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Tony visited us for a little while Saturday night! We went to Rod Dee which is an awesome Thai place and brought it home with us. I started to feel a little bit sick in the car but that was it.

DotA kicked butt in Karazhan. My druid got her healing ring from HH, which only leaves the pewpew ring for me to get for my mage. I played a ton of Drakengard 2 last night and went to bed way too late (1am). Slept in way too late (8am). I remember waking up to the alarm with a sad feeling of indifference and then I fell back asleep.

My stomach was pretty well-behaved all weekend. I trust this will not last but I am happy while it does :)

Anyway I better go get dressed so I can go to work! I can't decide if I should bring The Amber Spyglass or my DS for Phoenix Wright. It is harder to play PW while eating though because you generally need 2 hands for it :( So probably will bring the book.

Also Erin linked me this paladin video which I thought was mucho funny.
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Yesterday I saw The Bourne Ultimatum (which I loved), and also watched most (maybe?) of The Lake House (HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MOVIE). After that I did Botanica on my druid, where once again my stupid trinket did not drop :) I probably will be exalted by the time it does. It is one of the very, very few upgrades I can get in 5-mans now though, so....

Theeen after Botanica and almost finishing Terokkar on my draenei priest (only have 2 more quests left I think), I watched Million Dollar Baby which I loved and was really sad :(

I guess yesterday was kind of a movie day for me!

Saturday was also really fun because Chris and I went to the Berkshires, saw my mom and hung out with my parents for a bit, and visited Kendra! (Happy birthday Kendra!)

Anyway I need to get to work x_x
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Ratatouille was AWESOME! Seeing the movie made me laugh so much and a lot of stress just flew out the window :D Wonderful wonderful movie, and the short before it was also hilarious. The reviews I read of it saying it wasn't as good as some others were total crap. They likened it to Cars, which admittedly I originally didn't really care about seeing, but I liked. Cars still is probably my least favorite (still loved it though), but Ratatouille might be my favorite Pixar movie ever.

I also got to see it with Kate which was awesome :D haven't seen her in a million years. I felt bad because I had to split really fast (our train was coming as we were saying bye and didn't want to wait 15 minutes for the next one) but still :) very fun

Work is going really well, and it is my birthday today and so far my birthday has been awesome :)

I also wrote this a long time ago and forgot to post it! About to go out to dinner with Chris, I think we are going to try this really nice (but expensive looking) Japanese place. I hope it isn't crowded :X
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I've been waking up every morning with a really sore throat and feeling all stuffy :( It clears up once I'm awake for an hour or so though, and a cough drop has been helping each morning to make my throat feel better quickly. Apartment still isn't really any cleaner, though I did finally get a rug under the "computer desk" (aka folding card table) so I don't feel bad about rolling the chair around thinking they might be hearing it downstairs :X

Going out to eat with James around 12ish and then going to Tyris-Chris' place for Mario Party, and I think Tendermuffin-Chris is supposed to be showing up sometime around 4ish or so, so it will be awesome.

I keep telling Chris that he needs to become super best friends with more Chris people and then when he gets married his whole half of the wedding party can be made up of people named Chris, the two Chris people from home and more XD Okay honestly he probably would put Alex in there and ruin my 100% Chris dream but it would still be funny.

Chris and I are going to see Nightwish in October! He actually didn't like Tarja (wasn't a fan of the opera sound) and I think he'll like the new singer a lot more. I'm not sure what I think yet (only really heard a demo with one song), but we'll see :D They are playing in Worcester at the Palladium. It's on Oct 20th which is a Saturday night so if any of my friends who like Nightwish want to come, you can stay at my apartment that night if you want!

I'll have to thank Sam/[livejournal.com profile] aoshi for reminding me with a post of hers today that Nightwish exists and has a new singer XD It caused Chris and I to check the website for some songs with her voice and we found out that they are going to be in MA :D
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Yes. Today I sat in a chair and for the first time in my life... it broke! It wasn't a sissy break either. It split right down the middle in the seat (from front to back) and the middle bar between the legs broke.

I wasn't hurt at all and in fact afterward began to laugh hysterically. I was so shocked! And the glass of milk I was holding when I sat down was barely disturbed (I spilled maybe 3 drops, but most of the milk was somehow still inside the glass - no idea how I didn't drop it).

Yes, little 130 pound me broke a chair :( rofl... I didn't even get to really put all my weight on the chair - I think my butt had contact with the chair for a tenth of a second before the whole thing just crashed down. It was really funny though... we were at Jared's for dinner and... it just happened!

