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Testing a tutorial I found at abduzeedo.com (actually it was linked from vandelaydesign.com's blog)

It was titled "Sparkling hot girl in Photoshop" but I just used one of my WoW characters instead of one that was barely dressed... :p

Test picture behind cut )

life ROCKS

Jun. 24th, 2004 10:43 pm
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Yay I'm really really happy!! I was just talking to Melinda and it was awesome :D we haven't talked in sooo long. Apparently she knows Rich, and more specifically, his little brother :P Tom and Lindy got "married" in 2nd grade XD Which is one of the most amazing things I've heard in a while. Just so funny, the people you meet, and how they're related to other people you know!

So today, Kendra came over and we hung out for a little while :D We saw an episode of the Simpons and then went to the mall, where I paid Kendra $35 of my debt to her (for the tablet and laptop) by buying her manga and a cd. omg which reminds me I should try out that cd I just bought! I got Fall Out Boy - Take This to Your Grave, and I knew that Bill from Scattered loved this band so I wanted to get a cd! And then I didn't listen to it because I'm stupid and I forgot (well also I wanted to show Kendra some Alkaline Trio).

Then we came home and Kendra looked through my cds to find stuff she wanted to try listening to and Lindy msg'd me so she talked to us for a while, then Kendra left with her mom, and then I kept talking to Lindy and she just went to bed so now just waiting for Chris to get home! I get to talk to him then go to bed then I have work and then I get home and shortly thereafter I get Chris time!! Yay!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait.

I also started a fanart of FFTA, of a Viera fencer :D it's going quite well so far. I'm drawing it at a high resolution because usually I'm too lazy and I need to stop being lazy and concentrate more on quality!!! ahh!! anyway I'm in a really good mood haha! and this cd is good so far so I'm happy, I didn't waste $11 on it :D; I was pretty sure it would be good, but yeah. I was also hoping that either this was the same CD that Chris had mp3s of for a little while, or that it was still a good cd and that their newer cd (or older, I don't know) didn't suck :D;

Roxy is hopefully going to find a genius Engrish shirt for me over in Japan so I can display my love for the crazy-ness that is nonsensical English :D

And Lindy and I might hang out soon which would be awesome! We both turn 20 next week~ (lol Lindy turns 20 one day before me!) I haven't seen her in FOREVER, and we haven't hung out since fencing ;~; but I've missed her a lot and I think about her a lot. We used to always get slushpuppies after fencing (the blue ones!) and I think of her a lot sometimes when I hear Chris' parents talk about ballet, because in fencing Melinda would try to be in the good fencing position, but then Bernie would say "Melinda this is fencing not ballet!" because she would always kind of be in like 4th position (this is me saying it from Melinda's mouth since I know absolutely nothing about anything in ballet except what I know from watching them or the occassional words that I learn when I watch movies like White Night (I think that's the name of it?) or when I hear Chris' parents or sister talk :D)
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I think drawing is not a good thing for me. I drew a whole bunch yesterday and now today I have two cuts on my hands that sting horribly! I'd love to know how I got the cuts though considering I was using my computer and a TABLET, no paper!! so how the hell am I getting these papercutesque things? :(

Having a barbeque down at Mike's house today I guess! I didn't know but mom just told me. Going down there and Jess (Jim and Mike's dad) and Brian (Jim and Mike's half brother, not related to me at all which is funny...) are coming, and Jim and Shannon, and of course us, and grandma is already here too :D kind of big.

