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Guitar Hero 2 is awesome!!

I still haven't started Final Fantasy 12 :(

I did start playing Trauma Center again though. I'm STILL stuck on the X1 mission, but at least now there are some guides on gamefaqs about how to beat some of them. (I had no idea the gel slows bleeding on normal cuts - I can't believe I made it through the game without knowing this!) I'm really excited to get past X1 because I feel like that almost has to be the hardest one :( lol. What I've heard reading about the 2nd one (I haven't read past that one) is the 2nd feels like a walk in the part compared to X1! We'll see... if I ever beat X1.

I'm almost done with Kingdom of Shadow :( which means the last Diablo book will be finished and I STILL have no idea where Kushiel's Avatar is. My next plan is to look at home (but I don't remember leaving it there) because I don't have a single clue where it would be if it were here. The book is really good though... I'm loving it :) I'm so close to done I can't believe I haven't finished it yet :P But I guess Guitar Hero 2, being so new, was too enticing!

Finally I got around to organizing my infamous stack of paper. I have sorted most of my class work into folders so I don't have 8 million papers from different classes lying around. I can't believe I haven't been more organized this semester :/

A "girl" applied to my WoW guild today (on Mannoroth, not Bronzebeard). I almost feel like it has to be a joke app based on the amount of typos. This was what really set me off though: Tell us a little bit about you:I'm a cool female that loves sexy people and make some noise in vent O_o ( erlon liked it), i drink alot so im oftendrunk in vent and its fun:D but i can still pay attention. started playing WoW in july 2005 i think. and i have no life. Yay, that's just what we need - a drunk vent whore :( I bet she (if she is actually a she) likes to post half naked pictures of herself on the forums too! I'd like to believe that if she is for real, she won't get in, but who knows.

I got a bunch of work done on monday (2 website designs and the beginnings of a flash mockup for our crossword puzzle) so I'm really feeling good about that :) But I have tons of work to do in my film class (mostly footage that I really want and haven't gotten yet) so I still feel behind :(

Anyway I should stop writing and get back to organizing everything. The sooner that's done, the sooner I can finish typing up my screening journal which is due tomorrow (and some films I never took notes on, so I need to google for reminders or make something up...) and the sooner I can study for Ethics! I'm not too worried about Ethics though since I have all morning and most of the evening to study for the test, and I don't think I'll even need that much time :)

I don't know what else to say D:

I hope Chris fixes his thingy so it doesn't post my journal entry in his journal again. (Be prepared to see this entry in his journal in a couple of hours I'm sure :p)
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