Anyway I'm going to go do some important work now. I'm glad I wasn't hurt... and it was funny. At first Jared thought it was the chair that he asked his dad to fix that had broken, but in fact it was that chair's twin which was not broken at all before I sat in it. Apparently those chairs suck! The break was SO smooth and clean too... it didn't look like a random break at all. Maybe I was set up! (gasp)

I started a Sims challenge today that Veela mentioned (well I didn't really start it but I made my "family"). Looks much shorter than the Legacy challenge but still difficult. Mini Challenge: Asylum

Every character I made for it was a woman (all-female asylum!) and I already gave them all weird issues and stuff. It was really fun making them all :D My main girl is a pleasure aspiration which is probably my least favorite one (I have a really hard time keeping them happy with dates and stuff, and she isn't allowed to go Downtown in this challenge), but hopefully she'll have a fun lifetime want.
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The Nintendo Wii might be my favorite system of all time :x It is getting to be about damn time that finally something could surpass the Super Nintendo in terms of a console, to me ;)

I watched Chris play Red Steel - some of the story sequences are just dumb (they clearly were too lazy to animate... if the sequences had been done WELL it would look good but instead they look dumb, bad, and cheesy) but it does look like it actually might be fun to play. I haven't played it myself, though :) But I do wish that female character (who apparently needs to be saved) would just get shot, because she is incredibly unsufferably annoying! It is a saving grace of the game itself that she is kidnapped because I wouldn't be able to stand the game if I had to see very much of her.

Monkey Ball is fun! Some of the mini-games are just weird and I don't like the controls (though to be fair, I don't like them because I don't understand them) but others are just genuinely really fun! I'll be interested to try it out some more - we only played some of the 50 (!!!) 4-player games that came with it.

Zelda is... incredible! I played it for an hour before some people came over yesterday (I made it to the part where you get to try out your sword :D). I love Epona and it looks like she is going to be a big part of the game (unlike in Ocarina of Time where she doesn't come in until halfway through). I don't know what else to say about it but I love it.

The Rayman game is great as well. I've never played one before but ALL the mini-games so far are great fun :D (I was also happy to discover that I was quite good at some of the games that other people weren't doing so hot on :P) The slamming bathroom doors on the bunnies though - that one was hard D: we played it (swapping the controller between 5 of us) for at least 30 minutes before giving up I think. We needed to do it for 50 seconds and I think 38.something was the best we had done.

Trauma Center... :D I actually didn't realize at first that Trauma Center was mostly a 3D remake of the one for DS... but I'm still loving it. Some things were made much easier simply by the fact that you can switch tools MUCH easier (using the nunchuk part of the controller) and also some parts of there being 3D space is nice. Some motions felt odd to me, or I didn't know what to do - that may be in part because I didn't read the manual, but I figured them all out soon enough. There's also new content (some new levels featuring a new doctor :D) which is really fun, and those levels seem especially fun and innovative. I've heard there is a new ending, but I am not far enough in the game to have seen it!

I haven't played or seen Excite Truck yet. Shane played it last night and he said it was fun.

Wii sports also seems fun - I watched people play it but I don't think I really played it myself. I can't remember to be honest :D;

I'm trying to remember if there is anything else... I think that's it for games I can report on :) The Wii is really, truly great. I'm glad the controller is as awesome as I'd hoped (perhaps better? :P) and so far it HAS been really intuitive. I did have to lower the sensitivity though to make things work a little easier for me. When I filled out the name for the system the first time, I typo'd a TON because my arm would shake a tiny bit and I'd hit the wrong letter -.- Anyway... yes. I love the system :DD

Corey, Natasha, and Tony all came over yesterday to play (fullll apartment. Wow. :X) so we hung out in the living room all playing Wii :D Shane and Chris were there of course too, and Tom as well toward the end :) it was really fun.

Lastly, I'm almost done with Kushiel's Avatar. It is probably one of the best books (series!) I've ever read. I have a little less than 200 pages left (may seem a lot, but it is almost 800 pages long!) and I've been reading it a lot whenever I haven't been playing the Wii or logging in WoW (which hasn't been often :x).
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Sooo I had a lot of fun this weekend :D Friday we went to Tony's and had some delicious pork (among other things too of course) :) and then some Guitar Hero 2 was had, and afterward... Battlestar! The episode was great although I sort of felt like they just... I don't know. Came up with an awesome plot device then didn't know what to do with it XD No more on that though, for anyone who hasn't seen it :) I started to feel crappy, I thought then from allergies, but now I still feel crappy :( so who knows. My throat is the only thing that is really bad (it hurts) and aside from that I'm just a little stuffy. I wasn't expecting it to go into today from friday, so maybe it wasn't allergies after all. Who knows!

Yesterday, Chris and I hopped in his car and went to pick up Erin and Kate at B&N in Springfield (Holyoke? I forget where it is exactly!) :) then we brought Kate to her hotel for United Fan Con and brought Erin back to our apartment :) I did some cleaning (I also did a lot of cleaning friday night when I told Kate she could spend the night here saturday) and then it was off to lunch at the Blue Wall with Chris, Mike, Erin (of course), and a man (who actually is from Dalton) and his son who were looking into coming to UMass for undergraduate computer science. We had lunch with them and then went off to the Tyris-Chris party! I played... something that I forget the name of :( arg. Chris will remember (either of them hehe) and a bunch of Guitar Hero 2 as well :) We left around 9:45 or so which ended up perfect. We arrived in Springfield at the hotel 2 hours later, picked up Kate, and came home :D We stopped and got McDonald's on the way :P