Today is also my grandfather's birthday :( I miss having him around, it's hard for me to remember now how it was when he WAS always here, but he died way back when I was in 5th grade. I hope grandma stays happy, she sometimes gets depressed around now :/

So... going to hopefully finish cleaning my room today (I've been saying that for the past 3 days), take a shower, and do more stuff for the RPG! Chris and I talked about it a bunch last night and came up with a lot of new ideas :D maybe I'll bring the laptop to Mike and Tammy's house later to work on it :D I need to work on more sprites and do more background stuff and yay. More concept art too :D I'm in a good mood so SHOWER TIME
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Happy birthday Pierce :D

Chris left around 1ish... we finished watching his Freaks and Geeks dvds, I really liked them! I didn't really like the ending, it was kind of annoying... but anyway yeah it was good! Mom gave me Resident Evil Outbreak to play last night, so today after Chris left I played that for a little while... crazy weird game. I can't play online because I don't have the network adapter but it seems so hard single player, I'm not used to the game NOT pausing when I'm going through my inventory and I can't seem to find a safe place to go because zombies are EVERYWHERE. It's crazy. I died after 20 minutes, woop.

Kendra's done with the laptop so I'm going to see if I can go pick it up today :D maybe when mom gets home she'll have a reason to go back to Pittsfield (ie bring Jim home, return videos, etc). Umm... not really a lot else to say. I'm trying to find things that I don't need now so I can put them in boxes and forget about them (the items, not the boxes) until august/september when Chris and I move into the apartment... I have the applications, going to put them in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning if I can.

Have a lot of plans for this summer, only a couple of them are really set in stone though. Going to see about meeting Chris in Springfield on the friday before his birthday after his work so I can go to his house for that weekend, and see maybe if I can go back the following weekend for Virginia's graduation party... not sure about that, but pretty sure my mom will do it for the weekend of his birthday. There's Otakon at the end of July, and I also hope to go through all the steps to getting my license! Dad thinks I can get it and not be on a car, so I won't have to pay insurance... we'll see what happens though. I just want it over with, but I don't want to needlessly pay insurance if I'm not even going to be driving, since I don't have a car.

Also want to teach myself some 3D modeling stuff since Chris let me borrow animation master, and it should hopefully run faster with my new video card :D Hoping to beat a bunch of games too... I reapplied at Bombay on wednesday and I'm going in later today if I can get a ride to give Jim the survey thing I needed to do and see the schedule I guess. Not really looking forward to working but it'll keep me busy. That's my goal for this summer, because last summer really sucked, I always felt bored and therefore felt depressed and didn't want to do anything, which of course kept me bored, and it was stupid. So, going to try to avoid that this time :D

Chris helped me set up my room nicely, so now I can sit in the same chair and both be on the computer and play games. I know that sounds stupid and needless, but it's nice to be able to sit here to talk to people online and play a video game at the same time, since mostly talking to people doesn't exactly take up a lot of time.

So yeah, going to keep cleaning up I guess. Doing laundry now, I should check to see if it's done.

just a day

May. 3rd, 2004 05:11 pm
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Today wasn't too bad... went to work for an hour (I saw I had a quiz and asked if I could use the remaining hour to study for it). Thank god I did ask for an hour, because when I went to my bag to get my Japanese textbook... guess what I forgot in my room on the other side of campus? Yes.

So I walked back here and studied for the quiz, then ran back to class and made it just in time for the last question out of 10. She quickly repeated all of words we were supposed to translate into English or Japanese and I did it, couldn't remember what kuwashii was though :( I know now that it is "detailed", but I guessed with "different" even though I already know the word for "different".

Found Brian at lunch and sat down at the table he was at, a minute later or so Chris walked in and sat with us :) Then... Nolan? I think came too. Chris helped Brian with homework and talked to Nolan? about Linux and ate... I just ate and then sat around wondering if I should leave to go to art early to get started... I didn't, so I left at the same time as everyone else.

Art was really cool, I worked on my website (my work in progress can be found here: http://people.umass.edu/cbailey/art271/projects/final

Only the first page has anything done in it whatsoever, the others are all just the menu. It's the first flash menu thingy I've done... it was fun. I have a lot of ideas for the site. It's supposed to be done by the 12th! I think I have plenty of time. Once I get the gallery page done I'll be golden, since that'll probably be the hardest part.

