't know what I am going to animate! Come on creativity, it's time to kick in!

Yesterday was all right. I finished writing my senior summary between classes, went to classes... it was all pretty good. I don't think I manage my time between classes very well... my schedule this semester is horrible. I don't have class until 2pm some days and 12:20 others, and while that SOUNDS nice, it is terrible. I don't wake up early enough and then I don't do work when I do wake up, and then after I get home from classes I barely have any time at all before I am tired again :( And if I want to play a game for a couple of hours to unwind... well I can forget about it D: I really need to learn to manage it better, and it is well past the time I should have figured that out.

Anyway, I've been feeling a little bit better. My wisdom tooth that is coming in doesn't seem to be causing as much pain. I do hope it is healed relatively soon because right now brushing my teeth there is practically impossible because it hurts when I try to brush there, since my gums are in pain from the tooth coming in :( I've been trying to do what I can and using mouth wash and stuff.

Yesterday I played WoW for a couple of hours and Sascha hit level 40 :) Yay! Now she has a ram mount and a horse, and both are positively adorable.

I've been reading a lot lately too :) About 200 pages into Kushiel's Avatar - I love it! :D

Anyway time to shut up, I need to get working on my research paper -.- partial draft is due tomorrow.
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2006-11-13 12:35 pm
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(no subject)

Well. Here I am, trapped (well, not really) in the Media Lab! I rendered my video once and realized that all that stuff I thought was offscreen? Well, it isn't. :X So I made up my own letterbox dealie and I'm rendering again and praying it will look good! (Zooming in isn't an option since I want to keep things in the frame... I was mistakenly treating anything outside of "title safe" as "offscreen", which it clearly isn't and I should have known :P

I have to author the dvd next. It should be pretty easy though - I'll get a scene of Lily being adorable, drop in some titles, and voila!

(On another note - expecting 20 stills in a 2-4 minute piece seems... excessive. I think I used half that number.)

73% complete.

I should be in Ethics in 5 minutes :( not gonna happen. At least today, they are going to go over the test, so I strongly doubt I will actually miss anything.


After this is all done, I think I'll go to the OIT lab (I really want to get off the macintosh for a while) and write up my BDIC proposal so I can get it signed by Bev Woolf and turn it in to the BDIC office tomorrow! (It is technically due wednesday.)

omg it didn't render correctly. Time to do it AGAIN and make sure it will work this time. I love video editing! I really do! -_-

8%! It's going much faster this time... which leaves me skeptical :P

(annnnd yay it worked!) Now I'm rendering it AGAIN without one portion of sound because I'm worried it might be looked upon as not using my own sound (the hamster Lily was playing with dances and sings a song...)

Anyway time to stop writing useless crap and try to focus on the matters at hand! ;)

(On one final note, the right side of my jaw HURTS. It has been since thursday (or maybe wednesday) :( I was really hoping it would go away, but it hasn't yet. The pain is definitely from my wisdom tooth coming in over there. I can't tell yet if it is just pain from breaking some skin or if it is pain from "lol I need to be removed". It remains to be seen, but if it hurts for much longer I'm going to have to make an appointment to see a dentist. Great! I'm really, really not looking forward to probably having to get all 4 of them removed :(
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2006-11-13 08:14 am
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Arrested Development ;_; and Borat and school work. Gr.

Tonight Last night I saw Borat. It was funny... and weird :P I don't know what else to say about it.

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing more footage of Lily and cleaning up a little bit. Annnnd of course, laundry. I went to the lab (which is now open from 3-9 on sundays! yay!) at 4 and worked until 8 on my project. I took about an hour and a half to get my film on the computer (meh - and it took a while for me to get started too, because the first computer I logged on was mysteriously missing Final Cut Pro.... and a bunch of other film editing related programs o.O)

I don't have too much left to do... I think! I hope :(

Now to eat and then talk to my camera so I can get my voice recorded so I can narrate my story! I really wish I had someone with the same voice as the Arrested Development narrator XD What a great narrator voice :)

(Speaking of Arrested Development, I saw an episode a few days ago that looked like it was shortly before they were cancelled (during the 3rd season - at least I thought it was the 3rd season, though I'm confused since it seems like the website hasn't been updated since the 3rd season started), where they advertised the saveourbluths.com website and mentioned how the "company" was going to be going out of business, etc. And the narrator kept saying "Please tell your friends." I felt SO BAD watching it :X It's a shame I didn't even know about the show really until it was cancelled...

Anyway, time to make sure I have everything together blah blah blah :X
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2006-11-07 11:39 pm
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Guitar Herooooo 2!

Guitar Hero 2 is awesome!!

I still haven't started Final Fantasy 12 :(

I did start playing Trauma Center again though. I'm STILL stuck on the X1 mission, but at least now there are some guides on gamefaqs about how to beat some of them. (I had no idea the gel slows bleeding on normal cuts - I can't believe I made it through the game without knowing this!) I'm really excited to get past X1 because I feel like that almost has to be the hardest one :( lol. What I've heard reading about the 2nd one (I haven't read past that one) is the 2nd feels like a walk in the part compared to X1! We'll see... if I ever beat X1.

I'm almost done with Kingdom of Shadow :( which means the last Diablo book will be finished and I STILL have no idea where Kushiel's Avatar is. My next plan is to look at home (but I don't remember leaving it there) because I don't have a single clue where it would be if it were here. The book is really good though... I'm loving it :) I'm so close to done I can't believe I haven't finished it yet :P But I guess Guitar Hero 2, being so new, was too enticing!

Finally I got around to organizing my infamous stack of paper. I have sorted most of my class work into folders so I don't have 8 million papers from different classes lying around. I can't believe I haven't been more organized this semester :/

A "girl" applied to my WoW guild today (on Mannoroth, not Bronzebeard). I almost feel like it has to be a joke app based on the amount of typos. This was what really set me off though: Tell us a little bit about you:I'm a cool female that loves sexy people and make some noise in vent O_o ( erlon liked it), i drink alot so im oftendrunk in vent and its fun:D but i can still pay attention. started playing WoW in july 2005 i think. and i have no life. Yay, that's just what we need - a drunk vent whore :( I bet she (if she is actually a she) likes to post half naked pictures of herself on the forums too! I'd like to believe that if she is for real, she won't get in, but who knows.

I got a bunch of work done on monday (2 website designs and the beginnings of a flash mockup for our crossword puzzle) so I'm really feeling good about that :) But I have tons of work to do in my film class (mostly footage that I really want and haven't gotten yet) so I still feel behind :(

Anyway I should stop writing and get back to organizing everything. The sooner that's done, the sooner I can finish typing up my screening journal which is due tomorrow (and some films I never took notes on, so I need to google for reminders or make something up...) and the sooner I can study for Ethics! I'm not too worried about Ethics though since I have all morning and most of the evening to study for the test, and I don't think I'll even need that much time :)

I don't know what else to say D:

I hope Chris fixes his thingy so it doesn't post my journal entry in his journal again. (Be prepared to see this entry in his journal in a couple of hours I'm sure :p)
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2006-10-20 02:07 am
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leaving game club early ftl D:

I had to leave game club early so I could get some work done before Jared takes the camera tomorrow :( However, something good HAS come out of it!

I finally took a step toward organizing (wtf) and sorted all my class papers into appropriate class-specific folders. I also took a bunch of footage both for my narrative for project 3 and all the footage I should need for project 2. I want to get a couple of more things done for project 2, but I need to wait for the tv to not be recording something, so I can record the sound of changing channels ^^;

Anyway, I guess I don't have much else to say!
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2006-10-11 06:09 pm
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I got an A- on my Ethics test :D /dance