Kate and Erin and I all talked for a little while (Chris went up to bed after finishing his food) and then I went to bed too. Apparently Kate and Erin were up until about 3 or maybe later :P Which very much explains Erin's difficulty getting up when I went to wake her up at 8 XD;

Now I am having difficulty getting Chris up too! Sigh! (omg and now Shane is up before Chris - this is ridiculous :P)


Sep. 24th, 2006 10:18 pm
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This weekend was pretty good :D Last night I went to AQ-20 on my druid (noooothing dropped haha... though I did pick up a nice ring from ayamiss), it went all right aside from very super noobish wipes (come on, hitting the FIRST CRYSTAL too early, and Ossirian goes nuts and beats the crap out of us? :P I got Thunder Clapped (or something that looked like it) for 8000. The next attempt was flawless though and we got him down with no deaths.

Today was really productive! We went to the mall quickly then to Barnes and Noble. I got the new two books of that series I have been reading (Kushiel's Chosen and Kushiel's Avatar) and saw that The Queen's Oracle was out! That's the third book of Tamir Trilogy (The Bone Doll's Twin, then Hidden Warrior, now this) which was ridiculously good. I have no idea when I read Hidden Warrior, but it was a loooong time ago. I'm really glad I found the third book. Now I just need to remember who everyone is... I know a few people (Ki, Tamir, Brother...) but a lot of them... no clue! I'm going to finish up the other two books before I get into it though, I think :) I want to read the second Diablo book, but I can't find it anywhere :/

Anyway after shopping we stopped at Northampton quickly then got groceries and stopped by Blockbuster to pick up Ong-bak. We went home, watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica (yay! one episode away from the last of Season 1... gotta catch up before Season 3 starts!) and then I went to Onyxia. Stormrage Cover dropped, but Gwennie has more DKP than me so... :P Next time though it might be mine :D Afterward we went to Corey and Natasha's and watched Ong-bak and had wings :D I asked to come home early so I could do some work (taking a tiny break right now but I'm gonna get back in to it in a second).

I think I had something else to say but I can't remember it now for the life of me :) so back to working!
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I had fun tonight :D went over to Corey + Natasha's apartment where we watched Grandma's Boy. I had no idea that was a very video game-centered movie... always thought of it as a very drug-centered movie :P bad advertisements! Seeing them always makes me want to pvp more because they like it so much. Chris and I just ended a game actually. Unfortunately it was against a premade group so we got rolled but I had fun at least. Feign trap cheapness ftw :O

Might be going tomorrow to Northampton to see Little Miss Sunshine with Chris, Tony, Jared, and maybe Shane? I've been looking forward to seeing that from the previews ;) so I hope it's good!

I started reading the Diablo-based series (books). Not very far through the first one but I'm hoping it'll be good :) Interesting start to it, at least! I do already own a few other non-game related books of his, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends up being.

I really can't think of anything good to write about, it's way too late and I'm really tired, soooo good night.
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I'm very excited for Siggraph :) and the DotA MC run on saturday :D Probably, we will be leaving as soon as it is over -and depending on how long it takes, I may have to leave early. But regardless I am super excited :D

I've been working on my art too, to try to put together a nice portfolio before I leave for Siggraph. I saved a lot of images that I really liked / wanted to work on more. One is almost done - I have the highlights/shading on her hair and face done, and I'm getting to work on the rest now. Last night and this morning, the majority of my time was spent just cleaning up the lines! I'll be able to finish the coloring today, though :D I'm trying a relatively new method (for me) for coloring, and I'm liking it a lot so far. Besides plainly just being fun, it has been looking quite nice :) Not cleaning up my drawings is definitely my biggest problem D:

Last night we went to Tony's house for game night as normal :) it was fun! I played some Big Brain Academy while Tony finished up the video game he was playing, and then we settled down and played some 6-player citadels. I finally won a game of Citadels! For the first time I actually took advantage of the fact that certain colors yield money for certain characters, and the Warlord became "my guy". I used him for abouot 3 turns in a row (and Jared was also using the Bishop 3 times in a row). Then Jared got assassinated, so I spent my money that turn to buy a second Gold building so I could be the King as well. Everyone seemed too focused on Jared being the Bishop though to go after me :) I won the game with 30 points, finishing with 8 districts first and having all 5 colors :)

Next we played Ticket to Ride (Europe), and since it's only a max of 5 players, Chris and I teamed up. We ended up winning that one too :D Jared seemed to be getting frustrated at times, and almost didn't play because of his sight, but it worked out in the end and he even liked the game. I love it because the turns are so fast, unlike some games :)

We also watched the Daily Show excerpts on Net Neutrality. There were many hilarious bits on the dump truck / tubes analogies :P

I don't think there is much else for me to ramble on about, so I guess I should get back to work :) (Oh, speaking of work, the actual body of my character is done :D I worked all day on friday to get it finished. Next I have to get started on the legs :) (to be true, I only have to do half of everything - it will be copy/flipped/attached at the end) But I'm excited because it looks quite good :D)
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Saw "Art School Confidential" today in Northampton. I liked the first part of it certainly. Then the main character was stupid for the rest of the movie and I didn't really care about him anymore because he was being dumb. I have a hard time caring about characters that I think are being truly stupid. So that was that. It turned for the better slightly at the end but still had a way cliche ending :p

My guild on Bronzebeard did their first UBRS run last night :) We owned the place, I was so proud. We did way better than most PUGs, and most of them had never been in the instance before.

