Dec. 22nd, 2006

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Chris and I survived the night! Barely :)

Finally around 6 or just a bit before 7, we were able to get one of the videos I exported from Premiere (lol I think the one I exported at 1:25am, which I know becuase I included the time in the export filename) to work. Chris did some crazy thing where he put in a TON of parameters to convert it to AVI and finally it converted!! Then he tried to have his program interpret it as an MPEG2 file so it could be read by the dvd program thingy...

then, hahahahahaha, after waiting probably 20 minutes, it ends from lack of hard drive space SECONDS before the end!!! SECONDS!!! But then Chris just renamed the AVI as MPEG2 and it worked? XD I'm not complaining.

THEN!! We had dvd issues. When we tried to burn the ISO there was clearly something wrong because nero wouldn't let me use a dvd, it said I had to use a cd. We tried various things, finally got it to burn, then it "worked"... except the menu had no buttons and we couldn't play anything.

Used 3 of my dvds up trying stuff out. Finally got something that semi-works XD;

The final product was odd. The main menu sound worked fine. (I exported the main menu in FCP.) The animation video worked fine (I exported that one last night and that's what took 8 million hours). The sound on the 3 projects that I exported in FCP... was weird D: at first we thought there was no sound. Then we changed the language track (from other to other2...??) and it had sound D: I have NO IDEA WHY. But I was out of DVDs so that's what I turned in along with a note.

If I get a bad grade on this I will be pissed! But again, not like I would know anyway since I never have gotten a grade :/ In some ways I am surprised that I busted my ass this much for a project in a class where one of the teachers clearly is prejudiced against me and seems to want me to do badly (hence telling me the day the lab closed, scant hours before it closed, that my project was due friday, 2 days later, and no appropriate media labs would be open!)

The good- I learned more about Adobe Premiere than I really wanted to know for now, and about dvd authoring and burning... in Linux (with tons of Chris' help)
The bad- omg sleep. omg sleep. omg sleep. :(

At this point I'm just trying to stay up long enough so that I don't screw up my sleep schedule for the rest of the weekend.

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