Mar. 2nd, 2007 10:07 am
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Going to Boston today. Chris has another interview (his 3rd overall interview, second in-person interview) at Berklee :D Hopefully the roads aren't too bad and the trip is fun :) Later on in the day we're going out to eat with Tendermuffin-Chris which will should be fun, and then back home I guess.

I don't really know what else to type here! I took a test in two of my classes, one last week and one this week. Now I know exactly what to expect from each class :D I got a C+ in the marketing one which isn't bad because I didn't study pretty much at all (but I obviously don't plan on letting that happen again - I didn't care about this test because I know the bottom 2 test grades are dropped... lol @ marketing classes) and a B in my Advertising as Social Communication test, I just held off a bit too long finishing the lectures (watching 5 lectures 2 days before the test was bad) and I didn't get quite enough time to study everything. But if I had maybe 2 hours more to study, or even only one hour, I'm sure I'd have aced it. It was a very clean cut test - I knew the answers or I didn't!

Anyway I went to the tuesday discussion class for my comic book course so I wouldn't have to go today (which meant I could go to Boston with Chris) and I better get dressed so I don't keep him from leaving when he wants to go, sooo off I go.

(Also, a tiny bit of *squee* because the tier 0.5 group is now all 70! Grats Hixxynator!)
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I have 12 credits!! Before the next semester starts!!!

My classes as they stand now are:

Fundamentals of Marketing (Marketing 301)
Advertising as Social Communication (Comm 287)
Comic Art in North America (Comp-Lit 393B)

and... last but not least...
Imaginative Political Writing (English 297FF)

Now... what the hell does "Imaginative Political Writing" even mean? I have no idea! I signed up for it out of pure curiosity... we'll see - if it's terrible I can always drop out after the first day :)

Major problem though - all my classes are in the afternoon/evening again! Why do I do this to myself D: (I really, really hate not having morning classes + free afternoons/evenings - it drives me crazy.) At least though it will only FEEL like 3 classes with regards to attendance - the Comm class is on-line! And the teacher is supposed to be awesome :)
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Have a test wednesday in Ethics. I have been considerably worse at going to class since the first test (which I got an A- on) so I will be going to the test review tomorrow evening. Although, a brief look at the study guide does seem to put me in an OK place... still better safe than sorry :x If I can manage an A average (which is the grade I want in the class) I get to skip the final :) There are 3 tests and one retake day, so if I can get good grades on all the tests (he calls them quizzes, I'm sorry but NO quiz is worth 33% of your grade) then I won't have to go to the retake day :)

I love that class though - the teacher told us a story the other day about why he doesn't make fun of people for being late. He said there was this one girl who was always 10-15 minutes late for his class and she'd come in with her little dunkin donuts coffee and bag of donuts (or a bagel or whatever) and there would never be any open aisle seats so she'd have to kind of stumble over tons of people to get to one of the seats in the middle of the row (how dumb is it that this always happens :p) etc etc etc. Anyway she did that EVERY day. He used to joke about how she couldn't manage to get up in time for his class after partying all night or something, blahblahblah. Finally the first test comes along and it is in the evening and she says she cannot take the test in the evening. So the teacher is like "haha so why not? have a party that night?" And then she goes off into this big explanation of having to take her son to practice (or whatever) in the evenings and then she has to work from midnight to 8am in the emergency room in springfield (she is a nurse) and that is why she is always late to class, because she has to rush straight to class from work and doesn't even have time to make breakfast, etc etc etc.... it was really funny to hear him talk about it and how terrible he felt after making fun of her for so long :P

My 3rd project in my video class is due next week, so this week is probably going to be a busy one with staying in the lab in the evenings and everything :( I also need to get some modeling done.

Chris has been playing Final Fantasy 12 and it makes me want to play :( I have to keep myself from watching him too much because I don't want the game to get spoiled for me!