Tomorrow I am going to try to do work and clean up. There are some things I have been wanting to get done for a while and tomorrow is the perfect time to get it done. Tomorrow is also Chris' 22nd birthday :D

I am convinced there is something about water chestnuts that doesn't agree with me. I never feel well after eating them :( We went to Tony's tonight (for regular game night) and had some really, really good beef stir fry. Mixing in oranges (mandarin oranges is what we used) was an awesome idea. Added a bit of sweetness to the rice :) I ate a LOT, probably too much, but it was really good.

I have been eating much better lately than I was while in school. I am enjoying it. Still haven't been exercising though, that will have to be my next goal. I know I am not fat and probably not technically overweight by any means, but it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight.
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Haha, I feel so bad for my mom! She has a level 34 hunter on Bronzebeard and she's been getting really frustrated lately. Erin hopped on her character for a moment and figured it out for her. She hasn't trained any spells since level 20 :( Poor, poor mom!

In other news, I got my job at comp sci! I'm going to be doing website/flash/3d work for the robotics lab :) I'm super excited and really looking forward to doing more work. I have to make up some sketches/thumbnails for the website, and the grad student working with me is going to get me some more images to use for the layout. It'll be $10 an hour for now and will go up to $12, and it's 25 hours a week. They are going to try to get me some more but we'll work with what we have for now :)

Chris and I are going to see Art School Confidential (or whatever, I forget if that is the name or not) in northampton today with Tony. Hopefully it'll be good! I wasn't that interested by one of the trailers I saw a while ago but... we'll see.

I was going to write more but now I need to finish up my grocery list since we're going grocery shopping later!

Annnd happy birthday to my dad! I have to remember to call him in a little bit when he will hopefully be home.

Oh, last but not least, Chris was at his Facebook page today. For some reason his birthday was marked down as June 6th. And, he was listed as being interested in men. Haha :P
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Yesterday was a pretty good day :) Did more paper coating in my photo class (we're making our own coated watercolor paper to print on), then I went to eat lunch with Chris (unfortunately at the time he was pretty busy checking out software to write down music ideas, so we didn't really get much time to talk until the last 20 minutes or so he was there), then I had my maya class :D Our project is finally coming together, oh please god I just want to stop working on the popcorn project. T_T

I submitted my proposal for my final project in that class, I want to try to do a model, not sure how that will work out though. I honestly don't know that much about Maya. I don't understand how I learned SO MUCH about Hash modeling and animation for those two semesters, but I didn't learn a single thing about Maya. I can do sooo little, I can't even perform a third of the things I can do in Hash, at least with any certainty. Bah, anyway...

Went home hoping to have time for a game of DotA, but it just wasn't meant to be :P I was starving (last time I ate was just my ramen cup with Chris at 12 and I couldn't take it anymore) so Chris and I ate some small frozen pizzas and had french fries while watching the latest episode of House. It was a weird episode... good, but at the end I was kind of "... D:"

Soon as that ended we went over to Alyson's house for Joe's surprise party :D it was fun! Enjoyed some appetizers (bad idea, that combined with the food I ate earlier killed my appetite for the food Alyson made later on ;____;) and when Joe arrived it was great XDD Watching him with the pinata was especially amazing :P I was pretty sure someone was going to get hurt, haha. Him shattering the stick on the tree branch was priceless. Alyson made some beef stuff (I forget the name... sigh) which at first I didn't have any but then I thought to myself that I definitely should since she made it so I had a little bit and it was very yummy :D The ice cream cake was also yummy (of course :p). Chris and I left around 9 because he had somewhere to be at 10 (for music writing stuff with those frat guys). I played WoW for a little while (helped Erin through Gnomeregan) and then I was so tired I couldn't stay up anymore. Shane begged me for some DotA, but I couldn't do it and conked out within 15 minutes :P Woke up around 12 when Chris called to say he was coming home, fell back asleep, woke up again when he came to bed, fell back asleep (after having to get up to get a drink of milk because I was really thirsty for some reason).

Yes. How exciting.

Then I had a dream about Joe and Andrew (Andrew being a kid that came to game club a few times, he was really kind of cocky and that was a bit annoying... :X). Joe was going crazy because of stress from school (not really crazy but temporary crazy) and shooting people with a BB gun, and then Chris and I got into an argument (in the dream) where Chris was saying for some reason that he liked Andrew better than Joe (which is not true in real life, haha, but I think he was saying it in the dream because Joe was shooting people), and I was like "How can you?!" and got all angry, and then I woke up. Chris asked me who should go to take a shower first (since our alarm had just gone off) and I was like "I don't care!" in a huffy/angry voice, then I realized that it was all a dream and there was no reason to be mad at him XDD haha.

