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jewish: B+
creative writing: A
TA for 391: A
Flash: A
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Yay!!!!!!! I got my grades!!!

Intro to Computing in Fine Arts - A
Intro to Graphics Communication - A
Dean's Book - A
BDIC Proposal Writing - P (a Pass/Fail course)
Intermediate Intensive Japanese - BC

YAY!!! so happy! My GPA is a 3.308 for the semester (because unfortunately Japanese is double weighted :() and now can only go up since Japanese is over with, and I get to declare my Japanese minor next semester! Sooo happy :D I wasn't sure what Japanese was going to be, I must have done well on the last test!! (it seemed "too easy" so I thought I didn't do very well... since that's always the way with things) Now I NEVER have to worry about getting lower than an AB on anything :D And hopefully not even that! So soon my GPA will be really nice again ^_^ Freaking Calc II dragged it down fall semester because they wouldn't let me retake the final (which I still say is bull) but now I'm REALLY happy because yay :DD my grades were perfect except Japanese and Japanese was just what I was hoping for!!

Yay :D

and this is so true: http://www.reallifecomics.com/daily.php?strip_id=1203
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Yay I now have my (read: kendra's old) laptop in my hands. Well, my lap, I guess. I got it and now I'm impatiently waiting for Chris to come home to ask him a dumb question before I reformat it! I'm REALLY excited to, so I'm thinking sitting here and just waiting is not a wise idea. Probably I will start playing a game to pass the time, or clean since mom bought me two big plastic storage boxes, so I can put winter clothes in them and get stuff out of my room...

but yeah yay! Very happy. I go into work for the first time on thursday (tuesday is mom's birthday, wednesday they will have lots of shipping crap to do, so I come in thursday) to fill out paperwork for the THIRD TIME. And then I get to get with the moneymaking. :D

I really want my grades :( I know one is an A (comp sci, because the instructors told me), Art SHOULD be an A and if it isn't I'll be pissed, and Dean's Book should also be an A. The only iffy one is Japanese, really...

Anyway going to do something to distract myself until Chris is home! [edit 11:28pm: well i got my first answer but now i have another question, augh]
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Good day today... cold, but oh well. Went to work which was nice, then off to Japanese. I think I got an 8/10 on the quiz today, which isn't too bad. Got my mid-semester grade, I think it's salvageable. I need to talk to my teachers and ask about how I can do better on the tests... all I need to do is get my test average to a B and I think then I'll be fine even if I continue at the pace I am with everything else. I'm ALMOST at a B average for the class, I have no idea how.

Also I got an A on my speaking test that was friday that I thought I really messed up, YAY. That's my first A in the class this semester that hasn't been a freaking quiz grade. Thankfully though, my other classes are going really well. 10/10 on all of my Comp Sci projects except one (I got a 9/10 on that one). A's on all of my art projects except one of them, which I got an AB on. I think the possibility of getting an A in both classes is pretty certain. Dean's Book I've been participating so half my grade must be an A, then the first paper I have a 20/20 on, so as long as I don't royally mess up my oral presentation (which is tomorrow) and my final paper (which is due in a week?) I'll be fine!

Thankfully my BDIC paper is almost done... just gave it to Beverly Woolf today for her to look over, hopefully she'll sign to be my sponsor and I can hand the paper in on thursday! Or friday, but if I get it in on thursday it's even better, one day before the due date, oh yes. I don't get graded there though, just P/F. So, 13 graded credits, which is why I'm so bent on bringing up my Japanese grade. Time to finish up my homework so I can turn that in and then go meet Chris for dinner!! I'm so hungry, ahh!!!

Anyway tons of work to do tonight, need to fix up my whole oral presentation that I have tomorrow in Dean's Book. Procrastination is bad, kiddies!!!
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Fever finally crawled out from its hiding place, unfortunately for me. It hurts to just have my clothes on my back. I hate having fevers... Going to get food with Chris soon... and... augh, feel so crappy, hard to believe. Going to finish up my Comp Sci project, I've been big time procrastinating on that.

Oh, I got an A on my 3rd art project, yay! At first I had an AB because the reflection was unbelieveable... but then lol I had to point out that the reflection was in the original picture, so she took it back and regraded it! So turns out the surface just looked REALLY odd being reflective, but actually it was reflective, not me trying to fake it. So I got an A, go me. Still some problems with it, I forgot to add in shading, but that wasn't enough to keep it at the AB grade.

umm... Japanese is hard... yeah. Going to see if Megan photocopied the HW for tomorrow so I can borrow and scan it and... crap I can't print it out :( maybe it'll print out in blue... or red. If my color ink decides to work. It might be all dried up... what a horrible waste of money. I hate ink. And I also hate the fact my printer won't print unless BOTH black and color are intact and not empty. How freaking lame.


Feb. 24th, 2004 10:58 am
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I'm doing pretty well this semester so far... Japanese not so much for the first actual exam, but the speaking tests I got an B and an AB, and I've gotten 10/10 or 9/10 on almost all of the vocab quizzes.

Art, Check Plus on the first assignment and an AB on the first real assignment. (lol, yeah... I didn't like that assignment much at all so I'm happy with the AB, I feel I should have had a B for that assignment)

Comp Sci, 10/10 on both assignments and a 10/10 on the quiz!

BDIC, lol, well, I'm passing... it's only a pass fail class so I don't have any idea what my actual grade would be, but since I've done everything fully and on time, A

Dean's Book, we haven't done anything worth grading yet (paper due tomorrow which I have to do tonight :(), but I've been participating so there's like half of my grade being an A!

I'm shooting for As in all my classes, I think an AB is the more realistic goal for Japanese, but I am going to try my best, since it's 6 credits and weighs more than the others.

Determined to do well this semester, I am. Not that I've done badly other semesters. But I want straight As. At least that's an incredibly realistic goal after this semester, no more Japanese YAY! I enjoy the class but I don't enjoy that it is more work than all my other classes combined.

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