Dec. 18th, 2006

ayashi: (Voice heal)
My butt hurts D: lol. I want a more comfy seat on my bike! Not that it would probably change much in the long run... Luckily my legs don't hurt at all, so we'll be doing another bike ride today if it isn't too cold :D

I really like getting in some exercise, and it also is Chris-time :) I've also been better with eating - we eat at the dinner table now instead of in front of the TV (so less mindless eating) and I've been trying to eat more slowly so I don't overeat. Doing well so far :) Somehow over the past couple of years I have gotten into this mode where I paid for this food, so if I don't eat it, it's going to waste... so I've been overeating, hence some of my weight gain. I need to learn that it isn't going to be any more useful if I throw it away or overeat, so if I did accidentally make too much, oh well! I'm not sure when that started, but I wish it hadn't!

Been working on my paper for BDIC. Decent progress so far - I have a lot of writing to do today though. Tomorrow I get to turn it in and complete my final project for the video class, then focus on studying for my Ethics test. Then I have nothing more to worry about, and the semester will be over! :D

Tomorrow if I remember, I hope to also talk to the people at the Asian Languages department and find out if I have my Japanese minor or not. I can still go early next semester, but I'd rather figure out sooner!

I logged on my priest this morning and vendored some old armor I won't need anymore (nature resist stuff, some fire resist stuff, etc). I really miss my priest :/ I can't wait for The Burning Crusade to come out and for my Draenei priest to be born!

Anyway I better get going, I have my "class" at 1:30 (I can't believe they scheduled class today - classes ended WEDNESDAY). I really hope it's warmish outside when I get home so we can go on a bike ride :D

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