Jay is coming over later I think, and tonight is Silent Hill Night at game club! So if you go to UMass you should come! It's at the campus center at 7pm, just look up Hi Score Game Night on the listing :D The movie comes out tomorrow and a bunch of us are all going to go see it.
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I had a fun weekend :) Saturday Chris and I went out to eat at Amherst Brewing Company, I had a steak :x and Chris had a yummy burger. We watched 2 movies, Rent and 40 Year Old Virgin. I thought 40 Year Old Virgin would be really terrible and I would hate it, but then I heard it was by the same as Anchorman, and I didn't mind it. My mom and dad also called that night and invited Chris and I over for easter "dinner" at 12 on sunday :) So we ended up going to that, too. I got to see Jim and Shannon (maybe the last time I see them before they move out... which sucks...) and Uncle Richie :)

Sunday night after we came home, we went over to Tony's for chicken pot pie, which was tasty! We also played NORMAL Carcassonne (with only the river expansion) and it was fun! I only lost by one point :( We played Blockus too, and I tied Chris for first with that game (at the end we had the exact two last pieces left... who would have thought? haha)

Yesterday, Brian and Tony came over (and Shane came home sunday night) and we had some fun :D Played some Chu-Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast (Tony won :P) and I think they played some Guitar Hero before I went downstairs. We watched 3 or 4 episodes of Scrubs (loooove Scrubs), and played 3 games of DotA in warcraft III :D First game was me, Chris, and Brian all on a team against Shane and Tony and... we lost... :( lol. My hero was a support hero I think, maybe if I had bought different weapons/stuff for her it would have gone differently, but I sucked while Tony was invisible and critting people for 900 (which btw was 90% of my health). Chris' character finally started to do well toward the end but it was already too late. My character was good until we hit level 6 or so, then after that I felt my character slip away in terms of being balanced and Shane's and Tony's began to dominate :P Shane became invulnerable for 5 seconds after he went below a certain HP... and he did crazy damage. Haha :(

The second game was just Chris and I versus Tony and Brian (Shane was playing WoW and raiding at that point). I picked the Dragon Knight guy. Having a hard time remembering which hero Chris picked that game... oh yeah, it was a hunter-type character. We both had awesome AoE which we used to just clear out enemy units in two hits (one from each of us) and we leveled really fast. We killed Tony a LOT and I felt bad :( Haha. Chris and I ended up winning because our AoE + the awesome-ness of our characters was great.

The third game was the same teams, I chose a Stealth Assassin (weird tiny little satyr guy) and Chris was the mountain king guy with a whole bunch of hero-nuking attacks. We can't tell what the range was on one of them but apparently he got a double kill on them when they were nowhere near each other... haha :( They kept complaining that they couldn't hit me because I was so small, and every time they tried to run away I would just blink, then my passive backstab would be laying on damage, and if they tried to attack me I just used smoke screen so they missed 70% of their attacks. That was a really fun combo. It was a close game though overall, Tony's character was a really good counter to Chris' character because he could silence Chris, and Chris was all about mana (at the end his mana regen and mana pool were huge). Tony almost made it to our tree, so we had to fend him off for a while, and afterward I attacked their base while Chris stayed back and defended and beat the lich king's ice thing :) So yay! That was a much more balanced game, in terms of fairness of characters (and our knowledge of playing them), than any of the others.

Anyway... yeah. I had fun yesterday! Chris and I watched an episode of CSI (gross one... started out with the discovery of an arm in a meat grinder) and then we went to bed.

Anyway time for me to get ready for work and class. Whee. (Speaking of, I had a weird dream last night about today, when I had to go in to Tony's class and watch the students but none of them knew what to do and for some reason they had to do an assignment that they didn't have yet... and it was weird.)

I have pretty much "quit" raiding for a while. I sent Tallgeese (priest coordinator) a private message about it, and I will probably not be showing up for much with AU. So far I have been enjoying it.
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Oookay, I can't remember exactly when I made my last update about Michigan but I am a bit too lazy to check. We left Wednesday night after steak dinner at Brahnn's (or something like that) which Steph posted some pictures of at her own journal :D It was fun! We got to eat with a bunch of Erin's friends :) We stopped around 11:30ish I think to get some sleep. The next day we drove through Canada, and to Rochester. I think the worst part of the drive was once we got back into New York that highway SUCKS... also the lady at the Canadian border was kind of rude. >:( She acted like she could just be a bitch just because we are young people... whatever. Getting back into the US was simple though.