I finished the 2nd Diablo book (The Black Road) and started the 3rd one (City of Darkness, or something like that). The second one was... weird. The writing was somewhat mediocre :/ I liked the story but I thought it was VERY strange how they kept bringing up the main character's abusive father in so many weird ways. Toward the end it got a lot better but the beginning was a little awkward ^^; The third book is by Richard Knaak and it has been great so far :)

Regardless, I really wish I didn't lose Kushiel's Avatar, because out of ANY book out there, that's the one I wish I was reading right now :(

In WoW, I got Shealyn to level 26 (yay pally power) and I've been having a lot of fun playing with Kate. Sascha is halfway to 39 (can't wait to ride my ram mount).

I really don't want there to be class tomorrow :( boo to school.
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I dropped Honors today! Yay! Now that weight is off my back and I can now focus on just getting all of my late adds done -____- I have THREE, which is really bad :( Sigh.

I think I found the hard drive that I am going to buy, too: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16822136049 It is basically the same HD she wanted us to buy, except that I trust Western Digital (never heard of the brand she mentioned), and it is the same price for 100 more gigs. I wanted to get it at zipzoomfly.com instead (free shipping!) but I couldn't find that exact model, and none of those specified precisely wtf they were. Our teacher was really adamant about the firewire so I decided to get one after all. I couldn't find an external enclosure that mentioned anything about IEEE1394b (lots of a's, but...) I could save some money if I looked around more but at this point I don't really have that luxury and I just want to get the damn drive x_x Now I just need to find out how I can format my drive such that windows and mac can both read it (or find what software I need for windows to read it... or something). It was mentioned early on in the class but I didn't write it down.

Anyway now I have wasted all my time here so I better get going to Ethics. (I LOVE that class, it's so fun!)
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Okay so, good story!

I was 10 minutes late out of Ethics. The class ran 5 minutes late then I had to take 5 minutes in a line (well more like a giant group) to sign my name on a piece of paper to try to get in to the class where tons of people "cut" in front of me. That left 5 minutes for me to get to my Digital Media: Time Based class! So I RAN to Lederle and I was about to die x_x I was about twenty feet from the building and decided I should find out exactly what room the class was in!

So, I checked the paper... and it said that indeed the class does meet in A127 on Tuesdays. Except! Today was not Tuesday! In fact the class was listed as being in BARTLETT on wednesdays :D which was easily 1.5 times the distance that I had already run, and in a different direction :D SO I ran to Bartlett and found room 12. Only to realize I'd misread my white paper and it was 121 not 12!

However this is not yet the icing on the delicious cake.

I went back upstairs and found room 121... it was dark. I went in and no one was there. On the chalkboard I see written "Where are you ART 397CC? We went to Lederle to see if you are there."


I plodded over to Lederle, half dead by now from all the running, and eventually found room A127. I sat in there, taking the very last computer and scared to death that someone else would come in and take the spot, since I wasn't signed up :( but thankfully no one came in and the teacher said she was willing to sign an override form for me :D YAY

The worst part about this class though is it is VERY EXPENSIVE. We need to buy an external hard drive (that allows us to connect via Firewire) and we also need to have a camera to record video and sound. That all comes to over $400. I am going to talk to my dad and see if he has anything that I can use, and since Jared is in the class too, we can probably collaborate on the prices somewhat.

I made up for all the calories I've avoided today by getting pizza across the street because I was way too hungry to cook anything.

Don't know what else to write about so I guess I should post this!
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Sooo. Here I am on campus, haven't eaten yet, no money, still an hour before my first class! WHOO HOO! Great start to the semester ;)

I'm mostly just being sarcastic. I came in this morning for a 9:30 meeting at work which ended around 10:45. I have a lot of work to do but of course I can't get started on it right now because I don't have my laptop with me! I will be working my butt off though, to get everything done for monday (hopefully).

My first class is INTRODUCTION TO ETHICS! From 12:20 to 1:10 today. Oh boy! Hello "Social World" gen-ed requirement. It's in Morrill so it's going to be a little bit of a hike but not so bad (I thought for a while it was in SOM - eek!). I'm hoping that it won't be that much work because I really don't feel like putting that much work into it! However if it is anything like any of the other 100 level courses I have taken all it will really require is just paying attention. It's a big class (yay!) so hopefully it won't have tons of homework or anything.