Anyway I've been falling asleep all day. I was especially sleepy in Japanese. Now I'm done. And Fluxbox is completely awesome, I love it.
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So yesterday was neat. I went to work, then Japanese, then to lunch (and while there were no turkey sandwiches at grab & go they actually had CHEESE pizza this time instead of "tons of random crap on top" pizza, so safe to say I had a much more fun time than tuesday when I pretty much ate nothing for lunch, then I had my comp sci class :D

Comp Sci was really fun because we got to do a Flash interactivity activity which I finished in half an hour, so I worked on my illustrator thing for art for a little while (I'm doing a website about vector art, and I'm making an image for the title image of The Bride from Kill Bill) and then around 2:00 I left and waited upstairs for Chris and did some Japanese homework. He came, I talked to him, then he went to class and I went to the library were I worked on Japanese for a godforsaken 2 hours (all I could think during the last hour was something along the lines of "thank god I never have to take this class again") and when it was FINALLY done I brought it to Herter to the office, then went to the bus stop hoping against hope the bus hadn't come yet, and it hadn't!

And who do I see getting on this bus but Kendra, who had had the lovely experience of getting on a bus approx. an hour earlier and having it turn around and be all "oh we're not going to Orchard Hill :D". So I talked to her for a while, now I'm REALLY happy that I didn't choose to room with her and instead decided to go the way of the apartment because she got the RA job and is going to be an RA next year :D so I wouldn't have had her as a roommate anyway, and this situation is a million times better. We'll just need to get some forced Kendra visits out of her :P she did offer to make us dinner sometimes (on the condition that she didn't have to clean up :P).

Anyway... what else? I stayed in my room for a while and Erin sent me a couple of her favorite songs from the new Sugarcult album which she just bought a few weeks ago, I want it so bad... really good. As soon as I have money I will definitely consider getting it. I also sorted through some things a little and started making a "Pile o' Stuff" to go home.

Video Game Club last night was amazingly fun, I played Smash Bros. of course and I didn't do too badly with Mr. Game & Watch :D I won 2-3 games, Chris won a few too, and it was all in all very fun. I also got to play some Soul Calibur II, I do a little bit better on the GameCube version but still ^_^ I think I at least actually kind of scare Rich when I play him as Cassandra (I almost CAN'T play Talim anymore, ever since I switched the button config), I'm getting there :D I'm doing much better with her than I ever did with Talim I think, especially when I've recently tried to use Talim when all that happens is I use the same small batch of moves constantly. Anyway, then Rich had a hugeeee winning streak with Chris actually broke! And then we all left.

Oh yeah and I started drawing a picture of Cassandra in her 2P costume, I like it :D It was a lot of fun to draw, I might try doing other Soul Calibur II characters as well. Anyway I'm going to post this now because my computer is acting horribly slow and gross :( stupid piece of ancient crap. (honestly when my music skips when I TYPE it isn't a good thing)
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Kind of been busy lately... have a Flash animation due for my Comp Sci class on Wednesday which is tons of work. I'm having trouble already, with drawing a slightly open door. I could just do it as a slightly skewed box, but then it wouldn't be 3 dimensional at all and it would look stupid :( but then again, after seeing the animations from last semester, it isn't like we're expected to make masterpieces... it's just going to be hard for me to get the right frame of mind that I don't need to make mine actually look good since that takes tons of practice.

Anyway... yeah. Went over Chris' house this weekend, to his old middle school play, it was so good!! I forgot how much I love it. The main female had a really good voice, and her "son" was so adorable, he so fit the part really well :D Saw Abby there too! Anyway it was really good, I loved it. I forgot how good it was! It was "The King and I".

Saturday I pretty much got weapons in Drakengard (heading for the last ending) and Chris and I also went to the mall nearby, I picked up The Story of the Year and White Stripes cds since they were used, and the White Stripes is usually like $15, and it was only I think $8. (It was Elephant, not the other one.)