In Rochester we stopped to see Tendermuffin (also known as Chris, but not Tyris-Chris, this is Tender-Chris)! We got to see Helian and Ibiki again, and got to meet one of their roommates... I forget his name because I only heard his real name maybe twice, I guess they have called him "Rogue" or something like that for the past many, many years. Not sure why :P Eldra (Dan) and Thrin unfortunately had class so they couldn't come :(

Stopped by my parents' house and took a break for about 40 minutes or so. Mom made some egg salad which was tasty :D and yeah. Then we got home and and pretty much went RIGHT to bed... damn long day. Friday I slacked and played games all day. At night I watched some TV with Chris that we had DVR'd over the past week... oh man, that South Park episode about Chef? Hoooly crap :P I did read an article which said it was because he quit South Park because they were making fun of scientology a lot (even though they make fun of every religion) but I've also heard that he had a stroke, and it's possible that that's just what the people taking care of him released in his name... or something. Anyway this episode was basically a big "fuck you" to him. You could tell in the show that everything that was being said at the end was to his actor, not to the character in the show.


Heehee :D

Anyway! Saturday, Chris and I went shopping for groceries and whatnot. I picked up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and found out I needed to make 3 more gigs of hard drive space (augh!) to install it. Chris and I played some games together after we got home, and we watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life because we got it for free on OnDemand. Sunday, we played some games together and cleaned up the apartment a bit before Shane got home, then we went to Tony's house and played games with him (really, just one game of Citadels, because then we ate some chicken salad and had to go to the movies).

We saw V for Vendetta which was awesome.

Came home, I played some Oblivion (deleted Unreal 2004 off my computer to make room), and then Chris and I watched an episode of South Park we had recorded (about Cartmenland) and went to bed!

I don't want to go to school today... ugh. I liked vacation :(
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I'm at Rocket Star right now :) It's a nice, small little place with wireless internet <3 I purchased a strawberry smoothie which is magically delicious :) The internet really sucks for games (every few minutes it will lag for like 30 seconds... sadface) so I stopped trying to play WoW on it and decided I may as well get an LJ entry out of the way :P

Now that this has been open for ages but I spent all this time doing other stuff.....

My trip so far!!

Friday night, Chris and I left home and visited my parents. It was fun! We went to St. Patrick's Day dinner with my mom at Friend's bar in Pittsfield. We had super delicious St. Patrick's Day dinners :D (Chris and I did not get anything to drink since... we don't drink. I'm so bad at being a stereotypical Irish person I guess :p) Dad was SUPPOSED to meet us there but was confused apparently and arrived after Chris and I already left :( it sucked because I didn't really get to see him much. We also stopped by Jim and Shannon's just before that, it was really good to see them... I am going to miss Jim SO MUCH when he moves way out to Colorado or where ever :( I will miss Shannon too, of course, but Jim has been around forever and... :( I'll miss him a lot.

We woke up bright and early (ok, not bright at all... but early) saturday morning to begin our trip. It started off well with Chris freezing himself in the hall bathroom shower because it sucks and no hot water was coming out. He had a much more successful shower in my parents' bathroom! After my shower... we were off! About 30 minutes after we left, we discovered that we were silly and definitely left Erin's monitor at home (we were bringing my old computer to her because her laptop blows). So mom and dad shipped it out to her priority... whoops!

Anyway the rest of the trip went much better! We met Eldra (Dan), Ibiki (Justin), and Helian (Scott?) for lunch at a nice diner in Rochester! Chris and I had lunch stuff (as we had been up for hours already) while they ate breakfast. For anyone who doesn't know, Eldra, Ibiki, and Helian are all guys we know from our guild on Mannoroth. They were all really nice and we may be seeing them again on Thursday, along with Thrin (don't know his real name) and Tendermuffin (Tender-Chris!!). I'm really excited to see Tender-Chris again because he's awesome and I'm excited to see Thrin too since I've never met another hunter from our guild (but by today I have met THREE druids, Alynia, Eldra, and Evaki).

Anyway after lunch we wen

t back on our way. We arrived in Pittsburgh around 4-5pm. I got to see Chris' sister's apartment :D Her apartment is pretty nice, it's way bigger than ours (although she described it as "small" :P hehe) or at least her bedroom is. I love how tilted her entire kitchen is! We walked to a Japanese restaurant to eat dinner (which was very tasty, I had teriyaki chicken but couldn't eat all of it because there was a LOT of it. Also got to meet one of her friends :) Her friend was really nice although her name is evading my memory at the moment :(

We woke up again pretty early the next morning. Stopped in Ohio at a rest stop for food. Became pissed off when we realized the only thing there was McDonald's, so we decided that Ohio sucks. (The toll cost almost $7 too for only about 2 or 3 hours of driving)

Next rest stop was AWESOME and had a million places to eat, so we ate there instead :) We decided to hate Ohio slightly less!