After that I get to run to Lederle and beg the teachers of Digital Media: Time Based to let me into the class. I am hopeful though. The undergraduate and graduate sections meet together. The graduate section has spots open but the undergrad section is full. I'm hoping this won't be a big deal. I'm really really hoping for this class, I want very much to take it. And then I can recommend it to Shane if it looks like his kind of thing :) At least for a future semester, I think his schedule is pretty set for this one. That goes from 1:25-3:20 (ouch...) so I kind of hope it won't be a full class today :X but it probably will be. So far I've never had a significant amount of trouble getting into an Art class, but that isn't to say that trouble isn't going to start. That class also meets on Tuesdays for a little over an hour. Oh how I love Art classes that are the same number of credits as other classes but require more class time and usually more work! :D!

Financial Aid is actually still in a dark and scary place. I need to go pay them a visit. I don't have any holds yet (which is funny since I haven't paid yet...) but I'm sure that is going to come up and bite me pretty soon. Hopefully I get to it first :/

I have a meeting with my BDIC advisor monday afternoon. I hope everything is well. I really really really REALLY just want to be out and done with school.

I am starving soooo classes cannot end soon enough!!

On a random note, I have noticed I have begun to lapse back into the same eating habits (or lack thereof) that I had in high school. In high school I often did not eat breakfast and sometimes would only eat once a day because I quite honestly forgot to eat. This has been happening for the past week :( while I sort of hope I lose a little bit a weight because of it, I know it isn't very healthy and I need to work at getting better eating habits. My biggest problem is that I am simply just not hungry when I wake up, nine times out of ten, and by the time I AM hungry I have to leave. (Sometimes I feel slightly sick to my stomach when I wake up. Not enough to actually BE sick but enough to make me not want to eat.) Such was the case this morning, then I overslept instead of waking up while Chris took a shower, and then I went and messed around with my schedule (which I should have done last night) instead of eating when I did finally get hungry.

Oh, some random stuff xD Chris and I PvP'd for a while last night. We won all three games we went into :D I was on my druid this time. We did two ABs together and won both (we were the ultimate Stable Defenders... stealth ftw) and then we did one WSG with Alan, which was REALLYSTUPIDLYLONG but we still won :D I took the flag a lot but I don't think I ever managed to cap it, because no one ever healed me for some reason :X I did manage to get a few returns though :D and I feel stupid because I keep forgetting I have Nature's Grasp and Nature's Swiftness. (My druid is the mana efficient balance/resto build right now... I keep forgetting I don't have feral charge too! argh!) Anyway it was very fun to play all three games.

After we did that we went and watched House :D It was good. Not much more to say on that.

Oh, and yesterday also we did tons of laundry (yay for being productive) and we watched the Season Finale (I think) of CSI Miami from last season and WTF. I am so confused! The episode before that one (I thought) had her being shot WITH HORATIO when they were at the church. Now suddenly they change the entire thing and she is shot while with her brother and Horatio isn't even there??? It made no sense. Tried to be non-specific though to avoid too much spoilerage.

There is a hole in my pants which I have become aware of for the past couple of days that I have worn these jeans, but then forget about it and I put them on the following day. It isn't that big but it's still on the back of my thigh and makes me feel uncomfortable D:

Oh yeah, and for the past 2 days I was also supposed to see Little Miss Sunshine but both days were cancelled :( Monday we were too slow (had technical difficulties picking up John) and then last night Tony didn't feel well. I'm not sure what day we are planning for now but it better go through!


Mar. 14th, 2006 03:31 pm
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A quick post since I haven't done much in a while--

I am going on my first big trip with Chris (longer than Otakon anyway, and this time my mom isn't driving) starting from this friday/saturday! We're going first to visit his sister then going up to Michigan to visit Erin. It'll be a lot of fun I think! A lot of driving too... hope we have enough cds to not get totally bored to tears :)

Classes are going OK. Today is the first day in 3 classes that I didn't fall asleep during Psych :( I feel so bad, that's so rude to do, but I couldn't help it the past two times. I'm not sure why... just overall got really tired and fell asleep! It isn't even like the material is uninteresting.