That evening we went over Alex's house and played some Smash and Mario Kart and talked about stuff, came back around 11 and tried watching Lost Highway which was creepy so we didn't finish it and maybe we'll watch it some other time... it was a free rental anyways. Went to bed, woke up and forgot it was an hour ahead today so woke up half an hour later than we wanted, but oh well. Had breakfast and left. It was a nice weekend... I should call work soon too.

Off to lunchish stuff now I guess...
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This was not for a class - just me having fun. This is of Chris using a photo of him that was on one of his photo cds.

My day was really good, I'm excited to be doing new artish stuff, Japanese test went well (I hope), and Comp Sci was great. I'll write later, going out to dinner now (yes, this early) because I'm really hungry and Chris is hungry as well. So off to Franklin or something~

Another Vector Art )
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My Illustrator project. A self portrait. I made my face a little too round I think, but I can't fix it now because the original file was corrupted SO what you see is all you're ever going to get with this one.

Self portrait (large image) )


Mar. 10th, 2004 03:20 pm
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Let's just say you spent 1.5 hours doing a self portrait in illustrator. Let's just say the computer locked up, and though you saved, it was corrupted because there wasn't enough room left on my university drive here at umass. How would you feel? :(

All I can say is at least I saved it in .jpg before I lost it. :/
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My design project: http://people.umass.edu/cbailey/cs391/5-cdpackage.html

(ahem, as for the intense number of pictures of chris used there, there wasn't a huge number to choose from, and approx. 1/2 were of Chris, so that's what you get :) I wanted to use them all from the same show without going into others, to keep the background the same and the color scheme relatively as well! I'm really happy with how it turned out though)

I used photos that Chris' dad took from a talent show (err, at least I am pretty sure it was a talent show). It's of the old band Chris was in, SFN. I pretended that they were "The Fundamentals", which is the poster I had to make which you can find here. That's also the final version of the poster... if you want to see the first version, just look at assignment 2.

I had a LOT of fun doing the cd packaging. It took me a long time. Some people really spent NO TIME on this project... so I really hope mine stands apart as something I spent a lot of time on, and hopefully it'll yield a really good grade. :D I love this class to death.

The second page isn't done yet, but the project was due last night so I put it up in case the instructors check before Erin finishes the poem I asked her to write for it. :D; All the writing there is by ERIN, not me, I can't write songs to save my life. Well, I've never really tried, but I'll cling to the fact that I can't... because I can't write poetry either and they can be much the same thing. Especially the way Erin writes them. (None of them were meant to be songs, but I thought they worked.)

Erin's reaction:

Erin on aim: omfg
Erin on aim: so
Erin on aim: fucking
Erin on aim: emo
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I drew it. It took me a mighty long time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles DRAWING )
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I guess I should post.

Yesterday: Went to work which went well. Then headed to Japanese class, where we had our first test. It was scary :( But anyway, it was all right I guess. I really have no idea how I did on it. I am going to work hard for the next one though, now that I know the format. Then I met Chris at work and we went to Grab & Go and it was GOOD this time, wow!! Then we each hurried to our classes. Fundamentals of Graphic Communication was good as always. Got out early. Started my 3rd project while I was waiting for Chris to get out of his class, took his can from Grab & Go when he met up with me and I went back up to the dorm.

I started drawing a really cute picture of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles crew, with my character, Chris', Erin's, and Jared's. I finished mine, Erin's is mostly done, Chris' is like half done. I just can't draw Lilties. :( So I will attempt that again later. Jared's, well, I only have an eye which will probably be erased. Haha. But I will finish it soon. Unfortunately I won't be able to finish it before I leave. Chris and I are going to his house for a bit this weekend. But that's okay, I'll get it finished maybe on sunday :D

Video game club was fun as always, got to play some FF:CC while we were there which equals yay. Then, yeah... I guess that's it.