Around 1 we arrived in Bellville (or Belleville... don't know) Michigan where we stopped at Applebee's and met Evaki (Jess) from AU :D She was really nice, of course. She talked a bit about her son (another member of the guild) and it was really cute (and completely understandable) how protective she was of him while she was talking (such as saying how she would cut off the head of anyone who flipped out at her son if he made a mistake during a raid, etc). I want to make a point to be more friendly toward him, not that I was unfriendly before, but he gets a bit upset because no one talks in guild chat (well, he perceives it as no one talking to HIM so he gets upset) and whatnot. He's only 11 years old. But he's been really nice online and much more mature than many of the guild members we have who are in college :p Evaki is obviously very proud of him, she lets him play WoW (and soon is going to let him start raiding) as a reward for his straight A's in school and whatnot. I dunno they seem like a sweet family although we didn't get to meet her son ;)

Theeennnnn we left and arrived in Kalamazoo! Yay! We met Erin and after dropping some stuff off in her dorm went to the International Festival and saw Steph!! The Japan booth was definitely the coolest but it didn't win, got 2nd place :( Also got to meet a lot of Steph and Erin's friends! Afterward, we went to eat at Subway, then went back to the dorm where we played some Guitar Hero! I gloriously failed at Crossroads at 98% completion :( and I cried on the inside. Kimi came over!! (I know her as Love from WoW, in DotA on Bronzebeard, but she is a real life college friend of Erin's) So we got to meet her which was neat :D Afterward, around... late... lol, we went over to Kimi's. Kimi has one of the cutest dogs ever (a papillon) named Eppi (or Eppy? or Epi? I don't know how to spell it!!) and also a guinea pig :D We talked for a while at Kimi's house and went to bed.

Woke up monday morning, we went back to the dorm to see Erin quickly, then Chris and I decided to go on a crazy adventure!! or something... because we had nowhere to go :) (except stay in the dorm, but Steph was sleeping and we didn't know what to do). We went to IHOP for breakfast, then went to the mall! The major street area here (at least that I know of) that the mall is on is crazy. There's 2 McDonald's and Burger Kings on the same road and just about every other fast food restaurant you could imagine, PLUS tons of stores and other normal restaurants. Around 2 we went back to meet Erin at the Bronco Mall (on campus) then went back to the dorm. For dinner we ate at the dining commons with Erin and Steph, where I met the infamous Randy, wearing an awesome chef hat and cutting up ham. It pretty much made my day. Erin came over to Kimi's with us since her first class wasn't that early annnd we went to bed!

This morning! We went to Erin's dorm and Chris and I pretty much hung out there all day. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch (with my mom's bunch of $5 gift cards she gave us that she won or something) then came back to the dorm where we watched approximately one million episodes of South Park. I also rocked out in Guitar Hero and beat both Crossroads and Ace of Spades on expert mode, I still can't get No One Knows yet though :( I can't get both hands to coordinate correctly and I suck. We went to Red Robin with Erin... I decided to be daring (for me) and I got a teriyaki burger with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and pineapple. I discovered to my dismay that the pineapple... well.... not so much :( I pulled it all off but the rest of it was delicious! And wow...unending fries! On a weird note, I think about 7 people had birthdays celebrated there tonight.

I probably left a lot of stuff out :( but bottom line is Kimi is awesome, it's crazy how long it has been since I've last seen Steph! and it's really fun to get to hang out with her and meet all of Erin's (and Steph's) friends :D

Tomorrow is steak dinner, and thursday we are going to Tender-Chris' house where we will hopefully maybe also see Thrin, and maybe Eldra/Helian/Ibiki again! We're probably going to NOT go all the rest of the way home thursday although that was the plan before... it's a lot of driving and better to be on the safe side. We don't know if we are going to sleep over at Tender's or get a hotel for the night... having a real bed for once would be sweet (futon mattress isn't exactly the MOSt awesome thing in the world although it's better in the floor) but then again... money! O_O Either way we'll be home friday morning with my sweeet Lily-cat who I miss so very much.

Ohhhh and we might be seeing Aurowene friday morning or something :D (from Bronzebeard on DotA, she is in the Rochester area too!) I really hope it works out but we'll see :D I wrote her an email and don't have a reply back yet.

I've been having a LOT of fun on this trip. It's really fun because of course, Erin and friends! But it's also awesome to be on my first big trip with Chris! :D

All this travelling has turned me into a total pansy though. It's only 9 and I'm ready to go boom! Sooo tired.


Mar. 14th, 2006 03:31 pm
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A quick post since I haven't done much in a while--

I am going on my first big trip with Chris (longer than Otakon anyway, and this time my mom isn't driving) starting from this friday/saturday! We're going first to visit his sister then going up to Michigan to visit Erin. It'll be a lot of fun I think! A lot of driving too... hope we have enough cds to not get totally bored to tears :)

Classes are going OK. Today is the first day in 3 classes that I didn't fall asleep during Psych :( I feel so bad, that's so rude to do, but I couldn't help it the past two times. I'm not sure why... just overall got really tired and fell asleep! It isn't even like the material is uninteresting.

I love my photo class, I've been learning so much about photoshop that I didn't know before. My knowledge of the entire program is growing exponentially and I love it.

My Maya class is kind of boring so far. Boo to group projects about really boring things (yay popcorn commercials... whatever) and to having someone who really gets on my nerves in the class, he drives me CRAZY and drove me crazy last semester too. Most of the people there are great though :) I hope it picks up when we get our own solo project to do, or at least we can learn something. Everything has been tutorials so far and I don't feel like I've learned very much.. I am going to try to install a learning edition on my computer from some discs I have at home.