I love my photo class, I've been learning so much about photoshop that I didn't know before. My knowledge of the entire program is growing exponentially and I love it.

My Maya class is kind of boring so far. Boo to group projects about really boring things (yay popcorn commercials... whatever) and to having someone who really gets on my nerves in the class, he drives me CRAZY and drove me crazy last semester too. Most of the people there are great though :) I hope it picks up when we get our own solo project to do, or at least we can learn something. Everything has been tutorials so far and I don't feel like I've learned very much.. I am going to try to install a learning edition on my computer from some discs I have at home.

Last weekend was really fun! Went to Tyris-Chris' house for a game party, played some game I can't remember the name of (store front thingy... card game... thingy), gold thief, bitin' off heads (or something of the sort), some other game I can't remember the name of that was really fun and involved a big circular wood thing where you had to flick discs across the board and get them within certain zones, and played against another team who tried to get their own in the zones and knock yours out, something else I think, and I watched the end of a Shadows over Camelot game and Puerto Rico that Chris was playing. I also got to meet Alynia from WoW, aka Mike :)

Sunday Chris and I went over to Tony's house with Brian and Jared. We had some tasty home-made pizza and played gold thief (they all agreed it was a very good game :)), carassone with ONE MILLION EXPANSIONS AND IT TOOK FOREVER (Jared won, I was second) (can't spell it correctly though I think), and I forget the name of the other one for the moment :( It was the same game I played at Chris' house with his parents, and his mom won :) this time Tony won, I think.

And yeah... stuff. Gotta go to class now I suppose.
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I think I am staying at UMass one extra semester. If I have to pay $600 anyway to take my junior writing class over the summer (grumble...) I may as well stay one full extra semester and hopefully get financial aid so I don't have to pay that much just to take one class, and I can get my other classes I want out of the way! but hopefully I can get it done all right for next semester. I am going to put myself on the waiting list THIS semester. I also need to see what has to be done in order to postpone graduation by one semester... we will see.

I love my Digital Media: Still Image class. It's really fun and I'm learning a lot about photography as well as some image-editing tools in Photoshop that I didn't know anything about before... namely different ways to sharpen an image and of course how to properly use levels :)

I got Drakengard 2 on Thursday and I am having a lot of fun with it. It is just as good of a game as the original Drakengard (read: it's a horrible game) but I still enjoy it because it does have an interesting world and story. The main character is cute but completely boring and very stereotypical. I kind of liked how Caim was a bit of an anti hero... very selfish, very angry, etc. The main character of this game is a total opposite. If he were a real person I would think he was great, but as a character in a game he is just boring :P

On my priest in WoW, we downed Chromaggus and are working toward Nefarion. I love being able to be there for the "firsts" for Astrum since that isn't so much possible on my hunter, even though I prefer my hunter to my priest. Oh well D:

I love this apartment!

On friday I went to Holy Smokes (old church turned into BBQ place... great name) with Chris and his parents, and his aunt and her son :) It was really good food but there was sooo much of it! I think I ate about half of it and felt a little bad, but I brought it all home so I (or Chris) can eat it soon :)

I don't really have that much else to say in here, I can never think of anything...

Oh, Port Wine cheese is *the* best cheese ever and is especially tasty on triscuits, I eat too much of it to possibly be good but... it tastes so great!!
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I have started posting my World of Warcraft stuff over at [livejournal.com profile] alaphrei to try to keep it out of my main journal (unless I really feel like posting it here for some reason). So if you are at all interested in that kind of thing, add that journal to your friends list.

Classes start today! I am going to start work on Thursday.

I'm not that happy about classes starting :( but oh well... we'll see how it goes! Maybe I will like them all and have a lot of fun. First I need to make sure my schedule works out, though! Time for me to start getting ready for my first class today though. Books are going to be over $100 I think. That's $100 more than I have. I'm in debt right now, I had to borrow money from Chris :( I'm going to try to borrow some money from dad so I don't need to owe Chris anything though. Also I need to talk to dad about my loans, see if I can get one of them done but don't get the others, that would really help out this semester I think.

eep :(

Dec. 12th, 2005 11:00 am
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Uh oh...

