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May. 20th, 2006 11:24 am
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I had a dream that I was raiding on my dwarf pally (Shealyn from Bronzebeard, and she's only level 15 right now but oh well) with Aegis Uprising on Mannoroth and I had both her and my priest (from Stormrage) logged in at the same time. I was worried because none of the other pallies would tell me what buffs I had to do. And my only group buff was called something weird so I couldn't tell what buff it actually was (it ended up being blessing of light).

I know, I know. I'm so weird :(

That probably makes sense to about 2 people on my friends list.
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Yesterday was a pretty good day :) Did more paper coating in my photo class (we're making our own coated watercolor paper to print on), then I went to eat lunch with Chris (unfortunately at the time he was pretty busy checking out software to write down music ideas, so we didn't really get much time to talk until the last 20 minutes or so he was there), then I had my maya class :D Our project is finally coming together, oh please god I just want to stop working on the popcorn project. T_T

I submitted my proposal for my final project in that class, I want to try to do a model, not sure how that will work out though. I honestly don't know that much about Maya. I don't understand how I learned SO MUCH about Hash modeling and animation for those two semesters, but I didn't learn a single thing about Maya. I can do sooo little, I can't even perform a third of the things I can do in Hash, at least with any certainty. Bah, anyway...

Went home hoping to have time for a game of DotA, but it just wasn't meant to be :P I was starving (last time I ate was just my ramen cup with Chris at 12 and I couldn't take it anymore) so Chris and I ate some small frozen pizzas and had french fries while watching the latest episode of House. It was a weird episode... good, but at the end I was kind of "... D:"

Soon as that ended we went over to Alyson's house for Joe's surprise party :D it was fun! Enjoyed some appetizers (bad idea, that combined with the food I ate earlier killed my appetite for the food Alyson made later on ;____;) and when Joe arrived it was great XDD Watching him with the pinata was especially amazing :P I was pretty sure someone was going to get hurt, haha. Him shattering the stick on the tree branch was priceless. Alyson made some beef stuff (I forget the name... sigh) which at first I didn't have any but then I thought to myself that I definitely should since she made it so I had a little bit and it was very yummy :D The ice cream cake was also yummy (of course :p). Chris and I left around 9 because he had somewhere to be at 10 (for music writing stuff with those frat guys). I played WoW for a little while (helped Erin through Gnomeregan) and then I was so tired I couldn't stay up anymore. Shane begged me for some DotA, but I couldn't do it and conked out within 15 minutes :P Woke up around 12 when Chris called to say he was coming home, fell back asleep, woke up again when he came to bed, fell back asleep (after having to get up to get a drink of milk because I was really thirsty for some reason).

Yes. How exciting.

Then I had a dream about Joe and Andrew (Andrew being a kid that came to game club a few times, he was really kind of cocky and that was a bit annoying... :X). Joe was going crazy because of stress from school (not really crazy but temporary crazy) and shooting people with a BB gun, and then Chris and I got into an argument (in the dream) where Chris was saying for some reason that he liked Andrew better than Joe (which is not true in real life, haha, but I think he was saying it in the dream because Joe was shooting people), and I was like "How can you?!" and got all angry, and then I woke up. Chris asked me who should go to take a shower first (since our alarm had just gone off) and I was like "I don't care!" in a huffy/angry voice, then I realized that it was all a dream and there was no reason to be mad at him XDD haha.

Jay is coming over later I think, and tonight is Silent Hill Night at game club! So if you go to UMass you should come! It's at the campus center at 7pm, just look up Hi Score Game Night on the listing :D The movie comes out tomorrow and a bunch of us are all going to go see it.
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Last night I had a dream that Chris was trying to have me killed because he believed I had stolen baba. Except that I hadn't, and I was shot by his hitman as I was trying to tell him so. So I grabbed a knife after I'd been shot and kind of threatened him with it, but then I couldn't do it so I was crying, then he realized he'd made a mistake, and I died.

Yeah... weird dream. Chris apparently had a bad dream too :(

I've been feeling pretty crappy and all around depressed for like 3 or 4 days now. I feel a lot better in that department today, except my throat feels like crap so I'm afraid I may have gotten sick. Chris hasn't been feeling that great for a few days, and Kendra is sick too, so I guess I've been lucky to feel fine up to now. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. Tomorrow I have training from 9-4, and if I feel sick during that it is going to be one horribly miserable day.

Anyway, have Japanese homework to do before 11:15 (I did the assignment for wednesday since I'll be missing class to do the training, but I haven't done today's assignment yet), so I'll go get to doing that. If I have time afterward I'll take a shower, then it's off to class.
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I'm awake and I'm looking out the window and by all rights it should be a snow day, but it isn't. I don't even get to go into work :( which I was looking forward to doing. But I guess that means nothing to do today except go to lunch to meet Chris and do my speaking test (and of course all the homework). Woke up at a pretty nice time, didn't go to breakfast with Chris this morning because I was tired (and he goes to Worcester on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, and since I have no work friday morning it would mean having to walk back up the bad long part of the hill).

Silly Chris forgot an away message this morning. I am very happy now that I made the decision to take a shower last night instead of this morning, because judging from the look outside I would have been freezing and my hair probably would have frozen solid. Definitely one of the crappiest things about having long thick hair, it NEVER DRIES. I get so jealous of Chris, his hair dries in like 2 seconds.

Anyway I guess now would be time to eat something small to hold out until 11, and get dressed and generally just wake the hell up.

Had two dreams last night, both were really strange. One of them involved Chris and his family and I, and a strange disease slowly taking over all the animals. The other one involved the death of a boy who had been molested by a priest, and his death was somehow related to the priest doing this.

Wrote about them in detail here )

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