Last weekend was really fun! Went to Tyris-Chris' house for a game party, played some game I can't remember the name of (store front thingy... card game... thingy), gold thief, bitin' off heads (or something of the sort), some other game I can't remember the name of that was really fun and involved a big circular wood thing where you had to flick discs across the board and get them within certain zones, and played against another team who tried to get their own in the zones and knock yours out, something else I think, and I watched the end of a Shadows over Camelot game and Puerto Rico that Chris was playing. I also got to meet Alynia from WoW, aka Mike :)

Sunday Chris and I went over to Tony's house with Brian and Jared. We had some tasty home-made pizza and played gold thief (they all agreed it was a very good game :)), carassone with ONE MILLION EXPANSIONS AND IT TOOK FOREVER (Jared won, I was second) (can't spell it correctly though I think), and I forget the name of the other one for the moment :( It was the same game I played at Chris' house with his parents, and his mom won :) this time Tony won, I think.

And yeah... stuff. Gotta go to class now I suppose.
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Need to buy my Psych/Maya books soon. I'll have to find that gift certificate I got from Chris' Aunt Dahna though... otherwise I won't find anything to use it on, I think.

First Psych test is thursday... fun fun. I might actually see if I can buy the book at the Textbook Annex and return it in the next 3 days or whatever, according to the return policy, so I can have it to study for the test. It isn't *that* important since the lowest test grade is dropped entirely but I don't want to have to worry about it too much.

In WoW, Astrum is getting closer to killing Nefarian. I really hope I am there for the first Nef kill. I am a priest so I have pretty good chances... a priest who was online at invite time has never been denied a spot in the raid (for BWL) that I know of.

I may be able to see Kendra at the library later today =) Depends if I am asked to go see a girl for 391 help during that break.


Feb. 15th, 2006 12:29 pm
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I haven't posted anything in a while so I figure I may as well. It's a mix of a tiny bit of WoW stuff but mostly real life stuff.

I spent sunday night in Blackwing Lair, we got Nefarion to 17%. It was really fun but kind of put a damper on the end of it when we didn't get him, because I knew they would get him the next night and Chris and I wouldn't be there. I wouldn't have gotten into the raid anyway most likely because there are a million hunters who get to go to every raid and always show up. Hunters ftl :(

It was worth it to miss Nef night anyway though because it was [livejournal.com profile] kyorei's birthday :) We went to Osaka in Northampton and met a lot of her friends and also some people we knew beforehand of course, like Joe, Nathan, etc. It was hibachi and it was really good <3 I had chicken and steak (chicken was good, steak was amazing!!) and Chris had chicken and scallops. Our chef was really funny too :) and very nice. We left in order to get home by about 10:00 which worked out perfectly pretty much. I wasted time in North DM with Chris and Alan because I thought we could 3-man the first boss of North DM. The short answer is yes we could, and we killed him twice, but it's very difficult to clear to him especially with the lag we encountered and taunt resists that Olaine came up against. Not to mention the boss does a knockback which clears aggro. Sometimes I had to go all out dmg just to draw aggro away from kelsin to keep him alive, especially when Olaine's taunt was resisted. Anyway he didn't drop either item Olaine or I wanted EITHER time, arg, so we will have to go back sometime hopefully with at least one more person. We did get a very good understanding of exactly how we needed to clear North Dire Maul at minimum in order to get the boss. Also, there are 2 patrols that go by the ramp leading to the first boss. It was very mean :( I got stuck between both of them once and died. (I was on my mage, so no shadowmeld!)

Yesterday was Valentine's day. Chris woke me up around whatever time and tried to get me to go take a shower or wash my face (because I was saying how tired I was) or anything but I wouldn't budge because I was so tired. Finally I did get up for a minute and when I came back and started to get ready for the day I noticed a huge card on my computer desk :) It was very sweet of him, hehe. I went to work, then class, it was the same old stuff. Went to dinner with Brian and Jared (and Chris of course) at the dining commons, not exactly a romantic dinner or anything :P but we just went out the night before and I had no appetite whatsoever the entire day. I ate a lot at the appropriate times of the day but never really felt hungry, it was weird. Then Chris and I watched War of the Worlds, it was okay. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. The end was a little weird and I think the title is somewhat inappropriate considering what actually happens in the movie. Then we watched an episode of cowboy bebop and went to bed!

Digital Media: Still Image just ended about 45 minutes ago. Now I'm going to go eat lunch because I am starving! Then it's Maya class time which I hope will be fun. 3 hours is kind of way too long to just sit and be talked to about Maya :( but oh well.
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I really need to go download some fonts for this computer. It's really awful that I only have a few and they all kind of suck. :(

I don't have that much to say, at least not that is halfway interesting. I need to finish up some work and do claymation today. Eek!

Shane and Mike are over, they came with Tom yesterday. I think Tom has a final to finish up today :) It was fun seeing them again. Shane STILL doesn't know about UMass which is ridiculous! Come on UMass... contact him! Please!

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