My project with the effects on... to render just a few seconds... is going to take almost an hour :( I don't think I left enough time to render this project. Crap.

Edit: For some reason my FLOOR was taking forever to render. (I didn't have reflections or anything... just decals, I didn't think those were a big deal) I made a new floor and replaced it, and now its rendering MUCH faster. Whew @_@
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Just finished doing my object animation assignment for Fundamentals of animation. I think I made a really cute story. I used one of those cute little sand-filled frog thingies that used to be popular way back in the day :P and a tamagotchi toy from Burger King or McDonald's or something. The tamagotchi rescued the froggie from this cage of coins, and then the tamagotchi was taken away by a paperclip, but he wrestled himself free, and the froggie and tamagotchi are best of friends... in 10 seconds. I had a lot of fun, but the room is cold and my hands feel very stiff now :(

In the OIT lab in the Fine Arts Center right now, going to head over to Computer Science eventually though. Gotta meet Chris and then I get to leave... yay!

Tonight in WoW we are going to kill Domo and attempt Ragnaros. I'm very excited because the Leaf might drop!! I really want to get started :D And I'll receive my quiver right away since I have the blue dragon sinew...! I really hope we make some progress on Ragnaros tonight. I haven't seen an attempt on him since hunters were buffed, and I at least see a HUGE difference in DPS. We have 5-7 hunters every raid, so it'll help a lot!

Aegis Order is so very fun <3 The hunters did a couple of fun things last night in MC, we did Aimed Shot wars during Golemagg (to see who could get the highest aimed shot crit - Thrin won with 2180something I think, though I was close behind with 2040something -- I blame the fact that I was using Bloodseeker and Thrin was using Rhok'Delar... :P *cough*) and during Sulfuron we all coordinated our timers (devilsaur eye for those that have it, and rapid fire). It was awesome seeing Sulfuron's HP drop so fast when we did that... fun times :D

Last night Chris and I watched some of The Princess Diaries 2. I am very annoyed that it is not the same boyfriend. That makes the first movie pretty pointless.

I just coughed and its so quiet in here :( kind of embarassing.

Okay time for me to go to Comp Sci :D I'll read my book until Chris is done with his thingy ^_^
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My classes are all starting to pick up now.

In Animation Fundamentals, I have to animate some objects using a camera and a program that records the shots. Basically take for example a pen, take a shot, move the pen a bit, take a shot, etc etc etc continued for a while, and just make about a 10 second animation for it. I have some lab time set aside friday for 3 hours, I hope that'll be a good amount of time.

For Computer Animation I, I need to do character designs :D I'm super excited about this.

Character Animation (computer animation 591O) is super fun, we had the wave/jump stuff before and a walk cycle is due soon. I want mine to be really good so I've worked on it for a while.

Information design, we were given some information from a class survey and now we need to display it in whatever way we think would be best. I did one thing (birthplaces - easy) and now I need to do another thing (favorite breakfast food versus what they actually ate for breakfast that morning) which will be harder.

I played WoW with Shane, Tom, and Chris, we all started hordie characters on Shadowsong. It was much fun :D My Shealyn, level 6 tauren warrior, is rockingly awesome. Shane has a shaman, Chris has a rogue, and Tom has a priest :D
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going to class in 25 minutes. i like sitting in on that one even though I've TA'd it a few times.

ohhh crap. i forgot about enrollment for the fall. :| i haven't planned out my classes at ALL...

luckily i just checked and it so happens that my enrollment appointment starts TODAY at 3:00. Whoo hoo... didn't remember too late. i didn't even think about it. chris hasn't even thought about it yet, but i guess it never dawned on me that the reason for that was he is graduating! hahaha. and I don't live in the dorms anymore so I didn't have anything to immediately remind me.

need to remember:
junior writing
talk to janet benn about the art class
finish my independant study

wow rambling )
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creative writing: will be good I think. scary. books are expensive, trying to purchase them elsewhere.

flash independant study: will be good, and fun, I hope.

ta for 391 again: will be fun as always. i need to choose another lecture to give.

jewish people II: the material can be interesting. i need to eat before the class though, today all I could think about was food. but he is an interesting teacher and this is the first time I've ever really thought about history as something interesting to me (at least, history that didn't involve knights and whatnot :))

flash: i think this class is going to be incredible. I can't wait to learn more about actionscript. right now I feel like its comp sci 121 all over again, being taught the difference between "=" and "==" again :P It's going to be FUN though, I'm super excited.

