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Some of these are oriented wrong but I am too lazy to fix.

More crappy iPhone pics of my furball babies )
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So the interview I wrote about going to with Chris? He got the job!! :D I'm sooo excited for him :D :D

Mom came over today and she was here to hear the great news :) She brought along Erin and Sadie. Sadie was THRILLED to be here and she was really happy, sniffing out all these new smells. She fell off my bed though :( We had her on a leash since we didn't want her to get into the litter box or anything, and my litter box is NOT Sadie-safe (it's gross but the litter box at home, when she can rarely get into it, is like her own treat box or something... or so she thinks :/). Well, she tried to jump off my bed, but she didn't have much slack, and she just fell to the ground D: She was fine though - poor little thing.

She also has this weird toe thing :( it might need to be removed, but we don't know. Her toe (really, her nail... her toe overall seems fine) looks really bad now :/ I don't think it has been biopsied (spelling?) but it could be a tumor or something? :( It looks like her nail kind of just stopped growing right... it is soft (not hard like a nail should be) and very big and it looks like all the sensitive flesh that would be protected by the nail is exposed (very lovely picture I am painting for you all). It DOES hurt when you touch it but not during her everyday life, as far as we can tell. The vet tried some meds with it (antibiotics maybe?) but nothing seems to have changed. My mom doesn't really want to get it removed though because it would cost a lot of money and she is convinced for some reason that my dog doesn't have that much time left in her. Sadie has problems but I don't think any of them really fall under life threatening or lifespan shortening? Anyway if I get the money sometime after I graduate, I will try to get her toe checked out and get it removed if I have to. She will be living with us too, so I think she'll be happy. I really hope she is good (ie quiet) because I don't think we'll be able to keep her if she is noisy and annoying. She was quiet here though (I went out with mom and came back and she didn't bark at all) but that might just be because my apartment isn't "home" so she doesn't need to protect it.

Lily didn't show her face even ONCE this whole time. For some reason Lily is kind of scared of my mom and I'm sure the dog didn't help, hahaha.

I transferred my druid over to Bronzebeard last night and got her up to 64 :) I am excited to try Lifebloom in an instance although I suspect it would be a little better for pvp. The amount of healing it does overall is a bit underwhelming, but the mana cost is pretty low so... I don't know. Anyway an instant cast is an instant cast so I can't complain too much! I guess my main problem is it basically is the opposite of Unstable Affliction except for way crappier. Then again, UA is a 41 point talent and every druid gets Lifebloom at 64, so oh well.

Need to call Jim to talk about Spring Break! Soon! Will do it tonight! I SWEAR.
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My dog is amazing. We have these dining chairs you see, they are pretty standard dining chairs. They have wood frames, a back cushion and a seat cushion. One of them fell apart not too long ago so mom has been putting it back together in her free time. At the moment, it looks all put together except for the absence of a seat cushion.

I just walked out to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal, and Sadie followed me. When we got into the kitchen, I went to my normal spot - the cereal cabinet. Sadie decided to jump into one of the chairs and wait for me! Yes, you can see where this is going. She jumped in the seat WITHOUT A CUSHION. So she was falling all over trying to not go through the hole (because without the cushion, there is NOTHING to sit on, only the bare frame of that part of the chair) and freaking out and it was really funny. Obviously she did not get hurt, and then after the chair problem, as soon as she got down, she ran over to me and didn't try to hop into a chair again :P she's so funny, I love Sadie T_T

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