Anyway, happy... going to go take a shower or something before Japanese starts.
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today i skipped japanese... shame on me :( then i went to lunch where i missed chris for like 20 minutes because he got out of class early!!! and i didn't see him sitting in a booth. brian from his comp sci class sat next to me then i went to find chris and did, so he and steve came over to the table and they did comp sci homework stuff while i read packets for my art class. then i went to art which was insanely boring, learning more about photoshop OH BOY, but the teacher really really liked my photoshop project!!!!! yay!!!

it's here if you want to see it: http://people.umass.edu/cbailey/art271/random-hands2.tif

It's a tiff file but oh well, I don't really feel like going out of my way to fix that right now, sorry :P but you can open it up in pretty much any image program, if your browser doesn't open it. I know mozilla doesn't.

but yeah, she spent a LONG time critiquing mine (by the way, the project was to edit images (we were given two photos) only using basic photoshop tools and only using the image it comes from (ie you can't use things from another image). But yeah, she spent like 5 minutes on mine, which made me feel embarrassed, talking about how well I did the light and how it looked like it was kind of 3D and how i directed the viewer's eye, and augh, then i felt more embarrassed when i went up to get it, one girl said she really liked it when i went to do that, and i always feel weird about being complimented because nothing i do is ever good enough for me, but then again, no artist ever goes "oh my drawing was soooo good!!!" they're all "it sucks, it sucks, it ALL SUCKS". Anyway, it was cool, I think I got the attention of the teacher which is mighty nice for when it comes to future classes in the art department, since it's IMPOSSIBLE to get classes in the art department if it isn't your major.

anyway it made me happy, and then the rest of the class was boring like i said, OH BOY GOING OVER MORE BORING PHOTOSHOP STUFF I ALREADY KNOW! :D some of it was interesting, but I could have learned it all just by doing it myself... so i checked email during class. next project is a scanner art project, so I'm going to scan things here so I can just work on the project on wednesday instead of using the ONE scanner in the computer lab (yeah there are like 10 kids in the class, one scanner, yeah, that'll work out well... sarcastic...).

tomorrow i have intro to graphics communication, yay!!! i love that class! and my bdic class, so between the two i need to edit my bdic stuff.

so yeah i'm done now
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Chris and I have been working on my art site, looks great :D I cleaned up today, and I'm coloring in one of my drawings with the tablet that Kendra lent me. Really enjoying it. Have homework due tomorrow that I'm saving for tomorrow morning since I don't have class until 11. Going to go to breakfast with Chris probably and then just do my homework, then play game boy (either final fantasy legend II which i've almost finished, lufia for gb color, or pokemon yellow :D;) for a while, yay fun.

Sooo sleepy today :|
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Today isn't so bad. Woke up around 8:30... started talking to Chris. Working on a drawing I started last night and it is taking FOREVER, I'm still not done. I'm doing well on it so far though. Then after this one I have ANOTHER one that I wanted to do... it's gonna be part of a set :D I'll color this one on the comptuer first, before I do the other one... I'm sort of making it as a surprise for Chris! But I'm not sure whether I should show him when I finish the first, or if I should wait until the other part is done as well. I think it kind of gives away what the other part is if I show him the first, but it also isn't that big of a deal.

I don't know what to do! :D

I think one thing making the drawing process so slow is the lack of a sharp pencil with hard lead... I have another one but its softer and a LOT darker and I'm using it to outline everything (Since I'm coloring it and I don't have my pens here, left them at college) but... no pencil sharpener either :( That's ALSO at college. Haha, there I was thinking I'd be playing too many games (or reading) to bother with drawing, I think I've spent more time drawing than playing games... and as for reading it was only ONE BOOK and I was done with it halfway through my visit with Chris for New Years.

Anyway back to drawing now I guess. I wish I was at school... only 4 more days! :D Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday I'll be there. Yay!

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