I don't know what to do about honors. If I should still do it or not. Chances are because of some of the classes I have taken (namely Japanese which was hard, especially for me, a nonmajor who was not as dedicated as others in the class, and also what I feel was an unfair Calculus II grade) I probably will not be able to get the 2nd highest or the highest honors, and therefore in a way why should I bother being in the honors college anymore? I will still be able to graduate cum laude, but I will not have graduated as an honors college scholar. However, the honors project, because it will just be a regular year long computer art project, may be good in accumulating experience. And most of all, I've done all this work in the stupid honors college now, why stop when I'm only a couple of classes away from achieving it? This of course assumes that I am able to get another one of my classes counted toward my Honors I grade since I got a B- and needed a B for credit, and no WAY am I taking another one of those hideously horrible Honors I classes. Violence was enough work, I learned TONS, I don't want to go through it ever again, nor do I want to go through another class with an equal amount of work. Plus, my schedule is so full with required classes for my major that I don't know if I'll be able to physically have the room for that plus the honors project that I'll have to do...

Anyway, I'll probably do the last dean's book that's required anyway, with Chris. I still have a week to decide and drop it or not. Anyway, even if I don't end up completing honors, dean's book should be "ok" because it's a limited number of classes, little work, and I'll be taking the class with Chris. However I hope our teacher is much less by-the-book than our last one. She drove me nuts >:(
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First day of classes was/is today. I had my first one at 9:30. It's scary... it's a creative writing class which is fun, but reading my stuff out loud = doom. I get so scared! Especially when we have to read writing exercises which always feel rushed and unfinished. So... I was really embarrassed. It went okay though, and once I get back into writing it'll be better, hopefully. Next class we need to bring in some writing we are jealous of, I think I will take one of my sister's poems or stories! Mwa ha ha! Everyone else will probably bring in something of a published author but that's ok :D

Next I get to do my TA for 391 some more (which is fun, I'm excited to do it again) at 1:00, then Jewish People II with Chris, Jared, and Kendra! Then I have ANOTHER break just like this one, and then I have Flash which hopefully will be an awesome class. I'm very excited for that one as well :D However Jared says it's in Lederle which would make sense and SPIRE says it's in Isenberg School of Management which would not make ANY sort of sense whatsoever and Jared it seems found out his info from the teacher... so I will check out lederle I am just annoyed that SPIRE is listing the classes wrongly >:(

Anyway, Flash gets out at 6:45 then I have video game club at 7, then finally home eventually!

I have no classes monday-wednesday-friday, I am thinking of putting ALL my work study work on wednesday so that I can have mondays and fridays completely off. But also I might work on monday while Chris is at his online gaming class to get some of the time off wednesday.

Hopefully Bev Woolf will be in 391 so I can talk to her about doing a semester-long animation project as an independant study. I can't take the art class I wanted to take :( the art department isn't letting nonmajors in, which sucks big time. I half want to declare an art major just to get the classes taken and then drop it >_> but that seems wrong... however, it would also be "wrong" if I couldn't graduate on time because of crap like this. The animation class I wanted to take is a prerequisite for Computer Animation I which I need to take in order to be able to do Computer Animation II. Animation I and II are both 300+ level classes which I was counting on going toward my major, however I am not allowed to take the prerequisite. I talked to the teacher and she said if I do a semester long animation project, with a finished project that is 15-30 seconds long either in flash or by hand, that she could count that as equivilant to the animation class she teaches and could let me in to the next level, BUT there are tons of people who are getting into these classes from within the art department as well. I am going to do my best, if not I will try to see if I can do an indepedant study with a teacher to learn Maya and learn it that way rather than in a classroom environment, but I learn much better when someone is showing me... however I may not have that luxury :/

Anyway if I'm not busy playing World of Warcraft later, I'll write about my other classes :P


Feb. 24th, 2004 10:58 am
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I'm doing pretty well this semester so far... Japanese not so much for the first actual exam, but the speaking tests I got an B and an AB, and I've gotten 10/10 or 9/10 on almost all of the vocab quizzes.

Art, Check Plus on the first assignment and an AB on the first real assignment. (lol, yeah... I didn't like that assignment much at all so I'm happy with the AB, I feel I should have had a B for that assignment)

Comp Sci, 10/10 on both assignments and a 10/10 on the quiz!

BDIC, lol, well, I'm passing... it's only a pass fail class so I don't have any idea what my actual grade would be, but since I've done everything fully and on time, A

Dean's Book, we haven't done anything worth grading yet (paper due tomorrow which I have to do tonight :(), but I've been participating so there's like half of my grade being an A!

I'm shooting for As in all my classes, I think an AB is the more realistic goal for Japanese, but I am going to try my best, since it's 6 credits and weighs more than the others.

Determined to do well this semester, I am. Not that I've done badly other semesters. But I want straight As. At least that's an incredibly realistic goal after this semester, no more Japanese YAY! I enjoy the class but I don't enjoy that it is more work than all my other classes combined.
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Last night was fun, went over Kendra's room and watched 2 CSI episodes and Without a Trace :D She'd recorded CSI on Thursday, and Without a Trace right after it, so yay! Afterward Chris and I went to his room where he did homework, I tried to study for my kanji quiz that was today and ended up doing a little bit, then falling asleep. When he was done with his homework he woke me up, I was so tired I just left all my stuff in his room and I think I might have left my jacket there too, I can't remember, but it was on the futon this morning (we moved the futon there yesterday during the day) and... yeah.

Good day so far... Japanese was sorta crappy because I realized last night (too late) that we were supposed to go get the assignment at the teacher's office :( That's what I get for procrastinating and deciding to do it the day before it was due. Anyway though, then Chris and I went to Grab & Go which was SAD today, no chips / chip-like food, and all the fruit was crappy... the "good" bananas were way too squishy and the others weren't ripe enough, so if I ate them my stomach would have gone postal on me and probably would have floored me during graphics communication class :( The apples were all bruised too, so blah. At least I got to eat my sandwich today. And my soda!!! :( I had it on the floor unopened and it got kicked over somehow (I forget if I did it or if someone walking me did it) and it got poked by something mysterious and was spraying soda -_- so I had to open it, and I drank it slowly during class. The hole luckily was small enough that once I opened the can, not a lot was coming out, really slowly leaking, so I didn't lose too much.

Got a 10/10 on my CmpSci quiz though :D and I have 3 books about graphic design that the teacher's recommend that I would like to check out.

At 4 I have my BDIC class (3rd class, yay, two more left) and then going to meet Chris for dinner after it's over. Then I want to work on my UMass website (http://people.umass.edu/cbailey) so it isn't the automatically generated OIT thing, and it can direct me to my Art and Comp Sci class sites so I don't have to type them out individually. It's kind of funny because the UMass picture doesn't even work. Anyway, to do list time.

-Website (Links to all my sites)
-Scanner Art project
-Read/Highlight packet for Art
-Japanese homework (listening and changing essay -> de aru tai)
-Maybe start on Dean's Book paper
-Next BDIC assignment

Well, it's 3:00 now, so I guess I'll get working on finishing last week's BDIC assignment (I need 3-4 pages of course descriptions for the courses I want to take which is IMPOSSIBLE when some of the descriptions I get are "Continuation of (previous class)." OH BOY THANKS A BUNCH FOR TELLING ME WHAT'S IN IT. But at any rate I can just print that out when I feel done and start working on my website, since I don't have enough time to get started on good scanner stuff (haha, excuses, I just want to do the website more at the moment, since I have absolutely no inspiration for the scanner project). Maybe I should try some stuff with the cute kitty I got from Chris' parents' last year, since it's super adorable and always sitting on my monitor, and now maybe it can take a part in my project, maybe with the Eeyore plush my mom bought for me for Valentine's Day.
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Having fun... of course. My Intro to Graphics Communication was good but I HATE Windows and I hate Dreamweaver XO!!! First freaking FTP program locked up, and my account wasn't set up fully (I didn't have a public html folder) and the TA helped me with that, and then freaking dreamweaver locked up... so I lost my whole project anyway. (Haha not that it was that long, I am going to redo it in just like, notepad later... it'll be faster than with Dreamweaver because the majority of the time spent with Dreamweaver was figuring out where all the damn buttons were.)

SO that was really annoying XO I hate Windows. So used to the nice pretty stability that Linux offers, and when a program locks up (which doesn't really happen) usually the whole REST of the system doesn't follow afterwards.

Anyway, off to my BDIC class at 4:00... I had a break just now so I did the Japanese homework that I was too tired to do last night, going to hand that in on the way to Bartlett. After that going to meet up with Chris at the Textbook Annex so I can take care of the Dean's Book and his packet, so I owe him even LESS money. And I get to finally return my POS PRS unit and get a better one :D since the one's last semester were almost all faulty.

So, class is in like 25 minutes, I better leave now so I have time to drop off my Japanese homework in Herter!
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I dropped Comp Lit today... went to Food for Thought books and went to buy the first book and the little course book thing that is filled with essays she wanted us to read. It was $35 dollars... so I changed my mind PRETTY quickly. I figure, without the class I have 14 credits... that really isn't that bad at ALL. So I'll go for it and obviously I'll be taking like 18 credits in future semesters anyway, so better to have another class I'll actually enjoy rather than spend ridiculous amounts of money on a class I'm going to hate.

Plus, the $35 book was made for THIS semester which most likely means the value of it will be 0 after this semester... so I dropped it. Now this semester is REALLY awesome since all the classes I'm taking are, I believe, classes I will like.

Art class today was good, we got to just manipulate photographs (that they supplied) using basic tools (meaning like everything in the little toolbar, but not filters, etc). It was nice but sort of sucks since we have to continue the SAME project wednesday, so there's another 3 hour class... don't know what I'll do :( I'll try coming up with some new nifty ideas for it etc. Anyway, having fun in that class... we got like THREE new packets to read that are all pretty long, I think they'll be interesting though (as long as they are actually talking about COMPUTER stuff, not trying to show how computer things are destroying the "originals", like regular photography being taken over by digital, etc, because I can really only take so much of that before it gets irritating).

So yay :D Gonna go take care of homework now. Chris just left for his Dean's Book class so I'll start working on my mountains of Japanese homework that's due tomorrow.
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Yay, all done with classes today!

Japanese: Going to be a crazy class... hahaha I already have a quiz tomorrow and homework too -_- and we have Ono-sensei again, she's the crazy fast talker. So I have to get used to that again! she asked me a bunch of questions today (she thought my brother was in a lower class) and stuff... going to be hard :( I really have to memorize my kanji now, because now we don't have all the pretty furigana like we did before :D; Anyway yeah, it's going to be crazy and a LOT of work.

Art: Looks really fun so far! But some of my classmates... I think they've never touched a computer before except to type up papers in Word and maybe use aim :( One girl is like "Oh, I should buy zip disks then since I know cds don't hold much :D" and the TA is like, "Um, no, actually, most zip disks hold about 100 megs or at the most around 250... cds hold around 750..." Regardless, the teacher knows that the people in the class have varied skills (some like me who know html and have used photoshop, some who know like, everything, and some people who know absolutely zero about computers) so she said she'd try to find a happy medium for all of us, but for the kids who know nothing there would be frustration and for the kids who are well versed in all this stuff, boredom. I think some parts might be boring (we talked about PIXELS for like 20 minutes) but I think it will be interesting too, I'm looking forward to learning new things to do with photoshop and of course how to use Flash and whatnot :) Flash won't come for a while though.

I don't have Dean's Book today because it's only the first week! Soo, yay. My homework is a sheet in Japanese and a quiz, like I said, and in Art I have 2 packets to read which are long, but at least one of them is going to be pretty simple I think... they just talk about file formats and stuff, I think. I didn't really look at it too much. It's not due until monday anyway.

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